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MeeAndYoou happy birthday! · 1 decade ago
Thanks. You're gorgeous :) & I'm not just saying that to return the favor :)
& I know :/ Adam tells me that all the time. He says 'You deserve so much better than him you know. He should be treating you like a princess, not like s h i t.' So I don't think love is really worth going through all that :/

libbie · 1 decade ago
Hey, You don't have to do this but it would mean alot :D if you could maybe check out some of my quotes? :)
M'kayy bye , thanks :B

dylan_ · 1 decade ago
Hi, I know how annoying these are but I really want an impressive number before she wakes up so fave? please and thanks~

typicalteengirl · 1 decade ago
haha yeah, i know its true for me that whenever i got a favorite on a quote im like so happy hah.

Blondy121 · 1 decade ago
I love your quotes you are like me (; liking everybodys quotes to make their days! Were like twins HAH:)

typicalteengirl · 1 decade ago
okay! no problem!

patonrice · 1 decade ago
hello amazing wittian. I'm patonrice. I'm currently writing a story called Quicksilver and I really need feedback on parts 3 & 4 Would you mind going and reading them and commenting some feedback on the part?? Anyone who reads parts 3 & 4 and gives me feed back I'll follow! And don't be affraid to fav if you actually like it:)Thanks so much!


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