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thank you to all the people that read my first story ! love you ! :)
hello im amber-rose
this is my story account
i like writing storys its kind of my hobby now and i love to do it i may not be that good but that doesnt stop me

my quote account:xoimjustmexo

just another love story
  1. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2012 7:50am UTC
    Hi everyone i wrote just another love story ages ago i know i havent written in ages but i was wanting to know if any one wanted me to start a new story >? thanks guys :)

  2. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2011 5:00am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 29.
    Millies pov.
    The next week I just sat at home doing nothing, being lazy.
    Cory keeped on ringing me but I would answer and hang up and for Maddie she said nothing at all to me in that week.
    Taylor and I have decided that, i'm not going back to school and he is leaving next week.
    We are old enough to leave school. I haven't told my mum yet but we might just runaway and never come back to this place.
    I have had so many bad things that have happened to me that I don't wanna live around here anymore .But I can say love doesn't always work out the way you want it to.
    I thought I would be in love with Cory for the rest of my life and always be friends with him but once some one hurts you its hard to forgive them, now i'm in love with the boy I never thought i would be and that's just another love story.
    The end.
    writer's note: sorry if it's not the ending you hoped for .. :) but i hope you like it , love the people that actually made time to read it thank you so much !

  3. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    August 10, 2011 5:22am UTC
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  4. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2011 7:11pm UTC
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  5. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2011 5:24am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 26.
    Millies pov.
    It took Taylor and i five minutes to get to the lake it was beautiful and the sun made it sparkle. Taylor was really quiet all the way to the lake and it was kind of awkward but I didn’t mind. We hoped out of the car , walked slowly around the lake and stopped at a log sat down and put our feet in the warm water.
    “Millie do you still love Cory?” Taylor said looking at me.
    “I hate him for what he did, so no not really ... do you still love maddie? I asked looking back in to his eyes.
    “Not really ... I um like this other girl” he said getting real shy.
    “Oh really, you so have to tell me!”I said giggling.
    “I’m not telling you Millie “he said being really serious.
    “Okay fine” I said pretending to be mad.
    “It’s time we went I have to help mum at four “Taylor said walking towards the car.
    We talked all the way home he seemed happy, he smiled every time he looked in my eyes and kept touching my hand on the way home. Did Taylor like me? I guess I would never find out seen everything is fake and were just mates but I felt more than that ,he used to be a dick to me but now he is the sweetest guy.
    Taylor parked up our drive way and opened the car door for me.
    “I had a really good day with you Millie “Taylor said holding my hand.
    “Yeah me to tay” I said with a smile across my face.
    He kissed me on the cheek, got back in his car and drove away I just stood there in to I couldn’t see him anymore. Wow I think I like Taylor, bad idea?

  6. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2011 5:25am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 25.
    Millies pov.
    I woke up the next morning, jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. I was going to make this a good day not about stupid Cory; I got a bowl of just right and sat down to eat. Drew walked in to the room .
    “Hey sister, sorry to hear about well you know what ... “he said pausing.
    “All good bro stuff happens “I said winking back at him.
    Drew wasn’t much older than me, we had always got on and I loved him to bits like a brother of course, after we had talked for a bit longer. I ran back up stairs to get changed , into a flowery boob tube and mini shorts , I applied my usual make up and did my hair in a pretty side ponytail , I thought I looked dam good at 11 I got a text.
    *One new text from Taylor*
    Hey mills ill pick you up in 5 xo.
    There was no point texting back, he would be here soon but really why would he do “xo” he known’s this is just to get back at Maddie and Cory. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the horn beeping, I ran down stairs and jumped in the car and sat next to Taylor.
    “hey Taylor “I said smiling.
    “Hey mills we’ll just going to the mall if that’s okay?” he said looking out at the road.
    “Sure “was all I answered.
    We parked the car and walked in holding hands, his hands were so soft and fitted perfectly in my small hands. We ordered coffee at a cafe and took our seats, we made small talk into we both looked out the window and saw Cory, I pulled Taylor by the shirt towards me across the table and kissed him it was passionate and long but I liked it a lot! , we pulled away. I felt something I wasn’t meant to was I? Well that’s what I thought .
    Taylor looked at me “Millie that was wow” he said whispering.
    Cory was staring at us with his mouth open and I just turned around so I couldn’t see him .
    “hey Millie want to go to the lake? “Taylor said smiling.
    “Sure why not “I said sweetly.
    Taylor’s pov.
    I have liked Millie for a month even when I was with Maddie. Millie is cute, smart and loving . I only acted like a dick months ago so no one would find out , I been waiting for that kiss , I’m glad Maddie cheated . Now I have Millie well I hope she likes me back because I think i'm actually in love for the first time in my life.

