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At this moment there are 6,918,636,623 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.
Hi there my name is Kelsi and im indescribable. I started writing a story on here four months ago but quit after I felt like no one actually sawed me. Now i realize I was acting like a brat and decided to create a brand new story for you guys. Dont you guys love us Canadians ?

*Runs Over and Gives gigantic hug too my readers*
After much persuasion by some of my fans here on witty I decided to come back and write a brand new story here on witty. I promise i'll never ever leave you guys alone ever again(:

Its says home is where the heart is, but what a shame because everyones heart doesnt beat the same- Green Day {

  1. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    May 29, 2011 3:37pm UTC
    one hit wonder
    I used to be normal. I was your average twelve year old girl. I was going through puberty, realizing boys didn't really have cooties, and listening to cheesy pop music. I had my entire future planned out in my Hello Kitty notebook, details down to the tee of what kind of dog I wanted, and a list of names for my future children. Fast forward six years later, I'm not the person I chalked myself up to be in that notebook. Every idea, aspiration, plan I had written down was now only a distant memory.
    These days, you'll find me leaned over the ceramic toilet of my one bedroom apartment throwing up the undigested Taco Bell I had just scarfed down not even two hours prior. No dog, or kids in my near future. I don't know when it happened, or how it happened. I used to be the happy go lucky girl that everyone loved to be around. I was always smiling, dancing, and singing everywhere I went, and now all I do is waste away in the darkest crevices of my apartment, in baggy, ugly clothes, hating myself.
    Like I said, I used to be normal.
    Instead of answering phone calls and texts, I spend hours sitting on the tile floor of my kitchen counting calories of all the food in my pantry I forced myself to purchase at the grocery store. Instead of reading scripts, I stuff Ritz crackers in my mouth, only to chew and spit them out in the trashcan before I have a chance to swallow them. Instead of dating, and falling in love like all of my friends, I cuddle with my cat, Clifford, on the couch and watch reruns of The OC, wishing I was as beautiful as Marissa and as thin as Summer.
    I guess the tabloids are right. I'm a pathetic, washed up actress who needs to make a serious comeback.

  2. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    May 15, 2011 6:30pm UTC
    pursuit of happiness
    The thick assembly of her eyelashes flickers open slowly as her lips raised a light pink colour around the rim of the fancy china that lay between her red, painted finger tips. Pieces of a honey colour released around her eyes mimicking only the colours a successful sunset could make. She sat in a field; where wildflowers decorated the empty pasture of natural beauty. The air blowing through her curly ash brown hair. The strands bundled together into a loose fish braid as it decorated her left shoulder, flowed over the floral aerie shirt. A book sat beside her as she sat against the woodened out tree, its pages moving back and forth as the vicious winds blew an irritating gust of charm which unwillingly placed a smile across Addison’s lips. Her ever so long slim legs stretched out, one crossing the other.
    ''Isn't it a shame?'' A loud voice interrupted, Addison’s head snapping back out of her peaceful serendipity quickly.
    ''Oh,'' she breathed, a heart-felt smile soon exposed upon her lips, ''Dad, you scared the living bajeesus out of me.'' Her head swung back around to face view that had knocked her out of her senses a few seconds ago. ''What were you saying?'' She asked, curious of what her dad always had to say.
    ''It's a shame isn't it,'' he repeated, groaning as his body crouched down beside her, ''you can spend your whole life wondering what it would be like to be free as bird, but no one actually tries.'' His elbow gently nudged Addison, his head nodding towards the blue bird that chirped happily in the tree branches that hover over their heads.
    Addison watched the bird flick a piece of red string into the nest him and his partner were constructing.”How do you know it isn’t free?'' She whispered.
    ''Because Adi, it seems happy.'' He answered quietly, his grey eyes dissecting every detail of the little chickadee. ''I want you to be happy, Addison.'' His eyes move across to Addison, who glanced down at the piece of china she continuously ran her fingertip around, a proven known fact she was listening to her father words of wisdom.
    ''I am happy daddy. Stop trying to label my life when I'm perfectly happy with how things are. '' Addison scrambled up to her feet, setting down the wine glass on the dewy grass. ''I know things have been rough since mom died, but, stop trying to set me free. I'm not leaving you, just know that.''
    ''Addison, just hear me out-''
    ''I'll see you back at the house, dad.'' Addison retraced her steps back into the house which one seemed to be so familiar but turned into a terrifying stranger trapped with memories of her beautiful mother. Addison knew what her father was doing trying to set her free and she knew that what broke her father's heart more than anything in the whole word? He knew deep inside that Addison Allegra William wasn't happy, at all.
    Look who came crawling back. I missed you guys so much and I hope none of my readers have forgotten about me.- Kelsi{♥}

