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                  I'm here if anyone needs to talk.  I'll always listen, and if you leave a comment I'll reply whenever I get on. I love reading, writing, and painting. Im currently writing The Guardian(on hold) and have finished writing I AM MUTE. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day! Oh by the way, Jesus loves you! <3
  1. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    November 17, 2014 10:03am UTC
    Someone needs to invent a blind with a built-in-heater, 20 degrees with snow and sleet. But I love it

  2. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2014 8:55pm UTC
    My God's not dead He's surely alive,He's living on the inside roaring like a lionLet heaven roar,and fire fall,come shake the ground with the sound of revival

  3. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2014 9:39pm UTC
    Some days are hard,Same days are easy,But everyday is different.

  4. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2014 9:25pm UTC
    I'll be your shelter, I'll be your storm, I'll make you shiver, I'll keep you warm.

  5. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2014 7:53pm UTC
    Yeah, the ink may stain my skin,and my jeans may all be ripped.I'm not perfect, but I swear I'mperfect for you.-The cab: Endlessly

  6. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    May 24, 2014 9:10pm UTC
    She's talking to angels,
    Counting the stars,
    Making a wish on passing cars

  7. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    May 24, 2014 9:06pm UTC
    I'm the sunshine in your hair,
    I'm the shadow on the ground,
    I'm the whisper in the wind,
    I'm your imaginary friend,
    And I know I'm in your prayers,
    I'm already there.

  8. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2014 5:42pm UTC
    You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing.
    -Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars

  9. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2014 5:29pm UTC
    It seems like I'm a completely different person now than when I first joined Witty.

  10. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    March 11, 2014 11:08pm UTC
    Jesus loves you.

  11. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    January 13, 2014 10:51pm UTC
    Your amazing :)

  12. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    January 10, 2014 7:01pm UTC
    Mason is in remission now! He gets to come home for 13 days, but they might have to go back to St. Judds. They have had nothing but bad luck since being home. Pray that all goes well and he gets to stay his alouted time.

  13. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    December 23, 2013 12:15am UTC
    For any of you who are interested, Mason is doing okay. He had a fight with a fever and an infection, but he is doing better. His counts are finally starting to go up, and with any luck, he will get to come home for christmas. Please keep praying for him and us all. We want our little cowboy home for christmas. Go Team Mason! Keep fighting bubby!

  14. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    November 7, 2013 7:17pm UTC
    Can you please pray for my baby cusin? He just turned four on the 30th and and is now diagnosed with lukemia. He needs prayers and so do his parents. We all need them.

  15. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    September 7, 2013 9:44pm UTC
    The Guardian
    Chapter 5:
    Even without animal hearing, I could hear something chasing us. And it didnt sound human, so I didnt look back. I was to terrified to anyways. I've seen some pretty scary and crazy things being a gaurdian, esspecially being a guardian to the mother tree. By the time we made it out of the city, we lost it, and we were panting for air. We kept running until we couldnt see or hear the city anymore. I fell to my knees, breathing hard, and let the book I didnt know i was still holding fall to the gound. Sohan put his hand on my back.
    "Are you okay?" he asked.
    I looked up and smiled at him weakly.
    "Im....fine." I panted. He didnt looked convinced. Anik knelt beside me and gently removed my backpack from my shoulders. With its wieght gone I could breath easier.
    "Thank you." I took a deep breat, then shakily stood up. Sohan picked up the book and handed it to me. I took it and wobbled slightly. Both boys grabbed me around the waist and growled at each other after. I stepped away, afraid to get in the middle of their fight. I looked at them, they were glowering at each other. I sighed, sat down against a tree and closed my eyes.
    My energy was decreasing. Along with my life. Hopefully we can find a cure for the mother tree, if not we're both doomed. I could feel the tree i was leaning against offer me some of its energy. I smiled and took a little.
    "Thank you." I said softly.
    well yall i know this is really short and that i havent wrote in a while, but schools started, and ive been babysittin every weekend and ive just had no time at all to sit down and type. So im really sorry and hate to do this to those that are reading this but im gonna have to put my story on hold for now, and my stop altogther but maybe not, so for now im down typring, but ill still come on witty when i get the chance. thats to those who always read my storys, yall know who yall are and yall are special (Hint Hint Hasoxtina). So bye for now. See yall later.

  16. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    August 13, 2013 2:37pm UTC
    Where did my summer go? School starts tomorrow!