  7. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2011 11:44pm UTC
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  8. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2011 7:02am UTC
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  9. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 20, 2011 2:24am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 22.
    Millies pov.
    I woke up the next morning feeling a little sick but I’m sure that’s normal after your first time right?
    I thought to myself.
    I rolled over thinking Cory was there but all that was there was a note .
    : Millie I’m really sorry but I have to have some space, I’ve driven home, I’ll see you soon Cory x.
    My eyes started to well up, how could he do this I did what he wanted, I thought he was ready, I started to cry after a few hours of crying.
    I tidyed up the whole batch got in my bmw and drove home .
    Cory and I weren’t meant to be going home for another two days well that trip was cut short.
    I pulled into the drive way and looked down the street .
    Corys car was in his drive way should I go over there?.
    I got out of my car slowly lilly came running to me .
    “ millie bum why are you home “ she said in a baby voice.
    “ oh we had our fun and wanted to come home babe” I said back sweetly.
    We walked inside I said hello to my parents explained what happened and just walked up stairs to my room to cry.
    I had been crying for an hour when I heard a knock on my door.
    Who could that be?

  10. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2011 10:28pm UTC
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  11. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2011 10:23pm UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 20.
    Millies pov.
    Millie I want to say that I have loved you from when I was a little boy, I love the way you bite you lip when you’re nervous or whenever you smile I get those butterflies ,I hope you remember me when you wake up .
    I could hear a voice then my eyes slowly opening, there beside my bed was Cory.
    “Cory why did you say all that stuff and why am I in hospital? “ I said worried of what happened.
    “ oh god Millie you’re a wake , the doctors told me you might not be able to remember me so I started talking to you hoping you would wake up , you’re here because when we were out riding with everyone, your horse jumped over a big log and you fall off , your head is going to be fine but you probably won’t remember what actually happened and you broke your arm , the doctors were so wrong you remember every one just not what happened am I right.?’ Cory said softly.
    “Yes! I remember every one though so that must be a good sign, when do I get out of here Cory?” I said excited.
    “I’ll go get a doctor and see.” he replied walked out of the room.
    Minutes later Cory came back with a doctor.
    “ hi Millie I’m doctor Lovely , your head and arm will get better , you may pack up your things and go home now but make sure to see a doctor within a month “ she said sweetly and walked out.
    Cory got my things and I slowly walked to his car out front, the car ride home was silent but Cory said everyone was at home waiting.
    I walked in the door every one gave me hugs and said how are you but I went up to my room, I was tired still.
    As I was just about to fall asleep Cory came in, kissed my forehead and left me to sleep.

  12. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 4, 2011 4:52am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 19.
    Corys pov.
    Millie’s mum and dad paid for all of our mates to go horse riding for the day.
    I was behind Millie when we came to a big log , her horse took it the wrong way, freaked out and Millie fall over on her side.
    I yelled out her name but by that time, she had passed out, her arm looked broken in so many places and her head was bleeding.
    I jumped off the horse I was riding Musty, that guy Blake I think his name was, helped me slowly carry Millie out of the bush lucky we were only 20 minutes away from where we started.
    Millie wasn’t heavy and Blake and I didn’t want to hurt her any more then what she was.
    Most of the girls were crying mostly from shock, I wanted to cry in side but I kept it in.
    “I’m calling the ambulance right now!” Alice said running to the office.
    Ten minutes later the ambulance turned up.
    The nurse said Millie had passed out from the fall, got concession, the blood coming out of her head was just a cut, it would be okay, but she might not remember some things and she had a badly broken her arm.
    They took her to the hospital and we all got in my car and Millie’s mum’s.
    The doctors said the same thing as the nurse in the ambulance and I sat by Millie’s bed waiting for her to wake up, they had put a cast on her arm and a bandage on her head.
    Will she remember me? Was all I was thinking sitting there waiting...

