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basketball4everr · 1 decade ago
okay thanks!
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katie1120 · 1 decade ago
well see i was in that situation, but go with your heart... If u have a guy that u feel rly likes u and u like him then go for it... Because i was in a controlling relationship and liked this guy all year and i took the chance and now im the happiest that i've been in a rly long time... So just go with ur heart and do what makes u happy not what ur friends r doing... U'll be happy with the outcome (:
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basketball4everr · 1 decade ago
thanks guys, its just all my friends are getting bfs and im an outcast, i wanna fit in and be like them.
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Shayblah · 1 decade ago
You defiantlyyyy need to follow your heart with this one hunn! If you really dont need your ex, than i dont think youd be concerned with getting with some other guy to prove that.
If you do however really like this guy than go for it! Keep reminding yourself you and your ex broke up for a reason!
&& Remember the greatest thing a girl can wear is confidence, and a smile :) GOOD LUCK!!
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taylornicole · 1 decade ago
I think that ur better off without a guy. just b confident and have fun to show him ur ok. its summer (well almost for u) go out and hav a summer romance! they're more fun(;
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brooke1313 · 1 decade ago
i think you should just be happy with yourself, and have fun. you don't need a guy to show your ex your better off without him. just being happy will definitely show him that (:
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misslyssxo019 · 1 decade ago
for me I just talk to a guy and be myself, and they will most likely like you because you aren't fake and your being yourself... If u want to show ur ex ur better without him, all u have to do is be happy with yourself and be confident, be sure to have fun too and that'll make them think that ur better without him... Hope that helps(:
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heartbreakwarfare · 1 decade ago
hey im jane and im here to help:) now bc it seams like you dontlike anyone i dont think you should have to prove that ur better without ur ex by not going out with anyone and saying to him i dont need a guy to make me better and im glad im over you ect is just what u need to say.... now if u did like some one go for it girl you have it but bc u dont dont fret just ignore tht ugly that did it to u and move on bc i have faith in you and i know u can do it :) hope tht helped P.S. u dont have to fallow me or make a quote its your choice im glad if my advice helped :)
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babiiash95 · 1 decade ago
you probably dont want to hear this, but dating someone to make someone else jealous isnt really a goood decision. you should like someone because you actuallly do not to show your ex your better and happy. you can do that without a guy.
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KaylieBaybie · 1 decade ago
well idk are u planning to get into a serious relationship with that guy or u want someone u cud use to get your ex jealous??
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