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Hey read my stories, I'll appreciate it, beautiful <3 Thanks.
  1. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2013 7:44am UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Chapter 5
    Regina's P.O.V
    I laughed at Leah, giggling hysterically at her anxiety.
    "Oh, don't worry Leah," I purred, chucking lightly to myself, "I've got it all under cover."
    Problem was - I really didn't have anything undercover.
    But if Leah believed me, then it'd all be fine, and I wouldn't have to stress.
    "Really," Leah said, not showing any emotion on her face.
    But I could read her face like a book, perfectly.
    She was just worried, that's all, right Regina?
    She's not going to shoot me in the face, right Regina?
    "Come on Regina," Leah urged. Her tone was calm, but she really was angry.
    "What are you going to do with her?"
    I laughed confidently, but inside I was a nervous wreck.
    "Me? What did I do? Crystal would be fine. I heard she's a strong and independent girl. I heard Emma Ston-"
    Leah raised an eyebrow unconfidently, crossing her arms, while pacing the room back and forth.
    "Why did you bring Emma Stone into this little talk? Are you really faking confidence at this moment?"
    Ava's P.O.V
    School again?
    I scrunched up my face unattractively in disgust.
    When I got there, I saw Regina in a new building.
    It was meant for girls only.
    It's basically a salon and they have a spa where they do you hair, makeup and give you manicures and stuff.
    I hate that place, only the populars go there.
    I walked inside the building, spying on Regina.
    "Oh yes! I'm captain in Science Club now! Yes, certainly! Definitely! Aw, babe, WHAT?! I can't believe you said that to me? Just defending your little friend Crystal...? You know what, faking confidence is the key. That's how you become popular. Why I change the subject you ask? I thought you wanted to listen to it...? No? Oh, okay, well OMG! There's that Ava girl I hate. How dare you defend her! She's a b.tch! Oh, yeah, about Science. I've created a few spells, mixtures and potions to put in the recipe book for 'Happily Ever After'. That recipe book is SUPER important to me. Basically, I just love to make potions and spells. I wish one day I had a fantasy, enchanted kingdom full of evil, gloom and darkness. That'll be the day when I rule the world. You think I'm not going to rule the world? Well get a spell of this! I'm going to use my communication banishment powers. Evil is where I go. And like I said, faking confidence is the key. Bye Julian! If you need any help with things, just ask!"
    That's basically what I heard Regina say.
    And she was talking to... JULIAN?
    I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a long time! I took a break. well I hope you guys are still interested. 2 big things revealed, wow! xoxo

  2. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2013 9:51pm UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Chapter 4
    Leah's P.O.V
    "What do I f/cking do?" I screamed at Julian. "My best friend is going to die!"
    Julian shrugged. "You can't do anything, really."
    "Are you freaking serious? Do I defeat this queen or what?"
    "Don't ask me, I've got nothing to do with it."
    "You're her best friend!"
    "You are too. I'll leave it up to you." he walked out.
    What did I do?
    Ava's P.O.V
    "Ava, you're going to school!" Crystal shouted.
    "No," I whispered to myself.
    This was the moment I had been dreading.
    This was going to be the worst moment of my whole entire life.
    The worst.
    This was the moment when I had to face school, and the kids who bullied me.
    Of course, I can't tell Crystal about that, never.
    I walked outside, the cold breeze carrying me through the wind.
    I reluctantly walked to school.
    It was a ten minute walk. Urgh, how I hated school.
    As I stared up at it, I caught her eye.
    That girl was mean to me.
    An older, senior girl.
    Her name was Regina.
    She was like that evil queen in those fairytales that little girls read.
    Little girls like me.
    Regina is an A class student in Science, especially chemistry.
    She's a fashion queen.
    She comes from America.
    She's part of the Science club.
    She's part of the cheerleading team.
    She's perfect.
    Everyone adores her.
    She's the most popular girl in the school.
    That's her.
    And that evil glint in her eyes and that wicked smile she deliberately puts on makes her seem a little suspicious...
    I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a long time! I won't upload 'Pretend It's Ok' on DontLetThemGetToYou right now. Sorry! x

