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nAyMe*kRiStEn iNtErEsTz*cHeErLeAdiNg*sKiiNg*mUsiC*MY GURLZ!*..and oF cOuRsE *yOu* iM me and I hOpe yA lYkE mY sTuF-tRiEd mY bEsT =D
  1. xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2004 4:42pm UTC
    xOx*lOoK iN hEr eYeZ*xOx
    ((TeLl Me WuT yOu SeE))
    ->WuTz ThErE In HeR<-
    Xx..That Isn't In Me..xX
    You Don't Realize How I Feel Inside
    You Don't Know How Much I've Cried
    I Thought You Were My Best Friend
    But I Guess That Came To An End..<\3
    ^i mAyDe ThOzE mYsElF<-so proud lol don't ask i hope ya like em!
    *~Best Friend Is 10 Letters~*
    xOx..So Is LyiNg b.i.t.c.h..xOx
    ->sMiLe AnD aCt LyKe NuThiNz WrOnG<-
    <3..iTz CaLlEd PuTtiN sHyT aSyDe..<3
    *::AnD bEiNg StRoNg::*
    If I Saved All Of The Tears I Had Cried
    I Would Drown You In Them....<\33
    *HuGz N KiSsEz*
    xOx..ThE 1 aNd OnLi

  2. xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX
    posted a quote
    February 1, 2004 7:14am UTC
    xOx..Fate Fell Short This Time..xOx
    ..xOxYour Smile Fades In ThexOx..
    -->PlAcE yOuR hAnD iN mYnE<--
    *:.I'lL lEaVe WeN i WaNnA.:*
    ^our dance! lmao ash ilusm
    ShaKe iT sHaKe ShAkE ShAkE ShAkE iT oOoOo...<-ash and bec! our dance thingy lmao ilugsm
    xOx..Kristen -N- AsH..xOx

  3. xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX
    posted a quote
    February 1, 2004 6:54am UTC
    Not SisTeRz bY bLoOd*BuT sIsTeRz By HeArT*
    PeOpLe wOnDeR wHy We ArE nEvEr ApArT*:.
    loTz Of LaUgHz..AnD eVeN cRiEs
    OuR fRiEnDsHiP lAsTz AnD nEvEr DiEz
    iT nEvEr bReAkZ oR bEnDz......
    ThAt'Z wHy I cAlL u GuYz mY *::BEST FRIENDZ::*
    -xOx-An oRiGiNaL cReAsHuN By KriS aNd AsH-xOx-

  4. xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX xOxOuTkAsTbAbii3XoX
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2004 4:12pm UTC
    -_NoT tHe SaMe gUrL i UsEd Ta Be_-
    *i'Ll hAfTa AdMiT*
    ((s.H.y.T GoT tA mE))
    xOx-LoTz oF lUv-xOx


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