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Status: you make the rain fall because your so beautiful that its painful and you told me that your a angel but i already know what you came for .

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Birthday: July 17

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I like long walks to the fridge.well it feels like a long walk specially from the couch😭but I'm not your type.food is my type.not you.unless you wanna make something awesome with food😍💯 i get the chubbyness from food obviously, food is bae. food is betraying me with chubbs tho🍕 still love you food but shit come on >.< i am now working out and on a diet for my food addiction😎👍

Top fav quotes

"Act like a lady , think like a boss." 
"Girls are like country roads, the best ones have curves"

"99% all it takes is food and good hug to make me feel better." 

My life is made of snacks and naps on loop, y'all!

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