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i need help !!! ):
im sorry it's so long D:

i had a thing with this guy and i liked him but then this boy moved right near me and we started to date,
but I cheated on him with the guy I used to have a thing with.
And my boyfriend found out and dumped me, and i actually fell in love with him.
And I cheated on him before i fell so hard.
And he gave me a second chance, for a day and then broke up with me again D:
And he wont take me back and he says he loves me to much,and he doesn't wanna get too attched and then lose me.And he's saying that we can't ever talk or be friends because it's to hard  )':

But I can't just watch him go.
I need him back,
That was the first time i've ever cheated and i only pecked the guy,
but thats no excuss.
And im so sorry and i want him back so bad.
And before him, i always didn't believe in love. ):

What should I do?

1.Be his friend and barely ever talk to him ):
2.Beg to get a third chance.
3.Let him get outta my life forever
4.Be his friend and tell him that we are actually gunna hangout and not be those fake bullshit friends.. ):

Or whatever else you think will be better ?!

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i need help !!! ): im sorry it's so long D: i had a thing

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coleypoke22 · 1 decade ago
Tell him exactly what you told us, and maybe he'll give you your second option without having to beg. Otherwise, just try to be friends. If that's too hard, just let him out of your life forever. That's the problem with cheating. Don't do it again. Good luck. :]
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bellalove2234 · 1 decade ago
number 4 .
good luckk !!
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xotextinggbabexo · 1 decade ago
donnt beeeg . truust me i begged and noow he things im fuckingg annoyinggg
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missjess · 1 decade ago
i say wait a week and don't talk to each other or try to be friends. Than in time all of your feelings well thin out, and if its meant to be it'lll happen. (;
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liveforthemoment · 1 decade ago
Tough luck. That was kinda your fault. You should've never cheated. If I were the guy, I wouldn't ever talk to you again. Imagine if you got cheated on. If you get really lucky, you guys can be friends and try hanging out. I mean, you never know what can happen in the future but right now it's probably better if you guys stay friends.
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heartbreak · 1 decade ago
try to be his friend and promise him if you ever go out with him again it wont happen again. but because of the situation you prob wont ever go out again. but good luck.
and just try to be his friend before you go out agian (if you go out again) being his friend is better then nothing
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Hibuddypancakes · 1 decade ago

idunno what to do either ): .
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