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  1. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2012 3:40pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 10
    I sat at the same spot I always sat at the beach waiting for Andy. He was just a friend, I kept convincing myself. Which was totally true. He knew I was in love with Justin. He was just a really good listener and a good friend.
    "So, what do you want to do today?" he asked, startling me. "Anything," I answered, "Just need to get my mind off of Brittany and my dad and all that stuff." He held out his hands to help me up. "Want to talk about it?" he asked, concerned. "No, thank you. I just need to get my mind off of it all." I told him. "Okay, follow me then. I know the perfect way for you to forget."
    I followed him down the beach. "What's Justin doing today?" he asked me. "He's visiting his girlfriend." I said rolling my eyes. "Jealous?" he asked. I let out a quick laugh, "No." He looked at me unsure, "Okay. You don't need to lie to me Val, I know you love him." I bit the inside of my lip, "So maybe I do. Doesn't mean I'm jealous. I'm happy that he's happy with her." He started laughing, "That's a bunch of crap!" I shook my head, "No it's not! I am!" I tried assuring him, "Well, maybe I'm a bit jealous and sometimes I kind of wished she moved to Antartica but still." He looked at me with his big brown eyes. "What?" I asked. "Nothing." he said, moving his glance away.
    He led me to a carnival. "Oh my gosh, this is open now? I used to come here with my mom all the time before, well, yeah. Wow." I said in amazement. "Think this will take your mind off of things?" he asked. "Of course, thank you." We went on almost every ride, laughing the whole time. I forgot everything when I was with him. It was the greatest feeling ever.
    "Thank you." I told him, as we left the carnival later that day. The sun was just about to come down. "Anytime." he answered while putting his hands in his pockets. "No really Andy, you're a good friend." I told him. He almost looked disappointed when I said the word friend. But I was probably just seeing things.
    He walked me home that night. "Thanks again." I told him. Before I even knew what was happening next he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "What are you doing?!" I asked, alarmed. "I'm sorry, I have no idea what got ahold of me!" he admitted, truely sounding sorry. I felt bad and didn't want to lash out at him. "Let's just pretend that never happened, okay?" I asked. He nodded quickly, 'Again, I'm sorry Val." I bit down on my lip, "It's fine. Just forget about it." I told him while walking inside to my empty house. That night I had trouble going to sleep, because oddly that kiss kind of felt good...
    feedback? remember to comment for a notification:) xx

  2. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2012 1:29pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 9
    I woke up the next day with mixed feelings. I swear Andy was about to kiss me last night and I might have actually been lookin forward to it. Except I needed to get these feelings out of me because I am and always will be madly in love with Justin and now that I actually might have a chance with Justin, I don't need someone like Andy to mess things up.
    I go down stairs to get a bowl of cereal to see Brittany in her nightgown. Ew, she spent the night. I quickly slip into the hallway to ease drop on her conversation on the phone. "I mean, I told my mom I didn't need to go to college." I quickly assumed she was talking to a friend or something. "He's loaded, has a huge house right on the beach, and he's totally in love with me." I heard her crackle from the other room talking about my father. I knew it. "After he proposes, which he definitely will, I'll be set for life." she added. I honestly was in shock, like I figured this was going on the whole time but hearing it from her was completely different. Footsteps started to bang down the stairs. "Got to go, talk to you later, kisses." Brittany said in the other room. She had the vocabulary of a thirteen year old girl.
    "Morning, sweeite." my dad said to her, kissing her on the cheek. It was making me sick. "What are you up to today?" he asked her. "Going shopping with the girls." she said as I walked into the kitchen. "Good morning, Val." my dad said to me. "Morning." I answered back. "Val, good morning!" Brittany chimed. I ignored her and went for a box of cereal. "Well, I'm going to get ready for the day." Brittany said as she kissed my father on the cheek and waltzed upstairs.
    My father and I sat there quietly for a while. He was drinking his coffee and flipping through the paper while I was inhaling some cereal. "Dad, I have to tell you something." I said nervouslly. He folded the paper up and looked at me. "Brittany, was on the phone this morning and I overheard her and she basiclly said that she's using you for your money." I managed to tell him. I mean, he should know the truth. He just stared at me for a while. "Valire, how many times are you going to lie about these things? I know it's hard but you have to accept that I love Brittany." I stood up quickly in digust. "But, I heard it. They were her words not mine!" I stampered. "Val, honestly, you need to stop doing this. Stop making up lies, it's not going to change the way I feel about her." he said. I was on the verge of tears. "Dad, I can't believe you're starting to trust me over her? I'm your daugher!" I shouted. "And she's my girlfriend." he said back, "And you're going to have to respect her and respect our relationship." It was almost pointless to keep going, "Ahhh!" I screamed in fustration while stomping up to my room.
    As soon as I got up there and slammed my door I got a text from Justin. It read, 'Sorry, can't hang out today, have to cancel. But we need to hang out tomorrow! :)' Great, I'm possibly in the worse mood ever and I thought he would be able to change it but I guess not. I then sent a text to Jasmine, 'Want to hang out today?' She quickly texted back, 'Sorry, I'm busy. Another day though.' Really? I couldn't just stay home alone today. I was a mess and needed someone to make me feel better. I scrolled through my contacts and stopped at Andy's name. No, no, no, I kept telling myself. But deep down I wanted to text him. It's not that I liked liked him, right? He was just a friend that listend to me one time. I finally decided to text him if he was free today. He responded seconds later with, 'Yeah, wanna hang out?'
    stuff's getting good, right? next chapters going to be intense! remember to comment for a notification!!

  3. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 28, 2012 3:13pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 8
    It has been exactly two weeks since Justin and I had first talked. Since then we've actually become really good friends. We've hung out a couple of times since the barbeque and we constantly text. It's almost a dream come. Now if only he'd dump Ella for me, but I wasn't being too greedy.
    "What are you doing tonight, pumpkin?" my dad asked me on my way out. "Oh I was just going to return this shirt I bought at the mall yesterday with my new friend Justin." He got up from his comfy chair over looking the lovely ocean view our house had. "What are you up to?" I asked. "Oh well me and Brittany are just going to go out to a bar for dinner and a couple of drinks." I rolled my eyes, "Oh you mean she can drink legally? Who knew she was over 21." My dad glared at me, "Now be nice, Val. I know you're still upset about your mom leaving but it's been seven years. Brittany and I have been dating for a year and things are getting seirous, you need to learn to respect her." I was so upset I had no clue what to say, "Fine." was all I could muster out as I slammed the front door behind me as I ran to the beach.
