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 Im crazy
about that one guy,
i messed up i was drunk and sad one night after yet another fight with my boyfriend of 3 years and i...
well i made out with another guy...
i never ment to do it and i still regret it.and and well he got mad...
(that i understand).
but the hardest part was hearing the hurt in his voice wen he came to c me the next day
he said that he forgave me but the whole day he couldnt even look me in the eyes :(
he even started crying and that just ripped my heart in to a million pieces.
so it went okay for a couple a days but then we started fighting again.
after 3 years it ends because we were fighting constently the last 4 weeks.
it was two days after our 3 year annaversary and we decided it wasnt gonna work.
that was a year ago and it still hurts to this day....
i havent talked to him since we broke up but even hearing his name
even if my friends are talkin about a different guy makes me want to crawl in a hole and cry
for the most part i am a very tuff girl and emotions isnt something i show to ppl but
its hard not to cry wen i think a bout brandon

i still love him and wish we could work out

I <3 You Bran

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Im crazy about that one guy, i messed up i was drunk and sad

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