  3. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2013 2:07am UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Chapter 3
    Crystal's P.O.V
    "You're what?" I screamed in to the phone.
    "Pregnant," she repeated.
    "Sienna, you can't be! I remember when you were only four years old!" I shrieked.
    Sienna is four years older than me.
    I'm apparently fourteen, which means she is eighteen, which is sort of early for her to get pregnant.
    She's not even married yet!
    "What did you boyfriend react to this?" I asked.
    There was a long pause, until Sienna said something, her voice trembling.
    "My boyfriend got so angry with me, he moved out. Come to my house and we'll discuss everything."
    "Sienna, just tell me everything," I pleaded.
    "Chrysa, you just don't know. I don't think Daniel's the father."
    Chrysa is my nickname, and Daniel is the name of Sienna's boyfriend.
    "What? Who?" I screamed.
    Sienna looked at me and sighed. "I think it's Leah's brother."
    I walked into Julian's house.
    His family was rich, so of course the house was amazing.
    They even had a room with crimson painted walls, with a wide screen TV at the front. There are four massaging chairs you can lay back in, and Julian said it was like their own little gold class.
    We shut the door, walking into the gold class room.
    When we got in, Julian started to burst out laughing.
    "What's so funny?" I asked.
    Curiosity always wins over everything.
    "Don't worry, Crystal, I'm not a wizard. Did you like my little joke?"
    I rolled my eyes. "Maybe...not. But this isn't the moment to laugh, because Sienna got pregnant with Leah's brother, and I'm exiting this world in 99 days. I'll miss you so much."
    Julian hugged me, and finally said, "Look, 99 days is a long time. Leah is just a b/tch right? I'll help you defeat the queen. Let's just watch a movie," he said, pointing to the TV.
    bye bye.

  4. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    February 19, 2013 1:08am UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Chapter 2
    Crystal's P.O.V
    "Hi Leah," I said, slinging my bag over my shoulder.
    She shrugged, looking away from me.
    "Is there anything wrong?" I asked softly.
    There was silence, until Leah spoke up.
    "I'm so sorry I got you into all this trouble!" she cried. "It's all my fault. This is just too dangerous for you. I can't be your best friend anymore. I broke all my promises. I can't tell you... this, is a secret, although best friends are supposed to know each others secrets."
    I held up my hand for a moment. "What are you talking about?"
    She sighed, looking down at the floor. "Okay, I'll explain... you know I'm a wolf, but.. I'm not good like you, Crystal. I'm the opposite of good. I'm bad, as in evil. I work with the evil queen. And that queen is trying to destroy all the good creatures in this land! She started off with you. She made me cast a spell on you. I had no choice, Crystal. Otherwise she would kill me! As in, stab my heart! I knew it was the wrong decision. I already regret it. Look, I'm sorry I broke our friendship. I just thought I needed to experience life a little longer. But I didn't mean for you to die soon! You've got 100 days left to defeat the evil queen. I'm bad, but I'll be on your side. Don't worry. I'll give you all my powers for 100 days, starting from tomorrow. Then, you can cast spells and do that stuff. One last time, I'm sorry. I guess I should just walk away, and... well, unfriend you. We'll meet again tomorrow. Plus, you still have Julian. I don't care what you think anymore. She didn't give me a choice."
    And with that, she ran off.
    I didn't know what to say.
    I was going to get killed in 100 days?
    Why couldn't Leah tell me before?
    This was the worst piece of news I had ever received in my whole entire life.
    "Hey Ava!" I smiled as I closed the door behind me.
    "Crystal!" she giggled.
    I couldn't leave this girl, ever.
    She was like a little sister to me.
    I couldn't tell her.
    No, I just couldn't.
    "Okay, Ava, I really got to go to a friends house right now, you be good, alright?"
    Ava nodded gleefully, her eyes shining.
    I walked out, grabbing my phone.
    I punched in Sienna's phone number, waiting for her to pick up.
    Luckily, she picked up on the first ring.
    "Crystal, what do you want?" she sounded nervous.
    I explained to her about the situation with Leah, and then Sienna said she had terrible news as well.
    "What is it, Sienna?" I asked, worried.
    Sienna sighed through the phone. "You probably don't want to hear this, but I'm...pregnant.
    Such a juicy chapter, loll.
    Okay, so that was sort of a twist there, when Sienna said she was pregnant.
    And that bit about Crystal...
    ok I admit this story is based on one TV show, one story on Wattpad, and a book that has a movie coming out as well...
    So if you fave the most recent chapter, I'll notify you.
    That's because I'm cool like that (:
    Anyways, yeah. That's all.
    Bye bye!
    (Sorry updating can be slow. Really busy these days!)