    I was too upset to return the shirt now. I just wanted to sit at my favorite spot at the beach, the same spot my mother and I used to sit all the time, and just relax. I hated Brittany so much, if only my dad could see she was only using him for his money. I knew it for a fact, why else would she be dating an old man? My thoughts were inturupted as I saw a couple making out in the distance. Oh lovely, just taunt me. I'm well aware Justin and I aren't dating because he has a girlfriend no need to remind me. The couple stopped kissing and moving closer. It was Andy. Well clearly it wasn't a couple, just a one night stand.
    They both went their seprate ways and Andy walked towards me. "Hey Val!" he chimed. Why did he keep talking to me? Oh wait, because he was a complete flirt. "Was that your girlfriend?" I asked. He sat next to me in the cool sand. "Nah, just a girl." I rolled my eyes, "You don't have girlfriends, do you?" I sassed bitterly. "Well no, but if I found the right girl I would." I nodded an unconvincing nod. "What? You don't believe me?" he asked while pushing his dark brown hair away from his face. "Well, I guess so."
    "What are you doing out here all alone anyways?" he asked. "I stormd out on my dad." I admited truthfully. It was odd how I was able to open up to Andy, kind of the same way I opened up to Justin. Except when I opened up to Justin it was cute because I liked him, this was just out of the ordinary. "Why?" he asked concered while wiping the strawberry lip gloss of the girl he was kissing off of his lips. "Him and his girlfriend are getting serious apparently and I hate her." I spent the next ten minutes complaining about Brittany and he listened to well. It was amazing. I never thought a flirt and player like Andy would care and listen so much. It was weird but I kind of felt some connection.
    "My mom started dating this jerk not to long ago and my dad married a total witch a year ago. I know, it's hard but sometimes you just have to mind your own business." Andy suggested. It was nice having somebody to talk to that knew what you were going through. "Does your mom like this Brittany?" he asked. I shook my head, "No, she, um, left us when I was ten." I said quietly. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just assumed your parents were divorced." he said, sounding very sorry for bringing it up. "No, it's fine. Trust me, it's been seven years. I'm over it." He moved a bit closer to me, I didn't know how to react. Was he trying to make a move on me? I mean, if he did I was just another girl, probably the 5th he's seen today. Besides, I was in love with Justin. "Her loss." he said softly. It seemed as if he was moving in for a kiss, yet again I knew nothing about guys and he may have just been moving. I was probably just imagining it anyways. But before if I could find out if it was going to be a kiss or not my phone started to blar out "One Thing" by One Direction, my ringtone. Embarassing, rgiht? "Oh, I've got to take this." I told him as I looked down at the number, it was Justin. "It's fine. Nice talking to you, see you later Val.
    team justin or team andy? haha remember comment if you want a notification! things are about to get crazy!

  4. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2012 1:19pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 7
    Justin and I hung out the whole barbeque, it was amazing. If I wasn't already in love with him, I'd be falling in love with him even right now. I was relieved Ella didn't show. "Val, I'm going to get going, I'll see you tomorrow. Nice meeting you today, Justin." Jasmine said while taking off. I almost completely forgot about her with Justin and all. "Bye." Justin and I still said in unison. "Want to get an icecream?" Justin asked. I nodded, "That'd be nice." We lefte h the barbeque. I glanced back to still find Andy chatting it up with a bunch of girls. He was definitely not my type.
    "How long have you and Ella been daing?" I asked curiously. "I think six months or something." he admitted. Him not knowing the exact amount of time they were dating was a good sign, for me. Right? "She seems nice. She's lucky to have you." I admitted. Oh wow, was that flirting again. "Well your boyfriend is lucky to have you." he said. I almost laughed at the fact that he tought I had a boyfriend. I was such a loser. "I don't have a boyfriend." His eyes widened as if he was surprised or something. "Really? Well any guy would be lucky to have you." Gah, why did he have to flirt with me? It just made me want him even more than I already did, if that was physically possible. Like if I can't have him, he should stop leading me on and having me fall for him more. "Thanks." I said quietly, blushing. "So no boyfriend? Any siblings? Mom? Dad?" he asked. "Well my mom, left me and my dad when I was ten. But I just live with my dad, no siblings." I couldn't believe I told him that much. It took me months to even tell Jasmine about my mom. "I'm so sorry." Justin said, sounding really sympathatic. That was the thing I loved about Justin, he was just so sweet. "It's fine. I'm over it now. Except now my dad has a girlfriend that I swear is using him for money and ugh, she just makes me mad. Sorry, I feel bad for venting like this." We finally got to the icecream place and stood in the long line. "No, it's fine. I like hearing about people's lives."
    I took a good look around. It was crazy to think that I was in line with an icecream with Justin. I would have never imagined this would come true ever in my whole life. "How about your family?" I asked him. "Well, my I'm actually quite lucky in that department. My parents are both happily married. And I have an older sister who's in college. I moved here when I was ten, mostly cause of surfing." He told me, while we moved up in line a bit. "I love how dedicated and passionate you are about surfing." I told him. He smiled at me, his blue/green eyes making me weak in the knees, "See, Ella thinks I'm too obsessed owtih it." Woah, Justin just complained about Ella to me, this is big. Okay, maybe I was just looking into this too much but maybe I wasn't. "Well I think your love for the sport is very impressive!" I told him truthfully. I mean, that probablly was one of the main reasons I feel for Justin to begin with.
    "How about music? What do you like?" I asked him, wanting to know more about him. He was fascinating. "Oh, anything. But lately, Ed Sheeran's been an obsession of mine." I almost chocked on my own spit out of shock, "Shut up! Me too! I hope he really catches on here in the US." He smiled, "Ella hates him, she's not into the whole singer/songwriter deal." There he goes again, complaining about Ella. Is this some kind of hint that he's having relationship issues.
    Finally we were in the front of the line and ordered. "I'd like a small mint chocolate chip, please." he said using his perfect manners. No wonder why he was dating a college girl, he was so mature. "I'll take a small mint chocolate chip too." I said. He smiled at me again, "Same favorite icecream too?" I nodded, "I guess so."
    how are we all liking the story? feedback would be great:) remember to comment if you want a notification for the next chapter!!

