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emily... emily is just an empty, ghost of a girl. she listens to music just about every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every year. she used to have friends, they decided to leave her in the dust; but she's not complaining. life, it is what it is regardless if she's happy or not. she just tries to live, day by day. it's hard. it's an uphill battle all the time. she's used to the jokes, the rumors, and the lies. she lives her life just waiting and waiting to get out of this sick town she lives in. she wants to go to school far far away, boston maybe. she has no boyfriend, no friends, and not much hope left. again, no complaints. it is what it is. tears are normal, sad music is what you'll hear if you ever listen to her iPod (which is basically her best friend), and sleepless nights are way too familiar. get to know her, maybe just maybe she'll open up.




  1. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    August 31, 2012 11:45pm UTC
    Who went to go see the Train, Andy Grammer, and Matt Kearney concert tonight?
    Wellll it was amazing!
    Tanglewood Concert Center.
    Lenox, Massachusetts

  2. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    June 17, 2012 10:06pm UTC
    Me: I'm crazy.
    Him: How are you crazy?
    Me: I never cry in front of people, but ten minutes ago I cried alone in the darkness of my room. I love walking around in the pouring rain during a thunder and lightning storm. I cry at the end of every book I read. I'm unable to give up. I fear spiders. I eat chips with ketchup. I don't need anyone, but I secretly hope I have someone. I laugh when I'm nervous. I smile and laugh because I'm the greatest actor you'll ever meet. I've never seen star wars or lord of the rings. Crashing by Gersey makes me cry. I love showtunes. I'm stubborn as f//ck. I cut for three years. I want to move to San Francisco. I love chemistry. I love mushy gushy love stories and movies. I only cry alone. I hate my body, but I love my hair. I lvoe wearing over sized sweatshirts to bed, and nothing else. I fall easily.
    Him: You're beautiful.
    He's amazing. This is a true story, we
    were texting last night and he said
    this. I almost cried because I
    was so happy.Thank you
    for reading all of this.

  3. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2012 1:51am UTC
    I thought I understood it, that I could grasp it.
    But I didn't, not really. Only the smudgeness of it; the pink-slippered,
    all-containered, semi-precious eagerness of it. I didn't realize it would
    sometimes be more than whole, that the wholeness was a rather
    luxurious idea. Because it's the halves that halve you in half.
    I didn't know, don't know, about the in-between bits;
    the gory bits of you, and the gory bits of me.

  4. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    November 30, 2011 9:42pm UTC
    Can someone please kick brandoncyrus off of here? I think most of us can agree that we don't want to see his junk on our beloved Witty website. He is just so innapropriate and probably not even real. This is the wrong website for you buddy. Go to a freaking dating website if you really want to make your private area public. So if you're reading this brandoncyrus... Leave before you have a million angry girls come after you. Okay thanks!
    Sincerely, Emily and the rest of the Witty girls!

  5. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2011 10:08pm UTC
    And the tears come streaming down your face
    When you lose something you can't replace
    When you love someone, but it goes to waste
    Could it be worse?
    Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones
    And I will try to fix you

  6. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2011 10:02pm UTC
    It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear.
    You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important,
    and without them you feel like nothing.
    No one will ever understand how much it hurts.
    You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you.
    Then when it's over, and when it's gone,
    you almost with that you could have all that bad stuff back;
    so that way you could have the good.

  7. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    March 14, 2011 5:04pm UTC
    my whole world is falling in love with you.

  8. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:52pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Three (part five)
    “Fletcher! I got your text, what on earth happened to you?” Ella said frantically running towards him. Fletcher stood there, limp and cold. Ella could see the path of tears on his red-stained cheeks.
    Ella reaches the withdrawn Fletcher and hugs him tight, and he shivers and shakes with sadness. She felt him fall a little, but she held him up. Fletcher is breathing heavily and sighing and sniffling. Ella pulled away from the hug and took Fletcher’s hand. She led him to the back of the park, behind a couple of huge willow trees and some bushes there was a private grassy area. The two friends sat up against the willow trees, Ella across from Fletcher.
