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Hope you guys like my new profile! I've worked hard this morning to get the right one. Hahah. Okay. Anyways. Hey, I'm (insert name here), and this is my secret witty! I write stories, make quote, etc. Obviously. But, I'm just writing a story right now, so you should check it out please! It'd mean the world to me.

  1. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 28, 2012 8:12pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    Chapter Five
    Don't forget to read the Author's Note!
    After our dance, Carter leads me back up to the cabin, and we sit next to the fireplace, and warm up. He hands me a flannel of his. I put it on, and lay back down on the couch. I see something pass the house but I ignore it. I look back to Carter- he saw it too. He switches off the fireplace, and turns off the lights.
    "Shh," He tells me. "I think that was the night patrol cops." He takes my hand, and we run upstairs, I'm tempted to laugh, but I have to hold it back. The night patrol cops only search the camps that aren't lived in. They check for burglars, break-ins, stuff like that.
    He sits me down on the bed, and goes back downstairs. By instinct, I go the stair railing to see what's going on. He turns on the outside light, and a cop instantly pulls into the drive. After a few moments, I can hear his stiff footsteps in the house.
    "Evening, Dave..." He says.
    "Austin, what are you doing here this late at night?" The sheriff must know him. The only other person that calls him by his last name was the football coach. I see the cop step in further, and start looking around, I hide myself behind the small wall so he doesn't see me.
    "The parents and I got into a little argument," He says. Like he's planned this. "So, I came here. The safest place I know to get out of the house."
    "Now is it just you? Coulda sworn I saw you with someone earlier." He takes off his hat, and leans against the back of the couch.
    "You know I'm supposed to call them, and let them know, right? As a cop it's my duty. As an uncle, I'm just concerned."
    "I know, but if you could just skip the call..." He tries to convince his uncle. "You could even search the house, it's just me, I swear." His uncle shrugs his shoulders and nods. Once he heads down the hall a little ways, Carter motions me to hide, then he plops himself onto the couch. I look around. There's obvious spots: The closet, behind the curtain, and in the master bath. I have to think quickly. I shove myself under the bed, it's a tight-squeeze, and I push myself behind a small storage box. I almost want to laugh, it's like we're little kids again, playing hide-and-seek. The footsteps come closer, and check in the bathroom, closet, and behind the curtain. He 'hmphs' to himself, and goes back down the stairs, and I wait a second before crawling out from underneath the bed. I wipe myself off, and sit on the edge of the bed. "You're off the hook tonight, mister." I hear the door close, and wait to rush over the edge of the loft.
    Carter gives me a signal once the lights fade away, and he continues to sit with the lights off. I go down the stairs, and plop down next to him. He looks at me and laughs, and pulls a piece of dust from my hair.
    "Under the bed?" He scoots a little closer. I give a quick 'mhmm', before I see him close his eyes and lean towards me. I do the same and I feel his cool lips against mine.
    Author's Note: Readers, oh lovely readers... I feel like some of you are drifting away. I know I haven't written in forever, but I was just expecting more faves. Don't get me wrong, I made a promise to finish this story, and that I will. If you are reading, please comment below either some feedback, or something. Maybe, comment what you think will happen next chapter. Something to let me know you're still interested!

