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* Sabaism * · 9 years ago
That is so cute. Oml.
He should like get one half of the triforce and you get the other half so it's only complete when you two are together. Oml aw.
Anywho. That is really cool and cute and adorable in a nerdy way. But nerds are awesome so rock on, yo.

poodlelomein35 · 9 years ago
What song?

therecklessandthebrave · 9 years ago
I love him!

potatoesforlife · 9 years ago
i love you for your taste in music \m/

TheMorticiansDaughter* · 9 years ago
I wish my boyfriend was nerdy <3...or real...#foreversingle

Atira · 9 years ago
I don't know if this band is considered postcore, but I know Porject 86 has some christmas music. I just know they're a heay rock band, and they're good, so you could check out some of their christmas songs if you wanted to. I personally only heard part of one, I think.


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