    Ella sat crossed-legged in her yoga pants and her fitted lacrosse sweatshirt . Ella waited for Fletcher’s tears to subside and patted his knee. He leaned up against the willow’s huge back-rest and held his head up to look at the vast overgrowth of the tree. Fletcher wiped his eyes and then sank his head back into his hands in his lap. He started shaking and tears began flowing down his sculpted face. Ella scooted a little towards him and wiped the tears away from his beautifully broken face.
    After a few deep breaths and a few moments of silence Fletcher began his story. “My mom, she was crossing the parking lot at the grocery store and she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There was this car and the driver wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing.” Fletcher paused and a silent tear slid down his cheek and onto Ella’s hand which was placed on his knee. “She was hit, and killed Ella.” That statement led Fletcher into a whole new batch of tears.
    Ella’s mouth dropped and she was unable to even talk. Ella had known Fletcher’s mother forever. All Fletcher ever talked about was how his mother sang goofy songs all the time. His mom and him were best friends. Fletcher wasn’t a mama’s boy, but he looked out for her. Elaine was one of the nicest people Ella has ever met. Elaine worked a lot with the nursing homes and animal shelters in the area. She was always so down to earth and extremely funny. She was quirky and very original.
    “Fletcher. Fletcher, oh my God. I’m so sorry. Come here.” Ella opened up her arms to him. He graciously made himself comfortable in her arms. Fletcher cried while Ella rubbed his back and whispered in his ear that everything will be okay, even though Ella doesn’t know that everything will be okay.
    After awhile of crying, and reassuring they both stood up and hugged. It was a real hug, passionate and beautiful. “Fletcher, do you want to stay the night? We could pull out the air mattress, and put it in the middle of my room? My mom-“ Ella stopped at the word ‘mom’, and quickly changed her choice of words. “No one is home. I mean, just so you wouldn’t have to be alone.” Ella suggested kindly.
    Fletcher looked down into her eyes and nodded. Ella wrapped her arm around Fletcher and they began walking across the park towards her car. They both hopped in and drifted off towards Ella’s house.
    “Alright I’m pretty sure we have some extra blankets in the laundry room, and if you want to go get some pillows from the living room.” Ella said as she escaped into the laundry room to get the extra sheets, blankets, and the air mattress.
    Fletcher walked into the living room and gathered up all of the pillows he could find. He didn’t hear Ella walk in room because he jumped when he heard her voice. “Hey, Fletch. Come on, let’s get you into bed.” Ella said soothingly. She walked over to him and took some of the pillows from his arms and led him into her room. The two over them set up the air mattress and spread the sheets while plopping pillows at the head of the mattress.
    Fletch didn’t talk throughout this whole process. Ella is genuinely worried about him, what if he does something stupid during the night? No, he wouldn’t do that, he’s a smart kid. They finished putting the comforter on the air mattress and then Ella grabbed some pajamas from her second drawer down and shuffled into the bathroom to change. When she came back Fletcher was in bed staring at the ceiling.
    “Hey, do you want to borrow a huge shirt and some sweatpants?” Ella asked soothingly. Fletcher slowly turned his head toward Ella’s tiny figure standing in the doorway of her room.
    “I’ll take the shirt, but have you seen yourself lately? You’re tiny, me, not so much.” Fletcher managed to crack a smile, but Ella knew it was forced. She knows the many expressions of Fletcher Reece Simmons, and that so-called ‘smile’, was not a smile at all. In fact, it was Fletcher saying, ‘I’m breaking’.
    “Alright. Lemme just find one.” Ella said as she maneuvered her way around all of the scattered things in her bedroom. Finally she arrived at her dresser and again opened the second drawer and found a huge tee shirt laying on top of the pile of pajamas. “Will this do? It’s my dad’s old shirt from a stupid basketball raffle.” Ella said throwing the piece of fabric to Fletcher.