  3. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 29, 2011 8:25pm UTC
    Dear Readers Of My Story: Defying Gravity,
    Okay I Kept Telling Myself To Post Up The New Chapters. I Mean God It Was Embarrassing How I Would Try So Hard To But Then I Would View The Stories On Here And I Felt Like i Was Just One Of The Many Doing The Same Thing. Sorry To All My Wonderful Followers But I Wont Be On Witty[Writing Stories] Anymore, Instead Im Moving My STory Defying Gravity To Polyvore & Even Though All My Followers Are Like Family I Just Feel Like The Odd Uncle Bob. I Still Hope You Check My Story & I LURVE You Guys.
    Sign Kelsi
    Link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2329157

  4. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 18, 2011 2:33pm UTC
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  5. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 16, 2011 1:55pm UTC
    Defying Gravity
    It's like an angel came by, and took me to heaven, my text ringtone for Justin blared throughout the silent car ride, interrupting my deep thought process.I chose this song as the ringtone for Justin, because it explained exactly how I felt about Justin, and him coming into my life making all of these sudden, yet miraculous changes. I thought about it a lot, but it was true - if it weren't for him, I really wouldn't be what I was today - happy. He made me so happy at times; it scared me, to think how much of life I've been missing of life without him when I could have been doing what I was doing right now. Because of him, I believed that there really could be happiness found at the end of the day, evenfor me. If I've survived the last year of hell, I could take on anything now.
    I opened the text message, letting his familiar style of writing appear across my cell phone screen with his voice in my mind.
    1 New Incoming Text Message:
    u almost here yet? I cant wait much longer to see u :(
    I tried to control the shaking of my hands as I flipped open the text keyboard and began texting - it was one of the effects that came whenever I was anxious - which was basically whenever Justin was brought up.
    im almost there, but im pretty sure if i can survive, you can survive too<3
    "Mom, we almost there yet?" I looked to the left, my mom making a right turn, unaware as she turned right by the front entrance of the Air Canada Centre.
    "Yeah, we're right here." She smiled at me, stopping.
    I looked to the side, trying my best to contain the feelings of nervousness that clouded me, when instantly the memories flooded back. "Well, thanks. I'll call you when I want you to pick me up. Say, around eleven?" I grabbed my bag, closing the door and running off through the front doors without even giving my mom a chance to reply, due to the excitement that was traveling all over and around my still fragile body.
    Sorry Its So Short ! Dont Be Mad At Me xP
    Chapter 7
    Im Posting Other Stories On My Polyvore Account So Check It Out: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2329157