  5. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 26, 2012 1:18pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 6
    "So let me get this straight? Justin invited you to the beach without telling you he had a girlfriend and when his girlfriend showed up you acted like it was nothing and now he keeps inviting you to things?" Jasmine asked on our way to the barbeque. "Yeah, pretty much. I know, I'm confused too. But he's really nice and sweet and perfect and if we're just friends for now, I'll take it." I admitted. I mean, I already knew about Ella so it wasn't like I was expecting Justin to ask me out. But I was in love with him and if friends was all I was going to get now then I'd take it. (I mean like if Ella and Justin just happen to break up I might be an option, right?)
    We arrived at the barbeque. All of Justin's surfing friends were there with their girlfriends or friends. Andy was there too. "Hey Val, glad you could make it." Justin said to me. I searched the area for Ella but couldn't see her. Score. "Hey. This is my friend Jasmine." He stuck his hand out and shook hers saying, "Nice to meet you." He was such a gentleman. "Well I just recognized my friend from camp, I'm going to go say hi to her." Jasmine said while trotting off towards a group of people.
    "So are you sure you're fine with me having a girlfriend?" Justin asked me. I giggled, "Yes!" I exclaimed. "Okay, I'm just making sure. I feel horrible." he admitted. "You never said I was going on a date with you, it's fine. I promise. Besides, I kind of figured a guy like you would definitely have a girlfriend." I told him. Hey I was finally getting good at this flriting thing, I think. He blushed a little bit, "Okay, I just don't want to hurt you. You're really nice and sweet. You seem like you'd be a good friend." The word 'friend' almost sounded worse than nails on a chalkboard. For now I was fine with friends, I was actually over joyed with being called his friend, but at the same time I wanted to be more.
    "Justin!" a friend called for him. "I'll be right back, grab some food." he told me followed by a flawless smile. "Alright." I said, smiling back. I went over and grabbed a coke and a hamburger. I peered over to the crowd and saw Andy chatting it up with a bunch of girls; he seemed like quite the player. I didn't want anything to do with him, I just needed to focus on Justin. Who knows, maybe he'll leave Ella for me. Well that's wishful thinking but still.
    "Hey Val, remember me from today?" I spun around with my mouth full of food finding Andy talking to me. "Yeah, Andy right?" He nodded. "How'd you do today?" I asked him. "I got 5th." I nodded, "Impressive, well maybe. 5th out of 5th or..?" I asked. He laughed. Oh gosh, was I flirting? And I was I finding attractive like all those girls he was talking to? No, definitely not. He wasn't my type, he was cocky and a player and not Justin who I was madly in love with and possibly the complete opposite of Andy. "Funny. No, out of 30." My eyes widened, "Wow, that's really good. Congrats." He shook his head, "Nah, not as good as Justin. He got 4th in his event and there were 80 people in his event." My eyes wandered over to Jusitn and his friend he was talking to me. "You like him, don't you?" Andy asked. I quickly shook my head, "NO! I mean, he has a girlfriend and he's cute and all but no I don't." He chucked, "Sure you don't, Val." I could feel my cheeks starting to turn bright red, "Don't worry, you're secret's safe with me."
    how are you all liking the story so far?! is it getting good? its about to get better! keep reading! xx (btw remember just leave any old comment saying anything random &i will give you a notification for when the next chapter is out!)

  6. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 25, 2012 3:54pm UTC
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  7. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2012 5:56pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 4
    "Welcome to the 22nd Annual Malibou Beach High School Leveled John Adams Surfing Competition." the loud speaker boomed. "Are you sure I look okay?" I asked Jasmine. She giggled, "I'd say you. You only spent four hours getting ready." My hair was left naturally wavy and I was wearing some jean shorts and a cute pink tank top my dad's girlfriend, Brittany decided to buy me. (I swear the only thing that women is good for is buying me cute clothes). "Oh god, there he is. Why is he so perfect?" He started walking closer to me and Jasmine whispered "Good Luck" before running off so we could be alone.
    "You made it. I was scared you weren't going to show up." he said followed by a perfect smile. "Well, I'm here." I said like an idiot. I honestly was the worst flirt in the world. "I'm glad. I'm going out in an hour, til then we could hang out!" he suggested. I took a deep breath to calm myself, "Sounds good."
    We walked toward the more seculded area of the beach. "So tell me about yourself." he said, looking extremely interested. I still thought this was all some sick cruel joke or something, like it wasn't real. "Well, I'm seventeen, going to be a senior next year, I go to Linley Private Academy, I like music, I'm a total pop culture geek, I used to be a competitive swimmer but stopped a few years ago, and I love chocolate." He laughed. I honestly didn't understand what was so funny. Then I realzied guys did that when they liked a girl. "Interesting." he said as we continued to walk further down the beach. "What?" I asked confused. "You don't really strike me as the swimmer type." he admitted. "Well I was, I can prove it if you want. I have like medals and stuff at home." Oh god, that was a totally uncool thing to say. But he seemed to be fine with it cause he laughed, "You're funny. And nah, it's okay I beleive you." He thought I was funny? Okay clearly he liked me cause I wasn't funny. "Tell me about you, now." I asked. "I'm seventeen too." Knew that. "I'm home schooled." Knew that as well. "I don't have very many friends, just surfing friends." I knew that as well. "Surfing is my life and passion." And I knew that; I'm such a stalker. "And that's about it." I smiled, "I'm excited to watch you surf." I admitted, again probably a stupid thing to say. "Well I hope I don't mess up and make a fool out of myself in front of you."
    We started to walk back towards the competition, since he was going to go out soon. We talked more about ourselves on the way back. He was cute, nice, funny, athletic, and just perfect in every possible way. "Justin, Justin!" a blonde girl from a far called. Justin's face suddenly had this worried expression on it. She came over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "My job interview got canceled so I decided to pop by, hope it's not a problem. Who's this?" she asked flipping her blonde hair around. "This is Val." he said nervouslly. "Nice to meet you, I'm Ella, Justin's boyfriend." Before any explaining could be done Justin's event was called, "Event number 24, event number 24!"
    hope youre liking the story:) lots of drama to come! next chapters gonna be awesome! leave a comment for a reminder for when the next ch is up! :)

  8. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 23, 2012 8:09pm UTC
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  9. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2012 3:19pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 2
    "Valire, can you close up? I'm going to leave five minutes early." my co-worker asked. It was almost ten at night, nobody was at the seaside diner except for us. "Yeah, sure." I told her.
