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es, that's her.
The  girl  that's  skipping  down the hall, screaming
out  a  Justin  Bieber  song at the top of her lungs.
The  girl  that  has a lollipop in her mouth and ring
on  every finger. The  girl  that's  giving  high
to everyone she passes and smiles at those
people that give her dirty looks.   The girl that has
on a t-shirt  with  spongebob  on it and is wearing 
neon orange flipflops.  The girl that has her hair in
pigtails and is wearing large glasses.   Yes, that's
her.  That's my best friend.


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Yes, that's her. The girl that's skipping down the hall, screaming

133 faves · 5 comments · May 31, 2010 4:09pm






sensation · 1 decade ago
Haha cute. Sounds like both ME & my bestie(:
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naturally · 1 decade ago
HAHAH. this reminds me of Carly! You know, my HIDEOUS best friend?! ♥

I'll have to show this to her Armeenie! XD
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XxxhottieexbabeexxX · 1 decade ago
hahahha thaats my besst friennnd,.
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jellyx521 · 1 decade ago
ha, .. my best friend right there !
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xLoveKillsSlowlyx · 1 decade ago
< 3 this[x
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