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broken17angelx · 9 years ago
I dont know u either but im here for u too . I dont think u should go behind their backs becuz that'll just make things worse if they find out. if u really love him n he loves u then ull wait. but still be best friends n stuff.that should be hard for u when u love him but stay strong n chin up babes =D it'll all be okay!
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x0liveeelaughhhloveeex0 · 9 years ago
i don't know you either. but if you guys really love each other, then you'll go out with each other no matter what anyone says.
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ehhitskatie · 9 years ago
So, when I was reading this is made me want to cry! But I'm gonna tell you this, if you guys say you love each other, then it will work out. Just for right now its gonna be hard. Don't stop talking to him if anything does happen, let him still be your best friend, and still love him. Your not a , because of your choices you made; you guys were together for I don't know how long, you guys loved each other. So there for whatever happens in your relationship your not considered as a . If his parents think your a , then let it. But honestly hunnie you know your not! But I'm gonna be here for you, so if you need anything come talk too me.(: Ha, I love giving good advice, cause everyone comes too me<3 But I wish you luck, and remember what all these girls are going through on here too(:
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katie1120 · 9 years ago
I don't know you either, and I kind went thru something like that a year or two ago, except it was worse... And if you need anything im here... But just keep your head up, I know it's hard but if you two are meant to be then things will work out. But just try to date behind your parents backs... And if you cant do that then wait for him...
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Sundance_Kidz · 9 years ago
i dont know you, but i'm here if you need to talk! that's gotta be awful for you. i think you two could stick together, it'll just be hard. try to keep it from your parents, or just stay best friends until a better time when you could be more.
i hope you're doing okay!
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