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Jackie6211 · 9 years ago
Thank you guys this made it easier :)
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bubbles2323 · 9 years ago
This happened to me and my boyfriend to! We really liked each other for 5 months and we agreed we couldnt go out but one day i got mad cuz he was checking a girl out and he was confused but i said i didnt want him checking out other girls and i want him to be all mine, that i want the world to know hes my boyfriend, and we agreed that no matter what we would be friends, we kinda did a "trial dating" thing where we went out and no one new but us and now we have been dating for 7 months, id just tell him that you will always be friends
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lullabybaby · 9 years ago
I'm in the same situation sweetie. We talked about it and it was soo weird because we were best friends. It's a hard thing to deal with, but he's right. Trust me on this one, i know you don't know me. But you gotta trust the fact that you're friendship would change. Even though you don't think it won't, it will. You just gotta stay strong and enjoy the friendship you already have. Goodluck ♥ There are many guys out there for you, but he's not the one. I'm sure you guys will be friends forever and you wouldn't want to ruin it ♥

I'm here if you wanna talk about it :)
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