  17. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 12:38pm UTC
    The Guardian
    Chapter 4:
    I woke up with a start, and started looking around for whatever had woke me up, then I realized I just fell out of bed. Anik walked in, then smiled when he saw me sprawled out on the floor.
    "Good morning." he said helping me up off the floor. He looked really tired like henwas up all night.
    "Were you up all night?" I asked him.
    "No, not all night."
    I stared at him.
    "What? I did sleep. For and hour, or so. Until I got wacked up side the head with a book."
    I rolled my eyes at him and asked, "Wheres Sohan at?"
    "Asleep. And it was a job getting him to sleep. He does not trust me."
    "Why dont you get some sleep, and I'll research some."
    "No. I told Sohan I wouldnt sleep until he woke up. That was the only way he would go to sleep."
    "Dont worry, I"ll be fine. Theres nothing that could hurt me here that couldnt hurt me in the wild. I'll make sure to wake you before Sohan gets up. Alright?"
    He sighed in defeat, his blue eyes slowly closeing. "Alright fine. But you better wake me."
    I smiled softly. "I will." I said then I gave him a gental shove towards his room. Within seconds I heard him snoring. "Man." I said softly to myself when I walked by Sohan's room and heard him snoring to, "These boys cant stay up pat 24 hours."
    I slowly made my way down the stairs to the kitchen, and poured myself a glass of water before going to the libary. I took one look at the libary then stopped in my tracks. It was a huge mess. Books and papers were scattered everywhere, there were ink stains on the table, chairs and the floor from exploded inkpens. I spun around on my heel and opened the cleaning closet down the hall. I grapped a basket and filled it with enviormental safe cleaning products, dusting and cleaning rags and a carpet brush. I grabbed a hand held vacume cleaner and a broom and dust pan, then I headed back to the libary. I was mostly done cleaning when I noticed a book under the table. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the table to get it. Then I hit my head in excitment.
    It was a book of prophicies!
    "Yes!" I exclaimed.
    "What?" I hit my head again. I crawled put from under the table and stood up rubbing my head.
    "I found somethind." I looked up at both of the boys. Anik's jaw was red as if he had been punched. Which he probly had been since I forgot to wake him up.
    "You didnt wake me up." he scowled and crossed his arms.
    "Sorry." I said rubbing my head again.
    "Did you clean or did you research?" Sohan asked me.
    "I found something didnt I?"
    "Well then lets see it." He said reaching his hand out toward me. I tightened my hold on the book.
    "No. I want to study it first."
    "Well then study it." I nodded then sat down at the now clean table. Anik and Sohan came and hovered over my shoulder. I looked up at them.
    "Do you guys mind? I cant concentrate with you guys hovering over my shoulder."
    "Sorry." Anik said then he sat across from me. Sohan tapped my shoulder then asked,
    "When was the last time you ate? You havent ate since you've been here."
    "I, ate. Before I came." I wasnt about to tell him that I havent been eating. Ive just been relying on the trees for energy.
    "How long before you came?"
    "I dont know, a few days mabey." I lied.
    "You need to eat."
    "I will. Later."
    "Now!" By this piont he was practically growling at me. Anik was just sitting and watching us wordlessly.
    I sighed in defeat. He wouldnt stop until I ate even if it meant he force feed me.
    "Fine. Bring me my backpack."
    He brought me my backpack and I took out a bag of freeze dried apples. I took one out and popped it in my mouth then set the bag aside. I looked at Sohan.
    "Happy now?"
    "No." But he shut up and sat down.
    Honestly, my appietite had completlely vanished since i got sick. I havent acually eaten in over a year. I just let the trees supply me with energy. But Sohan wasnt about to find that out. He would be furious. He is my tempoary proftector after all, until I find my real one. So thats what he does or tries to do really, Protect me. But hes not very good at. I looked down at the book I was holding, and started to open it. Then I froze. Something wasnt right.
    Something was here. For us. Me.
    "Guys, we need to leave. Now!" I said.
    They didnt question me or hesitate. They both ran and grapped their bags. They beat me to the door even. We walked out cautiously. Both boys had their noses in the air, smelling.
    "What do you smell?" I wispherd to Sohan.
    "I dont know. I've never come across it before."
    "I have, and you dont want to know what it is. Run!" Anik said.
    We ran,
    I just posted this whole chapter last night but then witty loged me out. It only saved the first few paragraphs. I sorry I would have posted this last night but witty made me mad.Im sorry I havent been uploading, summer has been crazy busy. Please for give me? Do ya think yall can find it in your loving witty hearts to forgive pwease;). Yall are amazing readers. Love hearing from yall. I would write more now but my brother is being mean and I have to give him the labtop. Sorry guys. But ill try to write more tonight. Love my amazing readers