  2. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 26, 2012 11:03pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    Chapter Four
    I almost have to pinch myself to believe it. Carter Austin thinks that me: A short girl, not very skinny, barely tanned skin, and awkwardly blue eyes is gorgeous. No one, let alone a crush has ever said that to me. I shake back into reality, and look at Carter. Even though it's dark, I can see him blush a little. I hop out of the water, and onto the smaller deck, then walk up to the bigger deck, and help pull him up. He grabs a towel out of a small shed, and throws it into my arms.
    I sit back on the edge of the dock, ringing out my hair, with the towel wrapped around my neck. The moon reflects onto the lake with each kiss of the tide. Carter sits down next to me, with his hands folded in his lap. "Here," I say, giving him the partially wet towel. He smiles at me, but says nothing. He puts back on his hat, and stands up. He throws the towel around his neck, and grabs his shirt.
    "C'mon," He says to me. I get up, and grab my shoes, along with my shirt, and follow him. He goes slightly into the woods, and then we come to a small opening with lights strung around surrounding trees. I look around, only seeing a small swing, with a good view of the lakes and mountains. "This is where my dad took my mom, on their first date. I guess you could say it's kind of a family tradition." He laughs a little.
    I feel my cheeks burn before I feel Carter's warm hand on my back. He leads me to the swing, and I sit down. He gives me a few pushes, before he stops, and climbs up into the tree holding the swing. He only climbs up about six feet, and his feet almost touch. He grabs a rock from a hallowed spot in the tree, and carves a heart. First, he puts his innitials, then looks at me. "What's your middle name?"
    "...Lillian," I look up to him and laugh.
    "Riley Lillian Austin," He looks down at me. "Has a good ring to it, doesn't it?" He finishes carving my initials, RLK. Then, he moves on to his. CGA. Carter Garret Austin. What a perfect name, for a perfect guy. So many flaws, that I've fallen in love with. Then, it clicks. He put my name with his last name. A smile spreads across my face, and I stand up. "I don't want this night to end,"
    "It's not over yet..." He whispers, and takes my hand. He pulls me in close, and puts his hands around my waist. We sway back and forth, dancing to our own music. "We never really finished our dance earlier."
    Author's Note: Oh my good lord, guys. I'm so sorry I haven't written anything in ages! I'm back though, and ready to write. So, I'm totally not asking for faves: against the rules. But, I am asking that if you like the story, follow me because I suck at notifying people. I used to be like, really good I had lists and everything for past stories, it's just that this one isn't as popular.

  3. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2012 9:42pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    Chapter Three
    I lean my head against the window, and close my eyes. When I open them, I hear the faint buzz of the radio, and the truck stop. "We're here, sleepy head." Carter laughs, and hops out of his truck. I look around to see a cabin in front of a lake. He grabs a key from his chain, and unlocks the door. Without any words, we both sit down on the couch, and watch the fireplace crackle before Carter decides to put in a movie.
    He sits back down, and I lean my head on his shoulder, he slides his arm around me, and we both get comfortable. We've decided to put in The Roommate - his favorite movie. It jumps me a few times, but gives me an excuse to hide myself in his arms.
    After the end credits roll through, Carter gives me a look. "Let's go outside," I smile at him, he nods his head, and takes me down to a wooden dock that floats in the water with the tides.
    I let my tanned legs hang off the dock, after I roll up the bottom of my pants. Carter sits beside me and looks at me. "So, what you said back at the field, was that true?"
    "I didn't even know what I was saying back there," I panic. "It was all, just spur of the moment stuff, I swear I didn't mean it."
    "Even the part where you said you liked me for as long as you can remember?" His face blushes with disappointment, and he looks away for a second.
    "I meant that part, of course." I playfully punch his shoulder to get him to laugh. Instead, he playfully pretends to fall. After pretending to fall, a look of shock comes on his face, and he starts to fall in. Quickly, he grabs my hand. We both fall into the still-warm water.
    I rush up for air, and pull myself onto the deck. Carter climbs up behind me, with a smirk on his face. He strips down to his pants, and jumps back in. I raise an eyebrow, and hesitate to un-button my flannel, revealing my plain tank-top already soaked. I set down my shirt, and jump into the water. When I push myself up from the water, I feel the make-up running down my face, and I try to scrub it off.
    "Stop that," Carter pulls my hands away from my face. "You still look gorgeous."
    Author's Note: Well, the last chapter wasn't so popular. Not good. I am asking for at least 16 faves, because it's my 16th birthday today, it'd be a really good present! Love you guys who are actually reading this.