  13. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2011 5:07am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 18.
    Millies pov.
    The next morning , I woke up in Cory’s bed alone, I took a quick look around , the walls were a light blue colour , there were 4 double beds in the room for the other boys but I’m pretty sure they slept in my room with the girls last night.
    I slowly walked down the stairs trying not to make noise but when I reached the table everyone was a wake eating dad’s famous blue berry pan cakes.
    “Millie your finally awake we have been waiting for you, it’s 12 in the afternoon honey” my mum said sweetly.
    “Sorry did you want to tell me something mum?” I was worried.
    “We have paid for you all to go horse riding up the bush at 1:30, so could you please get dressed every one! “Mum smiled.
    I grabbed a pan cake and headed up to my room with every one.
    I wore dark, blue skinny jeans and a top that said “dam your boyfriend’s hot I had paid for it at a local shop along the road, when we went out one day I thought it went good with jeans, I put on light make up and yelled to the girls that it was time to go.
    We all got in Cory’s car and we were off.
    We pulled up to ranch valley, it was beautiful the sun was shining as bright as ever ,the hills behind me where huge it was like a wonder land that you saw in your dreams, as I was looking around a girl stood in front of me.
    “Hello I’m Alice and this is Blake we will be the people that take you on your ride today”.
    Alice had really blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, she would have been in her 20’s , while Blake would have been 19, he was pretty hot.
    “Hi I’m Millie “ I said shaking Alice and Blake’s hand.
    “Right Millie, well get your friends to each choose a horse and we will be off “ Alice said with a smile.
    Every one choose their horses mine was called Daze he was light brown with long mane and a white dot on his head, I had dreamed about horse riding all my life but we lived in the city and it was a bit hard to own a horse well now was my time to live my dream.
    We all followed Alice as we rode up and down tracks , jumped over long logs everything was going good in to I jumped over a tree fall off and hurt my arm.. I blacked out after, someone called my name ..

  14. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 11:45pm UTC
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  15. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 10:50pm UTC
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  16. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 10:39pm UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 15.
    Millies pov.
    It was one a clock in the after noon the sun was shining down on me, as I lied on my rainbow coloured beach towel.
    I felt some ones warm hands grab my ankles, hands and lift me up with a big push.
    Cory and Kacey throw me in the ocean it was cold at first but after a while it got warm , the ocean was a lovely, light, tropical colour today.
    I walked to my towel , I could feel the hot sand in between my toes , I was just about at my towel but cory grabed my foot , I fall on top of him and got sand in my mouth.
    " Thanks alot Cory" I said spiting out sand.
    " Any time babe , Hey do you wanna come with me and get drinks for every one at that little shop down that walkway " he said pointing to the trial that lead to the shop.
    "sure" I said laughing.
    Cory lightly grabed my hand and we walked up the sandy trial to the shop
    " hi can i help you " a young blonde girl with dark blue eyes asked.
    " i would like 10 cokes and one milkshake please" Cory said to the young girl
    we payed for the drinks and headed back down the beach , every one was in the water or sun bathing on there towels.
    Cory put the drinks in a cooler and I took a mouthful of my milkshake .
    The rest of day we just laxed out at the beach , playing in the waves having the time of our lives.

