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Hello there stranger!
I see that you have come across my profile!
Well since you are stalking me right now I might as well tell you something about myself. You know, just to break the ice.
I love the summer <3
It is my favorite season everrrrrr. I love going to the beach, tanning, swimming, wearing  flipflops and shortss.
I also love taekwondo.
Right now I am a second degree black belt, so don't piss me off... JUST KIDDING 
(but I really am a black belt)
Well I guess I have nothing to say about myself anymore. This is awkward....
Kay Byee!!!


  1. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    November 27, 2012 7:19pm UTC
    So yesterday when I opened my locker I found,
    His sweatshirt inside, all for me ♥

  2. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2012 10:56pm UTC
    Our Little Secret
    I was thrown into the wall hard.
    I felt a piercing pain go through my side. I looked up just to see a blurry figure, it was dark. I was pretty sure I was in a closet. The pain in my side became more excruciating by the second.
    “Get down b*tch!” I knew what was to come. The sting came instantly and I felt the swelling emerge immediately. I put my hand to my cheek trying to stop the pain.
    “Stop, please, stop,” I whimpered.
    “Shut up!” And with that there was a punch to my stomach. I had trouble breathing. There was sweat pouring down my face and I was shaking. I felt vulnerable, weak, and lifeless.
    “Please, Mr. Randal stop, please.” I was begging. But my fate was not up to me.
    “Kate, o silly little Kate, I’m not going to kill you. Just don’t say a word about this. It is our little secret, isn’t it?”
    I would keep my mouth shut.
    And with that my teacher walked out the door and I was left there,
    *I had no readers on the last story. So I am no longer writing fanfictions.
    I am returning to my fictional writing. So I hope you enjoy this story. I will do notifications!
    Love you guys!! <3*

  3. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 28, 2012 2:12pm UTC
    He just makes me feel like

  4. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 23, 2012 9:10pm UTC
    Life Event
    What's on your mind?
    ♞Friends ▼

  5. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 23, 2012 6:05pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    So, I don’t have many readers this story so I would like some feedback. Would you guys like me to continue the sorry, or Start a new one. Tomorrow I will put up a new chapter if I decide to continue the story, I really love it, but I feel like no one is getting enjoyment from it.

  6. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 18, 2012 10:16pm UTC
    Here's To The Girls
    Who don't wake up with perfect hair. Who don't mind eating a Bic Mac instead of salad. Who don't wear 50 pounds of makeup. Who'd rather spend the day in sweatpants than skinny jeans. Who love the comfort of T-shirts. Who don't get all the guys. Who aren't "popular" but feel like it, when they're with their friends. Who stick to sneakers instead of heels. Who aren't afriad to break a nail. Who don't always get their own way. Who don't get everything they want. Who don't need a guy to tell them that they are beautiful. Here's to the girls who are just
    Like me.

  7. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 18, 2012 3:27pm UTC
    There are no words,
    to describe
    how amazingTaylor & Ed's,
    Collaboration is♥

  8. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2012 4:27pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    “What’s the problem?”
    Josh stood there.
    Locked up.
    Like he was trying to find the right words to say, but just couldn’t put it together. After about 15 seconds Josh started to speak.
    “Julia, I don’t know how this is possible, but it is. The first day we saw each other, there was something about you.
    That sparkle in your eye.
    The way that you are so laid back. How you just go with anything. How you love to experience new things. You aren’t afraid to take a huge step in life, like coming here to California. When I first laid my eyes on you, I knew. I knew you that you were perfect. I acted like such a jerk because i tried making myself come off as tough, but that was so stupid of me, because you stand up for yourself. I think you are beautiful, perfect, and I want to be able to call you mine.”
    There was a couple of seconds of silence.
    Was I supposed to talk? Was he done confessing his love for me?
    “So, are you going to say anything?” He asked nervous and eager for an answer.
    “ummm, I have to go to class. Can we talk about this later?” You could see in his face that he knew that answer.
    But did he really?
    “Actually, never mind I won’t be late. Well, ummm, that’s very nice of you Josh, but I don’t really feel anything right now. Maybe in the future.”
    That was a complete lie.
    Over the past 2 weeks living next to Josh I have developed feelings for him. I thought he was perfect, I’m just afraid that I am going to become a part of the fame, when I want to stay myself. I looked at his hazel eyes and saw the strength it was taking him to hold back the tears. Did he really like me that much?
    “I- I’m sorry..” I turned and started for the door.
    Just as I was about to reach for the door knob I felt hands around my waist. I turned and Josh pulled me in close. He kissed me, and this time I didn’t pull away.
    My heart was fluttering and it felt so perfect.
    Josh pulled away and spoke,
    “I know that isn’t the truth Julia.”
    I looked at him again, “You’re right.”
    I gave in and kissed him again.
    I knew that me and Josh were meant to be
    *I. love. this. chapter. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
    Comment for notifications! I really feel like I have no readers :( But again
    love all my followers!*