    He nodded and shrugged off his own button up shirt and threw on the ratty shirt. “Is it alright if I just sleep in my boxers? I really doubt you will have anything that will fit me.” Fletcher said standing out of bed. He started undoing his belt and taking things out of his pockets.
    “Yeah I don’t care. I’m sleeping in a tiny tank-top and boxer shorts, so you’re more covered than I am.” Ella smiled and closed her drawer. She turned and pulled her covers back and hopped in.
    Fletcher sank into bed and then within three minutes both friends were soundly sleeping. This tragedy brought both friends closer than they were before.
    The six friends sank into the soft green grass and played truth or dare as they waited for the movie to begin. Ella grabbed Fletcher’s hand and squeezed it gently. He looks at her with eyes filled of compassion and kissed her just real soft.

  9. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:41pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Three (part three)
    The three girls exited the bathroom and innocently walked back over to the table where the guys were seated. Kay was right, Fletcher did look at Ella in a sort of mysterious, you’re-so-beautiful-and-I-like-you sort of way. Kay sat down next to her boyfriend, Carson, and Ella next to Fletcher and Jeanette next to Todd. Jeanette secretly likes Todd, but he has a girlfriend. Todd is dating Chelsea. She is a really nice girl, but she is a dancer so she never has time to hang out. She has gotten several offers from high-class private art schools, but she doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to be under all of that competitive pressure. A couple times things were rocky between them. Chelsea never hangs out with Todd, and sometimes that bothers him. He tries to understand her bust schedule, but sometimes he just can’t handle it. They almost broke up more than a few times. Of course Chelsea was always there for him; that is the best you can do for someone you like, but they don’t like you back.
    The friends talked amongst themselves for awhile until everyone ran out of things to say, so then they ordered some snacks. Fletcher kept nudging Ella with his foot and she kept giggling. Both of them got some weird looks for the other friends. It was silent between the teenagers for a couple minutes until Carson said, “So, the movie is at five o’clock. We’ve got about an hour to kill. What are we gonna do? It’s almost four right now” Carson said checking his phone for the time. The group started talking about what to do no one could come up with a really good idea.
    Suddenly Ella got an idea. “Well what if we just go hang out at the park for awhile until the movie starts. We could go by our spot.” Ella suggested. Everyone seemed to like that idea so they paid the bill and got up and left Sonny’s Diner.
    The same situation happened with the whole walking thing. Fletcher and Ella ended up walking a little ways behind the others. This time, Fletcher grabbed Ella’s thin hand and weaved his fingers through the spaces between hers. Ella glanced up into his twinkling eyes and smiled. “So Ella, I think you’re good for me.” Fletcher said in a soft tone, almost a whisper.
    Ella smiled and knew what he was talking about. They walked through the park’s well groomed grass to their spot in the outskirts or the park. Ella and Fletcher stumbled across this spot the night Fletcher’s mother died. He texted Ella to have her meet up with him at the park so he could have someone to talk to. He knew that if he called any of his other friends they wouldn’t understand the loss of someone like that.

  10. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:34pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Three (part two)
    Ella stared at Fletcher, looking for sincerity in his eyes. She certainly saw it, it is luminescent. His sincerity is so bright it’s blinding. “Fletcher, I ask myself the same question every second of every day. I don’t know how I feel about you. I mean, I know that I certainly feel love for you, but it’s the best friend love. I think I like you as a little something more than a best friend.” Ella paused and glanced up at Fletch and chewed on her bottom lip. She smirked and continued. “I think we should work on building a relationship based on our friendship and even more.” She paused again to see the reaction on his face; utter happiness. “And for the record, those were the most beautiful fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life.” She stopped again, he looked confused. “I’m talking about the kiss. It was amazing. I’ve never seen a spark so ultra-violet. It was the best kiss I’ve ever experienced.” Ella said.