  4. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2012 6:27pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    Chapter Two
    "Well, that was kind of awkward," I look to Lennox who's about ready to pound some faces in. "Don't do anything, please..."
    "It's not like you'll ever do anything, you're too innocent." She rolls her eyes, and places her hands on her hips. I roll my eyes back at her, and walk away. Tonight, I'll prove that I'm not so innocent as people think I am.
    "Carter," My voice shakes, while I look in those gorgeous eyes of his. I almost lose my train of thought. I shake from my trance, and take a deep breath. "I'm not like other girls, I don't just want s*x, and if that's what you're looking for, please don't stop at me. I've liked you for as long as I can remember, but I never thought you'd do this to me."
    "...Is this really how you think I am?" His curled lips turn into a frown, and he sets down his drink. "I don't know what you've heard about me, but it's wrong. I take relationships seriously, and I thought it'd be perfect if I proved that to you. I haven't been dating her for over a year, she's just crazy, I swear. I'd never do that to anyone...Especially you."
    A blanket of guilt covers my cold shoulders. See what I get for trying to prove her wrong? I get kicked in the a*s with karma. I sit on a hay bale that's sitting off to the side of the party. I place my head in my hands. I take a sip of my lemonade, and stand up- just about ready to go home. I adjust my shirt, and start walking.
    "Riley, wait..." A voice comes up from behind me. "Please, don't leave." I turn around to see Carter, practially on his knees begging me to stay. It's so cliché.
    "I am so sorry," I cross my arms innocently. "About blowing up on you."
    "It wouldn't be the first time that somebody assumed I was someone I'm not." He takes my shaky hand, and we sit down on the ground that's starting to get wet. "I was hoping you'd realize that I'm not as bad as people make me out to be."
    "Well, maybe you can prove it. You have one night." He raises an eyebrow at me, then gets up and smiles. He runs me over to his truck, and helps me up in it. He turns on the engine, and turns up the radio a little.
    "If I only have one night, we better start this now," He laughs, pushing the gas pedal so hard, we leave immediately from the field, onto a dirt road, then onto a quiet main road.
    Author's Note: I hope you guys are liking it so far, keep up the faves! If you want to be notified please comment every chapter, it's much easier for me, and it'll take you like three seconds. So, I want to make the comments fun. Comment what you think will happen next? Follow me to keep up with the story!

  5. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 16, 2012 8:32pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    Chapter One
    Before I step any closer, Carter hops off his tailgate. He grabs his solo cup, and comes closer to me. "Hey," His deep voice sends a series of chills down my spine.
    "Hey," I try to keep my cool. I look up to him, the height difference between us is about a foot. He looks down at me, his blue eyes are just dark shadows under his hat. Lennox and her boyfriend grabs my attention when I see her dancing with her boyfriend, they're so close. I look back to Carter who's looking towards Lennox.
    "Would you ever think she's my cousin?" Carter sits down on a short hay bale placed away from the bonfire. "She's like the sister I never had." He laughs.
    "She's my best friend," I sit down next to him. After a moment of silence, he looks at me, like he's going to say something.
    "Do you want, some lemonade or something?" He shakes his head and stands up. I stand up along with him and nod. He smirks, and grabs a cup of lemonade. He comes back, and hands it to me. "This sounds corny, but do you wanna dance?"
    A slow song comes onto the radio, occasionally staticy. I feel my cheeks start to burn again, and I nod. After taking a sip of my lemonade, he takes my hand, and pulls me in close to his chest. He puts his tough arms around me, I swear, he can feel the beat of my heart.
    "Aw," I can hear Lennox. I laugh to myself, because I can hear her getting her phone out to take a picture. I don't look at her, I keep my eyes focused on Carter.
    "Riley," He whispers quietly. "I think I really like---"
    "CARTER," A girl storms out of the woods with a flashlight. I back away from him, and stand next to Lennox. "You think you can just roll around with other girls while I'm away, you thought wrong. You thought so wrong."
    I look to Lennox, and she takes me away from her boyfriend, and off to the side. I'm not sure how to react. Do I cry, or get angry? "What's even going on right now?" I hear my voice crack when I speak.
    I can't hear what Carter is saying to that girl, but I can hear her blood-curdling screams. "We're so done," She quiets her voice down, and walks away somewhere. I don't walk back yet, I stand quietly with Lennox. The music is turned off now, and everyone is sitting quietly.
    Author's Note: Well, how are you liking it? If you are, take a look at Riahdeere's story "Take a Back Road," It's really good! Also, I made a polyvore for this story! Riley's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66027988