    I was left completely alone, at the replusive diner I worked at. Thank goodness it was only part time and I only had like two shifts a week. I went over to the window and peered at the ocean, watching a couple walk hand-in-hand near the shore. It made me sick, like do you have to flaunt around to the whole world that you're in love? I was inturupted by my venting when the bell signfying the door was opening rang. I quickly got up. What kind of idiot comes to eat at a place that's closing in five minutes?
    I looked up and it was Justin. It took me a good amount of time to finally have the courage to say, "Can I help you?" He sat down at a stool near the counter and picked up a nearby menu. I couldn't help but stare at his perfect eyes and hair and just everything about him was perfect. "Um, yeah. Sorry I know you close soon but I've been surfing all afternoon and I'm starving. Can I just get a chocolate chip muffin?" he asked. Again it took me a while to answer him, I don't even think I fully believed this was happening. " Yeah, sure." I went behind the counter and gave him the last chocolate chip muffin. "Thanks." he said while I handed it to him. I could have fainted right there and then when our my finger nearly touched his hand while handing him the muffin.
    "You look familar, do you hang out at the beach much?" he asked. Oh good god, he was trying to make conversation with me. "Yeah, I live like right off the beach so I'm always at the beach." I answered, proud of myslef that I was able to talk to him like a normal person and not totally freak out. "I thought I recognized you." I would have mentioned how we went to the same school and stuff but we don't. Justin was home-schooled. He moved here when he was ten and ever since then I've been in love with him. He's an intense surfer too. And yes I know all this about him because I am a complete stalker and he probably doesn't even know my name.
    "So you surf?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation going. I might never have a chance like this ever again. "Yeah, I love it. It's the reason we moved here when I was little. Like I have this intesne trainer and I'm in all these competitions and it's great. Have you ever surfed before?" He asked while taking another bite of the muffin. "Yeah, except I'm not really good. Actually, I suck. But I love the sport. I love watching it and I honestly wish I could surf." He took the last bite of his muffin and I knew this whole thing was going to be over in a matter of seconds.
    "Here, I'll ring you up." I told him. gave him the bill and he placed the money on the counter with a very generous tip. "Sorry I didn't catch your name." he said. "I'm Valire." He smiled. Well maybe he smiled, or I was just imagining it. "I'm Justin. Listen, Valire, this Saturday I have a serfing competition here and I'd love if you stopped by." Yeah, I was definitely dreaming. "Sure, I'd love you.. I mean I'd love to." I said, completely embarassed, feeling my face turn red. He didn't seam to notice. "See you there, then."
    a lot of you asked for notifications when a new chapter is up; if you comment randomly on any chapter i will let you know when the next one is up! hope youre liking the story:)

  10. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 21, 2012 8:51pm UTC
    Summer Loving
    Chapter 1
    Most teenage girls lives would be considered a romance if it was made into a movie or a tv show. Mine however would be a comedy; no not because I was funny 'cause I can barely come up with anything better than a 'knock knock joke.' No, I was funny because I was that type of girl who would trip on nothing at all and fall on her face in front of the guy she so despretely loved.
    It was merely hours after my last exam, summer had finally started and I was sitting in my favorite spot at the beach. The same spot I've been sitting in since I was five. Me and my mother used to come here everyday; until she left. "Stalker much?" my friend Jasmine asked while popping a squat next to me. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "I mean that Justin comes here to serf every single day and you know it, that's why you're here." I rolled my eyes at her. "Actually, this was my spot first. Clearly he's stalking me." I joked. What a joke, Justin was way out of my league. Actually, any guy that's face wasn't full of acne and had glasses from the 90's wasn't even in my league. Guys just don't like me. "Is he still dating that college chick?" Jasmine asked while popping gummy words into her mouth. "Yeah." I said stealing a blue gummy worm. "Well you know, good luck trying to snag that when he's got a college girl. Come on, why don't you just give up? You've liked the same guy since you were ten. I think it's time to move on." I got up and dusted my butt off, making sure there was no sand on it. "Maybe. Look, I've got work. I'm working late tonight but we'll hang out tomorrow. First official day of summer." She threw another gummy worm in her mouth and gave me a snug look, "Okay, bye. See you then."
    I started walking towards the local dinner, right off of the beach when a football hit me in the head. This was was actually a normal accurence for me. A bunch of guys started laughing. I picked up the ball and turned around. Oh yes, of course, Justin was part of that group of guys. Only time that kid notices me is if I make a complete fool out of myself. I was about to throw the ball back but then realzied if I did I'd make a bigger fool out of myself since I couldn't throw anything more than two feet. Justin started jogging towards me to get the ball. Oh god, I was going weak in the knees, I'd probably faint as soon as he got here out of excitement. I tossed the ball to him, "Thanks." he said to me followed by a flawless smile. Of course I was an idiot and couldn't muster out the words, "Your welcome." So he just walked away. I looked over to Jasmine, still sitting down eating gummy words and she mouted "Oh my god!" to me. I just smiled at her and decided to go off to work, still with a big smile plastered on my face.
    NEW STORY!! I promise I'll keep with this one! Let me know what you think! I have lots of good stuff planned for this one!!

  11. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    June 8, 2012 10:25pm UTC
    quick message to all of my followers/fans that still care/follow my stories:
    okay, the next two weeks for me are finals/exams... so i cant write much now. but all summer ill have nothing to do and will write lots! i never finished So Far Away cause it just wasnt going anywhere for me and i didnt have a stroyline. i dont think im going to finish my new story either. sorry, thats so bad! but i have an AMAZING love story planned; its like a love triangle type thing! so please hang tight, its going to be a great story!
    thanks for understanding!!

  12. stillwaitingforyou stillwaitingforyou
    posted a quote
    May 28, 2012 8:35am UTC
    One Thing
    Chapter 1
    "Boys are idiots." Charlotte complained while shoving her face with a freshly baked brownie. "Not all of them are, just most of them." Haley snapped. "I just give up, I'm going to grow old and end up with a million cats when I get older." Kelsie started to whine. We all sat in our colorful sleeping bags in a circle around Haley's room with a giant selection of food in the middle. "Maybe if we didn't eat like teenage boys, we'd actually be able to date a teenage boy." Lucy joked. Nobody laughed, clearly the topic was getting too serious. There was a long silence.