  9. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 15, 2012 9:32pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    It felt so right, but at the same time so wrong.
    I debated whether I should pull away or not. I did. There was just something in my head that told me to stop. But there was something in my heart telling me keep going.
    “What’s the matter?” Josh asked in a somewhat shocked and offended tone.
    “I- I- I can’t do this.” I ran down the steps and ran straight into my house.
    It’s been a week since me and Josh had our kiss in front of his house. When we saw each other we would say hi, but it was completely awkward. You could feel the tension in the air.
    I had to get ready this morning to go to class. It was my first day and I was some what nervous. I didn’t know what to expect at college. Where the people at college going to be fake like the people I knew in high school? This was the whole reason why I came to California in the first place. To meet new people, but Josh Hutcherson was not on my list of new people.
    I wasn’t in the mood to go all out today.
    I put on high waisted denim shorts with spikes and a cropped t shirt. It was red, my favorite color. For shoes I put on my black classic vans and I braided my hair. I threw on a pair of sunglasses considering it was really sunny here.
    As I went downstairs I heard my doorbell ring. I went to the door and looked through the peephole. There was no one there. I slowly opened the door making sure there was no one hiding around. As I looked down at the floor I saw a note on the ground.
    Dear Julia,
    I am really sorry about what happened the other day. Just let me explain. When you are free just stop by my house. I miss seeing you and talking to you. If you choose not to come, I get it.
    Well. This note didn’t really give me an option. I walked over to Josh’s house and rang the door bell. In a second the door swung open.
    “I’m here.” I said waiting for him to say something intense or rude.
    “I have a lot of explaining to do, so why don’t you come inside.” I took a step into Josh’s house.
    And little did I know that it was going to change my life
    Julia's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=61152797
    *Boringgggg! I know, but the next chapter is going to be so worth it!
    Comment for notifications!! I feel like I have no readers! But! I love all my 131 followers! <3*

  10. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 15, 2012 6:05pm UTC
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but
    I finally found someone who cares,
    someone who is way better than you. ♥

  11. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 10, 2012 4:19pm UTC
    Here are the characters for my story!
    Some of you do not know Josh (i don't know how!?!?!) so I also included him and the girl is Julia.