  6. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 15, 2011 11:08am UTC
    Defying Gravity
    "Here you go," Dr. Tirovolas smiled down at me, handing me the prescription slip. "just have your mother drop by a drug store and get that for you and you should be fine." He sat back, folding his arms against his lap. "I didn't really realize that it was this serious."
    I shook my head, smiling. "I told you, Dr. Tirovolas." I compromised for about the fourth time during this appointment. "I honestly don't need it." I beckoned, trying to push the slip towards him.
    "We wouldn't want to be taking any chances now would we?" He creased his forehead, actually full of worry but relief. "And legally, it's required of me to do so..." He muttered underneath his breath, relaxing further into his cushioned, leather seat.
    "No, we wouldn't." I answered, grabbing the slip and heading out the door as he hurried me into the outer office where his secretary was smiling up at me, waiting for my response.
    "Put me in for two months from now." I smiled.
    I smiled, reminiscing the few milestones in my life that have happened since my last psychiatric appointment, and since, well - everything. I was in the back of my mother's car, on the way to Justin's second concert in Toronto this year. My eyes were staring intently out the glass window, peering across the entire city, taking in it's beautiful view of buildings and shining, bright lights. My thoughts were focused on Justin and Justin only, mainly on how big of a part he was in my life now, my new life that was.
    Daily, Justin had been bombarding my facebook, my formspring, my twitter and my cell phone with messages, the ones I previously used to work so hard for. Always reminding me of how much I meant to him, always mentioning how much he missed me, always bringing up the matter of how excited he was to see me this month. It only meant that much more, because even throughout the extremely busy schedule he had that was filled with hectic interviews and hot photo shoots, he still managed to find a part of the day to keep up with me - whether he was fully awake or half asleep. Ever since then, a huge improvement has been made throughout my life in all aspects. With an inbox full of messages from an international inspiration and a profile picture of yourself and your hero smiling down at each other, how could you not have been happy?
    I slowly began eating two entire meals a day, I began getting eight full hours of sleep each night and found laughing and smiling that much easier. It may have not been much to the average person, but I was in fact making progress from the continous one meal a day and four hours of sleep routine that I had gotten so used to during my depressive days. Medication had some part in this progress, but truely, I believed that it really was all Justin, and if I ever did decide to flush my sleep aids and anti-depressants down the toilet one day, I would do just as fine as long as I had Justin by my side. After all, if it wasn't for him reminding me to eat all the time and always sweetly singing me to sleep over the phone, I wouldn't be where I was right now.
    He knew everything there was to know about me, and he was the one person who stood by my side the entire time and actually took action. He took the liberty of having my trust to arrange family counseling for my family and I, to make an agreement with my mother and have me see an extra therapist, and to even take legal action and make sure that all of my online accounts were being watched carefully since #hatehaylie was a trending topic for a gruesome month on twitter.
    I had to admit, if it were anyone but Justin arranging all of these events into place, I definitely would have not let it go through, seeing as how stubborn I am. But I placed my trust in Justin, having him being the actual reason, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. Because after all, look where I was and am now - I regained my focus in school with a high average, my friends were constantly asking to hang out ever since I started going out again and at the end of the day I really could speak to my mom about any problems that were bothering me. Not that I ever needed to, Justin was always my first choice.
    Chapter 6
    I Posted This Yesterday But It Was Kinda Boring So I Decided To Add Another Paragraph. Hope Ya Like !

  7. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 10, 2011 8:16pm UTC
    Defying Gravity
    My heart was beating a mile per minute, my throat felt rounded up, my eyes were blurred by tears & my mind was about to explode anytime soon now.
    And so it did, along with the floodgates.
    In a matter of seconds, just from the shock & happiness of the situation, tears welling in my eyes had already began pouring down my cheeks, sloping down my chin & finally dripping onto the duvet on top of me. I looked down, afraid of seeing his reaction after I had let him down. A huge fan like me can only keep such overwhelming emotions inside for so long.
    My sight was so blurred at the moment, I hadn't even acknowledged that Justin's mother, Pattie was standing behind Justin as she made a motion for Justin to move forward.
    And without a second thought, he did.
    That's where all the emotions I've kept inside of me suddenly took control, like a river starting to flood - when he took those two warm arms of his and wrapped them around me. Gently enough to give me space but tight enough to assure me that he was there; as he gently pushed me against his toned chest.
    "It's going to be alright," He whispered over my sobs, gently rubbing circles on one of my hands & rubbing my back while I heard Pattie's footsteps in the distance; most likely leaving the room to give us space. Then, - and I am not joking - he started to sing, for me, one of the songs I'd always listen to when I could feel my heart breaking. "It's a big, big world, it's easy to get lost in it." His angelic voice rang in the room, only making my sobs grow as it always did. Because I guess that was what I did, I got lost in this big world.
    His voice cracked slightly, as if this were actually affecting him just as much as it were to me. "You've always been my girl, oh & I'm not ready to call it quits."
    He pulled away from the hug gently, at a distance where we could see each other closely. He pulled my chin up, wiped away my tears and looked at me with so much intensity it was as if he was looking underneath all the scars and suicidal thoughts but deep into my soul.
    "We can make the sun shine in the moonlight, we can turn the grey clouds into blue skies. I know it's hard, but baby believe me." He continued.
    Whenever I burst into tears, all people have ever done was either looked at me like I was a lost puppy dog, laughed and made a funny remark or even yelled at me disapprovingly. But not once has anyone ever held me & told me that things were going to be okay - because really, that was all a lonely girl like me ever needed.
    "Baby we can go nowhere but up, from here, my dear..." His voice barely a whisper.
    Slowly, I felt the weight of my tired eyes begin to take over and before I knew it, I suddenly found myself drifting off to sleep, with Justin's angelic voice serenading me. Never have I ever felt so comfortable & safe in someone's arms in my entire life. Being held by him, out of the seven millions of other more important fans there were, I realized then & there that there really was hope at the end of the day.
    Chapter 5
    Aww Isnt Justin Such An Effing Sweetie Pie(;