  5. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    February 14, 2013 2:42am UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Chapter 1
    Crystal's P.O.V
    "Why didn't you bother telling me?" I whispered.
    "It was a secret. Leah didn't...trust...you?" Julian winced, biting his lip.
    "Howcome?" I asked.
    "Ava, sweetie, I'm going to school now! I'm going to get Sienna to take care of you!" I waved goodbye.
    Sienna was my sister - she lives with her boyfriend.
    I caught up to Leah at school.
    "Hey," I said in a low voice. "What's up?"
    Leah squirmed, avoiding eye contact.
    Leah has luscious, chocolate brown hair and hazel coloured eyes - you wouldn't expect her to be half-werewolf.
    "Hi," she finally answered, not looking up. "Did Julian tell you...?"
    "Yes he did," I said softly, running my fingers through my hair.
    "Well, did he tell you about the bit-"
    The bell rang, interuppting the both of us and our little conversation.
    "Sorry, gotta go," I said, racing to class.
    "Ava?" I called as I set my bag down on the floor.
    Ava was hanging with Sienna, as I smiled at her.
    "Hey, sis, thanks for coming and babysitting Ava!"
    Sienna rolled her eyes, took out her phone and said, "no problem, little one."
    Yeah, so apparently this chapter is short, but I promise I'll make the next chapter longer! I had nothing to write here, and I don't want the juicy details to come in too fast.

  6. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2013 8:56pm UTC
    ♥Magic In My Eyes♥
    Crystal's P.O.V
    My name is Crystal.
    I come from England, and that's why I have a thick, British accent.
    I have a deep dark secret that only my family knows.
    I'm a good witch.
    No one believes in fairytales and beautiful creatures, like fairies or unicorns; now you should.
    Now I'm going to tell you a story.
    A story where a little girl named Ava found out about me.
    I was in the middle of using my powers; then a girl, she looked about sevenish, walked by, and asked me what I was doing.
    "Promise you won't tell anyone?" I whispered.
    She nodded eagerly, and her eyes widened when I told her I was a witch.
    She was excited; she was still one of those girls that wanted to be a fairytale princess when she was older.
    "Tell me why you're here, in the dark, on the street, alone." I demanded.
    "I-I'm homeless," she wailed.
    I gasped. "I'll help you find a new home," I said softly.
    "Are you good or bad?" she asked in a quiet voice.
    "I'm a good witch," I replied, truthfully. "You can live with me."
    Ava's eyes lit up. They were glowing so bright.
    "Thank you so much! You saved my life!" she hugged me.
    "You're welcome," I smiled.
    I was in the bathroom, with a long blue dress on.
    It had twinkles of silver that went along with it, which went well with my straight, blonde hair.
    I walked out of the bathroom, calling to Ava. "I'm done! You can come in now."
    When she got out, we just sat on two, white couches, as I poured some tea into little expensive glass cups.
    There was a little glass table in front of us, as I put my tea there.
    We got to know each other a lot, and I gave Ava a pair of spare crystal, dangly earrings.
    We had a lot of fun, until the doorbell rang.
    I opened the door, and I smiled.
    "Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked.
    It was my best friend. His name is Julian.
    "Can I talk to you in private?" he asked, eyeing Ava curiously.
    "Sure," I said, signalling to Ava to wait there.
    "You're a good witch, I know it," Julian said.
    "I just haven't told you, I'm a wizard, and Leah is a half-human, half-werewolf."
    so guys, new series! um. uhhh Leah is Crystal's other best friend. hope. u . like .
    i notify

