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bubbles2323 · 9 years ago
No offence but this isnt a "girl website" its a quote website, anyone can come on her, boys and girls, mostly girls are on here because..well..girls are more into quotes and venting and stuff then guys, guys are into video games and keeping their problems inside so they dont look like a "pusssy" cuz more than halff the guys i no think that of a guy if he cries or pretty much shows any feelings at all, im sorry but this is a website for anyone, boys, girls, lesbains, gays, bisexuals, hermafridites, transgenders, justin bieber fans, justin bieber haters, anyone can be on this website, thats what makes us a family
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starstrukkx5 · 9 years ago
this website is meant for every one thts a little sexist. if guys want to express themselves they can, theres nothing wrong with tht
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