    Fletcher’s face exploded with happiness and a smile sneaked its way across his face. He picked Ella up and cradled her. He whispered, “You know, you don’t have to ask for me to kiss you. I’ll definitely do it again. And also for the record, the fourth of July fireworks can’t even compare.” Fletcher leaned in and ever so gently brushed his lips against Ella’s, breathing in her sweet smell of peach chap-stick mixed with her fruity perfume. Their kiss seemed to last a lifetime, all of the passion is there. Fletcher is right, the Fourth of July fireworks can’t even compare to these sparks.
    Fletcher and Ella eventually caught up with the group and entered the diner. “The usual table?” Jamie asks. She is the nicest waitress you’ll ever meet. She is an older woman with curly gray hair, and she is stout and very jolly. Jamie actually owns the place. She named the restaurant after her husband, Sonny Manns. They are still happily married with fifty-five years behind them. They are the sweetest, nicest, and most caring people you’ll ever meet.
    Ella hopes she can have a relationship like Sonny and Jamie’s; long-lasting and filled with love. Kay and Jeanette interrupted Ella’s thoughts by poking her very hard on the shoulder. “Bathroom. Meeting. Now.” Kay whispered extremely fast like she was trying to contain joy and excitement. Ella is being dragged into the bathroom by her two best girl friends, this has to be a serious meeting. Maybe they saw Fletcher kiss Ella when they were walking to the diner.
    The three girls entered the ladies’ bathroom. It is a quaint little one-stalled room. There are old black and white pictures all over the wall papered walls. “So! Spill it Ella! We saw you and Fletch! Well, honestly we all saw it coming. As a matter of fact, the guys are talking to Fletch right now as we speak.” Kay paused as she threatened Ella. “So you better spill everything!” Kay squealed with complete joy.
    “Alright. Fine. Well you know how I usually get here early?” The two friends nodded. “Well so did Fletcher. We walked to our lockers and then to homeroom. We just sat and talked for awhile. Then he did the unthinkable! Fletcher kissed me!” The two girls giggled and gasped childishly. “Yeah I know. So anyway, I totally freaked out. I mean I have to admit, I’m trying to figure out my feelings for him. The past month or so I’ve noticed myself to starting to see Fletch as more than a friend. So I ran to the bathroom after the kiss and I just looked at myself in the mirror. Then I remembered my song that I wrote. So I calmly got myself together and walked back to homeroom, and there he was bent over reading my song.” The girls let out a sigh. Ella laughed and then continued. “Yeah so he asked me to sing it to him. I agreed and sang him my song. It’s not done yet but after he complimented me. Then he started to apologize for kissing me spontaneously. He said he is trying to figure out his feelings for me too. He said he’s always thought I was beautiful.” Ella stopped and started smiling uncontrollably.
    Kay and Jeanette were laughing and teasing Ella. “So wait, tell us what happened on the walk over here!” Jeanette squealed. Both of the friends’ faces were splattered with excitement and happiness.
    “Well, we were just walking in silence at first. I think he still felt bad about the kiss. I mean I told him that I didn’t like him, but I lied. So he started explaining more about why he kissed me. He said he needed to figure out if he felt the spark, and he did. He said that he would be up to starting a relationship beyond friendship, but if I didn’t want to then that would be okay. I said that I lied to him about my feelings and that the kiss was amazing. So then he picked me up and cradled me, and then he kissed me.” Ella finally took a breath. Kay and Jeanette laughed hysterically and poked Ella teasingly. “And let me tell you, that boy is the best kisser I’ve ever kissed. I swear to God his lips are so soft and he was so gentle. But it was sincere at the same time. It was passionate and inviting at the same time. I don’t know guys, I think I might really like Fletch.” Ella confessed.
    Kay and Jeanette talked to Ella some more about how they always knew just by how Fletcher looked at Ella that he has always liked her. “I mean when you’re just talking about something random he looks at you with those gorgeous deep green eyes. And he isn’t just looking at you, it’s like he is looking in you. I know it sounds corny or weird, but honest to God that’s what he doing.” Jeanette says intelligently. Ella blushes and smiles her beautiful, radiating smile.