  7. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 25, 2013 2:33am UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Chapter 5
    Angeline's P.O.V
    I was officially now the queen of the 2013 Fun Fair.
    I was proud, and I was now living the PERFECT life.
    Sarah moved out of the way (yeah, b/tch) and I earned my popularity back.
    So I guess this is nearly the end of my first adventure, but I have to talk to you about the Fun Fair.
    It was the best fun ever, so I have to spill it.
    So we went to the Fun Fair, and we played all the games, bought items for ourselves and for our families, and just had an amazing time.
    Sorta like, the best time ever.
    Stay tuned for Book 2, Series 1, Miss Popularity!
    Signed, Miss Popularity.
    .:The End:.
    These books are short, each will go to 5-10 chapters. I want them to be short, they are series, same characters that go on different, crazy adventures. I might be introducing new characters, but they won't be main.
    Comment for a reminder for 'Miss Popularity: Normal Sarah'!
    Teaser: I got kicked out of the newspaper staff and lost my popularity. I guess that's not the end of the world, right?
    I hope you liked this story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  8. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 10, 2013 11:47pm UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Chapter 4
    Sarah's P.O.V
    "Sarah, you're crowned queen of this event! Congratulations." the principal boomed into the microphone.
    We had a general assembly today, and the principal was announcing the queen and king for the annual 2013 fun fair.
    I ran up to the stage, grinning broadly.
    "Rumour has it you're Miss Popularity. Is that true or not? Most popular girl in the school, and everyone loves you and Miss Popularity. So is that it? Are you truly the wondrous, mystical, mysterious Miss Popularity?"
    I plastered a fake smile on my face.
    If I lie, I would become more popular. Sweet! I thought.
    "Of course," I said, nodding my head. "It's been a busy 2012 for me, and now it's 2013. Everything has changed, even my popularity status. I must admit, I'm Miss Popularity. I can't lie, and I guess the secrets are out."
    I sighed fakely.
    I felt a smile creeping onto my lips, so I bit the inside of my cheeks to prevent that from happening.
    I looked out at everyone sitting in their seats.
    I didn't even know who Miss Popularity was.
    Who could it be?
    Angeline's P.O.V
    I had the sudden urge to slap that girl in the face.
    Sarah, stop lying!
    I stormed up angrily up to the front.
    I glared at everyone in the crowd.
    No one even knew I was there, since they were all making goo goo eyes at Sarah.
    I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.
    I grabbed the microphone out of Sarah's hands.
    "ATTENTION!" I shouted as loudly as I could.
    When I got everyone's attention, I kept yelling at them at the top of my lungs.
    The boys looked at me with hesitation, and some ran up onto the stage.
    "She's right," one whispered into the microphone. "Angeline is the beauty of the whole school."
    I spotted Laura coming up to the front stage as well, pushing everyone aside.
    "Guys," she began. "Angeline IS Miss Popularity. I assigned her to it. Sarah was lying. She isn't part of the newspaper staff anymore. So, do any of you think that she's responsible for being the queen of the 2013 Fun Fair? I don't think so. Who's on Angeline's side?"
    .:Series 1:.
    Hope you liked. <3 Give me feedback!
    Comment for a reminder!
    Teaser: I was officially now the queen of the 2013 Fun Fair.
    I hope you like this new story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  9. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2013 1:30am UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Chapter 3
    Angeline's P.O.V
    "Uh, sure," Laura said.
    "Come back tomorrow."
    I nodded happily, munching on my sandwich that I didn't get to eat.
    "I will."
    Today was the first day for Miss Popularity.
    There was only one letter in the letterbox, but I was glad that there was at least one.
    I folded it open and read what it said:
    "To Miss Popularity,
    Do you know what the cafeteria's meat loaf is made out of?
    - Just Curious"
    I knew someone would send me something like that!
    I decided to reply straight away.
    "To Just Curious,
    Judging by my name, I'm not Miss Know It All, but here goes...it took me a long time to figure out the answer, but I'm sorry. No one knows this, so maybe you should ask the cafeteria monitor. I'm not a scientist.
    Your friend, Miss Popularity."
    Things were going great for me, I printed it in the newspaper and everybody was reading the column.
    .:Series 1:.
    Hope you liked!
    Comment for a reminder!
    Teaser: Today was the first day for Miss Popularity.
    I hope you like this new story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  10. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2013 7:56pm UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Chapter 2
    Angeline's P.O.V
    I was still curious about why Laura asked me to meet her at the newspaper room, but I decided to take my sandwich over to the newspaper room so I could find out more quicker.
    "Angeline! You made it!"
    I was greeted in by a whoosh of cold air.