    All of these girls have always had horrible luck with guys and love and we were just about to give up. The summer before senior year had just started and we were just at another one of their sleepovers complaining about the same old thing. Then it hit Lucy, "This summer could be different, you know." The rest of the girls all looked at her, waiting for more info. Did she know some kind of dating service that totally worked? Or a town full of perfect guys just waiting for a girlfrend? "How?" Charlotte finally asked, not being able to wait much longer. "Let's this interesting. I think the reason nothing's working is cause we're not trying hard enough. We're not giving ourselves a deadline. I say this summer we all try our best to find boyfriends." Lucy suggested with a smile. "Okay? And that will be different from any other day of our lives?" Kelsie sassed back. "Casue this time we have a prize. And not just a boyfriend. Whoever finds love by the end of the summer gets that One Direction ticket that girl Sarah tried to sell us. Remember, she only had one so none of us took it cause we felt bad for leaving our best friends? Well, now the winner gets the ticket paid by the losers." They all looked at Lucy like she had three heads or something. "Competiton, that just may work." Haley said with a sly smile. The rest of the girls seemed to agree. "This may just work, it's kind of like the Hunger Games... but not at all..." Charlotte added, shoving another brownie in her mouth. "Exactly." Lucy said, quite proud of herself for coming up with the idea. "You in Kelsie?" she asked. It took her a while but Kelsie finally nodded her head, her long blonde curls bobbing around with her. "Well we need some rules." Haley chimed in. It was totally like her to ruin the fun with rules. "Fine; no stealing each other's potential loves, deadline is the day before the first day of scchool, and the guy has to say I love you frist before the deadline and you win." Everyone smiled in agreement. "Those tickets are so mine." Charlotte joked. "Yeah, we'll see." Haley said, probably already making a plan in her head about how she was going to win. Lucy looked around at her competition and announced, "Let the games begin to find that one thing we all want despretely."
    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm sooo sorry I haven't been writing in forever! I just needed a break, but hopefully I'm back now!!

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    - Chapter 9 - Clare's POV -
    "You got suspended?!" I exclaimed, nearly shocked to death. "I know, it's bad but it's only for a week. It's fine." Ben said on the other side of the phone call. I heard a faint knock on the bedroom door and turned to find my mother slowly creeping the door open. "I've got to go. I'll call you later tonight." I told him before hanging up.
    "Who was that?" she asked referring to who I had just gotten off the phone with. "Ben." I muttered soft enough for her not to hear. "Shouldn't you be getting ready?" she asked, disregarding my answer to her question. "I'm not going." I said in a hushed tone. "You CAN'T miss your Senior Prom!" my mother practically yelled at me. I took a seat on my bed and started playing with the strings of my bright pink Juicy Cature sweatshirt I was wearing. "It's not that big of a deal, Mom." I told her, trying not to roll my eyes. "Your friends are going though. Go with them, some of them aren't even bringing dates. I know Marge is going single along with some other girls." she tried persuading me into going. "No, mom. I'm not going to go." She started to get angry, I could tell, she looks the same way she used to look whenever I would forget to take my old dog Coco out when I was little. "Is this because of that boy?" she hissed. I was too scared to say anything because it was the reason I wasn't going. I couldn't watch a bunch of couples being happy together or I'd just miss him even more than I already do. "Unbelievable Clare. You can't let this boy control your life." I started twirling the braclet on my wrist Ben had sent in the mail for my birthday. "Well I love him, Mom. And it's been months since I met him so you can't tell me I don't know him anymore. And if we didn't love each other this long term relationship would have failed my now." I ranted, rasing my voice a bit. "Fine. Ruin your Senior year, I don't care. I'm going out tonight so you'll be alone. Goodnight Clare." she said bitterly slamming the door behind her.
    Later that night I sat in front of my laptop, waiting for my Skype date with Ben. I was shocked his parents didn't take away his computer privlages for getting suspended. I pulled my blanket around me tighter as I heard the rain pour outside. I thought about my friends that were at the prom now. They were probably having fun but I would have been miserable if I went since Ben wasn't there.
    The door bell rang suddenly. I wasn't expecting anymore. It was probably Leah or Marge begging me to change my mind and go to prom. I took off the blanket and snatched my phone and starte dashing towards the door. I opened to the door and my jaw dropped in shock. It was Ben. Before even questioning how he got to New Hampshire I collasped into him and gave him a huge hug. Tears were streaming out of my eyes from being so happy. Then we kissed, after months of being miles away from each other.
    hope youre all liking this story:) i actually have the rest planned so its gonna be a pretty good story! hope you keep reading and hope i didnt lose any readers!

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    - Chapter 8 - Ben's POV -
    "Ben; what was FDR's New Deal Plan?" my teacher snapped, waking me up from my day dreams of Clare. I knew I had no idea what the answer was; it was probably in last nights reading that I didn't have a chance to do because Clare and I went on a Skype date. "Well?" she asked again, rasing her eyebrows and tipping her finger nails furiouslly on the nearby desk. "It was a plan that uh, made a deal with people." I stuttered; I knew a vague answer was better than nothing at all. The class started to snicker at my dumb response. "Wrong." my teacher moaned, giving me a dirty look. The bell rang and I ran out of the room as quickly as possible.
    I got to my locker to find Joanna, some girl I used to date leaning against it. She moved slightly out of the way as I neared it. I started to put my combination in. "May I help you?" I asked her, realzing she wasn't going away. "So look, you and that chick from like New Hampshrie or whatever are probably over by now so I was wondering if you wanted to go to Senior Prom with me." she asked twirling her hair and chomping down on some bubble gum. I quickly got the books out of the locker and slammed it shut, "Actually, we're still dating. So no, thanks." I said rudely. I started to walk to my next class when she kept following me. "So you're not going to go to your Senior Prom cause of some girl?" she asked bitterly. "She's not some girl, okay? I'm in love with her." Joanna rolled her eyes at my response, "Whatever." She sung while bustling away.
    "Dude, what did Joanna want?" My best friend Tyler asked. "She wanted me to go to prom with her." I said nonchalantly. "And?" he asked, as if it wasn't obvious. "I said no, obviouslly. Clare. Remember the girl I can't shut up about." Tyler grasped his face with the palms of his hands. "You turned down, Joanna? Unbelievable. I know you think your in love or whatever but seriouslly your missing out on so much because of her." I started to get angry, people just didn't seem to understand how special Clare was to me. "She has a name." I muttered. "Okay, well your missing out on a lot because of Clare. Happy?" he said back with attitude. "Clare's worth it. Sorry you don't think that." I said in an upset tone. "Well, I don't. I don't want to see my best friend throw away his Senior year for some girl he meant." Again with the 'some girl,' I couldn't contain my anger much longer. Before I knew it I clenched my fists and punched Tyler right in the jaw. He tried to punch be back but I dodged it and before I knew it we were in a full out fight.
