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boysoverflowers · 1 decade ago
hahahhaaaaa you make me laugh :)
about time someone said this

hellomisspam · 1 decade ago
I love your hair. It's so pretty.

FakeSpotters · 1 decade ago
You've been proven fake.

IdBangThat · 1 decade ago

AppleJuice · 1 decade ago
Smile, you’re beautiful. ♥
Nice hair ! :)

xox_bow_down_betch_xox · 1 decade ago
nice profile pic...google? i found it on there haha nice nice c:

celinaxolynn · 1 decade ago
i like how the 'wittypolice' person acts like theyre a real police officer. she cant do anything about this. and she doesnt even spell correctly. (=

MaggieLou24 · 1 decade ago
so wewilljockyou is a fake...i was on facebook about a week ago taking a quiz and oneof the pictures for the results was ^^HER profile pic^^

rawrily2 · 1 decade ago
HAHHA i went on your profile, read the description, and laauughedd my asss offf foreverr ahahahahahaha i lovee that(: hahah actually i dont mothers.... made my day(: THANK YOUSOOO MUCHHH

xdanielle3 · 1 decade ago
heyy, you're right. they do freak out too much. personally i kinda think its funny. i mean i wouldnt do it for myself because making quotes is fun an imma computer nerd haha. i just wanted you to know that im not like, idk stupid and uptight like a lotta girls on here. its wierd, i mean its just a website. if this was facebook and somebody stole your status, are you gonna freak out on them too? idk just maybe dont comment back on them because then they KNOW that you dont care. haha..

WittyPolice · 1 decade ago
You've been reported, again.

blondy0x97 · 1 decade ago
haha your profile made me smille:) keep it up!

suicidaltouchh_x · 1 decade ago
haha, you're honestly a legend. good work, 'causing so much drama. aha.

WittyPolice · 1 decade ago
Hello. Nice box you got up there. We have been getting numerous complaints about you.
We would much appreciate it if you would lay off the quote jocking.
We understand you do it because it posses people off. We don't care. Good for you. Go someone else off. Witty is a place for girls and guys to come and express their feelings without any interruption and to try and get on top quotes or vent or whatever their goal is. And having jockers such as yourself on the site, doesn't make the experience fun, okay?
Please lay off. Make sone if your own quotes. Maybe you'll like it! Because people off is a very sad way to entertain yourself.


dreamgirl5196 · 1 decade ago
yeah i loove your hair style, what do you say to a hairstylist for that kind of style? btw.. i have a quote about jocking on my page too, check it out.. or uhmm jock it or watever yu wanna do lmao

sunshinex124 · 1 decade ago
I agree with you about Jocking quotes. Its a fricken quote,calm ur f'in ,lmao, well just wanted to sayy! Feel free to jock my quotess! XD I find it a compliment,but my quotes arn't even good,lol

prettyroxygid · 1 decade ago
Ur Hair Is Geourgas

SmileyAly101 · 1 decade ago
Is that really you in your picture? because if it is your hair is ahh-mazing :)

kellovesjoe · 1 decade ago
i love your hair lol whats your name i looked at your profile your right they peeps freak out there retarded..aha

xxLOveToDAncExx3 · 1 decade ago
i agree with you i mean people make such a big deal about jocking like who the hell cares? its a QUOTE big deall!!!! so wat get over yourself and btw u look sooo pretty(:


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