    "Hi, Laura," I smiled kindly. "What did you want me to do?"
    "You can be part of the advice column."
    "But I didn't-"
    "No time to protest," she continued. "Follow me."
    She walked down the hallways, with me trailing behind.
    The corridoors were unusually quiet and empty.
    "Over here," Laura whispered.
    "This is a letterbox. There are many of them in the halls, and they all lead to the newspaper room. If you put a letter in here, it'll be sent to the newspaper room, for the advice columnist to check and answer the questions and print them in the newspaper. It'll be good if people didn't recognise you. Like...an anonymous name. What's your choice?"
    "Give me time to think," I said casually.
    "Okay," Laura said, nodding her head. "I'll just check on the others while you think of a name."
    I sat there, at a brown, wooden desk, just thinking.
    I needed a name that spelled perfection.
    Miss Perfect? No, that sounded sort of...strange.
    Miss Blondey? That sounds lame.
    Miss Know It All? Sounds good, but I don't know much.
    Then I had an idea.
    If Sarah was going to be Miss Popularity, I was going to stop that.
    I walked around the newspaper room, trying to find Laura.
    It was dead quiet, so I decided not to call out her name.
    Eventually, I found her with the sports reporter.
    "Laura, I've come up with a name," I whispered.
    "Great! I'll be over there in a sec. You go."
    I walked back to the brown desk, and Laura came after a minute.
    "So, what do you have on your mind?" she asked politely.
    "Well, I was thinking..." I trailed off.
    "Can I be Miss Popularity?"
    .:Series 1:.
    Hope you liked!
    Comment for a reminder!
    Teaser: Today was the first day for Miss Popularity.
    I hope you like this new story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  11. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 4, 2013 11:31pm UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Chapter 1
    Angeline's P.O.V
    We all walked towards the auditorium, sitting on the red, plush chairs that were stapled onto the floor.
    I was barely paying attention to anything, but then...
    "And the official writer of the Fashion and Beauty section is..." the principal called.
    I held my breath.
    Please be me, please be me!
    "Sarah Louise Walker. Congratulations!"
    My heart sank.
    Sarah walked up to the front proudly.
    She used to have long hair, but now she chopped it all off.
    It's a pale blonde, and everyone loves her hair now.
    "Well done, Sarah. You won by one vote. Angeline, congratulations."
    I stared at the principal with widened eyes.
    I lost by one vote?
    That was so unfair!
    Sarah gave her speech and everyone cheered and congratulated her.
    Um, hello, am I even getting any attention?
    Why is she taking over me?
    "Hello?" I said annoyingly.
    "Am I invisible?"
    Of course, everyone ignored me, gushing all over Sarah.
    Then Laura, a warm-hearted girl who is part of the newspaper brushed past me.
    "I'm sorry! Wait...are you Angeline?"
    I nodded eagerly, not knowing what to expect.
    "Congratulations! It was pretty close. Come to the newspaper room at lunchtime, okay?"
    I was going to ask why since I didn't get selected for anything, but she already dashed off.
    .:Series 1:.
    Hope you liked!
    Comment for a reminder!
    Teaser: I had an idea. If Sarah was going to be Miss Popularity, I was going to stop that.
    I hope you like this new story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  12. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 11:07pm UTC
    .: Miss Popularity :.
    Angeline's P.O.V
    Angeline is my name.
    Thin, blonde, hair and blue eyes.
    That's me.
    When I found out that there was a free spot in the school newspaper, the fashion and beauty, I was over the moon.
    There was a form in the hallways, and I beat everyone to it.
    I was the first one to write my name in cursive writing, 'Angeline Rivers'.
    The other spots free were 'Artist', 'Sports Reporter', and 'Advice Column'.
    I had obviously chosen 'Fashion and Beauty section', I know absolutely everything about that stuff.
    We were going to have a vote, and whoever got the highest number of votes got the part they wanted in the newspaper.
    I had been handing out lollipops and chocolate so people would vote for me, and had been hanging out fancy posters in the hallways.
    Everyone appreciated the candy I had given them, but we were going to have a general assembly and the people who applied all had to come up with a speech.
    I'm a true fashionista, but I'm NOT a writer who takes notes and comes up with something to say!
    I barely pay attention in class, and I've had three detentions already.
    Then, I had an idea.
    Everyone was obsessed with the hottest celebs at my school, so I quickly cut out some cue cards and began writing.
    From the hottest celebs to unusual hairstyles, I will print all their magical beauty tips off!
    "There," I said to myself aloud. "My ten second speech is finally written."
    .:Series 1:.
    Hope you liked!
    Comment for a reminder!
    Teaser: "And the official writer of the Fashion and Beauty section is..." the principal called. I held my breath. Please be me, please be me!
    I hope you like this new story, Series 1, Book 1, Miss Popularity!

