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Why Hello Beautiful:) 
my name is Brittney, 13 years old , blowing the 14th candle on april 28th,♥ i am a newyorker;) all the way bitches:) 
i have the worlds most amazing boyfriend ever , his name is anthony,♥ 
i love all my friends , but my best is Jillian Lee Borden,♥ 
mac miller , t-swift , justin bieber & mario lopez , = my whole entire fucking life,♥ 
new field long island championships,♥ good job boy's , first time ever;*novemeber 25th 2011;*

new field suffuk championships . 
14, to 13,♥

new field long island championships . 
14, to 7;* 

Pirates Championships / world series winner;*
12, to 5♥
good job boys & good job to my amazing boyfriend;*
  1. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2012 1:47pm UTC
    I Dont want to change
    My relationship status back to single, i liked the way it was.. Guess you didnt..

  2. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 5:53pm UTC
    Happily Ever After
    Chapter 1
    I walked out of his house satisified with my day. Well that went easier than i thought. My boyfriend and i have been dating for now about 2 months, but it feels much longer. Today was his birthday. Well, his birthday celebration with his family. Which means the day that i meet his entire family. I met most of them at his baseball games, but not everyone. Meeting new people was a fear of mine, but it went pretty smothly. His mom was telling me how everyone loved me. So thats a plus to our relationship.
    I got home and plopped myself on my day. 'Rough day' I thoguht to myself. I thoguth back to siting around the bond fire with his whole family. When his mom was telling us the story about how her and my boyfriends mother met. I keep replaying it in my mind. "We went to school together all our life. Finally in the 7th grade we had a class together, wood working to be exact. I hated the class. Everything about it. John did all my projects for me. Thats how we got to being friends. I thought we were going to be stuck in the 'friend zone' but we werent. It came to 8th grade, the 8th grade dance. We danced together for a while, then i went off to dance with my friends. The last song was a slow song. John walked up to me and asked to dance with me. I was suprised. I didnt think John was the 'slow dancing type' but maybe he was. During the slow dance he leaned in and kissed me. I was cought off guard. Then right after that moment, he asked me to be his girlfriend. After that day, we have been together forever. When John proposed to be it was 9 years later, the day he asked me out at our school dance. Then a year later we got married, that exact day."
    This story was just like me and Ryans. Just not yet to the marrige part. I couldnt believe it.

  3. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2012 12:08am UTC
    if you have 35+.. you're spoiled :
    [ ] own car
    [x] cell phone
    [] own phone line
    [x] bf/gf
    [] own bathroom
    [x] own room
    [x] 2 or more story house
    [] built-in pool
    [ ]guest house
    [] game room
    [x] tv in your room
    [] Double (queen) Bed
    [x] more than 20 pairs of shoes
    [x] 10+ things from a designer store (if hollister counts)
    [] good grades
    [ ] Dior sunglasses
    [] louis vuitton purse
    [x] iPod
    [] XBOX
    [] PS3
    [] mp3 player
    8 Total
    . [ ] Mercedes Benz
    [ ]BMW
    [x] basketball hoop
    [x] air hockey table
    [] pool table
    [] ping pong table
    [x] trampoline
    [] live ON a lake or pond
    [ ] own a pair of skiis
    [x] own a snowboard
    [] has a boat
    [ ] has a jet ski
    [] has a beach house/ cabin
    4 Total
    [ ] only child
    {] stereo system in bedroom
    [x] DVD player in bedroom
    [x] 100+ dvd's
    [ ]gets $50+ for allowance each month
    {x] goes shopping every month...or every week
    [x] shops at abercrombie
    [ ] goes snowboarding/ skiing every weekend
    [x] makeup
    [x] cologne/perfume
    [x] AIM
    [ ] MSN
    [x]5+ trophies
    [x]own digital camera
    []walk-in closet
    9 Total.
    [] electric scooter
    [] dirt bike
    [ ] 4X4 truck
    [] guitar/drums
    [ ] hammock
    [] been on a cruise
    [x] traveled out of the country
    [] weight set/ workout set in house
    [ ] personal fit trainer
    [] expensive jewerly
    [x] met a celeb
    [x] straightener/ curling iron
    [x] gets hair done/nails/spas
    [] on/was on a Varsity team for the school
    [ ] own batting cage
    [] 100+ in wallet/ purse right now
    [x] own savings account
    [x]1+ BEST friends
    [] been to the carribean
    [] been to europe.
    [] been to hawaii
    [] been to NY
    6 Total.
    [ ] shopped in seattle
    [ ] eaten at the space needle in seattle
    [ ] been on the eiffel tower in paris
    [x] been on the statue of liberty in NY
    [x] been on the honor roll for 2+ years
    [ ] went on a trip for sweet sixteen birthday
    [ ] lives on a private property
    [ ] license
    [] moved 3+ times
    [x ]sports car
    [ ] hot tub
    [x] pet(s)
    [x ] ranch
    [x] at&t
    [] verizon
    [ ] cingular
    [] virgin mobile / other
    [] been to 5+ states in the US
    . [x] dont have a job
    7 Total
    . [ ] 100+ buddies on messenger
    [x] alarm clock
    [x] home-cooked meal almost everyday
    [] eat-out almost everyday
    [x] been in a limo
    [] own camcorder
    [x] own laptop
    [] own desktop
    4 Total.
    38 Overall Total You spoiled?
    [] yes [x] h*ll to the no. ( i dont consider myself spoiled..