  18. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2013 7:19pm UTC
    The Guardian
    Chapter 3:
    "A wolf?" I ask confused.
    "Yes. A wolf"
    "Counter. Ordering." He said through clenched teeth. "Now he's comming this way."
    A guy with mud brown hair and bright blue eyes walked by our table. He paused for a second, wrinklked his nose, then countinued to a table three tables down from ours.
    "What?" I asked Sohan who was making a strange face.
    "He smells." And at that I started laughing. Really loud. "Whats so funny" Sohan asked scowling.
    "You." I managed to gasp. The guy Sohan claimed is a wolf looked at us and smiled softly.
    "Im throwing this away." Sohan said getting up. He must be upset if he was throwing food away. A few seconds later, a guy said softly in my ear,
    "Are you Kora Peach Tree? The Guardian?"
    I turned around and found myself staring into the bright, deep blue eyes of the guy that was suppose to be a wolf.
    "Yes. I heard myself say without thinking.
    He smiled at me, held out his hand and said,
    "Im Anik green. I was told I had to-" He stopped suddenly then said, "Do you know that you were dinning with a tiger?"
    He just nodded, then stiffened as Sohan returned.
    "What are you doing here wolf-boy?" Sohan growled venomously.
    "Following a Tree. What are you doing here Stripes?" Anil replied calmly.
    "Im here with my cousin, so back off!"
    "Im sorry, but I cant."
    "Why you little-" Sohan got cut off by me laughing again.
    "You two are just like a werewolf and a vampire from those teenage novels." I said still laughing. They both just stared at me like Im insane. Which I probly am. I looked around. People were starting to stare.
    "Come on. Lets go back to the house so we can talk in private." I suggested.
    "NO!" Sohan said enraged. I slapped him on the shoulder, then grabbed Anik's arm and lead him back to the house. Sohan followed, protesting the whole way. When we got back to the house I took them into the sound proof libary, sat down and then stared at them waiting for one of them to tell me their story. Finally realizing that I wasnt going to say anything, Anik started,
    "I was told a few years ago that I had to find a Gaurdian named Kora Peach Tree, and that I must help her save her tree. But I dont know anything else. What Tree are we saving?"
    "The Mother Tree."
    His eyes widened.
    "Oh great." Sohan said, "Now we have to drag him with us."
    I jumped up and slapped him across the face, hard.
    "What is your problem, Sohan!? My Tree is dying! I'm dying! And all you can think about is a petty argument with a wolf!" I shouted at him. I never shout at him.
    "Im sorry Kora. I dont know whats come over me." He replied, sighing.
    "Thats fine. Now apologize to Anik."
    He glared at me.
    "I shall never do that." he said before stalking out of the room. I turned to Anik.
    "Why does he hate you so much?"
    "Trust me the feelings mutual. But a long time ago we got into and argument and now we hate each other's guts. Thats all I'm gonna say on the subject."
    I nodded, desently content with the answer he gave me.
    "Is that all you were told to do, find me?" I asked turning the conversation back to what we were talking about earlier. He ever so slightly hesitated, that you barley noticed it.
    "Yes. But I was also given part of a prophecy." He handed me a piece of paper. I read it, but it was the same copy I had. I nodded.
    "Alright. Im gonna trust you, but you better not betray that trust." I told him.
    Anik nodded as well. "I wont." He promised.
    "Good. Now come on. I'll find you a room to sleep in tonight."
    I led him upstairs to a room three doors down from mine. Anik put a backpack that I hadnt even noticed down on the bed. Man, this illness is really starting to mess with me. All of a sudden I felt really dizzy, then I collapsed in to Anik's arms. Everywhere I looked I saw spots. I could barley breath. Anik must have called Sohan into the room, because he was there rubbing my back.
    "Breath Kora, Breath dang it!" He smacked my back hard before I finally sucked in a deep breath.
    I look around. Sohan and Anik looked crazzed with worry.
    "Are you okay?" Anik asked. I couldnt speak yet so I just nodded.
    "Is this because the Mother Tree is sick?" Sohan asked.
    I nodded again.
    "So you werent kidding when you said your dieing too? Anik asked.
    I shook my head.
    "And we cant tell anyone else?" Sohan asked again.
    I shook my head again.
    "Anik run and get her a glass of water." Sohan comanded. Anik rushed out and was back within seconds. I drunk half the glass before I could talk.
    "She's getting weaker, I can feel it." One of them wispherd. I couldnt tell wich one though.
    They both stared at each other, then Anik said, "Why dont you go to bed and Sohan and I can research a cure for you Tree." I nodded and he picked me up, carried me to my room and lay me down on ky bed. I dont know why, but I trusted him completly.
    "Thanks." I wispherd.
    "No problem." He smiled at me an I smiled back. Then he walked out and gently shut the door behind him. I rolled over, snuggled into my blankets, and fell asleep.
    Thanks for reading another chapter. I told you it would get longer. How am I doin? You guys liken it so far? You guys are amazing. keep on readin. :)

