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My name is Cheyanne. I'm of the age of 16, i live in New York. I have a boyfriend; who i love dearly. I'm short; five foot four to be exact. I have black and gingery hair. My eyes are blue, green and gray. I'm bisexual, and i have only 2 best friends who i trust with my life. My mother is my hero; she is fighting cancer currently for the second time, she shouldn't be alive but she is. She's a fighter and she makes me feel like theres hope. I have the most important. I'm athiest, i don't believe in that religidepression. I'm utterly obsessed with Pokemon; mainly Pikachu.<3 I believe everyone is beautiful, no matter what. Inside beauty is on crap anymore. Don't try and change my mind either. I can be a real sweet heart if you get on my good side, LedaMonsterBunny is my idol; she's amazingly beautiful. I'm here for me, not you. I don't usualy like making friends, so if i do make friends with you, feel lucky. I've done alot of bad things lately, but oh well. I had to grow up to fast, so excuse me if i'm not the happiest person you talk to. But i do think most girls on witty are strong and beautiful. You all make me believe in things and have hope as well.
I love you all.♥

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 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
and than theres him;

Henry Alfredo Melendez.
I could say all the things i feel for him, but it would take pages and pages.♥ I guess i could sum it up alittle, Henry, is amazing in every way possible. He's funny, silly, cute, kind, smart, supporting, easy to get along with, and so much more. He's the one, and i dont care if you believe me or not. I've been dating him on and off for the past 4 years and i love him with every bit if my heart. He makes me feel so happy even if hes a thousand miles away. His smile, makes my heart skip a beat and his voice is like a drug to me. I love his laugh it just makes me smile, i love everything about him. He makes me feel so good about myself and i dont want to ever let him go, i love him so much its hard to believe. 
But i do.

  1. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 16, 2012 2:08pm UTC
    Kayla, Hold your crusor over this. ;D

  2. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2011 7:39pm UTC
    I guess I should tell you how much you mean to me.
    The whole fricken world.

  3. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2011 7:47pm UTC
    I was worried about going to see my boyfriend the other night,
    1. because we broke up that day.
    2. because he wanted to see me and cuddle, i felt mixed signals.
    3. because he's currently living with my ex best friend, who at the time i was still friends with.
    So we were talking, and he begged me to come over, i said i would but i was worried about seeing her. Why you ask? Well, she's obsessed with him. We've both liked him sense he moved here, she told me i wouldn't stand a chance sense he denied her, but to go for it anyway, i'd just have my heart broken from being denied as well, Then me and him got together and she got jealous, horribly jealous. In the middle of our conversation about how i was scared she'd be mad, he said this..
    "Don't. If anything, lets make our own story together."
    That was before we even got back together later that night,
    he gave me hope.

  4. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2011 11:26pm UTC
    Over the weekend i went camping with some friends and my new boyfriend.The night before we left, a storm hit our camp grounds.It was right on top of us.I've never been afraid of a thunder storm before, but i was shaking this time.I had never experienced a tornado before, but my boyfriend had.He jumped up looked out the window and said there was one right outside our tent.We couldnt run out, we had to sit in there.He sat down next to me, rapped his blanket around me, and pulled me in so very close to him, whispered in my ear it was okay he was there, and covered my ears so i couldnt hear the storm. He was protecting me when i was crying. And if we had died, i would have died in his arms. I know that's fast and all, him being my new boyfriend and this happening the day after we got together. But, if he was willing to protect me and care more about me being upset then getting out of there, i'd gladly die with someone like that.♥

  5. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2011 11:09pm UTC
    So a couple day's ago my boyfriend dropped out of school.
    Not because he's lazy
    or hates it.
    Not because he doesn't want to be there.
    But because he got kicked out of his house for no reason.
    He needs to get a full time job,
    so he can find a place to stay.
    So he can pay rent, and feed himself.
    People call him irresponsible,
    well i think that's pretty damn responsible if i do say so myself.

  6. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2011 3:37pm UTC
    I still love you.

  7. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2011 3:33pm UTC
    Once upon a time there was a girl, This girl was heart broken because of a boy. The boy, was her first love, they were together for a whole year. She fell in love, true love. He played her like a tool, even though he loved her too. He lied, he cheated. He blamed, he fought. She cried, every night. Eventually it they ended, she never stopped loving him. She had to see him everyday, unfortunately it made it harder to get over him. A year later, she knew the date. The date they got together, It bummed her down. Other's knew, his best friend too. He found out, remembered the day. He started to think, maybe what would be. His best friend, convinced him to change, he started to. He showed her cared to her once again, but she doesn't know what to do.
    Should she run back to him?
    Or should she stay away?

  8. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 13, 2011 10:42pm UTC
    We were talking on Facebook;
    and he went through and liked about 250 of my pictures in 10 minutes. Then 50 of my statuses in 5 minutes. I had told him, after i went and looked through my old pictures that i didnt like them, they were gross. He started saying something but then said "never mind :)" later on that night, way after i forgot about it. He said he was going to sleep, and then he said he wanted to tell me what he was going to say earlier..
    "You are pretty, dont let anyone tell you different, goodnight hehehe."

  9. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 9, 2011 11:51am UTC
    Like a good neighbor,
    state farm is there.
    -with my soul mate.

  10. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 6, 2011 1:46pm UTC
    I've fallen in love honestly,
    So I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve,
    In the hope that these notes and the words that I
    sing make you see
    You mean more than the world does to me.

  11. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 6, 2011 1:25pm UTC
    Dear Witty,
    i know it say's 1500 pages,
    but i found out the truth,
    the quotes stop at page 150,
    and we all know,
    that isn't fair to everyone.

  12. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    February 1, 2011 11:40pm UTC
    Wanna know what i'm getting sick of seeing?
    The same format about twenty times every two pages of quotes.

  13. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 9:37pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  14. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 7:51pm UTC
    i found out yesterday,
    the guy who I'm completely in love with..
    has a heart problem.
    it took me 2 hours to get him to tell me that,
    he finally told me because he knew i wouldn't give up on trying to find out why he has to take medicine.
    and he also didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to make me worry about him more than i already do.
    he doesn't like it when i worry, he doesn't like to see me stressed and upset.
    and after words he tried to be happy and make me smile.
    &+ that's why i love him, no matter what the bad news is, he always looks to the positive side of things.

  15. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 25, 2011 9:20pm UTC
    and my best friend...
    she's so lucky. she has a love like..
    Miley and Travis off the Hannah Montana movie.
    oh.. and her boyfriend even looks like Travis too.
    freaky much?
    i love you kaitlin♥

  16. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2011 7:44pm UTC
    Were in the middle of French Class.
    >>***and all of a sudden.***>>
    This kid in my school, named Tim
    breaks open the door
    and guess what he's wearing?
    that's right.
    a sumo suit!!!! .
    guess what made my day?(:
    True storyyy.♥

  17. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2011 3:28pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  18. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 3, 2011 6:32pm UTC
    i was watching the news when,
    new born twins were born.
    what's so special about that you ask?
    well one of them was born on 12/31/10 at 11:59.
    the other twin?
    1/1/11 -stroke of midnight.
    now that's magical.

  19. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2011 2:31pm UTC
    After making cupcakes.
    you sit there and lick out the bowl&+spoon.

  20. xxCrAzy3m0xx xxCrAzy3m0xx
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2011 12:40am UTC
    My new years resolution;
    make you mine;


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