    Teachers came up to pull us a part. We were both straining to get out of their reach to get back at each other. "You've changed Ben, all because of some girl. I don't even know who you are anymore." he shouted at me trying to get out of the group of teachers holding him away from me. "Get them both in my office, NOW!" the principal shouted, staring us both down. I had just punched my best friend and will probably get suspended; why? all because of Clare.
    sorry for not posting a chapter in a while i was on vacation and just got back. im going to try my best to get more chapters out; i dont really have a story line im just writing as i go for this story so it might be blah. haha. thanks for understanding...

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    - Chapter 7 - Clare's POV -
    Three weeks had passed since I had met Ben. I tried to manage life without him as best as I could. I guess it was pretty easy since we were constantly communicating via technology. But everytime I was texted him, or skyping him I was always thinking about him. It was going to be tough, but this needed to work. I couldn't imagine my life without him.
    I combed my long chesnut hair while singing a happy tune. My freinds Leah and Marge both barged in at the same time. "Isn't that a little too dressy for the street fair?" Marge asked me while I put on some dangly earings. "I can't go, I have a virtual date with Ben." While peering in the mirrior I could see both Leah and Marge rolling their eyes at the sound of his name. "Seriouslly Clare? At first this whole long distance relationship was cute but now it's taking away from your life. You lived life glued to your phone and computer talking to that boy." Leah protested quite loudly. "I'm sorry." I mummbled. I waited for Marge to say something. She finally spoke, "You only knew him for a week, not even and you're sacrificing so much for him." she said in a much calmer tone than Leah. "I'm in love with him." Leah let out a sarcastic laugh, "You haven't even known him for a month." I grapsed my hair brush in my hand tightly, trying to figure out what to say to defend myself. "You just don't know how I feel and how he feels and how we feel about each other." They both starting to walk towards my bedroom door in unison. "Whatever Clare, if you change your mind we'll be at the street fair." Leah said hopefully while leaving.
    I continued to brush my hair as my mother walked in trying to be unoticed. "You're not going with your friends?" she asked suspiciouslly. I shook my head. "Because of Ben?" she asked in a snarly way. "Yeah, we have a date." I said while shaking the mouse of my computer to awaken my computer. My mom started to pace my room, looking at all the post cards from around the world. "I don't like how this boy has been affecting your life, Clare." I looked at her shocked. I mean, I knew she wasn't exactly thrilled about me having a long distance relationship but I didn't know she felt this strongly about it. She slapped down a piece of paper on my wodden desk. "This came in the mail today." she said angrily. I peered down at my progress report. "It's mostly made up of grades after spring break, which means after you met Ben. You got a D in math, Clare. That's not okay." I sat down at my desk, awaiting a huge lecture. "Your grades have been suffering since he came around. You're always ditching your friends because of him. And most importantly I'm afriad this will affect your dream of traveling. You've wanted it so badly since you were a little girl and I don't want to watch some life long dream slip away because of some boy." I shot up on our my seat in anger, "Some boy? Mom, I'm in love with him." I protested in a loud tone of voice. Her face changed shape to an expression of disbelief and confusion. "You've only spent a week with him, Clare and you've only known him for three. You're talking crazy. I am not going to let you throw away your future and your friendships over some guy you barely know." she started screaming at me. "He's not just some boy, mom." I tried defending myself, but she wasn't listening. "And does dad agree?!" I asked. She nodded, "Oh yes he does. Now get your head out of the clouds and go catch up with Leah and Marge and have some fun at the street fair." she demanded. "But, I promised I'd skype him." I said softly. "I don't care. I'm worried about you Clare and I know this may sound mean but I'm just trying to protect you. Now you better leave before it's too late."
    I gave her the dirtiest look I had ever given my mother and charged out. It was better to listen to her than rebel. Becuase if I rebled she would do much worse.
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    - Chapter 6 - Ben's POV -
    Clare, Clare and more Clare were the only things on my mind for the reminding two days of my vacation. "I know you miss that girl you met but you'll keep in touch. Don't worry, it will work out." my mom comforted me after realizing I was totally lost without her. "I know, thanks mom. It's just hard being with somebody all day long and then not seeing them at all." She nodded, "I think it's cute; your relationship with her." she commented. My mom and I were always comfortable with each other. "Thanks." I said, raising my eyebrows. "You'll find a way, hun. Love always finds a way." she said while kissing me on the forehead and leaving for bed.
    When I returned home, my friends wanted to hang before we had to go back to school. "Meet any California girls?" my best friend Tyler asked curiouslly. I started to blush, since he got me thinking about Clare again. "Nah, but I did meet someone. She's just perfect." Tyler rolled his eyes at me. "Are you in love?" he joked in a mimicking voice. "Actually, yeah. Her name's Clare and she lives in New Hapshire and we deicded to do a long distance relationship." I admitted, shyly. Tyler started to laugh, "No girl's worth that much trouble, dude. I mean, what's the point of being in a relationship if you never see each other?" We stuted into our normal hang out. "She is though, Tyler. She's worth it all." He shook his head, "Oh good old love sick Ben. Is this going to be like Jennifer? Or Talilia? Or Shelby? Or Meg? You act all crazy about a girl, willing to put everything on the line for them and then end up breaking up?" I started to shake my head frantically, "No Tyler, this is different. This is real, it felt different that anything else. Trust me, she's the one and she's worth the trouble."
