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day onee (: BESTFRIEND .

dear Miranda,
well obviously you're my best friend no matter what. i love you to death. you're my sister. we fight and fight all the time, we always get over it though. sadly we can;t hangout anymore because of my mother. gaay, i know. we've had some interesting memories.. not going to name them (: we've had a total of about 5 sleepover but hey i loved them all. hahah. from making face masks with sarah, making chicken at like 12 at night. hearing ashley's stories. playing with pennny. your mom yelling at us. skateboarding. my dance thing. swimming fully clothed. sean crying to you on the phone about his tire problems. sledding in the dark. ohh i could go on(: well i just wanta say I LAAAHVE YOU SO MUUCH. i'lll probs send you this in text form so be ready (: hahahah i love you boberonie. <3
elyshaa (zeatapoo) <3
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day onee (: BESTFRIEND . dear Miranda, well obviously you're

0 faves · Aug 21, 2010 2:43pm