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the witty girl survey♥

[ ]i love justin bieber! 
[ ]nope, jonas brothers rock my world!
[ ]i like both JB
[x]they both suck
[ ]taylor swift is amazing
[ x]i freakin love LADY GAGA (=
[]my nails are painted right now =D
[ ]i have lots of gay friends!
[ ]i'm bisexual.

[  only some of there songs tho]i'm a beatles fan!
[ ]i hate chocolate
[x]^^^ are you kidding? chocolate is amazing
[ ]i'm team jacob
[ ] hell no! team edward!
[x ]ewww i hate twilight!
[ ]i think taylor lautner is sexyy
[x]i make quotes based on what really happens in my life
[ ]my quotes are mostly song lyrics
[ ]i'm religious
[  ]i ♥ michael jackson
[  ]megan fox is HOT (shes soo prettty)
[  ]i straighten my hair everyday.
[x]i have a boyfriend
[ ]nope, I have a girlfriend ;)
[ ] i'm single and loving it!
[  ]i'm single and not loving it
[x]i have lots of blonde moments
[ ]blue is my favorite color
[x]the notebook has never made me cry
[ )i saw new moon when it came out
[ ]i can not eat un-buttered popcorn because it tastes weird
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the witty girl survey♥ [ ]i love justin bieber! [ ]nope,

0 faves · Jan 7, 2010 8:16pm