  4. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    December 7, 2011 1:26pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  5. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 29, 2011 3:53pm UTC
    Scariest words?
    We need to talk, </3

  6. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 29, 2011 3:38pm UTC
    im on here
    for friends
    Not Faves.♥
    format ThatsSoMeee ♥

  7. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2011 12:15pm UTC
    i am thankful for:
    my amazing friends , my aweson family & my perfect boyfriend,♥
    comment what you are thankful for:

  8. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2011 6:56pm UTC
    i have a guy to be thankful for on thanksgiving.
    i love you baby;*

  9. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 19, 2011 10:46am UTC
    So my prists house number?

  10. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 18, 2011 7:06pm UTC
    ive always wanted a top quote ..
    anyone else?

  11. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 18, 2011 7:03pm UTC
    i remember that day, walking down the road , walking down the road towards his house.. we were all just chilling but mostly chilling cause i wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with me... that day was our 3 month. proballly his longest relationship. my bestfriend leaned towards him and asked what his favorite song was . his responce? "Beautiful by eminem." Then he look at me with a smile . i couldnt not smile. that was OUR song , the song he said decribed me , and my look. i just needed to write this , thanks if you read...

  12. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 9, 2011 4:24pm UTC
    i want to write a story,
    any ideas? ♥

  13. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2011 4:27pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  14. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2011 7:47am UTC
    i cant even listen to that song without crying over him, < / 3

  15. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 2, 2011 7:21pm UTC
    Happy Ever Afer
    I guess you can say i believe too much in fairy tales and all that crap. Everyone says im so luck. But first i shal introduce myself. I am Cassie Cruz. Everyone either calls me Cas. or Cruz. Never, ever my full name. I guess you may say its weird, but thats how we roll. By we, i mean me and my friends. I am a freshy (Freshmen) in highschool. Which makes me what, 15? yes. My biggest fear? losing my friends. I am over the top popular. I live with my mother and thats it. Which means we have a pretty good relationship. She was pregant at 16 and went throguh alot to get to where she is right now. Never dropped out of highschool or college. Everyone wants my mom to be their mom. My moms job? Fashion designer & a model.

  16. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    November 2, 2011 10:06am UTC
    Jecca Appriciation Day,♥
    ilove youuu jecca,♥

  17. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2011 7:22pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  18. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    October 13, 2011 4:55pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  19. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    October 12, 2011 3:59pm UTC
    Two night's ago my mom woke me up at 2:30a.m screaming at me. She had taken my phone away the day before & i knew she read all my texts. She told me i had explaing to do. She was asking about me drinking , & when a guy forced me to kiss him & all things like that. I have never seen her more upset with me. I knew i did bad. Now she dosnt trust me with anything , im not allowed to have friends over or go to football games or anything its all because of this one boy . My mom wants to call the cops & everything but i wont let her. i lost my phone , laptop & ipod till i show my mom that im responsable , im only on my laptop right now to do homework. I realised that if i just ran to get my mom i wouldnt be in the trouble , or if i deleted the freaking texts. I regret everything & if i could have gone back to the day that the boy forced himself on me , i would have just left. im not doing for faves but im showing people how much trouble i got in & i want people to make the right choice.
    thanks if you read all this ,

  20. xxxiLoveHimxxx xxxiLoveHimxxx
    posted a quote
    October 11, 2011 6:28pm UTC
    like If you live on LongIsland ;
    comment what town:)


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