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Jess and Nick = Forever♥

Hello, I'm storiesfreak33, I love to read and write. 
I may not be good on timing with my stories so just bare with me!
Thank You~

Read my current story Please, Come Home. 
  1. storiesfreak33 storiesfreak33
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2013 8:10pm UTC
    Please, Come Home
    Cassie's P.O.V
    Chapter 1
    *2 years ago*
    I let my hair down loose and put on my Superman sweater and floral shorts. I slipped on my red converse and did some light make-up.
    I walked downstairs, I smelled the sweetness of my grandma's cooking.
    "Cassie, sweetie?" my grandma's voice surrounded me.
    "Where you going?" she asked me.
    "Just going on a walk, you know, meet people."
    "Oh, well, than you should go to that bonfire at the beach just a couple of minutes from here."
    I smilied, maybe I can meet people.
    "Thanks!" I said running off.
    ~ ~ ~
    I let my fingertips touch the tip of the red cup. I brought it close to my mouth, but as soon as I smelled the alcohol I set it down.
    I weakly smilied and sat by the fire.
    I sat for a couple of minutes until someone taps on my shoulder.
    I turn around and there was the guy I saw before.
    His hair was slicked back and he was wearing a red bright sweater.
    He was holding two red cups.
    "Hey." his deep voice boomed through my ears.
    "Hi.." I mummbled. He sat down by my side and handed me a red cup.
    "No thanks." I said handing the cup back.
    "Don't worry, booze free." he said letting his pearly white teeth show.
    I gladly took the drink and smiled at him.
    ~ ~ ~
    Tell me what you think in the comments.
    I haven't written in so long, I'm so sorry, I had writters block.
    Please don't be mad at me guys!!
    I love you!
    Comment for reminder!

  2. storiesfreak33 storiesfreak33
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 8:32pm UTC
    Please, Come Home
    Cassie's P.O.V
    *2 years ago*
    "Cassie, darling are your ready?" my mom called from downstairs.
    "Yeah, hold on I gotta put on my shoes." I yelled back.
    Today my mom and I are moving out of my dad's house.
    He decided to leave us 2 months ago.
    Great right? I know, and we decided to sell the house and move to my Grandma's house for the summer.
    Well, until we find a place of our own.
    I'm currently 16 years old.
    I've never had much friends at my school. So, I guess I'm not that upset that I'm moving.
    ~ ~ ~
    After a couple hours of driving, we finally made it.
    I made my way out of the car and rang my granny's doorbell.
    "Cassie!!" my grandma yelled pulling me into a hug.
    "I missed you so much!" she said not letting me go.
    "I missed you too!" I replied, "But your killing me here."
    She let go and I smilied and turned around and walked back down the stairs to help my mom.
    I heard laughter and I looked up.
    I saw a group of guys laughing, but one stood out. He was gorgeous, he looked so sweet.
    If I knew he was going to hurt me, I would never fell in love with him.
    ~ ~ ~
    Tell me what you think in the comments.
    Comment for reminder!


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