  8. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 9, 2011 8:57pm UTC
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  9. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    March 7, 2011 7:13pm UTC
    Defying Gravity
    "You know, you should really get some rest Justin." My mom suggested as she firmly wrapped her arms around me from behind the chair I was lazily slumped in.
    It was nine o'clock in the morning, so exactly how long have I been here again? Oh that's right, nine hours. "I'm fine Mom." I murmured under my breath. I had to admit, I was tired having no rest after a concert and going out to celebrate, but my energy level was the least of my concerns at the moment - what really mattered was the unconscious teenage girl lying on the hospital bed before me.
    She lay motionless, except for the up and down motions her chest was making. After constantly harassing the doctors and nurses with question after question, I finally managed to settle down, even at the depressing sight of the many bruises and scrapes on her body and most shockingly - the many cuts on her left arm that even the layers of blankets couldn't hide.
    I didn't know a single thing about this girl, aside from the fact that she was a huge fan of mine and may have been depressed. But here I was, holding her hand after negotiating with doctors for hours and hours. She had no form of identification on her, but even Mom stood by my side on this one since she experienced suicidal attempt in her teenage years too. I smiled, remembering the long lecture my mom had given me last night about inspiring this girl in every way possible, but the truth was, I didn't need the lecture - I genuinely did care...
    There was just something different about this girl. It was right then and there, I wanted to know everything there was to know about her, from her past to what she wanted to shape her future as. And with that sudden realization and outburst of curiosity, I rubbed my thumb along her line of many cuts and visible scars just underneath them as I bent over towards the bed, the bumpy texture beneath my frigid fingers.
    I couldn't stand the thought of one of my fans doing this to themselves, especially when she was so beautiful even with all the mascara streaks and scrapes, except for these ugly marks on her arm. But there was only so little I could do when so much damage had already been done, and before I knew it, a tear had already escaped along with a quiet sniffle.
    Chapter Three
    Sorry Its So Short. I Promise The Next Pt Is Gonna Be Winning

