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I don't come on this account any more, but I'll leave the stories up in case anyone wants to read them.
If you want too, you can follow me on tumblr:
  1. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2011 9:03pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Sixty-Four~Kelsey
    "I can't believe you made me drink."
    "I didn't make you do anything," Nate said in defense as we walked down the hallway between second and third periods on Monday morning.
    "I know," I said moodily. "But I feel so dirty. I have to blame someone."
    Nate smiled as he leaned against the locker next to mine. "Blame Joey. I've been doing it for a while now."
    I shrugged. "The scary part is, I don't remember any of it."
    Nate looked away. "I know. But nothing happened. Cause we would've known. Right?"
    "Yeah. Right," I agreed uncertainly.
    "Kels, don't worry about it. It's over. It was fun though, right?" he smiled.
    "Not the hangover," I shuddered.
    Nate laughed and put his arm around me. "You guys are so cute!" someone gushed from behind us.
    We both turned around. Quinn was smiling broadly. I laughed and rolled my eyes.
    "Guess who texted me this morning!" she whispered. "Joey!"
    I smiled and Nate laughed. Quinn blushed slightly.
    "I have to go. I have algebra, and it's on the other side of the building. Bye," Nate said, and gave me a quick kiss.
    "Tell Joey I said hi!" Quinn yelled, then turned bright red and pulled me away as I giggled.
    Two weeks later, Quinn and I were at my house working on a science project.
    "I'll work on the poster if you do all the writing stuff," Quinn said.
    "That's so unfair!" I exclaimed.
    "We already have all the research done! All you have to do is put it all together and make it sound good. Come on, you're great at that stuff, I'm not," she said.
    "Fine," I said and slid into the computer chair. I started typing the heading and asked Quinn, "What's the date?"
    "Umm... March 21st, I think."
    "March 21st."
    "No." I looked at the bottom right corner of the computer screen. "Tha-that's not possible."
    I started counting on my fingers. "No. How could..."
    "What's the matter Kelsey?" Quinn asked, looking up from the poster.
    I looked up at her, panicked. I ran through the numbers in my head again.
    "Are you okay?" she asked, her eyes wide.
    Slowly, I shook my head no.
    The next chapter is the last one! Predictions are welcome (:

  2. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2011 1:01pm UTC
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  3. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 8, 2011 7:18pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Sixty-Two~Kelsey
    Bridget's closet was huge and had more clothes than I had ever had in my entire life.
    There were shelves and shelves of shoes, purses, and a bunch of other things I would never be able to afford.
    "Take anything," she said. "You have to look amazing tonight."
    She helped me pick out a nice little blue dress that made me look like I had some sort of figure and she said brought out the navy color of my eyes.
    While Quinn worked on makeup, I said to her, "You like Joey?"
    Her eyes widened. "No. Why would you think that?"
    "Come on. You were flirting so bad at lunch today."
    "Was I really that obvious?" she sighed.
    "Just a bit. But he's going to the party tonight," I smiled.
    "He has a girlfriend, though. That Kali girl," she said sadly.
    "Not anymore. He broke up with her yesterday. Nate told me."
    She smiled. "Bridget, pick me out the sexiest dress you have," she called.
    We both started giggling.
    She finished my makeup, and Bridget was right, Quinn was amazing at it.
    "What are we going to bring?" Bridget asked when we were getting ready to leave.
    "Tequila!" Quinn yelled excitedly.
    I slipped my feet into silver sparkly pumps and didn't say anything.
    "You like tequila, right Kelsey?" Bridget asked as she smuggled it into her bag from her parent's liquor cabinet. "Oh, sure," I answered nervously. I didn't even know what it tasted like.
    "Great," Quinn smiled. "Let's go. I'm so excited!"
    I wasn't. I just had that ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen tonight.
    "Kelsey, just have fun. Don't worry about anything tonight," Bridget told me as we pulled up at the Coleman's palace.
    I nodded. She was right. Just have fun.
    The security guard didn't ask my name at the door, he just gave me a friendly smile. I smiled weakly back as I waited for him to approve Quinn and Bridget.
    "Oh my god, there they are!" Quinn squealed as we made our way through the crowd. I could barely hear her over the Lady Gaga sound pounding out of the speakers.
    Joey and Nate were right in front of us. Nate looked up and saw me. He smiled widely. I ran to him and I threw my arms around his shoulders.
    He leaned down to give me a kiss. "We're going to have an amazing night," he said into my ear. "You look so beautiful."
    I blushed bright red and Nate laughed.
    Joey put a red cup in my hand. "Drink it," he ordered, but he smiled.
    "What is it?" I asked.
    "Doesn't matter," he answered. I rose my eyebrows at Nate. He shrugged. I did too. Bridget said to have fun. So I just let go, and took a drink from the cup.