    “It’s true. Ella, I really think he likes you. I mean, I didn’t know when Carson liked me. Then again I’m pretty oblivious to everything. But, everyone kept telling me about these looks he gave me.” Kay confided in Ella and Jeanette. “But, I think we should get back out there before the guys think we died.” Kay joked.

  11. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:30pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  12. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:25pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Two (part four)
    Back at the classroom Fletcher was left astonished. He shouldn’t have kissed her. He sat there with his head in his hands hunched over; his thinking pose. “Why did you do that Fletcher? God! You’re so stupid!” Fletcher said to himself as he punched his backpack on his desk. When he punches it, something comes flying out; Ella’s song. He smiles and then regains his sanity. He sits up straight and notices Ella standing in the doorway.
    “Do you always talk to yourself?” Ella asked as if nothing had just happened between them. She let a cheeky smile creep across her face. She uncrossed her arms and stopped leaning on the door frame, then pranced over to her desk beside Fletcher.
    He is obviously wearing a very confused face. “I thought you were mad at me?” Fletcher asked Ella. He sat up a little straighter and ran his ran through his beautiful long, dark, chocolate, brown hair.
    Ella shook her head as a ‘no’. “No. Fletcher I’m not mad at you. It just got weird you know? I actually think a lot about this, a lot about you, me, the potential us. But every single time, I just worry about our friendship and how much a relationship like that would take a toll on our great friendship. What do you think?” Ella explained herself as gently as possible. She secretly hoped Fletcher would disagree with her. However, she knew that that chance was slim.
    “Ella, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I shouldn’t have kissed you; I just got caught up in the moment. I have thought a lot about that too.” He paused. Probably more so than you but whatever, Fletcher said to himself. “But I know where you’re coming from and I wouldn’t want to risk our friendship either. You’re right. And, it will never happen again.” Fletcher said in the happiest tone he could manage, even though he is being torn apart inside.
    Ella smiled sympathetically and pulled Fletcher in for a hug. He wrapped his big, broad arms around her and squeezed tight. “Fletch… I… C- Can’t breathe!” Ella
    Fletcher chuckled and let her go. “Better?” He asked still laughing. Ella nodded. “So, can you sing me what you have so far of your song?” Fletcher begged.
    Ella smiled. “Hm, no sorry.” Ella said trying to be as serious as possible.
    Fletcher put on his best puppy-dog face and got down on the floor and begged. “Please! Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please!” Fletcher whined.
    Ella let out a giggle. “Alright fine, but get up this floor is filthy.” Ella joked.
    Ella hasn’t sung to anyone before, but once Fletcher caught her in her room. She was playing piano and playing Forever and Always by Taylor Swift and singing along. That was right after Ricky told her he had a girlfriend back home. “Okay, it’s probably not that great but here goes nothing.” Ella warns Fletcher. Ella begins her song. “As we lay here under the stars/ We both are looking but never seeing/ That we are many worlds apart/ Neither of us really believing. / Trying to make something of the separation / Always turning in the wrong directions/ And somehow, in some way, the desperation, / The desperation keeps us running.” Ella pauses and picks up the piece of sheet music that has the rest of the lyrics written on it. “As we run, run, run in circles / We discover a new beginning in ourselves / And as we dream, dream, dream of miracles / We hope to find, one more time, the love we have been longing for. / As we stare at the twinkle in the sky / We both think is this really possible? / To love someone after only looking them in the eye? / Maybe it’s you tonight.” Ella finishes and glances up at Fletcher and smiles.
    “See, I told you it wasn’t that great but-“, Ella stops talking immediately when she notices Fletcher staring at her in awe.
    Something wet falls on Fletcher’s cheek. “What the heck?” Fletcher says in confusion. He looks up at the ceiling.
    Ella starts laughing uncontrollably. “Fletcher, you’re crying.” She stops laughing and wipes away the tear from his soft cheek. “Why?” She laughs again.
    “Damn, I thought that would work.” Fletcher hides his face beneath his hair and flushes a deep crimson color. He sniffles a little too. “Ella, that song was amazing.” Fletcher said as he lifted his head and cracked a smile.