  10. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2011 11:05am UTC
    Defying Gravity
    "Are you kidding? That was amazing." I laughed with my mom.
    She was smiling brightly today, as always, as we were walking down the street just coming back from an Italian restaurant from a celebration of selling out MSG in twenty two minutes, something like that for a sixteen year old just doesn't happen.
    The rest of the crew had left a few minutes before, but mom and I wanted to spend a little time together since lately I've been hanging around Chaz and Ryan so much. So here we were. Walking up and down the streets walking in and out of shops at the familiar place I loved called New York City. I stopped at an intersection when the red light turned green and cars started passing by when I noticed a fan who was screaming the word "never". Her back was facing me, but she had long, layered brown hair that flowed in the wind across her back, which may I add, her had my face on the shirt with the words "My World 2.0". It was definitely way too cold to be walking around here in just a shirt and jeans when I was in a jacket and way too dangerous to be walking around here alone when I was with my mom.
    I was just about to walk up behind her to thank her and tell her to never say never, hoping that she would calm down for whatever reason she was shouting, when she looked to the side and I caught a glimpse of her face and my heart stopped. Her mascara was running above her eyelid, down her cheeks even reaching her chin. She had a tired look in her eyes like she's has been through a tragedy one too many times and was eventually starting to tire. Her eyes were burning with such intensity as she stared up at the bright shining moon, so intense it was as if she could burn a hole through that moon any second now, as if she was getting ready for something, as if she was crying for help.
    She took a step back, pounced up and that's when my mom tensed up, tightly gripping onto my arm and covering her mouth with her other hand.
    One foot after another, there she was, running straight into the middle of the road. She looked straight forward at the cars, no fear at the angry faces and honks that the drivers were throwing at her.
    And that's when it happened.
    When a car hit her straight on, only stopping enough so that she fell to the ground, her head hitting the pavement and her feet slightly underneath the car which stopped right away. Without even a second thought, I rushed out into the middle of the full road towards her motionless body, freaking out about what I should do as I heard the sirens in the distance.
    I picked her up and held her into my arms, the burning emotion of having to see that necklace and bracelet and t-shirt of my face and name on it, and at that, my heart broken. The fact that she wasn't just anyone, she was my fan made me feel guilty. Because conscious or not, the pain was still visible when her eyes were closed. The fact I didn't know her didn't change my wanting to get to know her better and help her through this at all, she was my fan and I was going to do whatever it took.
    Where have I been when my one less lonely girl needed me most?
    Chapter Two
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  11. yourahhmazing_x yourahhmazing_x
    posted a quote
    February 24, 2011 6:59pm UTC
    Defying Gravity
    No One Can Cure This Headache
    I tried pulling the thin long - sleeved Justin Bieber shirt tighter along my body and wiping the mascara streaks off my face, but it was useless. Just like the burning slices of depression I had spread all over my left arm - I didn't know how long I'd have to deal with them being there, but they were there for the time being.
    I was walking down the cold, crowded yet ever so lonely streets of New York City, the last place I had ever swore to visit before I die. Lights were shining brightly from advertisements and signs high above my heads, people were rushing up and down the streets not even paying attention to the hopeless fourteen year old with makeup smeared across her cheeks.
    I never thought I'd be here, but here I was, thousands and thousands of miles away from my home in Canada alone, running away for a few weeks just to experience the good life. The old Haylie would be partying at a girl’s night out right now, not walking up and down the fearful streets of New York City always having to worry about shielding herself from the world.
    I stopped at an intersection with cars passing wildly through the stoplights and thought for a moment. I could still feel my tired heart beating slower and slower by the second, tired of always being walked all over and being taken advantage of, tired of feeling so worthless and unhappy. I really just wanted all of it to end.
    I had visited New York already, the one place I always wanted to travel to. But now that I was here and I could still feel the pain flowing through my body and especially my arms, it didn't seem all that great. Now meeting Justin Bieber, the one boy who ever managed to help me see another side of myself, that was something I hadn't done. But after giving the same call of help in my letters to him over and over again with no response and seeing the thousands of people tonight at MSG that wanted him too, I knew for sure, that meeting him was something I wouldn't ever be able to do.
    "I'll meet you soon, never say never right?" I laughed heartlessly to myself in a whisper. I'm talking to myself, I thought. I really am going insane. "Well, quit dreaming Bieber!" I screamed, when a few people had started to stare. But the flaming emotions that overflowed inside me just couldn't be contained anymore. "Just because life turned out oh-so-lucky for you doesn't mean that it'll turn out right for me! Things are never going to look up for me, and I'm never going to meet you. There, I said it. Never, never, never!" I threw my arms up into the air. By now people had completely stopped to stare at me as if I were some kind of crazy cat lady.
    Tears were flowing down my cheek and the same old adrenaline that drove me to cutting was only stronger than ever. This was it. I looked straight ahead at the passing cars that were driving fast enough just to do more than enough damage to a person's body. What else do I have to live for?
    Chapter One
    Keep Going? And To My Followers I Hated Rare With A Burning Passion So Here My New Story Hope You Like ;P


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