  6. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    December 16, 2012 5:24pm UTC
    If I told you I loved you
    I finish putting on my new pants, and tug on my worn Ariat boots. I keep my natural golden curls in my hair, while putting a little mascara on. I grab my flannel shirt, and head down the stairs, and out the door. I head down the road a little, and into an abandoned field with a rusted 'No Trespassing' sign. I see a roaring bon fire, with flames going up into the navy sky. A few trucks are parked near a tree. When I get closer, I can see lanterns sitting in the beds of the trucks, and hear the rythym of familiar country music from one of the trucks.
    "It's about time," My best friend, Lennox laughs. "That boy over there, has been waiting all night for you to get here."
    I raise an eyebrow, and look in the direction she's pointing. Carter Austin sits on the tailgate of his lifted truck with a red solo cup in his hand. Carter Austin: my crush of eight years has been waiting for me? I smile, and feel butterflies in my stomach.
    Author's Note: So, I know I've disappointed a lot of my followers in the past, but I'm pretty stoked about this story, and I promise all of you who read this, to finish it. If people actually read it. Comment some feedback, and to be notified.

  7. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    November 22, 2012 5:23pm UTC
    October Breeze
    Reader's, I know I always do this to you, but I've been so disappointed in my writing lately. Plus, I don't write that often. I really do like writing, but my stories always disappoint me. They don't even get that many faves, so I don't see the point in continuing anymore.
    Much love, xendlessdreamerx.

  8. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2012 5:18pm UTC
    October Breeze
    Chapter Four: Cam's POV
    With every footstep in the pasture, I fall deeper in my lies. Already. I just got to this d*mn place, and I've lied about everything. I don't know why I'm trying so hard to impress Lennox.
    When I finally reach her, I'm momentarily captivated by her gorgeous brown locks, and her striking blue eyes. I almost forget what I wanted to say, but then it hits me.
    The horse is hurt. I sigh, and catch my breath before opening my mouth to speak. I'm not sure how to put it. It just comes out of my mouth, all scrambled.
    "The horse, the one I was on. It fell, and I don't know what to do. Your mom, she's there. She told me to come get you. I, I, I'm sorry."
    She looks at me, then down at her leg, then up at me again.
    "First you burn down my house, then you hurt my horse, aren't you such a sweetheart?" She sarcastically looks right past me. I take her hand, and help her walk to the horse.
    "You know," I say. "This whole time I've been here, I've been trying to impress you. It hasn't worked one bit, I don't get it. How can I get you to like me?"
    Her eyes widen when they look at me, before looking away. Her pale cheeks turn into a rosy red color, and she smiles to herself, then frowns again.
    "I don't like smokers," She says. "I don't like bad boys, no morals, and when people aren't respectful. And besides, your pants are too low. You gotta know how to dress, and act before anything is ever considered."
    "Teach me," I admit. "Teach me to be good."
    "You can't be taught to be good by someone else, you need to teach yourself."
    I nod, and we finally get to the horse. Lennox's mom is sitting down, her shirt sleeve ripped off, and tied around the hoof. Lennox leans down, and helps raise the horses leg. She takes the remaining nail out of the hoof, barehanded. I raise an eyebrow, and back up. The horse-shoe comes off, and the horse kicks a little.
    A bright red truck barrells down a path, scaring the limp horse.
    Out of it steps a short guy, with a tanned face. He's shorter than me, but much taller than Lennox. He gets in front of Lennox, and does something I can't see. Lennox comes over to me, with tears in her eyes.
    I put my arm around her, feeling guilty, it was all my fault. I look down at her, looking up at me.
    "I will not touch one cigarette ever again, all for you."
    "You really like me, why?"
    I lick my lips before speaking.
    Author's Note: Well, what do you think of Cam's point? Should I alternate? Or keep it Lennox's POV? COMMENT.

