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Quotes added on Friday, January 16 2009

  1. i_luv_edward_cullen i_luv_edward_cullen
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:01am UTC
    Donovan McNabbY
    # 5 P H I L A D E L P H I A E A G L E S

  2. ambertm95 ambertm95
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:12am UTC
    oh gawdd
    i think im falling
    for him, again.

  3. marylizz marylizz
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:16am UTC
    YOU'RE so:
    obbsessed with you
    a jackass
    But when YOU'RE not of things you're standing in front of me telling me:
    everything will be fine
    friends dont amount to anything if I'm around
    im beautiful
    nothing can stand between us
    YOU love me.
    I find one problem..YOU'RE so fake i see through your act and past the talk that YOU think makes me smile and fall for YOU. i fell for that crap once now its YOUR turn to be hurt...i loathe YOU
    everything revolves ariund YOU & YOUR feelings huh i guess i was to busy listening to YOU i forgot how fake i think YOU are

  4. ambertm95 ambertm95
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:19am UTC
    she lays her head down on
    her desk, her face buried in her
    arms. he taps her shoulder and
    thinking fast, she makes little
    snoring noises. he laughs. she
    doesnt pick up her head but her
    shoulders move up and down so
    shes laughing too, right? or maybe
    she's crying. i'm guessing you'll
    never truly know for sure. </3

  5. xkaydeebabex27 xkaydeebabex27
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:21am UTC
    the guys give love for the action;
    while the girls give action for the love.
    *true sadly...all mine...steal and i'll bite yo head off!

  6. ecb2300 ecb2300
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:24am UTC
    SORRY DONT READ!! when you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! My name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears..i am dead.if you dont copy this just like from the ring, on 5 more sites.. or..i will appear one dark quiet night when your not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill you. this is no joke something good will happen to you if you post this on 5 more pages

  7. edwaldo385 edwaldo385
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:24am UTC
    one of the things girls do that guys don't is
    going underwear shopping together and
    throwing thongs across the store at each other

  8. bubbleliiciiousx3 bubbleliiciiousx3
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:25am UTC
    I agree with the dictionary
    vampires before werewolves
    Edward before Jacob
    all mine.. unless sumone else has it idkk

  9. ambertm95 ambertm95
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:27am UTC
    the quiet shy one right
    there? well, she's probably
    going to get the lead of the
    school play. and win the art
    competition. i know it doesn't
    seem like she's very talented, but
    after that boy happened, she's
    been acting okay everyday with
    that beautiful painted smile on.

  10. ecb2300 ecb2300
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 12:39am UTC
    My BestFriend;
    hes always there for me when i need him,
    listins when we talk,
    makes me happy, smile and laugh all the time,
    But suddenly im falling for him<3
    rate high if you sometimes feel this way for your bestfriend

  11. Hearts4Eternity Hearts4Eternity
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 1:39am UTC
    He taught me how to love...
    But not how to stop.

  12. basketball_star16 basketball_star16
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 1:51am UTC
    everything just gets stuck*
    *insider but everyone that has braces knows its true :p*

  13. x3fantasy x3fantasy
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 4:54am UTC
    Keep readi​ng or somet​hing bad will happe​n.
    >She calls​ you by your full name not just a nick name
    > She hits you softl​y on the arm and laugh​s when you say somet​hing funny​.
    > She flips​ her hair when she'​​s talki​ng to you.
    > She touch​es your arm when she talks​ to you.
    > She says,​​ "No, I'm not telli​ng you who I like!​​"​​ with a big smile​ on her face.
    > She asks you who you like or who you would​ go out with seemi​ngly intre​sted
    > When you go to the movie​s with a bunch​ of your frien​ds and she is almos​t alway​s next to you.
    > She criti​cizes​ you on a girl you like.
    > You catch​ her stari​ng at you.
    >She plays​ with your hair or tries​ to put make up on you
    > Her frien​ds outsi​de of schoo​l and in schoo​l know about​ you, and says she talks​ about​ you a lot.
    > She knows​ your phone​ numbe​r and addre​ss.
    >She will try & talk and spend​ time with you as much as possi​ble
    > He stare​s at you a lot
    > He hits you a lot(​​playf​ully)​​
    >He uses the first​ thing​ that pops into his head to start​ a conve​rstai​on with you
    >He yelle​d,​​ "​​Hi!​​"​​,​​ to your mom that day she picke​d you up from schoo​l
    >He blew off his buds to go see "​​Brown​ Sugar​"​​ with you cuz you could​n'​​t get anoth​er girl pal to go and didn'​​t want to go alone​
    > He tries​ to make you laugh​ anywa​y even if he gets hurt in the proce​ss
    > His voice​ gets softe​r when ever you two talk
    > You hung up on him.
    He calle​d you back
    > You where​ invit​ed by him to a group​ outin​
    >He calle​d you to talk about​ nothi​ng at all.
    > He imita​tes your laugh​.​​ Which​ makes​ you laugh​ even harde​r.​​.​​.
    > He remem​bers littl​e thing​s you menti​on in casua​l conve​rsati​on
    > He somet​imes stare​s strai​ght into your eyes.
    >He uses every​ possi​ble way to touch​ you (​​your hair,​​ face,​​ thigh​s,​​ etc.
    Now make a wish.​​.​​. > >>
    > >>
    > >>
    > >> >​​>​​>​​>​​>​​>​​>​​
    > >>
    > >>
    > >> >​​>​​>​​>​​>​​>​​>​​
    > >>
    > >>
    Ok stop!​​ Your wish will come true if you repos​t this
    If you don'​​t repos​t this then you will never​ get asked​ out or you will lose the one you love!​​!​​.
    Repos​t this in 15 min and your wish will come true in 5 days. Repos​t this in 10 min and your wish will come true in 3 days. Repos​t this in 5 min and your wish will come true in 1 day
    Girls​:​​ repos​t this as: "How Guys Flirt​"​​
    Guys:​​ repos​t this as: "How Girls​ Flirt"

  14. thegirl1993 thegirl1993
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:04am UTC
    Screw the Rain

  15. hps4eva hps4eva
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:09am UTC
    Even with baggy pants on
    hair messed up
    morning breath
    no make up on
    you still tell me you love me! Y

  16. iloveyou07 iloveyou07
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:40am UTC
    I hate it how...
    people think you're annoying just because you're not "chill" enough for them.

  17. x0xkgedsx0x x0xkgedsx0x
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:41am UTC

  18. ratchet88z ratchet88z
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:48am UTC
    ..............(¨ `v´¨ )
    ................|*` `*|
    ................ ,,.~
    .~* .............~**~...~*../`*~. ~**~-,
    ......¸,.~*/..../........ ..V...../ ...(_)...
    ................../..../. ........ ./......¸,.~*
    ....¸,.~*´¨..`.-.,¸¸,.-`.. ,¸ ¸,./..... ..,¸¸,`.
    ..~**./``*/ ~**~. .~*..../*~.
    ......./.../...../........ ..|..|... ..|
    .........../....../..../... .../.... ./
    ...../__/...`..,¸¸,.-`*••.•´¯` •.•
    i love some1 yes i do i love some1 how about u? <3 =]

  19. xoxblondy4life xoxblondy4life
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 6:57am UTC
    common side effects may include coma or death
    ya that makes me wanna go and bye that product

  20. xxmaddie16xx xxmaddie16xx
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2009 7:29am UTC
    I Bought this new game called ((love)).....
    but theres no instructions.....do..you..think..you..could ((teach me))


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