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To tell a girl you love her
is like telling her that she means the world to you and you would do anything for her.
Well let me just say this.
You tell her you love her
what did you exspect
You break her heart
She manages to put it back together.
She can forgive but will never forget.
"Give me another chance" you plead
And like a little girl in love she does.
The thought in her mind is that you have actually changed.
She lets you back in
you have her mended heart back in your hands
yet again
she makes a sign that says 'handle with care'.
But being a boy you shatter her heart.
And yet again she is left to put all the little pecies back together.
You come back to her saying how much you miss and lover her.
Now she thinks to herself
Is this 3 strikes your out....
3rd times a charm.
She doesn't know what to do
After lots of thought she relizes somthing
She has loved you for almosta year now
With this she gives you one last chance.
What do you do but almost hert her again.
She is no longer speechless
She tells you how it is.
You have two choices
Either tell her you love her and want her and only her
Lose the one girl you truly love over some stupid little thing.
Think long and hard boy
because this choice is the one that could change your whole life
You are her first true love.
So whats it gunna be?
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To tell a girl you love her is like telling her that she means

0 faves · Jun 22, 2007 10:51am