  9. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2012 9:33am UTC
    October Breeze
    Chapter Three: Lennox's POV
    "You're already on my bad side, Cameron." I get closer to his face. "But, if you fess up now, I can try to make an effort."
    He looks down at his feet, before taking my hand. I try to pull away from his grip, but to be honest, he's helping me stay up straight. He sits down on the fence. I lean against it, not able to really hop onto it.
    "Well," He sighs. "While you were cleaning out, I went for a smoke. Just to you know, get rid of them faster. I was feeling ansy. Then, I swear, I thought I put it out, and I threw it. The wind must've blown it onto the porch."
    It was him. I knew I had a bad feeling from the start. He's just trouble.
    "Well, I can't really do anything. But you can, go saddle up, and find my mom's horse."
    "I've never ridden," He looks ashamed.
    "Learn." I snarl, before heading back to see my mom. I limp over, to see the EMT's talking to my mom, along with a few firemen. They all look at me in unison. I sit down on the back of the truck, and lift my leg. The pain strikes through my whole leg, going up into my lower stomach.
    My mom tells me everything alright before going over to look at the house.
    "Miss," One of the younger firemen comes over. "We've been talking, and we determined the cause of the fire...Do you smoke?"
    "No," I look up to him. "It was that city-slicker." I frown.
    "We don't want to blame anyone."
    "He admitted it, he didn't mean to do it, but he did. He's out looking for my mom's horse though."
    "You trusted him to leave!?" My mom over hears, and comes back over. "You know why he's here right? He tried escaping his juvi hall. Great." My mom retorts, and runs off, into the fenced in area with the horses. She saddles Pheonix up, and runs off, infuriated.
    I sigh, wanting to saddle up, and run after them. But I can't, the pain in my leg is too much now. I look to the EMT's, and ask them what's wrong.
    "You see, when the horse kicked you, it's horseshoe was falling out, and one of the nails struck into your leg, you're lucky to be walking with how far the nail went in. The hospital, last night, got it out of you. Do you remember last night?"
    "No," I sigh. "Not anything after the fire."
    "Lennox!" Cam comes running back, with no horse. "Lennox!"
    Author's Note: I wrote this last night, but I decided to upload it today. Hope you're liking it. Love you all. Oh, and if I get TEN faves on this chapter, I'll start posting teaser's too!

  10. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    November 9, 2012 9:57pm UTC
    October Breeze
    Chapter Two: Lennox's POV
    I pause for a second before running into the barn. The horses neigh in fear, kicking around in their stalls. I grab two at a time, and get them out. Cam runs in before me, grabbing another two. I run in hopes of getting the last two.
    The barn is full of smoke. I cover my mouth and nose with my sleeve until I feel the latch of the horse stall. Not meaning to, the horse kicks me down. The blood starts running down my leg, and I can't move it. I push myself to the last stall, and open the latch. I move out of the way so the horse doesn't hit me.
    I cover my mouth and nose, but I get dizzy.
    "Lennox," My mom calls. "Lennox?!"
    "Over," My voice is faint. "Over here..."
    "Lennox?" Her voice gets closer. She's breathing heavily.
    I feel a pair of strong hands pick me up, but I can't breathe.
    My eyes close, and everything goes black.
    * * *
    "You alright?" My mom's voice soothes me. She brushes the strands of hair out of my eyes.
    I nod, everything still blurry.
    "Is everything alright?" My voice is still scratchy.
    "Surprisingly, yes." My mom smiles at me.
    "Did all the horses get out alright?"
    My mom doesn't answer, she looks away before looking back at me. "Pegasus ran away." She doesn't make eye-contact, but I can see her eyes tearing up. Pegasus is her favorite horse, her first horse she bought for the farm.
    I sit up, and notice that I'm not in a hospital, I'm in the back of an ambulance. It's not moving, and the doors are open.
    "Can I go see it?" I rub my forehead. She nods, clearing her eyes. I get up, and walk with a limp. I see my lower pant leg cut off, and see a few stitches in my leg. I look up, and see the house, looking fine. The barn has a few black spots. I walk through it, noticing a few charred bags of grain. I walk out the back of the barn, and see the back of the house. The once perfectly straight porch is fallen into the ground. I see a small, burnt cigarette, that looks like it might've started the fire.
    Cam kicks his feet, looking at the blackened porch. He sees me, and quickly puts out a cigarette, and turns the other way.
    "Don't even think about it," I look at him. "Stop, please. I can't run after you."
    "What?" He looks at me.
    "It was you, wasn't it? Who started the fire, with those d*mn cigarettes!"
    "You don't have any proof..."
    Author's Note: Two chapters in one day? Woohoo! Well, what do you think? I know I really like this chapter. Not only does it say a lot about Lennox, but it opens up a whole new side to Cameron! Hope you're liking it.