  13. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    December 2, 2012 4:11am UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 5
    Samantha's P.O.V
    "Nothing." Michael said.
    "We were just talking about how I hate Jade, and all the fights we've gotton in and yeah..."
    A smirk formed across Alice's lips.
    "Hey Mike, I'm just going to tell Jade that."
    I stood up.
    "She's not here." I said loudly.
    "Oh really?" she smiled evilly.
    "I bet you a million bucks she's out there."
    One she was heading towards the door, I called Jade with my phone.
    She picked it up the first time it rang.
    "Jade! Run! Tell Leigh to follow you! Um, run to Pezz and Jesminda's house! Alice is coming out!" she said, panicking.
    "Bye!" she hung up.
    She peeked through the curtains, and sure enough, Jade and Leigh were running away.
    Plus, Alice didn't even reach the door.
    "I'll go to the toilet first." she mumbled.
    "Well I'm going." I muttered.
    "Bye Michael!"
    I ran out, quickly, to Pezz and Jesminda's house.
    Obviously, Alice wouldn't know that we'd be here.
    So, we were. Safe.
    And now I finally got the chance to tell Jade, Leigh, Pezz and Jesminda what happened.
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...

  14. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    December 1, 2012 2:58am UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 4
    Samantha's P.O.V
    We left the house.
    "Guys, let's go to Alice's house." I suggested.
    Jade groaned.
    "Ew, no! She hates us. I don't think we should visit her ever again."
    "But we need to find out why she's acting so...unlike her self lately." I pointed out.
    "She's your friend, Samantha! Of course you want to visit her. But me and Leigh aren't her friends. She hates us."
    "No she doesn't! She was probably just in a bad mood." I said.
    "Samantha, you should know something. She's been acting like that...to everyone except for her boyfriend, Lilian and Jessica." Leigh said.
    "Good point." I sighed.
    "But we should still go over. What if she's lost her temper?"
    "Whatever." Jade muttered.
    We walked over, Jade lagging behind.
    "Come on, hurry up." I urged.
    "Fine!" she said, catching up.
    As we knocked on the door of Alice's house, I felt a bit nervous.
    What if she didn't want to be friends with me anymore?
    Before she answered, I told Jade and Leigh to hide so she didn't see them.
    The door finally opened.
    "Hi there!" I smiled.
    "Hey, Samantha, did you bring your best friends this time?" she sneered.
    "Nope!" I exclaimed.
    "Meet my boyfriend, Michael. He's gorgeous." she said through clenched teeth.
    "I know Michael." I said.
    "Then meet my bestie Lilian." she said in a mean voice again.
    "I know her too."
    "Then the amazing Jess!" she smiled coldly.
    "Who's she?" I screeched.
    A bit too loudly.
    "My friend. Are you that dumb?" asked Alice.
    "I want to go inside." I said.
    "Then get the f/ck in!" she yelled, pushing me inside.
    I fell. Yeah, obviously.
    "Hi Michael! Can I talk to you privately?" I asked when I spotted him.
    "Um, okay." he said awkwardly.
    I stood up.
    We walked away, far from where the others were.
    "Do you even like Alice?" I asked.
    "Who do you like then?"
    "I've told you before - Jade!" he yelled.
    Alice came rushing down to where we were.
    "What about Jade?" she shrieked.
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...

