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my  heart  breaks 
eveytime  we  tal
because  i  know  this  
will  neve last

heart breaks never last
mine, no jocking please
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my heart breaks eveytime we talk because i know this will

113 faves · 3 comments · Sep 21, 2009 6:57pm





break up

youredream_13 · 1 decade ago
thank you ! :) haha yes ! haha, i've had my moments where i thought i wouldn't get over someone, but i did. haha. but it gets annoying if you or someone else just keeps talking about. lmao, if that makes sense. ha
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wonderwomannxx13 · 1 decade ago
omigodd. you're totally rightt. people are always like i'll never love anyone again. and it's like GET OVER IT. (sorry for the language) but yea.. it's annoying. great quotee
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youredream_13 · 1 decade ago
top quotes, page 1, 8th one down. whaat whaat ! thanks guys ! :)
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