  11. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    November 9, 2012 7:51pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  12. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    November 7, 2012 9:44pm UTC
    October Breeze
    Prologue: Lennox's POV
    The morning sunrise peaks over the blazed colored mountains, shining onto the dew covered grass. The burnt leaves on the trees crack in the small bursts of wind. Birds sing to each other while flying around in the peachy colored sky.
    I put the last small hay bale into the horses stall before wiping my hands on my faded jeans. I kick the mud off my worn boots, and open up the barn door.
    The sun hits the ranch sign, so the gold painted letters glisten.
    The letters have faded over the years, but every morning they still shine 'Mountain Valley Ranch'.
    I unlatch the fence before taking the horses out into the field.
    I sit on top of the fence, watching the horses graze in the field. Their heads pop up in unison when an unfamiliar sound of tires barrells down the driveway.
    A black BMW stops infront of my house, and my mom comes out with a fake smile on her face.
    Out of the car steps a lady in a black pencil skirt, tall heels, and a fancy button up shirt. My mom and the lady exchange a few words, laughs, followed by a handshake before approaching the car.
    Author's Note: Alright, so this was kind of short. But, it's a start, and I have a lot of high hopes for this story. I'm so happy to be writing again, and I hope you guys like this. Feedback?

  13. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    November 7, 2012 9:24pm UTC
    Witty, I'm back. And, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I hate seeing vents, and non-stories in the story section, so I'm going to write one. Not a 1D Fanfic, but a real story. And I couldn't be more excited! I've missed you so much, witty. It's good to be back.

  14. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    October 4, 2012 7:31pm UTC
    Alright, followers... I'm sorry to say... I won't be on this witty account much anymore. At all. Sorry. I'm not all that interested in what I'm writing, so.. Yeah. I love all of you, and I'm sorry. <3

  15. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 26, 2012 5:53pm UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Nine
    Liam's P.O.V
    Why did I tell her I liked her?
    She has a boyfriend. She'd never like me.
    I shake it out of my head, and take a shower.
    After my shower, I look out my bedroom window, noticing Ronnie's is right there.
    She's taped something on her window.
    I focus my eyes to read it.
    'Sorry I ran, I'm scared'.
    I shake my head and laugh a little.
    I lay down in my bed with my hands behind my head.
    . . .
    "Liam," A small voice comes from behind me on the way to my bus stop.
    I turn around to see a bare face, belonging to Ronnie.
    "Hey," I look down, not really knowing what to do.
    "Can I talk to you for a sec?" She half smiles. I nod, and we walk to the bus stop.
    "So, listen... Before you say anything, I'm sorry for even telling you I like you."
    "It's okay." She laughs. "I just came to tell you that I think I like you too.
    "Wow, really?" I'm shocked.
    The most beautiful girl I've ever met, likes me too.
    "Yeah, why does that shock you?" She stands at the bus stop, slowly crossing her arms.
    "I, I don't know." I'm still speechless.
    "Alright, well, come see me after school, the bus is coming."
    "Bye," I pause. "Ronnie."
    I whisper her name, loving the feeling of it on my cold lips.
    Comment to be notified people!