  12. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 10, 2012 3:42pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    I kept reading.
    Josh was seen last night getting into his car with a new girl not seen before. She then later showed up with him at the red carpet premiere of the Hunger Games. She was dressed for the occasion. It looks like Hutcherson has a girl on his hands. Will they be together?
    I just stood there. What was I supposed to say? I took the paper and went straight to Josh’s house. I rang the door bell and he opened it immediately. I just shoved the newspaper in his face.
    “Look! They think that we are a couple!” I was still shaken. Everyone in LA thinks that I’m going out with Josh Hutcherson. Absolutely not!
    Josh just giggled.
    “What? What is so funny?!” I was getting irritated.
    “Don’t worry about it, it will die down soon. You just aren’t used to the publicity.”
    “Of course not, I’m from Long Island. No one knows who I am. Everyone knows who you are!”
    “It’s really fine, just relax.” I was fuming! Why is he telling me to relax! Now everything thinks that I am together with him! No! I never want to be seen with him now! Now when I am walking down the street people are going to be like o look! It’s Josh’s new girlfriend!
    “Don’t tell me to relax! I’m not the person that loves being in the spot light!” He could tell that I was getting annoyed with the situation.
    “Julia, it’s fine, everything will go back to normal in a couple of days. You are worrying for no reason.” His words were some what comforting. He looked at me in the eyes and I felt my heart starting to beat a little faster. What was happening?
    I do not like Josh. Stop it.
    “How do you know?” But for some reason was stupid because I really did trust Josh.
    “Just trust me.” I started tearing up.
    “I don’t want my life to change. I like it the way it is.” A tear fell from my eye.
    “It won’t. One thing that I’ve learned from being famous is that you can’t let people change you. Just live your life as you would if you weren’t on the big screen, or sining that song everyone is in love with.”
    Josh pulled me in and hugged me. It felt so right, like I had someone there for me. Someone who wouldn’t leave me for anything. Finally, someone who understood my fear. I looked up into those hazel eyes of his and whispered, “Thank you.”
    Then, it happened so quickly.
    I did not see it coming.
    My stomach filled with butterflies.
    Josh kissed me.
    *I know it seems like this is moving so fast, but! many things
    are planned for this story! muwahaha! I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
    Comment for notifications! Love all my followers! <3*

  13. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 8, 2012 5:49pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    I got home and went straight into the shower.
    There was no time to spare. I was going to go out on the town with Josh Hutcherson, I had to look absolutely breath taking. I got out of the shower and the first thing I did was my hair. I blowed it out and made a french braid that wrapped around the back of my head. It ended in a messy bun, perfect. After my hair, I did my make up. I did a brown smokey eye. There was some gold touch to it that made my eyes shine. Then it was time for the dress. Josh said it was going to be a black tie event so I put on a a purple floor length gown. It was shafon and had some shape to it. There was braiding detail around the bust. For accessories I put on a gold bracelet and ring. My shoes were the favorite part. They were high and studded, gold to tie everything together. I carried a unique gold clutch with floral detail. I looked into the mirror was was shocked.
    I looked amazing.
    I went downstairs and walked over to Josh’s house. I rang the door bell and stood there for a couple of seconds before the door opened. Josh opened the door and there he stood. He was wearing a black tux with suspenders and a bow tie. His hair spiked in the front and he smelled amazing. I got this weird feeling in my stomach, but forced myself to stop because I don’t and never will like Josh Hutcherson.
    “Woah, Julia, you look great!” You could tell that he was in awe. His jaw dropped a little when he saw me.
    “You don’t look to bad yourself.”
    He walked out the door and led me to his audi A7. It was the nicest car I’ve ever been in before. He opened the door for me like a gentlemen and I got in. I swore when I got into the passengers seat I heard a camera click.
    Whatever I guess.
    Then he went into the drivers seat. The ride there was kind of awkward we didn’t say much. We got to the event and it was not what I was expecting. Josh had brought me to his premiere of The Hunger Games.
    “You didn’t tell me that you were bringing me here?!” I was kind of excited, but at the same time annoyed, I’m not the type of person to have the spot light all the time. "
    It’s fine! You are going to have fun!” And he was right the whole night was a blast. I felt like a superstar. I walked down the red carpet and saw the first movie of the hunger games. It was a night that I would always remember.
    The next morning I got out of bed and went outside to get the newspaper. As I looked at the cover I could not believe my eyes.
    Josh Hutcherson Seen Last Night With The Girl Of His Dreams
    Julia's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=59281891
    *Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! It will now start getting intense!
    Sorry the first two were kind of boring! Love all my followers! <3 Comment
    for notifications!*

