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You guys are the best ever, you guys
have made my day. Thanks 1,000,000x iloveyouguyss<3. Thanks for taking the time to read my quotes, for favoring, for commenting, & for everything. I appreciate it so much.
I'm Leaving Witty<//3 ): This website was like my life & a big part of me. I will never forget it or any single one of you who I've talked to. I'VE DELETED ALL MY QUOTES. I've had some quotes with faves 100, & some over 60, and many over 30's or 20's nd some 10's or 5's or 3's. I've even had one OVER 300[:
It kills me to know that people actually liked my quotes, which I expressed myself in &Now, they're gone. I'm so sorry. Maybe, I regret it now. Maybe, later, I'll understand, & so will you.
I love Witty. I always have. This is my 3rd account. On this account, I've had 40 amazing followers. Sorry, you can stop following me since I have no quotes; if you want. But, I am just happy that when I did have quotes, people liked them[: I had a little over 200quotes on this account..If you add that with my quotes from my 2 other accounts, it would have probably been up to 400 ? & It's sad to see them all go just like that in one day); ENOUGH ABOUT ME. You're guys' quotes are also fricken amazing like way better than mine. Idon't think mine were that good, people told me they were. I disagreed. I love your guys' funny quotes. & all different quotes that would put a smile on my face(: I'll miss that. I love my bestiee, Julianna who told me about this website. My god, bless her<3. Her account is love827. Check her quotes out. Please, for mee. Also, Ilove my other besties
from school on here.<33 BYE, WITTY. I WILL MISS YOU. IT'S MY TIME TO LEAVE. PEACE<3
Hi, Witty-errs[: ; I'm leaving Witty. I wanted to say goodbye to all the friends I've made on here. I'm gonna miss talking to you guys a lot. THANK YOU COMMENTERS//
All of you guys^^ are the bombss like tickk tickk[; ahha. Some very special people who I talked to were 
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