  4. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2011 10:15pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Sixty-Two~Kelsey
    My phone buzzed with a new text message from Nate;
    "There's a party at the palace tonight. You're invited(:"
    I smiled slightly and bit my lip. A party sounded fun. I guess. Maybe.
    I texted him back before I could change my mind:
    "I'll be there (:"
    Joey dropped his lunch tray next to me at the lunch table I was sharing with Quinn, Bridget, and Bridget's boyfriend, who's name I was pretty sure was Anthony.
    "Hi," Quinn said shyly. Joey looked up at her. "Hey," he smiled.
    I raised an eyebrow. Quinn twirled a lock of hair. Could she be more obvious?
    Joey turned to me. "You going to the party of the year tonight?"
    "Party?" Bridget asked. "Who's party?"
    "Nate's," Joey said, "His are always the best parties anyway. But everyone he knows is invited."
    "We didn't get invited..." Quinn said.
    "Well, mostly everyone," Joey corrected. He turned back to me. "So, are you going to go?"
    "I guess so," I shrugged.
    "Believe me, you'll have the time of your life. Nate's funny as hell when he's drunk," he laughed.
    I ignored what he said. "I'm going to ask if Quinn and Bridget can come too," I told him.
    He shrugged. "He's babysitting his older brother."
    Quinn looked confused, but I didn't bother to ask.
    "Is it okay if Quinn Larsen and Bridget Taylors come, too? They said they weren't invited," I texted.
    His answer came almost instantaneously, "Sure (: See you tonight."
    "Kelsey, you and Quinn should come over right after school and we can get ready for the party. I have a top that would look amazing on you. And Quinn's an expert on flawless makeup," she smiled.
    I smiled back. "That sounds perfect."
    "What are you guys going to bring?" Joey asked Quinn.
    She shrugged. "What do you like, Kelsey?"
    I looked back and forth between them, puzzled. "I don't know what you're talking about."
    "All their going to be serving is red wine and maybe champagne. You have to bring your own," he smiled.
    "Oh," I said. "But won't Mr. and Mrs. Coleman get mad?"
    They all looked at me as if I had spoken some foreign language. I saved myself with a quick, "Just kidding!" Everyone laughed and started talking about the party again.
    I had never taken a sip of anything in my life. But I didn't want to look like a complete loser in front of my new friends, and Nate. Maybe letting go for one night wouldn't be so bad. I mean, what could happen?
    *Okay, I hope you guys are expecting a very shocking ending. Let the guessing begin! (;*

  5. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2011 1:05pm UTC
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  6. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2011 10:31pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Sixty
    After getting over the initial shock that my mom was actually going to let me go to hockey, I ran upstairs to get ready.
    Figuring that Alex and everyone else in the entire palace was too busy to take me, I decided I would have to either have a chauffeur take me or call Joey.
    I decided to call Joey, cause I hate taking the limos.
    Everyone was surprised to see me at practice, especially the coach. But Joey was right, this team really did suck.
    I didn't really care. I was just glad to be back.
    When I got home three hours later, I was kind of surprised to see everyone still gathered in the family room, except for Kate and Alex.
    "Hey, guys," I said awkwardly as they all stared at me when I walked in.
    I put my hockey bag in the corner and leaned the stick against the wall.
    "Nate, oh my god, get rid of that thing," Grace whined, nodding towards the bag.
    "Why? I'll get it later," I said.
    "It smells."
    "Um, no it doesn't," I shot back.
    "Then you do!"
    "Grace, Nathaniel, please-" Mom said.
    "No I don't! I just took a shower after practice! My hair is still wet! Shut up!"
    "Nate! Oh my god!"
    I rolled my eyes at her.
    "Stop," my father boomed.
    We both fell silent. I slid down in my chair in Grace crossed her arms.
    "What we were trying to say was, we're going to have a big surprise party for Kate and Alex. Charlotte will take care of the guest list, so you can invite whoever you want as long you tell her to put their names on the list. And no alcohol," mom said.
    She shot a very directed, pointed look at me.
    "When is this big party?" I asked.
    "Tomorrow night," dad answered.
    "How are you going to keep Kate and Alex away long enough so that they don't notice anything out of the usual?" Grace asked.
    "That's Nate's job!" Mom smiled.
    "I think that should be Grace's job!" I said, mocking her tone.
    Grace shot me a dirty look.
    "Why? You can't handle making sure they don't come up here?" dad asked sternly.
    "'Course I can. But I need to... heal," I said quickly, grabbing my side. "Ow."
    "So babysitting Kate and Alex it is, then," I sighed.
    Sorry I haven't written in so long! Thanks for voting, check my profile for the update(: The next few chapters will be exciting, I promise(:

  7. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2011 11:28pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Please read! It's important!
    Okay, I was wondering if you guys would eventually (not now because I want to start a new story) want a sequel to Forever And A Day.
    The reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to think of this like, stunning ending, and the way the entire thing ends depends on if you guys want me to continue it a bit or whatever.
    So here's what I'm gonna do.
    I decided to put it to a vote, because I think you guys should decide.
    Just comment on this quote or on my profile telling me your choice! (:
    Option A: There will be a few (maybe three? or four?) more chapters to Forever And A Day and then eventually (when I'm finished with my next story) there will be a sequel. I know at this point, it's getting pretty boring, but my best friend (bloondiiebabiie98) just gave me this amazing idea and it would definitely shock you and, change the story a lot!
    Option B: The next chapter I upload will be the last, and then I'm just going to move onto another story. I have a few ideas, and I'm pretty sure you guys will like them(:
    No matter what option wins, I'm still going to start a new story next, and then maybe do a sequel after that.
    The sooner you vote, the sooner the next chapter is posted, so vote away! (:
    Thanks everyone(:

  8. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2011 11:52pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Fifty-Nine~Nate
    Kate shifted uncomfortably and looked at Alex.
    He cleared his throat and led only the family to one of the more private rooms.
    "Can you tell them? I-I don't think I can do it," Kate whispered.
    Alex nodded. "The same guys that tried to kill Kate a few months ago and got away with it snuck into the house, blindfolded, gagged, and tied us up and said that if we went willingly they wouldn't hurt the twins, so we went because I figured the security cameras would see them anyway and security would find us right away."
    My eyes widened. Oops. That was my fault.
    Maybe it was God's own personal way of telling me to stop sneaking out.
    Or maybe our security guys were too stupid to fix them. I think the second one's probably right.
    "But for some reason they didn't. Anyway, they drugged us up pretty bad so we blacked out, and when I woke up, Kate was trying to scream because they had a knife pressed to her throat. She kicked the kid and he yelled really loudly, and that's when the police found us in the middle of the woods. They shot the one with the knife to Kate and the other two are in federal custody."
    No one spoke.
    Charlotte's mouth hung open and Grace and Mom were crying. Kate was staring down at her feet.
    "It was so scary. I just thought that they would find us right away. After the first night, I started to panic. They gave Alex a lot more of whatever they gave me, so I was all alone. These have been the two worst days of my entire life," Kate said quietly.
    "It's okay, Kate," my mom said, patting her arm. "You're safe now. And we're going to take care of the security camera issue." She shot a look at me.
    I sighed and put my head on the table.
    "You better get going, Nate. Hockey practice in an hour."
    One more chapter to go...who's excited? (;

  9. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2011 9:41pm UTC
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  10. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2011 11:45pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Fifty-Seven~Nate
    When I woke up the next morning, there was a second that everything could have just been the worst nightmare ever.
    Then I heard Charlotte yelling and that little piece of time when I was confused was gone.
    "Just think about it.
    If they wanted to kill her then, inside the palace, with people around, imagine what they might do to them when they have them alone, away from people.
    You need to find them as soon as possible. You need to look everywhere and not stop until my brother and Kate are home.
    Do you comprehend the danger that two nineteen year old kids are in right now? I don't think you do.
    Think about what you would do if it was you children in this situation.
    You wouldn't stop looking.
    Find them. Do you understand me?
    Find. Them."
    There was another voice murmuring to softly so I couldn't hear the words.
    I put the pillow over my head, forcing myself to go back to sleep. It was too early to be awake. Especially when awake meant hearing those kinds of things.
    Someone was shaking me. Hard.
    "What?" I grumbled.
    "Nate, oh my god, get up, get up, please, oh my god." It was Charlotte.
    I looked up at her. She was crying.
    I suddenly couldn't breathe. "Charlotte?"
    "Nate!" She threw herself onto me and hugged me tight.
    "What? Charlotte, just tell me," I said, bracing myself for the worse.
    She looked me right in the eyes.
    She smiled, something I was not expected.
    "They found them."
    Only three more chapters of Forever And A Day left(:

  11. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2011 2:09pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Fifty-Six~Kelsey
    The teachers herded everyone to the library, and at first we didn't know why.
    Joey, Quinn, and Bridget walked with me.
    The library was huge, so the whole school could easily fit inside. The teachers hushed all the students and I exchanged a look with Quinn. The TV was on, and suddenly the reason why we were here was clear.
    No one explained, we just watched.
    I knew he wasn't there in person, but when I saw him on the screen, my heart still started to race.
    He was wearing a suit. He walked up to the podium with Charlotte right behind him.
    He looked at her sadly and then looked out to the crowd.
    I imagined what he could be seeing, hundreds of people with microphones and cameras flashing.
    "He's scared," Joey whispered. I sighed. I hoped he was remembering what I had said to him. I have faith in you.
    He cleared his throat and started his speech.
    "You've probably heard by now, my brother and his wife are missing. Somebody lit a fire outside their house in the backyard of the palace a few hours ago, and since then, no one can find them. There's been a thorough search of the debris and the bodies haven't been located. The royal guard and Michaud police have concluded that they did not die in the fire, and if they did, the bodies have been taken. As for their children, they are safe and are at Michaud General as a precaution. The entire city has been shut down, and the police are working on closing the entire country. There will be no transportation in and out of the country. The royal guard is working hard to find Kate and Alex, and they will find them. Because I'm Alex's heir, I have to step in until they find him. We'll keep you updated with everything. Thanks."
    Cameras flashed furiously, and Charlotte put her hand on his back. Mrs. Ermerson shut off the TV.
    There was silence. Maybe nobody knew what to say. Maybe no one felt like talking.
    "All students can proceed to homeroom to get ready for dismissal," the principal said.
    Everyone stood up silently, and with still no one talking, went back to homeroom as quietly as possible.
    Sorry I haven't written in a while! Thanks for commenting | favoriting | following (:

  12. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2011 11:08pm UTC
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  13. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
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    July 18, 2011 10:23pm UTC
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  14. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 17, 2011 11:15pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Fifty-Three~Kelsey
    There was a knock at the door and Mrs. Emerson shouted,
    "Come in!"
    The door cracked open and Charlotte Coleman walked in, followed by Nate.
    His lips pursed and his hands in his pockets.
    He gave Joey and I a little nod and then looked away.
    "Hi, Mrs. Emerson! It's been a while," Charlotte said.
    "Yes, it's very nice to see you, Charlotte. How's college going?"
    "Great, thanks. Where's Grace?" she asked.
    "She went to get her things. She'll be right in."
    The door opened again and this time Grace walked in. She dropped her bag and ran to Nate.
    She sobbed, and Nate hugged her back.
    "Hey, everything's okay, alright? We're going to be fine," he whispered.
    For a second, I was jealous. I wished I was the one hugging Nate.
    Jealous of a fourteen year old? I was so pathetic.
    Charlotte joined in for a family hug, missing one child.
    "Come on, Gracie, let's go home. Mom's waiting for you," Charlotte said.
    Grace nodded and picked up her bag.
    "Sorry for yelling at you, Mrs. Emerson," she mumbled.
    "It's okay, Grace," she said, giving her a motherly smile.
    Grace smiled weakly. Nate said to Charlotte, "I'll be down in a sec, okay?"
    She nodded and left with Grace.
    "I'll be right back," Mrs. Emerson said. She looked stressed. "Kelsey, can you do me a favor and make sure Nate and Joey don't break anything or set anything on fire?" I smiled and nodded.
    Nate sunk into the third chair.
    "Nate, I-" Joey started.
    He shook his head. "I can't do it," he said hoarsely.
    "I can't be king. I'm freaking out."
    Joey shot me a look like, Told ya.
    "Nate, you're going to be fine. Don't worry about it. You're going to make a great king," I told him.
    Nate shook his head.
    "Chill out. Please? I hate seeing you like this," I pleaded.
    "Dude, think about it. You've always wanted this. You wanted to be king your whole life," Joey said.
    "You're going to be okay," I said confidently. "I have faith in you."
    I walked over and sat on his lap.
    "I believe in you, Nate. I love you," I told him softly.
    "I love you too," he whispered.
    "Go," I said. "Go, do what you need to do. I'll talk to you later."
    He nodded and I stood up. I gave him a tight hug.
    He forced a smile for me and then left.
    "Bye," I whispered, but he was already gone.
    Joey was shaking his head.
    "This is going to be bad," he said.
    "He's okay," I said. I didn't know if I was saying it for Joey's benefit or my own.

