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Reality Of Life
Just Started (Current Story)
^ Character Video. (:


hello, my name is Rae (:
weird name, right?
yeesh <3
but, anywhoo! (;
my friends and family dont know about my stories because im afraid they'll think im weird?
but, i hope you guys like my story.
UPDATE | i need help! v |
I dont know what to write about next. help? just comment on my profile or on any of my stories,
if i dont pick yours im saving it. or ill make it mixed into the story.
i will give you guys credit for the idea. (:
so, yeah thank you all for reading my story it means alot.
anyways, yes yes, (: loveyouall<3 

  1. superman4334 superman4334
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    August 1, 2011 4:00pm UTC
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    August 1, 2011 3:47pm UTC
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    August 1, 2011 3:30pm UTC
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  4. superman4334 superman4334
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    August 1, 2011 3:12pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 22
    Nikki's P.O.V
    'WHAT? No! I would never.' I said.
    Everyone was asked where they were at the night of the scene.
    Everyone had a lullaby. Except Kris.
    They dismissed us because they couldn't keep us over night.
    Me and Darren took a taxi home.
    'Who would kill her, Darren?' I asked quietly.
    'Kris maybe?' He suggested.
    'God, I hope not.' I said looking out of the window.
    Even though I didn't like Kris. I didn't believe he would kill someone.
    We rode the rest of the way in silence. When we got home it was about 12:00.
    My phone rang.
    'Hello?' I answered.
    'Hey its Sarah.' Sarah said.
    'Oh hey.' I said.
    'Since its the last day of summer, beach then party?' She asked.
    'Can I bring Darren?' I asked.
    'As long as you bring Eddie.' She said.
    'Alright.' I said.
    'Okay bye!' She said and hung up. I hung up.
    I went in my closet to get ready for the beach. I wore this vv.
    ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34564024 ]
    We stopped at his house so he could change. Then, me and Darren went to the beach to meet Sarah and Eddie. We seen them laughing.
    'So sup?' I asked smiling. We sat down.
    'You know the usual.' Sarah said looking at Eddie. He shrugged.
    'So, are you two dating or whats up?' Darren asked.
    'Well, are we?' Sarah asked Eddie.
    He thought about it then smiled.
    'Yes.' He said.
    They smiled and kissed. I awed.
    'I think I just hooked you two up.' Darren joked. We laughed.

  5. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    August 1, 2011 3:01pm UTC
    Alright, i am very sorry.
    That i haven't posted in a while.
    My computer is being a
    B I T C H (:
    hahaaa(: well anyways,
    Just sayin'.
    After I write I finish writing my current story.
    I was thinking,
    What could my story be about afterwards.
    So like give me feedback about.
    What I should do it about (:
    I will give you cerdit yes for helping me because you all are wonderful.
    I just need help. (:
    well THANKS.
    stay beautiful lovies.

  6. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2011 5:28pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 21
    Nikki's P.O.V
    When I woke up, Darren was on the floor talking to someone on the phone.
    My back was turned to him so he couldn't see I was awake.
    'Mom. I'm fine.' He said.
    'Yes, no. Yes, she's my girlfriend. No, we didn't do anything.' He said in a really fast tone.
    'Mom, no. Okay. Bye.' He hung up.
    I heard him sigh and I turned over to look at him.
    A few seconds later he looked at me and smiled.
    'You heard that didn't you?' He asked.
    I nodded smiling.
    'She's so concerned that i'm going to do something horrid.' He said.
    I heard two knocks on the door.
    'I'll get it.' I said. I got up and ran down the steps and answered the door.
    A serious looking lady with a suit and a serious looking man with a suit on looked me dead in my eyes.
    'I'm Detective Willow and this is Detective Green.' The woman said.
    'Darren!' I yelled. Darren came down the steps and grabbed my hand.
    'Darren Sun? Willow asked.
    'Yes.' Darren said.
    'We need Claudia Lee, Edward Lee, and Nicole Lee.' Green said.
    'I'm Nicole. CLAUDIA! EDDIE!' I yelled not taking my eyes off of them.
    Eddie and Claudia came down laughing but their happiness melted when they seen the Detectives.
    'Who are you?' Eddie asked.
    'We're Detectives. All four of you are coming with us.' Green said.
    'For what?' Claudia asked.
    'You'll see.' Willow said.
    We walked out of the door and got in their car.
    We drove to the police station where we were questioned.
    We sat down next to Kris, Sarah, Sabrina, Duckie, and Rosie.
    Willow put her hands on the back of my chair and leaned forward.
    'Ms. Lee, you were enemies with Vanessa DiMauro am i correct?' Willow asked me.
    'No m'am. We were friends.' I replied.
    'A neighbor reported seeing you and her fighting. Involving you on top of her hitting her non stop until Kris Colbie dragged you off of her. Am i Correct?' Willow asked.
    'Yes ma'am.' I said silently.
    She walked to face me in the front.
    'Were you involved with the murder of Vanessa DiMauro?' Willow asked.
    I swear my jaw must've hit the floor in shock.