    Before we could continue talking about Clare two blonde haired, blue eyed, tall model-like girls walked over to our table. "Hi Tyler." one of them said. The other stared at me in a flirtatious way. "Hey Lisa." Lisa, the girl who said hello to Tyler took the chair right next to him. The other girl took a seat next to me. "And you're Ben? This is my twin sister, Lana." Lisa said, grinning. "Hi." Lana said to me. "Hi Lana and Lisa. Nice to meet both of you." I said trying not to grind my teeth together in anger. "Exuse us for a second." I told them while grabbing ahold of Tyler and dragging him away from the table. "What's this? Lisa and Lana?" I snarled at him. "Hot twins. Come on, man. Usually you'd be overjoyed about me scoring a double date for us with twins!" he exclaimed. I gave him a digusted look, "It's different now, Tyler. I have a girlfriend, Clare. And I'm madly in love with her." He rolled his eyes again, "Long distance relationships don't work, Ben. Especially with guys like you. You can't go a week without kissing a girl. Besides, you only knew the chick for what? Not even a week. You can't care that much about someone you barely know." He just didn't understand how I felt about Clare. He didn't understand she was the world to me now. "I've changed because of her. I don't want anybody but her. Got that? And so what if I only knew her for that long? Because it was crystal clear to me that we were meant to be from the moment we met." I snapped, about to storm out. "Ben, I'm sorry. I didn't know she meant that much to you." he called out. "Well, she does and I know it's going to be hard but I'm going to make it work." I told him hopefully. On my way out I looked back at Lana. She was hot; but Clare was gorgeous. All I knew is this was going to be a lot harder than I imagined; but I care about Clare more than anything and we can make this work.
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    - Chapter 4 - Ben's POV -
    I've only known Clare for a total of six days. I never thought it was possible to fall that head-over-heels in love with someobdy for only knowing them for less than a week. People may say it's crazy to care and love a person so much when you've only known them for six days. I even thought it was crazy before I met Clare. But it's not; it's the most magical feeling in the whole entire world. Being a guy, I never thought I would say that in a million years. I never thought I would admitt that a girl meant more to me than anything else. But there was just something about Clare; almost like we were meant to be. We were madly in love with each other. We spent every minute we could with each other those six days. Even though we both knew Spring Break would come to an end we tried not to think about it and never brought it up. We tried to enjoy the moment and not think about what will come in the future. But as we sit on the beach, Clare's last night in California, we start to face reality of it all and came to realilization that Clare would be leaving tomorrow morning and we would probably never see each other again.
    "What's wrong?" I asked her. She was laying in my arms playing with the cool sand with a worried expression on her face. "This is my last night here." she said as if I never thought of it. "I know. I wished so many times that this night would never end, that we'd never have to say goodbye and just lay here together, forever." A tear feel softly on her cheek. I started to play with her chestnut brown hair. "I guess it's time to just face reality. We knew that this day was going to come." I held her tight as tears silently feel from her eyes. I tried to keep myself from crying. The waves of the beach started to crash on the shore.
    "What if we don't have to say goodbye?" I asked hopefully. She rubbed the tears away from her face. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Long distance relationship." I suggested. She sat up and looked at me with her jaw dropped in shock. "Those NEVER work out, Ben. Besides, I bet a bunch of girls are just waiting to go out with you back in Ohio." I took her and and started to play with it. "Look Clare, if we're both willing to make it work it will work. If you love me as much as I love you then we'll find a way. No matter how many miles keep us a part I'm still going to love you." She blushed bright red. "You just know all the right things to say, don't you?" she asked followed by a smile. "Yeah, I know." I smirked. She slapped my arm, "That's exactly why this is never going to work. Girls are going to fall for you left and right and I'm going to be practically half way across the country so I won't be able to stop them." She gathered her chestnut colored hair into a pony tail while waiting for me to continue convincing her that a long distance relalationship would work. "Like guys aren't going to try to get with you, Clare? It's going to be tough but we can do this. Please, I can't imagine my life anymore knowing you won't love me. I don't think I'll be able to stand not talking to you. Besides, long distance relationships are so much easier now-a-days with cellphones, skype, facebook and millions of other ways to communicate. Clare, I love you and I don't want to lose you. Please." I begged. I was desprete, I needed Clare more than anything, I was that crazy about her. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth thinking about it. "Now that I think about, I think I'll go completely crazy without being in some form of a relationship with you. But Ben, it's not even like our colleges are in the same state. It's not like in a few months we'll be reunited; we've already been accepted into colleges and can't change that now." I grabbed her hand and stared at her straight in the eyes, "Listen Clare, I don't care about that. All I know is I want to be with you; if that means a long distance realtionship we can manage. After college we can move to the same state and live happily ever after." I suggested, trying to get her to agree. "What about my dream of traveling the world?" she asked shyly. "After college, I'll go with you Clare. Your dream is my dream now." She bit her lip, trying to hink even more. It was so late at night, my parents are probably at my aunt's house worrying to death about me. "I guess a long distance relationship would be romantic. If it's the only option we have, I guess we'll have to go for it. We can make it work because I'm in love with you." I smiled at her, happy that she agreed. "I'm in love with you too Clare Fowler." She smiled back and me and we kissed; for the the last time in this paradise where we had met.
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    - Chapter 3 - Clare's POV -
    I leaned against the door and smiled to myself. Was I in love with a guy I had just met? Was that even possible or was I just way in over my head? I silently tip toped further into the room to find two beds filled with all my friends. I quietly slipped off my shoes with a huge smiling still smeared all over my face. "You were out late and what are you so happy about anyways?" My friend Leah said startling me half to death. "I thought you were asleep." I said in a frightened voice. "Thanks for replying to my text messages. Your lucky I didn't worry about you to death. I just figured you ran into Zac Efron and he asked you out for tea." she joked. I got into the crowded bed, "Sorry, goodnight." I told her. I closed my eyes knowing I would get no sleep tonight because all I would be thinking about was Ben. "Is there a reason you're still smiling? And you haven't told me where you were anways?" Leah whispered, trying not to wake the others. "I met someone." I told her. Her eyes widened. "Shut up! Tell me everything." I told Leah about our whole day and she listened in awe. "And you're going to see him tomorrow?!" she asked excitedly. I nodded, still smiling with the same smile that never left my face. "That's adorable, Clare. Definitely the cutest spring break romance I've ever heard." she added while turning off the bed side lamp and doozing off. It took me a while to fall asleep because I was reliving the day I had just had and trying to think of my day tomorrow with Ben. Then I finally realized that I better get some sleep cause a whole new day with Ben was waiting for me and the sooner I feel asleep the sooner it would come.
