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 Long but worth the read

So, you 'love' this boy, right? 
...Wait, what? You've never spoken to him?
...And he's breaking your heart? -.-

No, girl. NO. 
 You know what a real heartbreak is?
A real heartbreak is crying on the bathroom floor at 2 in the morning because he left you for your best friend. A real heartbreak is sitting on your bed, watching tv and eating a whole tub of ice cream. A real heartbreak is waking up in the morning and acting like everything is fine. A real heartbreak is watching the one you love, love someone else.

...A real heartbreak is being completely in love with your best friend, and knowing

 You'll never be together.

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Long but worth the read So, you 'love' this boy, right?

284 faves · 9 comments · Sep 21, 2010 12:12am






mynameiswhat · 9 years ago
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iTookTheNightx3 · 9 years ago
spankkkkks for relating this to my life ? lmao . creeep (:
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happiness211 · 9 years ago
im going through the same thing :(
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mommyxmarie · 9 years ago
Everyone breaks in a different way.
But I think..
"Real Heartbreak is having their baby, And then having them ditch."
Yeah, Try that sweetie.
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jjaacckkiieex3 · 9 years ago
you are so right.
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heysoulsista · 9 years ago
most of the girls on this website are too young to experience this kind of real heartbreak and that's because they don't know enough about love to get that hurt. for most girls on this website real heartbreak is when a close family member dies or a best friend moves far far away or a dog runs away. heartbreak is different for everyone.
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xoGAMERCHICKx3 · 9 years ago
I think a real heartbreak is also a situation in which he promised to never just leave the friendship, he promised he would always be there, he lead you on, he built you up with words of grace, and then he tore you down without even a goodbye. And you know it's really bad when your teachers start to ask, "Are you okay? What's wrong?" in the middle of class. And when your best friend asks if you're okay and in that instant, you realize, "Holy . No, I'm not okay." and almost lose it. Jeepers, first and only heartbreak I ever had about a boy was awful.

Or, real heartbreak is when you lose something very near and dear to your heart. And when it's gone, you want to do nothing but bawl.

Sorry for the long comment, but you're really really really right.
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soccrqueen15 · 9 years ago
if that happened to you the exact same thing happened to me except oreos.. he left me for a really good friend who knew i loved him and now their dating
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rawr_ima_kitty · 9 years ago
my gosh sooooo true about all of it
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