  14. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 5, 2012 10:10pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    You’ve got to be kidding me right.
    I was half way down the stairs when the door reopened again.
    “Wait..” I heard Josh say from the other side of the door. I turned around with a nasty look on my face. “Yes.. should I even give you the time of day right now?” I came off as a b*tch but that didn’t matter to me.
    “I’m sorry why don’t you come inside?” I stood still for a second. Was I really going to go inside. I didn’t even like the kid. But my mom really wanted to me to introduce myself, so why not. I walked up the stairs into the grand house. It was beautiful, nothing like I’ve ever seen.
    “So, why did you move here?” Josh was trying to start conversation, he sounded somewhat interested.
    “Well, I wanted to experience new things so I decided to go to college in LA.” I couldn’t actually process what was happening. I was talking to Josh Hutcherson. I remember when I was a little girl watching him in movies. It is like I grew up with him.
    Wait? What am I doing, snap out of it.
    “That’s really cool, I came here to start my care in acting.” He sat down on the couch and patted for me to come and sit next to him, so I did.
    “Yeah, I know, I’ve seen all your movies. You’re really good at what you do.” He started blushing and looked flattered by the compliment. Again, obnoxious. “
    Why, thank you, so how old are you by the way?” I looked at him in his hazel eyes.
    “I’m 18, my birthday was just a few weeks ago now that we were mentioning it.”
    “Wow! I thought you were younger, but you did say you were going to college so makes sense.” There was a couple of seconds of awkward silence.
    “So.. There is this dinner tonight,” Josh began to say, “I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, I could show you around the town and stuff.”
    I was stopped in my tracks. Was Josh Hutcherson really asking me out to go to dinner with him? No, you don’t want to go. You don’t like him Julia.
    “Umm, sure might as well I need to learn how to get around some how.”
    Shoot. To much pressure.
    “That’s great, so ill meet you at your house at 7, be ready it is a black tie event so look your best,” and with that Josh winked at the same time. I was so confused at what was happening. I walked out the door after we were done talking and for some crazy reason,
    I was sad when I had to leave.
    *Hope you guys enjoy!! Comment for notifications!! love you <3*

  15. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 3, 2012 6:08pm UTC
    Once in a Life Time
    “Sweetie how it is living on your own now?”
    My mom came from New York, that’s my home town. I moved ere for college since I wanted to get away from home an experience new things. But I was not expecting new things to be living right next to Josh Hutcherson. Ever since the first day I met him outside of my front door I never talked to him. He wouldn’t even look at me when we would see each other around. And I never went over and introduced myself to him. The last thing I want is him thinking I’m in love with him because he was in The Hunger Games.
    “It’s really nice. The people are nice around here too.”
    “Well, that’s great to hear! By the way did you go talk to your new neighbor? I just saw him as I was coming over. He’s really cute you know!”
    I rolled my eyes. Now my mom wants me to become friends with him.
    “No. I did not introduce myself to him. Why doesn’t he come over here? I’m the new one right?” I sounded annoyed because I didn’t want to talk about Josh.
    “Well, he may be shy! I think you should go talk to him right now.” My mom gave me that look. Even though I was 18 and living on my own I know when she gives me that look I better do what she says. I made an annoyed face as I walked out the door.
    The last thing I wanted to do was talk to him. I walked up to the door and just stood there. Was I really going to ring his doorbell and introduce myself? This was so stupid. I rang the doorbell anyway feeling bad if i told my mom I didn’t. I waited a couple of seconds and nothing happened. Maybe he isn’t home I thought to myself.
    Just as I was about to walk away the door opened.
    I turned around to see Josh standing there he was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He also had his cincinati reds hat on. I’ve seen it in picture before.
    “Hi... can I help you?” He sounded confused as if coming to his door was wrong or something. Anger went through me. It’s as if I didn’t have the right to talk to him or something?
    “I’m Julia your new neighbor. I was just trying to introduce myself since the first time you didn’t wave to me.”
    “Ooo, well I am very sorry about that, my name is Josh it is very nice to meet you. Well, I have to go I am very busy right now.”
    And with that he slammed the door on my face.
    *First chapter is up today! Hope you guys like it! and for notifications I will notify! But only the first 20! Love you all! <3*