    “I’m glad you liked it.” Ella paused for a quick second examining Fletcher’s expression. “Why are you crying?” Ella asked.
    “I’m not crying!” Fletcher said in a little five-year old girl’s voice. He paused for a second to think. Why was he really crying? Maybe he thinks the song is about him and Ella. Could it be? She said she didn’t really know what it’s about, but he knows Ella. Ella is an exceptional liar. “Well, it was just so powerful you know? It just hit me; real hard.” Fletcher said concluding his thoughts.
    This made Fletcher think more and more about Ella. As the day passed by, he processed this and wanted to know more. He needed more information. He also knows the perfect time to get more information on what Ella feels; tonight at the movie and her house. That’s when he will begin his plan. He knows Ella couldn’t have possibly kissed him back smiling if she didn’t feel the same way. This just didn’t make sense; it’s just a big old mess of feelings.

  13. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:14pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Two (part three)
    Ella grabbed her books and stuffed the second copy of the song back into her locker. She shut her locker and then Fletcher and Ella were off to homeroom. It is still a little early, and no one was really there yet but they just hung out in the classroom. They took their usual seats and Ella took out the music sheet with no lyrics on it. She began to copy the words down while Fletch went to the vending machine to grab a bottle of water.
    Ella hummed the tune of the lullaby to herself, well until she noticed Fletcher standing at the door listening along. “Wow, that’s really good, you got any lyrics for that song yet?” Fletcher asked. Ella jumped slightly at the sound of his voice. He chuckled and Ella’s face flushed a bright crimson.
    “It’s my new one. A.K.A. the lyrics you supposedly didn’t see while you made me jump for them in the hallway.” Ella said with sarcasm dripping from each word. She put quotation marks around ‘you supposedly didn’t see’. Fletcher let out a throaty laugh and eagerly walked to his seat right beside Ella.
    Before Fletcher sat down he pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket. “Oh, you mean these lyrics?” He asked as Ella’s face shouted confusion. She giggled and held out her hand as an indication to Fletcher to give it back to her. He simply shook his head and began to read out loud softly. “As we lay here under the stars/ We both are looking but never seeing/ That we are many worlds apart/ Neither of us really believing. / Trying to make something of the separation / Always turning in the wrong directions/ And somehow, in some way, the desperation, / The desperation keeps us running.” Fletcher glanced up at Ella who was looking deep into his eyes trying to decipher what he thought of the lyrics. He had a sort of surprised expression lying across his face. “Ella-“, Fletcher began, but was soon interrupted by Ella.
    “I know, I know. It’s not that great. I don’t even know what it’s about. I just wrote it. And it’s totally not done yet. It’s just one of those songs that make you wonder I guess.” Ella explained. She shrugged her shoulders and glanced at the clock. They still have about twenty-five minutes until the school floods with bodies just waiting so spend six hours of their time ‘learning’.
    Fletcher glances back at Ella, boy she is beautiful. All of her features like that one fly-away hair that never seems to be tame and never willing to stay in its place. Not to mention the scar on her jaw from when she fell into the corner of a coffee table when she was little. The way she seems to always be in her world of music and writing. All of these things make up Ella; the Ella Fletcher knows and believes in. He knows they could make it as a couple; they could even be the school’s new ‘it’ couple.
    “What are you thinking about, right now, right this second?” Ella blurts out as she is staring off into another world.
    “Huh?” Fletcher asks, unable to answer because he himself wasn’t mentally present on Earth either.
    Ella turns towards Fletch and smiles. “I asked you, what exactly are you thinking about, right this second. What’s on your mind Fletch, you seem absent.” Ella restates herself. She looks him straight in the eye, smiling wide.