  19. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2013 9:47pm UTC
    The Guardian
    Chapter 2:
    I hesitated a moment before telling him softly,
    "The Mother Tree is sick. I've been searching for a way to heal her."
    "Are you sure?" he asks.
    "Of course I'm sure! She's my Tree! I'm sick too, dont you think I would know!"
    "Wow, hey. Calm down." He said holding his hands in front of him, "Its okay. Im sorry. Did you find anything to help her?"
    "I found a prophecy. But thats it."
    "Can I see it?"
    I dug around in my bag until I found it. It says:
    Tiger and wolf,
    Claw and tooth,
    One must stay
    And one must leave forever:
    Mother will rise,
    Or else all is doomed.
    One Gaurdian to ground must they...
    "The rest was burnt. I dont know what it is, but I believe that the tiger is you, the Mother is the Mother Tree, and the Guardian is me, but who or what the wolf is, I dont know."
    "I dont know either. Where did you get this anyway?" he asked with a thoughtful expression on his face.
    "Well, I cant say. Nor are we allowed to tell anyone else. Thats what I was told."
    "What about the wolf?" he asked.
    "He will already know, I believe. Or at least have a vague idea about the situation."
    He took a deep breath, letting all this sink in.
    "Okay then. Well why dont we go and get some food, and then we can go to bed and find this wolf in the morring." he said suddenly. He always knew just what to say.
    "Sounds like a plan." I said greatfully. "But one more thing."
    "What?" he asked wearliy.
    "I need my protector to help me. My real protector."
    I expected him to be angry or something, but he just smiled.
    "Thats okay. We'll just have to find him."
    I smiled greatfully and ran up to my room. I got changed, grabbed some money, then headed downstairs to find Sohan. He was waiting for me by the door.
    "Ready?" he asked.
    "Yep." I said.
    I followed him out the door, down the street, and into Mc'Donalds where he ordered a large mcrib, fries and large coke, I just ordered a small coke. Sohan shook his head .
    "I still dont see how you can not eat meat! Or anything but fresh fruit!" he exclaimed.
    "Hey your a tiger so of course you dont understand. Only a Guardian can understand. Or mabey a true vegitarian."
    He just rolled his eyes. We sat there for a while, Sohan eating and me sipping my coke. After a few minutes Sohan stiffened and sat up slightly.
    "What is it?" I asked quietly.
    "A..." he paused for a moment, clearly confused, "A wolf."
    Thanks for reading you guys are awsome. Do you guys think my spelling and grammer has improved since my first story?

  20. tigersforever tigersforever
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2013 2:53pm UTC
    The Gaurdian
    Chapter 1:
    I took a deep breath as I slowly walked into town. This was the first time I had been in civilization in over four years. I was extemly overwhelmed. In just four short years, so much has changed. The population and pace has doubled. Everyone moves alot faster and, but dont slow down for anything.
    I tightened my backpack straps, as I walked past an alley. The city always makes me nervous. I've never liked it, not even when I was little and my parents would bring me. Even though This still wasnt a very big city, even though it grew, I still wanted to get out as fast as possible. To go back to my trees.
    "Your late." a smug male voice said from the alleyway. "A year late."
    "Sorry Sohan. I lost track of time."
    He moved slightly so I could see him and crossed his ams."How do you lose track of a whole year? 365 days?
    "Its possible." I say.
    "For you and only you." he says shaking his head.
    "I know."
    He came out of the alley completly and hugged me. Sohan Way-Side is my cousin. Well kind of. My parents are his aunt and uncle but his parents arent my aunt and uncle thtough. It gets highly confusing sometimes. But we ignore it. He is my best friend and temporary protector until I find my real one. I tell him everything. But the one thing he doesnt know, the thing a lot of gaurdians dont know, is that my Tree, the Mother Tree, is sick. And so am I.
    "You know its a good thing the Guardians are in council right now and are too busy to report your lateness to Aunt and Uncle Peach Tree. Or else you would be in huge trouble for not reporting when you were suppose to."
    "Ya, I know. Im sorry, I just... forgot?"
    Someone bummped into me and nearly knocked me down. Sohan growled. I lightly smacked his shoulder.
    "Shhh Tiger."
    He just growled again, but more playfully this time.
    "You know, your gonna get caught one of these days, If you not more careful."
    "Im alot more careful then you think." he said.
    "Mmmhmm, Im sure you are."
    "I am!"
    Sohan just rolled his eyes and grabbed my backpack off my shoulders. I followed him all the way to the safe house, that all gaurdians stay in while their in town. He lead me into the libary, which is soud proof, and turned to me and said,
    "Okay, what happened? Why are you a year late coming back to civilization?"
    I know its short also, but im suppose to be doing my chores. I'll post more tonight if I can, if not then to morrw. I promise the chapters will be longer. Thanks for reading. :)


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