  16. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 3, 2012 3:48pm UTC
    My name is Julia.
    I’m 18 years old. The one thing that annoys me the most are obnoxious people who are full of them selves. The way they talk and walk, they think that everyone loves them. It’s my pet peeve. And my next door neighbor is just like that. He thinks everyone loves him because he is famous. Well, I don’t and I never will. I just moved into my new house two weeks ago not aware of who lived right next to me. I walked out of the door the other day and saw this boy walking out of his. His hair spiked perfectly and his eyes so green you couldn’t help but fall in love. His jaw was perfect, it was so masculine. He was short for being a guy, but perfect height for me. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, casual, the way I liked a guy. He turned around and he looked so familiar like i’ve seen him before. I waved hi and he saw and just walked away. Rude! I walked to my car and couldn’t get the thought out of my head since it was such a familiar face. As I stopped at a red light it hit me. I’ve seen him in a movie before. How could I not recognize him. I was shocked. My next door neighbor was Josh Hutcherson.
    ***PLEASE READ: I'm so sorry to my readers that I did not finish my other story. It just wasn't going any where! So I started a new one. It is a fan fiction as you can see! I love josh hutcherson so much! So I hope you guys enjoy! And for this story I will not do notifications! I'm very sorry, but I will try my best to put a chapter up everyday! Love all my followers! <3***

  17. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    October 2, 2012 5:29pm UTC
    I think steve should make Witty
    Pink this month for all the strong women
    in the world.

  18. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    September 27, 2012 4:57pm UTC
    I think
    I finally found
    Someone who actuall y ca res. ♥

  19. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2012 6:02pm UTC
    Falling Hard Hurts
    I got up the next morning with a feeling of regret and pain.
    It was time to go to school and see him.
    I put on a green maxi dress. It had a blue accent on the bottom and a black waist band. I paired it with a pair of tory burch sandals a black bangle and earrings. For my hair I curled my bottoms and for make-up I did a natural smokey eye. I looked in the mirror to see the final look. At least I looked nice, because I feel horrible.
    By the time I got to school I just had time to go to my locker and straight to class. I walked in and saw Matt sitting at his chair, I didn’t even give him the time of day. I sat down and started to unpack my things for class, when I felt a presence standing in front of me. I looked up to see Matt standing there. I just looked at him. I didn’t even say a word.
    “Are you going to say anything?” He asked.
    “What is there to say?” I was aggravated. He didn’t even deserve to hear my voice anymore. “Nicole, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that to yo-”
    RINGGGG! The bell rang and class was going to begin.
    “Go to your seat Matthew,” the teacher said to him since he was still standing. Class went by so fast now that I didn’t look forward to talking to Matt anymore. The bell rang again dissmising the students from their seats. As I was about to go and walk out the door Matt blocked me.
    ”We need to talk.”
    “What is there to talk about? There really isn’t anything you can say to make me happy again.” “Nicole you are my world. Every time I look at you my heart stops. I treated you like cr*p and I don’t understand why. And when I let you go the day of my lacrosse game I knew right then and there that I let you slip away. I was to dumb to realize my mistake and let your pain drag on for to long.”
    I looked at Matt and was shocked he was crying.
    “No I don’t deserve you, you can find someone who treat-” I stopped him in his tracks.
    Our lips met.
    And suprisingly he kissed me back. Sparks flew and my heart was beating a million miles per hour.
    It was everything that I have been waiting for. He pulled me in closer and it was like a dream. We pulled apart and our eyes met.
    I knew at that moment Matt really did love me.
    Nicole's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=59021938
    *soooo, do you guys really think Matt loves
    Nicole? Well you'll find out! Comment for notifications!*

  20. snickerlover snickerlover
    posted a quote
    September 11, 2012 3:06pm UTC
    I would like to take a moment to talk about today.
    11 years ago a disaster took place. Thousands were
    killed, family members were torn apart, and heroes
    were lost. I would like to take a moment to remember
    all of these people and let them RIP. But I would also like to say
    that 11 years ago on this day I am greatful. My life was
    changed forever. My little brother was born. So I would
    like to take a moment and say,
    Happy 11th Birthday little bro ♥


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