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and i hate
 not knowing wheather i should keep holding
strong, or if i should just let go and move on...

but i'm so in love
 with someone, and i've loved him for 3 years,
and he is some one who might actually love me
back, but i dont know, so i dont want to let go,
and i can't tell him, then out friendship will be
awkward, and i hate waiting around for him to
say something, but i dont want to set myself up
for heartbreak... but i know that where perfect for
each other...

[and i just don't know what do do]


anyone else feel torn like this?

pray that everything will work out...

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and i hate not knowing wheather i should keep holding strong,

9 faves · 3 comments · Sep 11, 2009 8:01pm






Thatswhatshesaid09 · 1 decade ago
sameeee situation://///
3 years
it's extremely frustrating waiting for him to talk to you://
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x_bl0w_ya_mind_4 · 1 decade ago
i was in the same position. i liked a boy from 6th grade till now ( it's my senior year) lol. very lame but i told him & he felt the same. there's always a reason your heart holds on to someone for so long
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deexbaby3 · 1 decade ago
hey! omg i feel exactly the same about this one guy and i havent told him how i feel becase im affraid hes not gonna like me as much as i like him =/ i dont know what i should do either. just wanted to let uk theres someone who feels the same way
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