  15. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2011 10:46pm UTC
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  16. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2011 9:05pm UTC
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  17. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 10:11pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Fifty~Nate
    I closed my eyes. It was stupid to ask the question when I didn't want to hear the answer.
    "They're okay, right?" I asked, choking on every word.
    My mother shook her head. "No. They aren't okay."
    "Can you just tell me what happened? Cold hard facts. Don't sugar coat it. I need to know," I said. Don't get me wrong; I didn't want to know, but I had to know.
    "Oh, honey," my mom pulled me into a hug and squeezed me tight.
    "A fire. They're missing... they can't find the bodies..."
    She was numb too. She could hardly talk.
    I braced myself to ask hard questions.
    "How? When?"
    "Someone did it from the outside, with gasoline and a match an hour ago."
    The numb stage was ending, and the pain was coming.
    It was overwhelming.
    I haven't cried since God knows when. But it was all too much, I could not deal with the fact that my older brother was dead.
    "Oh, shush, baby, please don't cry," my mother soothed, rubbing my back.
    "The babies," I said suddenly.
    "They're okay," she said. "Very minor burns. They just had to go to the hospital to check for smoke inhalation."
    There was some comfort in knowing my niece and nephew were okay.
    But Alex, the one who had always been there for me, the one who was always so protective, the one who always made sure I was okay, was gone.
    I'd forgotten what it felt like to cry, but then it seemed like it was all I could do.
    A policemen came up to my mom.
    "Your majesty, we've just conducted a thorough search of the debris. There are no bodies, no sign of Kate and Alex at all. We've come to the conclusion that they did not die in the fire. They've either run away or were taken by force."
    Not dead. Not dead. Not dead.
    Still not good news, but not dead.
    "And leave their babies? No, that's not like my son or his wife. They were taken by force," my mother told him.
    He nodded. "We plan to shut down the entire country: harbors, airports, train stations, highways. No one gets in, and no one gets out. But we can't do so without the king's orders. Can we have your permission, Nathaniel, your majesty?"
    I blinked. "Excuse me?"

  18. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 7:02pm UTC
    Forever And A Day
    Chapter Forty-Nine~Kelsey
    "Oh, this is so hard for me to say," Mrs. Emerson said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue,
    "I just adored Alex Coleman."
    I couldn't help but notice the past tense, and neither could Joey.
    "Today King Alexander and Queen Kate's house in the backyard of the main palace was set on fire by an unidentified person. As far as we know, they were both inside."
    Her voice cracked as she read from the paper.
    Joey grabbed my hand. I let him. I was too shocked to care.
    "I have very limited details, but it is possible they are just missing, not dead."
    Then entire senior class was in tears. They had all known Alex and Kate; they had just graduated last year. They're only nineteen.
    I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I looked at Joey.
    There were silent tears running down his face. He pulled me into a hug.
    "He's like my brother," he whispered.
    I looked around the gym at the devastated and shocked faces. I've never met a person who didn't love Alex and Kate. They were two of the nicest people I've ever met.
    They're not dead, I told myself. Just missing.
    "Everyone, please, calm down. We have to trust that everything is going to be okay."
    Mrs. Emerson walked away from the podium. Joey started pulling me toward her.
    "Mrs. Emerson," he said. "Where's Grace Coleman?"
    I had forgotten Grace. Was she here? Had she found out with the rest of us?
    "She's in my office," she answered quietly. "I haven't told her yet."
    Joey said, "Let us come with you. She'll be heartbroken."
    She nodded and lead us out of the gym.
    Mrs. Emerson opened the door and told us to sit down next to Grace.
    "We have to tell you something very serious," Mrs. Emerson said grimly.
    "Well, if my brother's dead, I want my mom to tell me. Not you," she said back.
    She reminded me of Nate.
    We were all staring at her. How could she have known?
    "Why would you assume that?" Mrs. Emerson asked.
    "Because when there's something serious, it's always about Nate."
    This time it wasn't.
    "Wrong brother," Joey said quietly, but Grace heard.
    "What?" she blinked. Her mouth opened slightly. "Alex?"
    No one said anything. What was there to say? I wish Joey hadn't made me come.
    Grace started hyperventilating. "Not Alex," she choked out.
    "There must be some mistake!" she yelled. "Nate's the sick one! You're wrong! Neither one of them is dead! It's someone else's brother. Not mine. He can't be..." She broke into a sob. "Where's Nate?" she asked. "I need him."
    My chin wobbled. I needed him too.
    Next chapter will be out tonight. Don't worry yet! Comments?

