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Theres always alot
of first when it comes to relationships                                  ♥
Theres always the first crush. The one that everybody knows
about but him. And everyone knows that doesnt last long.      
Then theres the first boyfriend. They last "forever". There ussu-
ally all shy couples. Afraid to even hug even though they both
      know that the other one wants to. Ehh they last for a while..
Oh & then theres the first badboy. The badboy is the one guy
that makes the girl feel daring. But they just want to get in your
pants.. So they never last very long either. ||||||||||||||||||||
Then theres the goodytooshoees.. He might be the "nerd" or wh-
oever.. But there the ones that are crazy about you. They always
tell you how much they love you.. And most of the time its true.
////////////      But there always too nice. And you just dont feel it.
But then theres the first love. There the ones that you fall for
way too hard, way too fast. You just see them and you know.
Whenever you look at each other theres sparks. They may not
always show it, but they love you, they reallyy do. Whenever
they hug its like magic and you feel ontop of the world..        
You both feel it & This darling is the one that lasts forever.

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Theres always alot of first when it comes to relationships ♥

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