    That day we toured hollywood, shopped in LA (well I shopped), and went to see all the famous sights. It was nice to have somebody to explore the world with. After a long day of sight seeing, he surprised me with a moonlit picnic on the beach. It was totally cliche and cheesy but it was all so perfect. "Do you ever feel like there's more to life than getting a job, getting married, settling down and having a family?" I asked him. I was leaned against him while munching on some dessert from our picnic. "I don't know. I mean I guess. What do you mean?" he asked. I listened to the waves crash and looked around to find we were all alone, so late at night. "I don't know. It's stupid really. I just feel like there's supposed to be more adventure. I've dreamed about traveling all over the world and just making the most out of life. I just don't know what I want. I know it's stupid to say because we're graduating in several months but I don't think I want to live the normal life, the american dream." He moved the hair away from my face, "I like that. That you have a dream that you're so comitted to. I wish I was more like you. I'm planning on just getting a regular job and settling down like everyone else. I've always wanted to become a doctor since I was little so I guess it's kind of my dream." I giggled without really thinking. "What?" he asked. "Nothing. It's just you know when you can dream you can dream about anything, right?" He started to laugh with me. "Well at least it's practidble. But, sometimes I wish I was more like you."
    I got up to my feet and held out my hands to help him up. "You can. Follow me." I said while walking off. "Clare? Clare? Where are we going?" he asked nervouslly. I could tell he wasn't the type for surprises. I started to climb up the rocks next on the beach. "Clare? Don't do that; it's dangerous." I giggled again, "I thought you said you wanted to be more like me. Living on the edge with risks." He climbed after me until we reached the top. "I said I wish I was more like you. I can't be more like you; it's not me." he commented nervouslly. "Why wish when you can be?" I asked. He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. I stared down at the ocean waves nearly a hundred feet below, watching the waves crash against the rocks. "Jump." I demanded him. "Are you insane?" he asked in fear. "No, I'm just living on the edge. You know, like you said you wish you could be. Don't worry, I'll jump with you." He grabbed my arm. "No, I won't let you do that. Come on, Clare. this is insane. Let's just go back down." he instructed me. "Ben, there's this certain rush you get when you take risks. You can't live your life on the safe side all the time. The feeling I get when I do things like this makes me feel alive. Come on, please." I begged. "Clare, it won't be fun, trust me it has death written all over it and-" Before he could say anymore I jumped into the ocean. "Clare!" I heard him yell on my way down. I landed safely in the water, as planned and he landed right next to me. "Are you okay?" I asked concerned. "Okay? I feel amazing. You were right, that rush you get is the best feeling ever." I continued to tred water to keep me afloat. "Better feeling than this?" I asked while kissing him. After I pulled away he answered, "No that definitely beats any feeling in the world. Just being with you, Clare is the best feeling in the whole entire world." We both treded water for a while just starting at each other. "I know this is only the second day we've spent together and I just met you yesterday," he started off by saying breaking the silence, "But these have been the best two days of my life. And since we're taking risks here; I'm going to take one right now. Clare, I love you." The biggest rush I had ever felt zoomed in my entire body. "Ben, I love you too." He kissed me, which was honestly the most amazing feeling ever. It felt different than kissing any other boy; it was so hard to explain why. "Weren't you glad you took the risk in telling me?" I asked while we decided to swim back to shore. "It was definitely worth it."
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    - Chapter 2 - Ben's POV -
    I've heard about love before. My friends had expierienced it, it was on tv, it was almost everywhere. It was just every girl I went out with just didn't seem to click with me for some reason. But then I met her. And I guess everything changed. From the moment I saw her I just had this feeling that I had to follow her and get to know her. It was weird but I'm just accepting the fact that it was probably fate.
    "So what do you have on your agenda?" I asked her. She put her camera around her neck while moving her chestnut colored hair out of the way. "Well I don't know. Just exploring I guess. I kind of just go with the flow and don't plan at all." she admitted. We continued to walk on the beach. "Where are you from?" I asked her. She looked at me with beautiful hazel eyes. "I'm from New Hampshire. Just a small state with well nothing." she admitted, followed by a laugh. "How about you?" she asked. "I'm from Ohio; another state where nothing really happens." I told her while putting my hands in my shorts' pockets. We continued walking to the very end of the beach, just talking the whole time, telling each other about ourselves. I was fascinated with everything Clare said. She seemed pretty interested in what I had to say too. It felt as if we could have talked to each other for days on end without running out of things to say.
    She peered over at the sunset. "Oh it's getting late." she mentioned. "Want to go grab some dinner?" I asked her. She blushed and nodded, saying, "I'd like that." We walked into a nice reasturant that had a lovely view of the beach. "It's beautiful here." she mentioned while looking out the large windows of the resturant. "Yeah it is." I admitted. She checked her phone and then quickly put it away. "Is everything okay?" I asked her. "Yeah, just my friends wondering where I am. They're just grabbing a bite at the same place they were earlier today." she said rolling her eyes. "Well, if they don't feel like doing much tomorrow and you do you, we could always do this again tomorrow. I mean, my parents are practically letting me lose around LA all alone. I have nothing to do." I told her. Maybe a little too willingly. I honestly just wasn't thinking about anything. All I knew is that I wanted to spend more time with Clare. "That would be fun. Definitely, let me give you my number so we can meet up tomorrow." she said. I gave her my phone and she gave me hers and we exchanged numbers.
    After we ate the bill came. "How much was my meal?" she asked. I took my wallet out from my pocket. "Let me pay. What kind of gentleman would I be if I let the lady pay on the first date?" I asked her. Again, I had no idea what was going on with me. It was like I was talking and not thinking at all. I just said what was on my mind not scared of what would happen. Her face turned bright red. She took a while to speak because she was probably still processing my shocking news that we were on a date. "I guess you're right."
    After dinner I walked her back to her hotel. I walked her all the way up to her room. "Sorry it got so late." I admitted. "It's fine. I had a really good time tonight. I can't wait until tomorrow. Maybe we could do some behind the scenes of movie making and stuff." she said leaning against her hotel room door. "Sounds good. I had a really good time today too." I said running out of creative, flirty things to say. "I'm glad I lost this; I mean I'm glad our paths crossed." she said. "Me too." Without any doubt if she felt the same way I was feeling I kissed her softly on the lips. "Goodnight Clare." I told her. "Goodnight Ben." she said back to me, almost in a trance. She opened the door to her room, smiled at me and then disappeared into her room. I leaned against the wall and smiled. That was the best day I've ever had. On my way back to my aunt's house I couldn't stop smiling or thinking about Clare. I was in love and there was no way to stop.
    do you guys like this story? please tell me. comment if you want me to continue if nobody likes it i think im just going to stop writing and take a break for a while.


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