  19. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2011 9:36pm UTC
    Forever And A Day ♥
    Chapter Forty-Eight~Nate
    There's that feeling of disbelief, and then you're numb.
    Chances are you know what I'm talking about, you've probably been there.
    It usually happens when there's a tragedy.
    Police tape, ashes, smoke, flashing lights.
    Breathing in uneven gulps.
    Those were the memories that stood out the most.
    It took us twenty minutes to get home, but it usually took under five.
    To make everything worse, my mom wouldn't tell me what happened, she just kept crying.
    At first I thought she was being cruel, but now I'm glad she didn't tell me at first.
    Actually she never told me. I saw. The scene couldn't be put into words anyway.
    I got out of the car and slammed the door. My mom didn't even yell at me for not closing it gently. Like I told you before, it's kind of a habit of mine.
    There very police everywhere. On the grass, in the circular driveway, inside the gates, outside the gates. From the driveway, you can't see the backyard, so I didn't know what exactly had happened at first.
    But I did have a pretty good idea. That was only from the smell.
    Burning. Fire. But not innocent campfire smell, the smell of things that aren't supposed to burn burning. It made me feel sick.
    I looked at my mom. And then I ran.
    I ducked under the police tape, through the yard, so heavily populated with policemen, firemen, and royal guards that I could hardly weave my way through.
    Someone called after me, and I heard someone yell, "Stop!"
    But unfortunately, I've never been one to listen. I wished I had.
    Something was missing. Something that had been a huge part of my life.
    Kate and Alex's house, gone.
    Burned. As in, burned down in a massive fire that had scorched the grass and left the air around it smelling putrid.
    This was before the part that I turned numb, so my mind was racing.
    This can't be the reason why the royal guard was here and all these policemen.
    Kate sucked at cooking, it must've been an accident, I told myself.
    I didn't even believe it then.
    I was aware of my mother's arm around my shoulder. I realized I was on my knees on the grass.
    "You shouldn't have come back here," she said softly.
    "They're gone, aren't they?" I asked hollowly.

  20. xtruexlovex xtruexlovex
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2011 10:23pm UTC
    Forever And A Day ♥
    Chapter Forty-Seven~Kelsey
    I stepped out of the bathroom with Quinn behind me. I was telling her what happened to Nate when the silence in the hallway was broken by extremely
    loud police sirens. I followed Quinn to look out the nearest window, but we couldn't see anything.
    "It's probably nothing, we're in the middle of a huge city," she said.
    I nodded, but for some reason they sounded louder and more urgent than usual.
    We started walking towards our next class, across the school.
    "Wait, stop, look!" I pointed to a window that looked out to the main road.
    Quinn's eyes widened as she took in the scene.
    Police vehicles were swarming the streets everywhere.
    "I know what they're doing," Quinn breathed.
    "They're closing the entire city. Blocking the main ways in."
    I looked at her, shocked. "Why?"
    "That's a royal guard car. Something really bad must have happened."
    The royal guard? Suddenly it was harder to breathe, like my lungs were slowly filling with water.
    "Attention, please. I need it quiet in all the classrooms, I have an important announcement," a voice said over the PA system. It was the principal, Mrs. Emerson.
    "I have a feeling we're about to find out why," Quinn whispered.
    "All students need to come to the gymnasium immediately. Teachers, please lead your students there in a single file line. All students are asked to be silent in the hall."
    Quinn and I looked at each other, alarmed, and booked it to the gym.
    When we got there, people were pouring in looking just as confused as we did.
    Mrs. Emerson was standing at the podium with a microphone.
    Bridget rushed up to us. "Oh my goodness, what is going on?"
    "We have no idea," Quinn said.
    The gym doors closed and Mrs. Emerson tapped her microphone.
    "Quiet, everyone!" she called. Silence flooded the gym, it was so quiet I was worried people around me could hear the uneven thumping of my heart.
    "I've been asked by the royal family to tell the students what is going on right now.
    The entire city has been completely closed. No one can get in, no one can get out."
    She paused, and a hand fell on my shoulder.
    "Kelsey," Joey breathed. "Do you know what happened? Is Nate...?"
    He didn't have to finish.
    "I just talked to him ten minutes ago. He's okay, he sounded completely normal."
    The whole gym was murmuring with the news, everyone wondering the same thing;
    What the hell was happening?


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