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Quotes added on Friday, November 19 2004

  1. sunkiszdblonde08 sunkiszdblonde08
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 4:05am EST
    i wanna move on
    but its hard wen
    i all i want is
    someone i cant have
    once you like someone
    its just never goes away
    even if you want it tooo
    the first time u fall in
    luv it changes ur life
    forever* n no matter how
    hard u try.that feelin
    * j u s d o e s n t g o a w a i *
    --»if you like IM me at ryssax0 okie dok .. use but dont take creditness

  2. lindzlouforyou lindzlouforyou
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 5:49am EST
    *HaVe YoU eVeR eVeR iN yOuR wHoLe WhOlE lIfE sEeN tHe ThInGs ThAt I'vE sEeN oR lIvEd ThE lIfE....*
    ^^ from the movie Hardball

  3. i_love_yOu_x3 i_love_yOu_x3
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 11:39am EST
    i need someone that can
    take me by the hand n
    Dance with me anywhere*
    and it's a shame that we gOtta spend Our time
    .. being mad at each Other ..
    *cough lauren w cough*
    Excuse me
    but I think you forgot to
    give me back my heart,
    after you so kindly
    ripped it out.
    I'D RIP
    OUT IF
    YOU'D BE

  4. XoNinaoX XoNinaoX
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 12:15pm EST
    One More Day « Diamond Rio
    Last night I had a crazy dream
    A wish was granted just for me,
    It could be for anything
    I didn't ask for money
    Or a mansion in Malibu
    I simply wished, for one more day with you.
    One more day, One more time
    One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
    But then again
    I know what it would do
    Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you.
    One more day.
    First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl
    I'd unplug the telephone
    And keep the tv off
    I'd hold you every second
    Say a million I love you's
    That's what I'd do, with one more day with you.

  5. YaNkEeSkIcKaSs YaNkEeSkIcKaSs
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 12:37pm EST
    On an Iraqi street in Baghdad,
    A soldier mourns as he kneels,
    Beside his fallen American comrade.
    Tears shed for one who died,
    Sacrificed to free oppressed,
    For Iraqi newborn freedom.
    American modern minuteman,
    On foreign soil to teach,
    Sacrifices for liberty.
    American in Iraq mourns,
    On a dusty Baghdad street.
    A little Iraqi girl... wipes away his tears.
    <3 Lib <3
    ~This is 4 my brother Justin he was in Iraq ... and he lost a best friend... and so did I its the worst feelin any1 can ever have!! Mike i miss u and i love u 4ever u r always in my heart!!!!!!!

  6. LiLys1071 LiLys1071
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 12:50pm EST
    i would take all the pain away from u
    i would run around the world for u
    i would do ne thing for u
    i would die for u
    use it but dont abuse it

  7. xhenri16x xhenri16x
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:10pm EST
    Today is the day i get over you
    no more cryin always thinking about you,
    no more time wasted no more no more feelin
    uneeded Pain No more hiding tears walkin home
    alone in the rain.nO more being jelous of her
    Or you finding that Some one new
    No more i miss or love you 2
    No more wishin to die no more
    pain saying Goodbyes
    NO more wondering why?
    IM OVER YOU (i think)
    Only you could bring me to muh nees
    (i miss you)
    an only you Could make me Bleed
    (only you)
    All those tiiimes that i cried
    (to feel your touch)
    I feel to mUch...
    This Wont end So I beg N plead
    (for you 2 stop)
    I lose it all over again
    (cuz of you)
    and i pray for you to leave muh head
    (its old News)
    And i cry for you to Look at Me
    (But U wont do wut i say)
    So i bleed for you on this
    (horriable Day)
    Are we finnished or R we Not?
    you told me once But i forgot...
    For you life is good n well
    U make mine a LIVin HEll
    and u got dem under ur wicked Spell
    but im the one who really sees how
    much of your fakeness is Killing me
    IM NOT A PHYSCO ok I just write sad n funny good stuff Like IM just in a BAd MOOd sorry they arent Good

  8. daddyslilgrl daddyslilgrl
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:15pm EST
    i knew i loved u since day 1
    i knew it was ment to be the moment
    i first saw u
    but if u think im not the 1
    then dont come running when im gone
    sry if its gay i thought it up in like 2 seconds 1oo% myn use don

  9. gbmandi gbmandi
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:16pm EST
    "I hate everything about u y do i love you?"
    love dat song
    takes credit

  10. clarityxox clarityxox
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:44pm EST
    Never look back on the wind closing in..<3
    XoX becca <3

  11. clarityxox clarityxox
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:47pm EST
    CleaninG` my room
    be back In a week
    - - - - - - - - - - <3
    (lines up in trubechent bold)
    Im me for the fade if you want it...
    - - - - <3 xOxin this diary

  12. x3_dRiA x3_dRiA
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:48pm EST
    Love is
    Just simply

  13. clarityxox clarityxox
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:48pm EST
    I intend to live
    - - - > >forever
    so Far/So GooD
    lines up in trubeceunt bold
    make the o's italic
    underline intend
    make intend, forever and the two so's blue
    and the rest black

  14. x3_dRiA x3_dRiA
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:51pm EST
    Close my eyes
    take me away
    this is where
    I dream about
    me and you
    just us two..
    nothing more
    nothing less

  15. x3_dRiA x3_dRiA
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:53pm EST
    From our

  16. x3_dRiA x3_dRiA
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:53pm EST
    Animal Crackers in my Soup
    Lions and Tigers
    Loop de Loop!
    *haha trish n kelly
    great timez...lylas

  17. x3_dRiA x3_dRiA
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 1:56pm EST
    I lay there crying
    tears running down my face
    i dont know what to do anymore
    i just can't stand it you just
    don't get it do you? i love you
    but you don't care..all the blood
    is running down my pale arm what
    am i going to do when my mother asks
    whats that scab from? and have her pointing
    to my wrist? huh? what am i gonna do..?
    it's all because of YOU.

  18. monkeys889 monkeys889
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 2:02pm EST
    50 cent got hit so hard he was forced to Lean back

  19. iLoVeCmM718 iLoVeCmM718
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 2:25pm EST
    smiling and pretending like everything is okay when it isnt
    u just want to cry and scream
    one nite ur partying with ur friends
    then they turn against u telling u ur just okay but were not very good friends with u like everyone else
    they stop inviting u to there parties talk bout it in font of u and show u the pictures
    giving drity looks and talking bout the other behind there backs calling names
    but they talk to u when they have no one else like nothing ever happened everything is going great
    in there mind they say i hate u y cant i be w mi"FREINDS"
    y? y did we use to be good friends back in those days
    y the sudden change of heart
    we went to each others houses did hair and make up
    i say hi to ur mom and and she gives me dirty looks
    y do we never talk bout what happen y did we fight???
    y? b so mean i never no y we were fighting in the first place
    now i dont no ho i was every friends with some one like u !!!!!!!!

  20. Kafwin Kafwin
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2004 2:28pm EST
    The more people I meet, the more I love my dog...
    lol thought it was funny :D
    ~put it in tahoma size 8
    ~bold it all
    ~put everything except "more" in green
    ~put "more" in pink
    --kerry...IM me @ xxxsmileyx

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