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Quotes added on Saturday, September 3 2016

    posted a quote
    September 3, 2016 10:11pm UTC
    i'm telling stories. i'm telling true stories. about my life and my heart and my head and my feelings. about what i want and what i wish i had and what i did have but lost and what i f├╝cked up and what i couldn't fix. about when my heart got broken and about when i broke someone's heart. about wanting somebody i can't have and about not knowing what i want. about confusion and about moments of clarity and about blurred lines. about all of the weird things i tell myself in my head. about fantasy and intrigue and obsession and longing and sadness and happiness and everything in between. i'm writing these stories because i don't know how else to express them. i can't say these things out loud. i can't tell someone how i really feel. i'm scared of it.


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