  15. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    November 30, 2012 6:18pm UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 3
    Samantha's P.O.V
    "Hi Pezz and Jesminda!" smiled Jade.
    "Hello guys! Great to have you here! Come on in!" exclaimed Pezz excitedly.
    "Leigh, congratulations on winning the competition! You were totes amazing!" said Jesminda.
    "Thanks." replied Leigh.
    "So, why did you come to Hawaii?" asked Pezz, sipping her drink.
    "Well, we came to-" I got cut off by Jade.
    "We came here for a holiday, something different." she said quickly.
    "That's cool. Do you want anything to drink?" Jesminda offered.
    "We've got fruit juice, coke and water."
    I shook my head.
    "Can I have bottled water?" asked Leigh.
    "Yes, Leigh. I'll go get it." said Pezz racing over to the kitchen.
    "Do you want anything Jade?" asked Jesminda.
    "I'll have a cup of water, thanks." she responded.
    "Pezz, get a cup of water for Jade!" Jesminda called.
    Pezz walked back with bottled water and a cup of water.
    The water swished around in Leigh's bottle.
    Luckily it had a lid.
    "Did you come to visit anyone?" questioned Jesminda, raising hre eyebrow.
    "In particular?" added Pezz.
    "Yes..." I said.
    "Alice. You know her right?"
    They both nodded slowly.
    "Samantha, you do not know. You do not know..you do not know!" said Pezz quietly, shaking her
    "What do I not know?" I asked curiously.
    "Alice obviously has changed if you visited her. She's got her new boyfriend, Michael, and her friends, Lilian and Jessica. She has became a bit rude to us lately. I suggest you shouldn't go to her house. She always says that we're bothering her, and she's busy with things." she explained.
    "Why is she acting so rude?" asked Leigh.
    "I'm not sure. I've heard that Lilian wrote that fake postcard to you Samantha. Rumour has it it was all Alice's plan. You should try and find out what's happening. I had no idea how she hooked up with Michael. And I don't know who Jessica is. A new friend, unknown."
    I gasped, while Jade rolled her eyes.
    "Can we stay over at your house tonight?" she mumbled.
    "Sure!" exclaimed Jesminda.
    "Someone can sleep in the spare room, someone else on the couch and someone else in a sleeping bag. On the floor."
    "Is the sleeping bag clean? Let's hope nobody's slept in it before!" said Jade.
    "Don't worry, it's clean." grinned Pezz.
    "Who wants to sleep on the floor tonight?"
    "I will." I said. "It doesn't really matter where I sleep."
    "Okay, what about the couch?"
    Leigh called the couch, so Jade got to sleep in the best spot - the spare room.
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...