  17. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 1:17am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 14.
    Millies pov.
    By six a clock every one was in there cars and off to the batch.
    Drew and his mates were in his car.
    mum ,dad and lilly in dad's jeep.
    the girls and i in my car.
    girls and i had the music loud.
    we pulled up to the batch at about 8.
    all us girls jaws droped and looked out the windows.
    To see a a huge white house with a pool out back and a spa the house was right in front of the ocean.
    we all walked in side.
    To the right side was the lounge and to the left was the kitchen then up stairs there was 4 rooms
    me and the girls were in one room the walls were a light green , with 4 double beds and a bathroom
    the guys got the same but there room was light blue
    drew and his mates got a room
    and a lounge room with a massive tv and 4 couchs
    then there was 2 bed rooms down stairs for lilly , mum and dad
    we all unpacked our clothes and went down stairs ate dinner and we all were really tierd so we went bed .
    bella , ella and maddie were all a sleep in there beds
    i heard the door open and cory whisper you awake mills
    " yeah i am " i was closest to the door.
    cory snecked in to my bed and wraped his arms around me with that i fall a sleep.

  18. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 1:01am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 13.
    Millies pov.
    The rest of the week went by really fast.
    It was finally friday the last day of school then it was summer .
    I decided to walk to school with maddie as it was nice out.
    "hey maddie have you packed were leaving to night for the batch, your coming in my car " i said grinny
    " yeah i packed lots of clothes man " maddie said laughing
    we got to school and walked in to class
    i told bella and ella that they would be coming in my car with maddie
    kacey, luke , taylor are going in corys car
    we chated about what we wanted to do for the summer and the rest of day went by pretty fast
    * bung* the school bell rang and me and maddie ran out of school all the way to our houses seen maddie lives was a cross the road
    i waved good bye and ran up stairs to finish packing. .

  19. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2011 5:17am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 12.
    Millies pov.
    i woke up tuesday morning to my ph going off with the song i love you like a love song
    * One New SMS *
    hey millie wake up im picking you up in a hour :) x -Cory
    It was already seven.
    I jumped out of bed had a shower , did light make up , let my hair stay natural, i had decided on mini shorts and a light blue singlet seen it would probably just be a hot day any way.. i ran down stairs ate a bit of toast and jumped in corys car
    " hey cory " i said blushing
    " hey mills you wanna come to my soccer practice after school ? " cory said with a small smile
    " yeah i would love to thanks" i said puting my hand on his knee
    we parked and walked in to school holding hands.
    " millie could you help me in english today " maddie asked
    "yeah sure" just what i loved doing * sigh
    "millie i got to go to class ill see you later" corry said kissing my cheek
    bye i said in a whisper
    i walked to class with maddie and the rest of school was just well school you could say
    I was walking out to corys car as i opened the door some one put there hands around my waist
    " WHAT THE F*CK ! " i yelled
    " whoa clam down beautiful its just me " cory whispered in to my ear
    we got in corys car and drove to the foot ball feild were they did there training
    it was quiet all the way there .
    i watched as cory made his 5th score , he turned around and gave me a cheesey smile
    " your a bit cocky mr " i said poking out my toungue
    " get real well some times " corry said grining
    cory droped me off about six man it was a long day so i had tea and went to bed

  20. xxilymarkxx xxilymarkxx
    posted a quote
    June 11, 2011 1:33am UTC
    Just Another Love Story
    Chapter 11.
    Millies pov.
    Oh my god i actually told cory i like him ! .
    And he said he has liked me for years.
    Why didnt i ever notice ..
    We kissed and i could feel the fire works everyone talks about i had never got them with any one else .
    And i have to say it was the best kiss yet.
    But then he asked me out .. i had to say yes it was just so cute .
    i stayed at corys another hour .
    Then walked home .. To see my parents siting at the table waiting for me .
    "Hey sweetie we have some good news " mum said smiling.
    " And what would that be mum ? " i said pulling a i dont really no whats going to happen look.
    " we buyed a batch in the weekend when we were in whangamata its 5 bedrooms , 4 bathrooms and a pool out back with a spa but it looks out to the sea so you can just walk there .. and me and dad thought you could bring all your friends but drews will be coming to . and we are leaving friday " she said with a smile.
    "Oh my god , Thank you so much ! " i said hugging and kissing them.
    I ran up stairs called all the girls and guys and told them all the news they all said they would come .
    Man this was going to be the best summer yet !
    I had forgotten about the whole Joel thing he said sorry in the hall today but i wont be talking to him any time soon but im not scared of him so thats a good thing.


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