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kelllyyy725 · 9 years ago
just tell him thats it for awhile,and that you hope he understands but it doesnt feel right for you.(thats what i would do).good luck*
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itsvianna · 9 years ago
I would face him and say, "Relationships aren't always about . If you really love me, you would take me as I am, not for what I have"

I don't think it makes you a at all. But really, if you feel like somehting's not right, you should do something about it. Nobody can force you to do something you don't want to.
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Chels548Xo · 9 years ago
Don't do it just because he wants too. But ur not a just cause u did it one time
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italianbabee6 · 9 years ago
tell your boyfriend that you dont want to do it everyday. He needs to know that because he cant control you and i need help too. read my newest quote
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babbinikki · 9 years ago
Dont do it if yu feel like its not right... yu may think hes the one but if he really is he would wait until YOU ARE READY to do it again.... follow yur heart chica
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