  7. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2011 5:08pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 20
    Darren's P.O.V
    I seen Claudia and Nikki get into a conversation a head of us.
    i seen Nicole getting frustrated by the way she stood there by the car and moved.
    I walked faster to see what was going on.
    I stood next to Nikki.
    'Hey guys.' I said.
    'Hey Dee.' Claudia said, she put her fist out and I hit it with mine.
    I wrapped my arms around Nikki's waist.
    'So, beautiful.' I whispered in her ear.
    I seen her smile.
    I breathed in her sweet scent.
    'You smell good.' I whispered.
    She giggled and turned around to face me.
    'Ah, well not as good as you.' She said and kissed me.
    We started to like make out then, the car beeped and she pulled away blushing. I laughed a little.
    We all got in Eddie's truck and were smushed. Nikki had to sit on my lap. I didn't mind that part.
    Eddie turned the radio up really loud it was playing Somebody to love by Justin Bieber.
    'Ugh, this kid?' I asked.
    'Aye, he gets more money and more chicks then both of us. He's my hero.' Eddie said.
    I felt Nikki laugh.
    It made me laugh. By the time we got home, everyone was laughing.
    Me and Nikki got out of the car, and Eddie took everyone home.
    We went up to her room.
    She shut the door.
    We started to make out that got pretty intense.
    'Nicole---' Someone said it sounded like a girl voice. We looked up to see Sarah standing in the doorway.
    'Whoa, sorry.' Sarah said looking down.
    'No its okay . Nothing really was happening. Why whats up?' Nicole asked.
    'Oh um. I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the beach with me and Eddie tomorrow?' She asked.
    'that'd be great.' Nikki smiled.
    'Alright, have fun guys. Be safe.' She whispered the be safe part and winked.
    We laughed.
    We finally grew tired and fell asleep.
    Nothing at all happened except kissing.
    I hope you guys didnt leave me !!
    i'm so sorry i havent writen in a long time.
    I was at cedar point.
    scariest thinnggg, xxx (:
    well, stay beautiful.

  8. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2011 4:15pm UTC
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    posted a quote
    July 24, 2011 9:30pm UTC
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  10. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 24, 2011 2:43am UTC
    I literally HATE 'that' feeling where ;
    All you can think about is everything people said bad about you. And all those bad memories, your boyfriend breaking up with you, or you & your friend fighting, etc. etc. But, WHAT really gets to me, is that i am IN LOVE with another boy, but I lost my chance with him.. He broke up with me for NO reason... To keep my mind off of him, I date someone else, & he's IN LOVE with me. & to top all of this off, my two CLOSEST friends ever, aren't friends with me because this girl lied to them because, of a guy? But, what makes this worse. This happened during the ending of the school year. But, I STILL can't get over it. And, I STILL cry everytime I think of those two friends or that boy. I am so helpless. So, if anything happened like this or similiar happened to you, fave or comment .

  11. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 24, 2011 12:08am UTC
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  12. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2011 10:01pm UTC
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    July 23, 2011 4:45pm UTC
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  14. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2011 4:27pm UTC
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  15. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2011 5:30pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 13
    Nikki's P.O.V
    I changed into this v.
    ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34414321 ]
    I put on my make up.
    I straightened my hair.
    I looked at the time 6:59
    The door bell rung and it was exactly 7:00.
    Perfect much?
    I walked downstairs and answered the door.
    There stood Darren, looking as lovely as ever. With that amazing grey beanie he always wore.
    We matched. xDD
    'You ready?' He asked. I nodded. He grabbed my hand and we walked outside and I shut the door.
    We got in the car and drove.
    'I know this place isn't really date approval. But, it'll be fun I promise.' He said.
    'Vanessa's party?' I asked. He nodded. We pulled in front of a house the music blarring.
    He stopped and looked at me.
    'What?' I asked smiling.
    'You look absolutely perfect.' He said. I smiled.
    'Lets go.' I said. We got out of the car. He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers through mine.
    We walked in the party. Vanessa ran up to me and hugged me.
    I keep my fingers laced in Darren's though. I smelt alcohol on her breath.
    'OH MY GOD, YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!' She yelled over the music.
    She had a red plastic cup in her hand filled with a mix drink.
    She ran off to some guy.
    'Drink?' Darren asked.
    I nodded and we went to the drink table. There were beers and mixed drinks in cups.
    I grabbed the red plastic cup and Darren grabbed a beer.
    We drank and he led me to the dance floor.
    We started dancing on each other and grinding all that good stuff. He led me to a room that was filled with smoke.
    I seen people in a circle smoking and drinking, snorting, things.
    Whoa. Darren sat down and told me to join him.
    boring, yes ? sorry /: it'll geet betteeer, !!