    At first this caught him off guard; can she read minds or something? No, that’s silly. Well what the hell, just say it Fletcher, just tell her what you are thinking about he tells himself mentally. “What am I thinking about?” She nods. “You.” He says simply. This didn’t even faze Ella, unexpected by Fletcher. He decides to elaborate on that a little bit. “I’m thinking about you. I’m thinking about how talented you are as an artist. I’m thinking about all the things we have been through together, and all the secrets we’ve shared. I’m thinking about how much I love you as a best friend, and how simply lucky I am to have you there right by my side. You know, just thinking.” Fletcher says sweetly, looking Ella straight in her smiling eyes. He could tell this pleased her. Maybe she was thinking the same thing. What if she was? What if she loved him too; as a best friend of course?
    It’s time to find out. It’s time to find out if they aren’t meant to be together. Fletcher leaned in ever-so-gracefully and brushed his sweet, soft lips against hers. Her lips tasted of strawberry, from her chap stick. He could feel her smiling against his lips. It was just a soft, yet passionate kiss. Almost telling Ella everything he has wanted to say for a very long time. He cupped his hand around Ella’s jaw bone, and with his other hand he twirled one of her curls in his fingers.
    Something in Ella clicked. This couldn’t be happening. What about their friendship? What is going to happen to that? Ella pulled away abruptly. “Fletcher, I’m sorry. This, this just can’t happen. I gotta go.” Ella said flustered. She stood up quickly and fled out of the classroom leaving Fletcher sitting there all alone.
    “Ella! Ella, don’t do this! Wait!” Fletcher yelled. It didn’t work though. She still ran. She ran all the way to the opposite end of the school, which is not easy to do with a dress on. Ella barged in the girls’ bathroom door and gripped the sink and looked in the mirror. All she needed was a good look at herself and a deep breath.

  14. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2010 2:11pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It's Always Been You
    Chapter Two (part two)
    Ella imagines her fingers gliding over the keys and her voice making the sounds of music. She hums with grace and elegance. She doesn’t really know what this song is about. She just wrote the lyrics not really feeling anything towards them. Ella shrugged that thought off and walked through the front doors of the school and headed towards her locker. As Ella approaches her locker she sees a familiar face, Fletcher. He looks good today. Ella giggles and mentally slaps herself for even thinking the unthinkable.
    Fletcher watches as Ella approaches, her beautiful self and stride. She seems to radiate with happiness; when she is shining, everything shines. He certainly wasn’t going to admit his feelings towards her anytime soon. Of course he had to make her like him first. He had to do the unthinkable, flirt with his best friend.
    “Hey El. Well don’t you look just fine today.” He greeted her with a smile. He stepped aside so she could enter her combination in her lock.
    Ella laughs and playfully hits him in the chest. “Hi. And thanks.” She paused to giggle. Was Fletcher trying to flirt with her? Why? “So why are you here so early?” Ella asked him suspiciously. She opened her locker and a note fell on the ground. She recognized it as the other copy to her lyrics to the new song. She always writes down two copies just in case she loses one. After all, Ella has been known to misplace things often. Before she could bend down to pick it up Fletcher snatches it. “Fletch give it back.” He holds the piece of wrinkled paper up high above his head. Of course Ella couldn’t reach way up there so she just started tickling him. “Fletcher Reece Simmons, give me back that paper right now! Come on, it’s important.” Ella tickled him in his underarms.
    Fletcher squeezed his arms shut tight so she is trapped in an awkward hug position. “What’s the magic word?” Fletcher teased. He was only inches apart from her face. In his eyes her face is beautiful, and flawless. That dimple on her left cheek just get’s him every time she smiles. If Ella weren’t his best friend, he would have traced his thumb on her dimple, then leaned in real slow and kissed her passionately as if to say; I should have done this a long time ago. The catch is, she is his best friend, and he doubts that Ella likes him in the degree he likes her.
    “Please?” Ella whines as she puts on her best puppy-dog, pouty face. They both start cracking up after a moment of silence. Fletcher releases her from his grasp and she snatches the paper back. “Why thank you.” Ella said as she smiled a cheeky smile. “Did you see anything on here?” Ella asked as she motioned to the paper. She seemed nervous to hear the answer.
    Fletcher noticed and decided to lie. “No I didn’t. I didn’t see anything.” He replied and decided to play along. “What is that anyway?” He asked innocently.
