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Behind The Barbie
Emma, Marley, Alaria, Lina♥ â�¥
Summer Semester- and it's Emma Marley Lina and Alaria against everyone.
Mind you, they'll have no problem- they can just raid Daddy's bank account for anything they want.
They're gorgeous, yes. And new-girl Marley is adpating to their luxurious lifestyle well, without her accent she could've been born in LA.
It's thanks to Alaria- the sweetheart who'll accept you if you're true&beautiful- like her clique.
 But will she bite anyone's backs?
As they all come across problems, it comes down to whether your bestfriends really are there for you...

  1. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    September 24, 2011 9:34am UTC
    Behind The Barbie...
    Marley's POV
    Chapter 8
    As the bell rang, the students all slid their books into their bags, and Emma turned to me.
    'So, you're hanging with us, right Marley?'
    'Sure, if that's okay.' I smiled.
    As we linked arms, Alaria was waiting for us outside the classroom, with a face like thunder.
    'Guys, you have to see this.'
    She grabbed Emmas' wrist and pulled her quickly, with me tagging on.
    Suddenly, I heard someone call me name.
    As I turned around, I saw Lina running up. I realised Alaria was running faster, away from here. what was going on.
    As we approached the girls toilets, Alaria pulled us all into one cubicle, and collapsed on the closed seat.
    'Lina made a tape, a mix tape, of her talking. It sounds like an audition but I'm not that sure.'
    'An audition?' Emma questioned.
    'Like, singing?'
    'No. It sounds like she's trying to get accepted into another clique or something.'
    'Huh?' I asked.
    'Lina made a tape, listing our flaws and why she 'hates' us. Everything, like last summer when I slipped over into the pool with my dress on, and the time Emma had that ear infection. Even about you, sorry Marley.'
    'ME?!' We hadn't even known eachother an hour and I was the hot hate topic of the moment. I sank down, and closed my eyes.
    'But...' Alaria continued.
    'I've got the CD she recorded it on!'
    She produced a shiny CD with Lina written in marker on the front.
    'But, I bet that's not the only copy.' Emma sighed.
    'I don't know.' remarked Alaria.
    Like it?Then:
    C | F | F |♥

  2. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    September 5, 2011 3:17pm UTC
    Behind The Barbie
    Alaria POV
    I got to school just in time to see all people waiting for me,"Wheres Lina?" I snapped at Emma. She just shrugged her shoulders, and look at the red head. "Who are you?" I snorted. "I'm Marley." they girl said. I turned my back to see Lina strutting her stuff. "LINA!" I yelled hugging her. "Laria." She said back. We talked about our summer vacations for awhile longer, until the bell rang. "Well I better go do announcements! Bye ladies." I said in a preppy voice. I walked to the movie studio, to see Lina in the movie room. No one else was in there, but her and she wasnt even part of the announcement group. She was recording something, so I stopped and listened to everything she said. She bitched about me and Marley,the new girl, and even Emma. I knew I would have to tell the other girls, so when she left I took the cd she recorded it on, and put it in my backpack. I knew that me and the girls were going to have to do something about this.
    Like it?
    Then, C|F|F♥

