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  1. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    April 29, 2011 7:41pm UTC
    Honestly I'm starting to feel like I could disappear
    and no one would notice.

  2. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    April 29, 2011 7:22pm UTC
    Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love
    more than yourself.
    format credit to: Grace_xo

  3. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    December 14, 2010 12:05am UTC
    I k n o w i t h u r t you
    {It hurt me too}
    But now that you are gone
    All I know is I miss you ♥
    layout isn't mine
    not my format

  4. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    September 1, 2010 10:31pm UTC
    `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·I know the story,`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·`
    I've seen the picture
    It's written all over your face
    Tell me
    What's the secret
    That you've been hiding
    And who's gonna take my place
    I should have seen it coming
    I should've read the signs
    I guess it's over
    Can't believe that I'm the fool again,
    I thought this love would never end
    How was I to know?
    `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·You never told me.`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·`
    Fool Again ~ Westlife

  5. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    September 1, 2010 9:55pm UTC
    I hate the now reflex reaction of saying that I'm fine,
    And smiling like everything is okay.
    Because it's not.
    For once I want to take off this fake smile,
    Let the tears flow,
    And let the world know
    Cause I'm far from it.

  6. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2010 4:18am UTC
    Growing up
    happens when you
    start having things you look back on
    and you wish you could

  7. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2010 8:22pm UTC
    I'm sorry you guys. I know how much stuff like this annoys you all, but I need some opinions. And I trust you. I'm writing a story, and I have a lot of ideas as to where I want to take it, but I can't do it alone. If you don't mind would you please read the beginning and tell me how it is? I know it isn't super great. I just wrote it really fast to get some of it on paper.
    The rusted door creaked on it’s hinges. Dust lazily made it’s descent towards the floor, visible in the rays of sun that filtered through the roof. A breeze blew through the house, the glass in the windows had been shattered for a long time. Bird nests, old and new, were scattered throughout the old home. The house still retained an odd type of beauty though.
    Cianna ran her fingers across the table blanketed with dust. She had always admired the house. It stood alone on the hill, looking lonely. If it was really possible to say a house looked lonely. But at the same time it had a certain feel of majesty about it. The house was old. Way old. Yet it was still putting up a fight against nature, and it was doing a pretty good job at keeping everything at bay.
    Cianna sat at the table tracing shapes in the dust. She had looked through the drawers and the cabinets hoping to find something interesting. But found nothing besides disappointment. Either time had taken it’s toll on all of the houses forgotten treasures or the previous owners had been sure to keep all of their possessions.
    Cianna pushed away her feelings of disappointment and looked out at the sky. It was starting to get dark. She loved the house, but it wasn’t somewhere she wanted to be at dark. Reluctantly she stood to leave but as she did a ray of sunlight shone through the glass and something reflected golden light back at her. Excitedly Cianna rushed forward as a glimmer of hope ran through her. Maybe she had found something after all.
    Thank you so much if you read all of this. If you comment I will absolutely love you, and I'll follow you on here. Or I will read anything that you need to be read.

  8. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    May 4, 2010 10:33pm UTC
    {Love} is the most b/e/a/u/t/i/f/u/l dream,
    And the worst of nightmares

  9. xoxLoveStoryxox xoxLoveStoryxox
    posted a quote
    May 4, 2010 7:45pm UTC
    The love for a horse
    is just as c*o*m*p*l*i*c*a*t*e*d
    as the love for another human being....
    If you never love a horse,
    you will {never} understand.


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