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dragonfly26 · 7 years ago
And in the store, and in a restaurant, and at home, and everywhere else....

lovenuggets200 · 7 years ago
Lol this was like my life 2 years ago. Thank God that's over.

pinkgrey · 7 years ago
One time I actually did that, my dad stopped and I got out and walked down the street, but then we got to a highway so I got back in the car

Just_be_yourself · 7 years ago
So true and I'm the confused one :(

sofiluvsyou · 7 years ago
Thats the story of my life :(

happyfacerace · 7 years ago
i think you made a movie of my life right now.


Lovedance33 · 7 years ago
I always feel out of place in my friendships:(

MusicIsLifexoxo · 7 years ago
i will always love this quote

Youlovedhim · 7 years ago
The confused one is me. :(

Shimmering143 · 8 years ago
So amazingly true..

sparkly_rain_bows321 · 8 years ago

JordanRae · 8 years ago
i know you didn't do it.
and i'm so glad you didn't..
i know you're not on this account anymore..
but i miss you.
we used to be bestfriends..
please contact me..

hugamoose3 · 8 years ago
I'm kind of speechless right now. I know that you have no idea who I am, and I have no idea who you really are, but I do know that you deserve better than this; and I'm sorry.

BrattyKatty · 8 years ago
You have no clue who I am,Im sure of that,Im not gonna repeat things all these other people have told you a million times.Instead,Im gonna lay out two options for you.You could eihter have killed yourself and just left it at that.Or you could realize all the support and love your getting from all your friends and sisters,then live.someday your gonna find the person your gonna marry,someday your gonna have kids.someday your gonna realize that just by being here,youve changed the world.Ive thought about suicide ab bunch of times myself.But unlike you,I didnt have floods of peole telling me not to do it.I had one person I knew I needed to live for,My nephew.Whoever it may be for you,If for no other eason,Live for them.♥

SoftyFrostySnowman · 8 years ago
I Could Say That I Care, That Alot Of People Care About You And How You Shouldn't Kill Yourself But I'm Not Doing To Say That Cause Its Sounds Cliche In This Certain Situation And You'd Never Believe Me And Think That I'd Only Care Cause You Want To Commit Suicide
So I'm Not Going To Say That Instead I'll Tell You This
You Have Your Whole Life Ahead Of You
Your Whole Life Where You WILL Find That Person You're Going To Marry
Honestly I've Seriously Thought About Doing This Myself But I Realized That I Have Things To Look Forward To And I Can't Give Up...At Least Not Yet
So Yes You Can Ignore What I've Said
But You Can't Give Up Just Yet
So Yeah You Don't Know Who The Hell I Am But Honestly Things Do Get Better < And Yes That Did Sound Like BS And Reeked Of Cliche And Cheesiness
Just Don't Give Up...

foreverfascinatedxx · 8 years ago
Even if you think no one cares, there will ALWAYS be someone out there who loves you. Don't kill yourself because they'll be devastated....their life wouldn't be the same without you. We all go through in our lives, I did last week and I felt like for two weeks. But look at me now? I'm smiling because I wanted to move on. and you can too. Once you die...you can't undo it. Dead is dead adn you can't come back from that...are you sure you want to do that? When you have so much to live for out there? Comment on my profile if you need help..

cvnt* · 8 years ago
I'm about to cry. I don't think I can do anything, I'm merely a stranger to you. But I am so sorry for everything that's hard in your life. And I hope you don't ever try again, and that things get better for you. I understand things are hard. I don't know what you're going through, but I'm so sorry it's this hard. I really hope it gets better for you.

frenchfryyyyyy · 8 years ago
Love, there are plenty of people who care, I absolutely guarantee it. You can't give up now, okay? Don't. You will regret it. Things will get better. We're all here for you. Just call 1-800-273-8255, just talk to them. They will help, I promise. I know God put you here for a reason. You've been through so much already, you are too strong to give up now. Things will get better, you need to not give up. Love, someone who cares.

xojackieXlovexo · 8 years ago
hey girl, i don't really know you. but we could talk more. after reading this quote, you know you could come to me for anything because i've been through alot, just like a regular teenaged girl would go through. if you wanna talk, i'm always here xoxoxo -jackie<3

Belladixie17 · 8 years ago
don't leave, please stay. <3

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