  16. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2011 3:29pm UTC
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  17. superman4334 superman4334
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    July 21, 2011 4:29pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 11
    I looked at his face.
    Was he joking?
    No, he was dead serious.
    I threw my arms around him. And he laughed.
    'I love you too.' I said happily.
    'Nikki, your kidding right?' He asked.
    'NO.' I said. We smiled and he kissed me.
    'Why'd you tell me you didn't like me before and we were just friends?' He asked.
    'Because, I mean I do love you. I've loved you since we became close. But, I wasn't sure at the time.' He sighed. I kissed him.
    'I want to take you out later tonight.' He said. I smiled.
    'That'd be lovely.' I replied.
    'I'll pick you up at seven?' He asked. I nodded. My phone rang.
    'Hello.' I answered.
    'NIKKI! Come. Home. Now!' It was my older sister, Claudia.
    She hung up and I did.
    'I have to go home. So, you can pick me up at seven.' I smiled.
    He kissed me again.
    'I love you.' He whispered in my ear.
    'I love you too.' I smiled.
    I walked out of his house and walked home.
    I walked inside of the house.
    Claudia was standing in the doorway, wearing my stuff.
    'What are you doing?' I asked.
    'Going on a date.' She replied.
    'In my clothes?' I asked. She nodded. I groaned.
    'Why am I here?' I asked.
    'Because, Kris wanted you.' Claudia rolled her eyes and walked out of the door behind me.
    I walked in the kitchen were Kris sat.
    I grabbed water and took a drink still standing by the kitchen table. I went to take another drink, When he stood up.
    'I love you Nicole.' He said. I spit my water out.

  18. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 3:13pm UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Chapter ; # 10
    Nikki's P.O.V
    I sat on my bed.
    My head pounded. I don't remember falling asleep.
    I remember waking up, with the biggest hang over.
    I got up, and got dressed.
    I wore this v.
    ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34358554 ]
    My phone started to ring. I answered it.
    'Hello?' I said, putting on my make up.
    'Its Darren.' Darren said.
    'Oh, hey.' I said.
    I wanted to hang up the phone really bad.
    'Do you want to come over and chill?' He asked.
    'Yeah, sure. I'll be over in a few.' I said.
    'Alright, bye.' He said. I hung up.
    I restraightened my hair and teased it.
    I walked over to Darren's house.
    I knocked on the door.
    He answered it.
    'Hey, come in.' He said smiling.
    I walked in and sat on the couch.
    I seen, Eric sitting on the couch.
    'HEY!' I said. He gave me a hug.
    'I haven't seen you since, last school year!' I said.
    He smiled.
    'You know.' He winked. I rolled my eyes playfully.
    Darren sat on the couch. And, we all three played Call Of Duty.
    'WHAT?!' I said.
    'Girls can't play.' Eric teased.
    I killed him.
    'Girls can't what?' I asked.
    'Nothing.' Eric said. We laughed.
    'Goddamnit.' Darren yelled.
    'OH, OH, OH!' I said. Then, I killed him.
    'I got you both. Skills. Skills.' I teased.
    Darren kissed me.
    'Whoa!' Eric said.
    He had his hands cupping my face.
    When, we pulled away, Darren smiled at me.
    'Well, I'll let you two, suck each others face more. I gots to go.' Eric joked.
    He got up.
    'Goodbye, you two lovers.' He winked and walked out of the door.
    'I thought you didn't like me.' I said with wide eyes.
    'Yeah, but you never asked if I loved you.' He said.
    'Do you?' I asked.
    'Yes, I do.' He said.

  19. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 2:40am UTC
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  20. superman4334 superman4334
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2011 12:27am UTC
    Reality Of Life
    Yeah, so about my story.
    I need a tiny bit a help from you witty girls that are reading it.
    I have character faces picked but...
    I don't know if I want to use THOSE ones.
    I actually thought it'd be pretty darn awesome..(;
    If I used some of my fans who fit the descriptions..
    What do you think I should do...?
    Comment On Your Ideas // ♦
    Stay Beautiful , (:
    love you all,


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