  16. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2012 4:26am UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 2
    Jade's P.O.V
    Well, Alice didn't seem very friendly.
    "Samantha, why was Alice acting weird?" I asked.
    "I don't know. We'll just have to find out."
    Well, I want to go back home.
    All this stuff...all this drama...for an unfriendly girl?
    What a drainer.
    I was expecting something way better -
    Something like a friendly girl...a new friend!
    Is it because Alice thinks me and Leigh suck?
    Well, she hasn't got to know us yet.
    So I don't know why she's so mad.
    Fine, Alice can have her own friends.
    I have my own, I don't need her anyway.
    But I was hoping to make new friends along the way!
    I groaned.
    "Guys, I'm never going to go down to Alice's house ever again." I said.
    "Why?" Samantha asked.
    "She can have her own friends. Like her new Jessica!" I knew I sounded a bit mean, but it was true.
    "How about we go visit Pezz and Jesminda, that'll cool you down!" Samantha suggested.
    "That's okay with me!" Leigh exclaimed.
    Leigh led us down to Pezz's house.
    I had to clear my mind right now, I didn't want Pezz and Jesminda to know anything about this.
    I didn't want them to get involved.
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...

  17. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2012 4:15am UTC
    ♥hey everyone!♥
    I might be continuing Aloha Alice...well I've finally come to a
    conclusion! I will be continuing it, but I'm not stopping my story on DontLetThemGetToYou. Please check it out, and remember that my updates will be a little slow, I've got lots of accounts to take care of.
    ^^^^^ (: Thanks Xx

  18. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 4:22am UTC
    ♥hey everyone!♥
    I've decided to start a new story on my new account,
    'DontLetThemGetToYou' . if you want to check it out, please
    do! I might be continuing Aloha Alice, im not too sure

  19. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
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    November 19, 2012 2:50am UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 2
    Jade's P.O.V
    Well, Alice didn't seem very friendly.
    "Samantha, why was Alice acting weird?" I asked.
    "I don't know. We'll just have to find out."
    Well, I want to go back home.
    All this stuff...all this drama...for an unfriendly girl?
    What a drainer.
    finishing later, dinner and tvvvvvv. byeee! xo
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...

  20. xxreadytoflyxx xxreadytoflyxx
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    November 17, 2012 6:51pm UTC
    aloha alice
    Chapter 1
    Samantha's P.O.V
    Jade and Leigh were really happy to visit Hawaii.
    It was Jade's first time, but Leigh has been there to visit Pezz and Jesminda, which are mine and Jade's friends as well.
    As we arrived, Jade was fascinated.
    "Oh my god. I love Hawaii!" she shrieked.
    "It's amazing."
    "Let's visit Alice." I suggested.
    We ran across the streets, and knocked on Alice's door.
    "Hi." she said abruptly.
    Why was she acting so weird?
    "Hi Alice." I replied.
    We walked inside, and I saw 3 people inside her house.
    Lilian.Michael.And a stranger.
    "Who are they?" Alice bellowed.
    "Whatever, Samantha. I have my own friends." she snapped.
    "Come on Lilian, Michael and Jess."
    "I don't think I like Alice anymore...Come on guys! Let's explore this island more."
    But deep down inside, I was just repeating one question over and over in my brain:
    What was up with Alice?
    I had come all the way over to Hawaii to see her, and she just treats me like dirt?
    I'll find out what's happened soon enough...
    Sequel to 'Mahalo Mau Loa Kau A Kau'
    (I'm going to use characters from 'Mistakes' in this story as well now...2 particular characters I really liked! (:)
    Oh & I finished Mistakes without an ending...


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