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 And Here's To The Girls.
        The ones that cry daily.

                                                  The ones that just aren't good enough for him.

 The ones that plaster a fake smile on their face

             Every Day.
                                           The ones that pretend everything's alright.
               (Even though it's not.)
The ones who fight day in and day out.

  The ones who learn the hardest lesson, and succeed:

                                        This is to
                                                      The ones who learn to
                              To Deal With It.
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And Here's To The Girls. The ones that cry daily. The ones that

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Caylamariehamannx3 · 1 decade ago
i love this . it feels like you made this quote just for me at the perfect moment. thankss !

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jjbo88 · 1 decade ago
this makes me feel like u wrote it personally for me thanks! i made my day feel 100% better
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clumsgirl811 · 1 decade ago
you deserve all these favs ... this is really beautiful ... i love all the colors &&fonts. great job (:
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imtotallyserious · 1 decade ago
ii feel like you literally wrote this for mee. cute.
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x3nikkibaybayxO · 1 decade ago
im in love with this <3
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