  16. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 24, 2012 6:51pm UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Eight
    Ronnie's P.O.V
    He said what? I raise my eyebrows.
    I can't like him, I'm supposed to like Carter.
    "I gotta go." I run away. I run all the way to my house.
    I don't even look back to see if Liam is behind me.
    I slam the door behind me, and see my dad with a small cupcake.
    "We're not moving," He smiles. "I didn't know how to tell you, so I got you this."
    "Thaaaaaanks." I plop down.
    My dad goes straight into his office.
    After eating the cupcake, I look out the window.
    I see Liam shuffling down the road, his hands in his pockets.
    His head is shifted downwards.
    I really screwed things up. I didn't know him for long.
    I trusted him with my life though.
    I could actually call him a friend, and now I'm hiding from him.
    I walk outside, and take a deep breath.
    He's gone. He was just there? Where'd he go?
    I find a small peice of cardboard in my driveway, with black smudges.
    'It's okay, I always get rejected. I was crazy to ever think I had a chance with a beautiful girl like you. And, ps, stop smoking, you're too pretty to die young.'
    I laugh to myself, and go inside.
    I sit down, wanting to apologize, but I can't figure out how.
    I plop down onto my bed, and notice the sunset poking through the clouds.
    I get up to close my window, but in the window across from mine, I see Liam.
    He takes off his flannel shirt. I'm supposed to look away.
    I don't mean to be creepy, but his body is enchanting.
    I look away, and plop down to my bed.
    When I said I wanted to fall in love, I didn't think it'd actually happen.
    So, I gave Liam a long chapter, to kinda help explain things I guess?
    I dunno.
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    Forgot to do this last time, Ronnie's Outfit:

  17. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 23, 2012 7:21pm UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Seven
    Liam's P.O.V
    I get home from target practice, at about seven thirty.
    After a quick shower, I plop down onto the couch, and watch some TV.
    I see a pair of headlights pull into Ronnie's driveway/
    She's home! I go outside to greet her, but she runs into her house, crying.
    I go back inside, wishing I had her number.
    I finish up my algebra homework, and lay down in my bed.
    I can't help but wonder what happened. I want her to be okay.
    After I get off the bus, I walk to her house.
    I knock on the door, and to my surprise, she answers.
    "Hey," She sighs. She looks like a mess.
    Her once perfectly tanned cheeks are now red and puffy.
    Her beautiful smile is turned into a frown.
    "Hey," I say. "I just wanted to stop by, and see if you were alright."
    "That's really nice of you." She looks to me. "And, frankly...I'm not alright."
    "Mind telling me what happened?"
    "Um, how about you give me ten minutes, and I'll be outside."
    I sit on her front steps until she comes outside.
    She's dressed in something the girls where I grew up would never wear.
    But, she looked beautiful. We walk down the road.
    It's covered in fallen leaves, and puddles from the early rain.
    We stop at the end of our road, and sit on the hill.
    "You'll think my fmaily crazy," Her voice cracks.
    "Doubt it." I feel my face blush.
    "When my mom came home the other day," She pauses.
    "She tried overdosing on pills. She died in the ICU yesterday."
    She begins crying. I'm clueless, I don't know what to do.
    "I lost my dad two months ago, that's why we moved here, to get away from the memories."
    "My dad always talks about moving," She looks down to her bright shoes.
    "Oh..." I'm not sure what to say.
    "He wants us to move next week." She wipes her eyes.
    "Please don't," I say. "I'm starting to fall for you, Ronnie."
    So, I gave Liam a long chapter, to kinda help explain things I guess?
    I dunno.
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  18. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 23, 2012 5:35pm UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Six
    Ronnie's P.O.V
    "Hey beautiful," Carter's familiar voice says. "Funny seeing you here."
    "Shut up." I turn away from him.
    "Listen, Ronn..." He tries to grab my arm, but I don't let him. "Please?"
    "Just stop, okay? Now isn't the time." I move towards the door.
    "Why are you even here then? You know I work here."
    "You think I'm here to see you?" I turn back against him, fighting the tears.
    I grew up with the mindset that if you cry infront of people,
    they'll think you're weak. I'm not supposed to be weak.
    "Of course you are," He laughs. "You love me too."
    "Carter, my mom tried overdosing on pills, the last person I wanted to see
    was you." He gives me a look, and walks away.
    I didn't mean it. I promise, I didn't mean it. Carter, come back.
    I can't talk, if I talk, I'll break down. I'll cry, and I'll look weak.
    The nurse comes out, and pulls me aside.
    "Your mom," She takes a long pause. "Something went wrong."
    Something went wrong?
    Something went wrong?
    She's going to die?
    I fall to the ground in tears.
    I'm done being strong, I can't do it anymore.
    "I'm so sorry, Veronica..." My dad comes over.
    He kneels beside me, putting his hand on my shoulder.
    "She's not going to die," The nurse tries to reassure.
    My dad whispers something to her, then they both look at me.
    "She's in the ICU, they're doing the best they can."
    "They're not going to do good enough," I cry. "You always see it in the movies, something goes wrong, and the mom dies, I don't want my life to be like a d*mn movie, I want her to be okay."
    "Nurse Ang," A doctor comes running out. "We lost her."
    Is it bad that I almost cried while reading this? I think so.
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  19. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 22, 2012 11:15am UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Five
    Ronnie's P.O.V
    I've never been close to my family, I'm the rebellious one.
    They always look down on me, with their noses in the air.
    But today, they'll praise me for helping my mom.
    My dad and I pull into the parking lot of the hospital.
    We see the ambulance parked by the doors, and we run in.
    Dad can't talk, he's out of breath, and nervous.
    "My mom," I let my breathing regulate. "She was just sent here."
    "Alright, your names, and her name please." She says.
    "I'm Veronica, my dad is Timothy, and my mom is Sandra Fuller."
    She types her name into the computer, and looks at me.
    "She's going to undergo surgery, if I could talk to your dad for a few minutes..."
    I pace around the lobby until my dad comes over.
    He puts his strong hand on my shoulder.
    "She's going to be in here for awhile, if she makes it through..."
    I sit down, my stomach is churning. I feel sick.
    If? If she makes it through? What's that supposed to mean?
    "I tried to save her," I cry. "I didn't know what to do, it's my fault."
    My dad keeps telling me it's not my fault.
    I know it's my fault, I could've told her I loved her, but I didn't.
    "It's all my fault," I whisper to myself, not hearing the footsteps behind me.
    alllright. so, no comments about that? okayy. awwwk. well, hope you guys liked this chapter. short chapter, sorry. kinda busy with stuff, so i hope you guys liked it. comment to be notified, i lost my list.

  20. xendlessdreamerx xendlessdreamerx
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    September 20, 2012 2:43pm UTC
    Whisper My Name
    Chapter Four
    Liam's P.O.V
    After I whisper my name, I see her smile.
    Her bright smile makes my day so much better.
    She's the only person in this town to acknowledge me.
    My parents don't even know I exist. I'm just their tag-along.
    "Well, Liam..." Ronnie says. "My dad's home, so we're going to head out."
    "Nice to talk to you again, see you tomorrow?" I ask her, not wanting to leave.
    "Eh, I don't think I'll be at school... Come by my house sometime?"
    "After school, tomorrow?" A smile forms upon my face, I get to see her again.
    "Sounds good." She waves me out of her driveway, and falls into her dads arms.
    He's a tall man, well dressed. Must work in an office.
    Heavy built, could kick my a*s anyday.
    I walk into my house, and turn on the radio before starting my homework.
    Everything about Ronnie makes me smile.
    I open the blinds to let some light in, and see Ronnie sitting on her front step.
    She's smoking a cigarette. You've got to be kidding me.
    When I see her put almost a full cigarette out, I sigh in relief.
    She hurries into her dad's car, and they speed off.
    I can't help but wonder what happened in that house.
    I know this is short, but throughout the story, Liam's chapters will be short. Like Liam's POV, or should I stick with Ronnie's? Comment below what you think. (:


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