  3. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    September 1, 2011 7:30pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  4. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 31, 2011 1:24pm UTC
    Behind The Barbie...
    Marley's POV
    Chapter 5
    As I swiftly slid my car into a space, my stomach twisted over.
    I checked my bronzer in the car mirror, just to check it wasn't blotchy.
    It was fine. I never used to wear it but all the American girls would be tanned and gorgeous.
    I looked at my straight red hair. I'd twisted my bangs back and plaited some underneath sections.
    I look a little bit like Ariana Grande sometimes, today was one of those days.
    I stepped out of the car, with my Louis Vuitton shoulder bag containing my makeup bag, hairbrush and nothing else.
    As I locked the car, I headed towards the room I recognized as Tutor, from my visit earlier this month.
    What do they call tutors in America? I wondered.
    Suddenly, I saw a girl, standing with her friend, and a boy.
    The girls had big teased hair, and I vaguely recognized one.
    Suddenly, the girl I recognized with the bleach-blonde hair saw me.
    She waved and smiled, beckoning me over.
    I smiled, keeping my cool, and walked over to where they were standing.
    'Marley! You remember me, Alaria, right?'
    'Yeah.' I was relived to see a friendly face.
    'This is my best friend Emma, and this is Brendyn.'
    'Hey guys.' I smiled, they all seemed really nice.
    Emma pulled me into a hug.
    'Alaria, she's gorgeous!'
    'Hey!' I laughed, but i was glad of the compliments.
    As the bell rang, Brendyn filtered off and Emma's face sunk.
    'I'm sure he'll come back for you later,' I smiled, trying to make her happier.
    She smiled.
    Then She linked mine and Alaria's arms, and said:
    'This will be the best Summer Semester ever! We're all going to be best friends!'
    And, although what she'd said sounded slushy, I was so relieved.
    I was going to fit in, with these rich, gorgeous, funny girls.
    Who were just like me.
    And the fake-ness?
    Well, I could adapt to that.
    Then, a tall beautiful girl sauntered towards us.
    'LINA!' Alaria shouts, grinning.
    She was pulled into a hug, and Alaria dragged me in too.
    'Who's the stunner?' The girl asked coolly...
    Like it?Then:
    C | F | F |♥

  5. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 31, 2011 10:51am UTC
    BehindTheBarbie...Emma's POV
    "Daddy!" I called as I was putting on my makeup. Bronzer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipgloss. He came rushing into my room. "What do you want princess?" "Can I go shopping tonight with the girls after school?" Of course sweetheart be home by 12." With that he walked out. I texted my girls telling them were going shopping and bring money right after school. They all said they can. I looked in the mirror, my skinny jeans with of course holes, my pumps, and a hot pink cheeteh shirt that stopped at my stomach. My hair was beach blonde pin straight with my beautiful green eyes. I looked great so I walked downstairs to breakfast. Our cook was making me french toast. "Here you go sweetie, I made them special just for you," Debra said. I ate it and it was delish. "Honey come here! I want to take pictures of you with your little brother and sister to remember this day!" my mother said. "Uuugh! You better make it quick." I got a picture with my baby brother Jaden who is 2. I picked him up and held him. He is my favorite sibling. He calls me Emmy because he can't pronouce it fully. He loves spending time with me. I love him to death and will let nothing hurt him. I had to set him down to take a picture with Amber now. Uugh she was annoying. Shes 9 and thinks shes all that but really, I want to kill her. I put a fake smile to my face and pretended I liked her for the picture. When my mom was done I ran to my black convertable and turned up the radio and drove off. She Will by Lil Wayne and Drake was on so I cranked it up. I texted Alaria, I was closer with her than the other girls. Me: larr!<3 im almost at school meet me by the drinking ftns?Larrr<33: emmmss(: okkay im waiting! I pulled up to school and saw Lar, I ran up and hugged her and went into the bathroom teasing our hair. We always do this. She teases mine I tease hers. It was huge so we walked out and saw new hot guys. I started flirting with one(; His name was Brendyn. He was tan with brown eyes and hair was brown that was spiked. "Hey,you new here?" I asked him. "Yeah first day." He said. "I'll show you around and become good friends come on!" I started showing him all around and then I got to know him. He was really cute and sweet, hopefully we become friends, or more than that.

  6. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2011 5:46pm UTC
    Behind The Barbie
    Alaria POV
    I flipped my bleach blonde hair out of the way, to lather my cover up, and mascara on. I had to make my mascara look great, I mean everyone loved my eyes, I go so many compliments about them, pure baby blue eyes, that and my bleach blonde hair. I walked down stairs to see my Mum and Pa sitting at the kitchen table. "Bye honey, I'm going to work." Pa said. I waved at him, until he left the door. I gave my Mum a stern look, "I hate him." I said to her. "Alaira, money baby money." She said. I looked over at her and smiled. My owned a plastic company, which made us filthy rich, and my mom of course worked at a tanning salon, its not like she needed any money, just the tan. I got spray tanned every night, so I could look flawless every moment of everyday. Not that I didn't anyway. I got into my car, and drove off to school, after I got there, I parked and strutted my stuff up to the stairs. Cause baby I'm a star.
    Like it?
    Then, C|F|F♥

