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SANDY2015 · 1 decade ago
ya i was wondering the same thing but IT could be a girl and be bisexual? i mean you never no no offense


Engel · 1 decade ago
I had the same problem. For the first time ever, I opened up to my mum and asked her for advice. she told me that when she was my age, she had an aunt who said "when in doubt run away". Before you make a decision to end things with him, talk to him about it and be like "whats up with you ?" and all that. communication is key. I fail at communicating so i broke up with him, and ive hurt him really badly. i feel bad about it. all the best :)

giggle_girl · 1 decade ago
it seems like you reallly really like him if you dont want to brake up with him whehn he you off talk to him be like hey i dont want to brake up but you r really me off when you ......... and ........... can you please stop or i think my feelings MIGHT be gone or something like that dont just let it keep happening or you might regret it and start hating him

Jackie6211 · 1 decade ago
just talk to him about it and be like hey well i dont want to break up with u but u keep doing and saying things that r making me mad? and just see what he says just talk it out b4 anything happens

xtremesam8 · 1 decade ago
A family member is sick in the hospital they said she would be okay...

xxlExiExx · 1 decade ago
are u a girl or guy



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