  7. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2011 5:27pm UTC
    Behind The Barbie...
    Lina's POV
    Chapter Two
    "Lina!" my mother shouts. "Breakfast!"
    I quickly throw on my white Jimmy Choo heels, and look in the mirror one last time to make sure I look perfect.
    My light caramel colored waves sit on my shoulders, looking glossy, and alive. My skin has a glow to it, and my thick eyelashes bring out my grayish green eyes. Lovely, I thought, and rush downstairs.
    "Morning Lina! Good luck on the first day!" my dad says as he hurries out the door for work.
    "Bye, daddy!" I say, and sit down for breakfast.
    I'm chewing on toast, and fiddling with my Juicy charm bracelet when, my mother walks in, her favorite Prada purse on her left arm. "Ready?" she asked me.
    I swallow, and say, "What?"
    "I have to take you to school, your brother borrowed your car. His broke down." she explained.
    I groan. My mother drives me to school, on the first day? I'm ruined. "Fine, let me grab my things."
    I grab my things and head downstairs, my mother's not in sight. James one of out butlers said that shes waiting in the car. I nod and head out the door.
    I hop into the car, and mom drives off immediately.
    "Lina, look out for Melanie at school, will you?" she asks.
    "Mom!" I groan.
    "Lina Beatrice O'Donnell, she is your cousin. Treat her like it." My mother yells.
    I sink down in my seat. "Whatever."
    The rest of the ride is nothing, but silence. "Have a good day." Mom says, as she pulls up to the school.
    "Bye, Mom." I say, and slowly get out.
    I walk up to the school, getting greeted by everyone I pass.
    I smile, this is exactly how I wanted to start off my year.
    Like it?
    Then, C|F|F♥

  8. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 27, 2011 9:23am UTC
    Behind The Barbie...
    Marley's POV
    Chapter 1
    'Hey, Mum.' I smile, as my Mum sweeps into the living room, picks up a magazine, and delicately sinks into a white leather settee. Can you sink into a chair delicately?
    'Darling, you have school tomorrow. Are you properly ready?' She questions me. As if I need reminding about it, I'm scared already.
    A British girl, starting at an American 'High School?' WITH An accent?
    'Muuuuum, please don't make me go. Can't you home-school me or something? They're all going to take the mickey!'
    'Sweetie, you know as well as I do it's looks not books in my case. Now, don't be daft. You said you were pumped!'
    'Mum. Seriously. Do not say 'pumped' ever again. You're as English as the rest of us.'
    Mum peers at me over the top of her fashion Magazine. Her sleekly arched eyebrows are raised. I can tell she's smirking.
    'Sure, Marley. I'll never say it in front of you again. Just in front of your new, hip school friends.'
    As I'm about to cut her short for that, my Dad comes in.
    My Dad really is American, although he met my Mum in England, where I was born.
    He's great, my Dad.
    'Marley! Hey gorgeous, you're catching up looks with your Mom! Still after those model dreams? Because, I tell you, at this school, you'll have no problem. They run a senior course on it...'
    I open my eyes wide in disbelief.
    Mum smiles.
    'YOU KNEW!' I laugh, and hug her.
    Exactly the motivation I needed to get 'pumped' for school.
    Like it?Then:
    C | F | F |♥

  9. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2011 10:21am UTC
    <div style="background-color:#000000;">

  10. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2011 10:06am UTC
    Behind The Barbie...
    Four Girls; Best friends.
    They are all rich. They all get what they want.
    They do what they like.
    And nobody tries to stop them.
    Read, Behind The Barbie, COMING SOON

  11. witty_writers_x witty_writers_x
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2011 10:49am UTC
    You're desparate to be in a story collab...
    And you're a brilliant writer. So why hasn't anybody asked you yet?!
    Calling all collab-seekers. You're needed in this collab. We're taking on three skilled writers to start a story of four rich young friends who have a dark secret behind them...
    No previous experience needed, but comment if you definitely want to be in it, and then comment this account with a way to get the password to you;
    If You want to do this, comment NOW:)
    Format by Sandrasaurus


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