    “It is none of your business mister Fletcher. Now, I need to get some books out of my locker and then can you walk me to homeroom?” Ella suggested happily. Boy, she loves that freckle right below Fletcher’s right eye. Whenever he smiles it creases into a line. See, if Fletcher weren’t her best friend then she would peck him on the cheek where another cluster of freckles were placed. The thing is, Fletcher is her best friend, and Ella is working on pushing those feelings beside. Why would she want to ruin a perfectly great best friend relationship? Also, what if he doesn’t like her back? Ella doesn’t want a repeat of Ricky back in sophomore year.
    Ricky Clarkson. 5’9”, muscular, tan, brown haired beauty, Ella used to like him. For the record, he showed all the signs of liking her back. He was the new kid, and he warmed up to Ella. Out of all of the gorgeous girls that attended Parker Memorial High School, Ricky spotted Ella. They hung out, shared secrets, cuddled, and were almost a couple. This was until Ricky told Ella that he has a girlfriend back home. That was the end of Ella talking to Ricky. They are friendly with each other sure, but Ella made sure Ricky knows how much pain he caused her. Ella really liked this guy, but evidently they weren’t on the same page.

  15. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
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    December 21, 2010 2:07pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter Two (part one)
    Friday mornings are always uneventful. Get up, get dressed, drag your feet to school, and simply be present for all your classes; well at least physically. This Friday was different, Ella awoke with a jump. She was dreaming that dream again. The dream where her and Fletch actually started dating, and kissed. Ella felt awkward about that. She didn’t like the idea of kissing her best friend. Ella just wants it to be the same, she is stubborn like that. She holds in her feelings if the outcome doesn’t seem right. This is what she decided; she would try and hush those feelings she had for Fletch. Besides, she doesn’t even know if they are in fact those feelings. You know those feelings you get when you really look at someone and you think, ‘wow, they are the best part of me. I never want to lose them.’ Those feelings, and then you start to like them because they are the best thing about you in your eyes. This is exactly what Ella is feeling, not a stupid little crush but a genuine liking of Fletcher, and not as her best friend, but more.
    Ella decided to just try and push aside the dream, just like her feelings, and go along with her day. She decided today was going to be a good day. Why? Well first off, today was movie day in her classes. This means that she gets to sit in homeroom for the day and watch movies. Their school does this every year to get the year going. That means no homework over the weekend and no school work today. Secondly, her friends were coming over tonight for a back-to-school party. Third, while the movie is going Ella plans to work on her song she started writing lyrics for and she knows this song will be good. Lastly, Ella is just happy. She is happy with her life right now, happy with school and her classes, happy with her music and happy with herself.
    As Ella was picking out her outfit for the day she heard footsteps on their grand staircase. “Mom, is that you?” Ella questioned.
    As Heather appeared in Ella’s doorway she said, “Hi honey. I just wanted to make sure you were up. I am going into work early today; I shouldn’t be home until around seven. Are you guys okay for food and stuff until then?” Heather explained. She had this extra twinkle in her eye. Ella knew something was up, but she didn’t want to get into a heart-to-heart conversation with her mom right now.
    “Yeah, of course. We were going to go to the diner across the street from the park after school. Then they are playing ‘Meeting You Again’ at the park and then we will be back here probably around the same time you will be here. Can we just order pizza when we get back here?” Ella elaborated on what she and her friends were doing after school today.
    “Oh alright. Well that’s fine. Just keep it down in the basement, everything is down there. But, I should get ready and such. I will see you tonight. Have fun at school and with your friends. Tell the girls I said hi.” Heather said as she kissed Ella on the forehead and then proceeded to walk out of her room. It was more like a waddle, the pregnant walk. Ella laughed and continued getting ready for school.
    Ella slipped on a one-shoulder multi-colored dress, and some designed black transparent tights, with a pair of her comfy brown leather buckled boots. It was supposed to be the last hot day of summer. She put her hair up into a messy-but-cute knot on the back of her head with a few curls flying out. She applied her soft make-up consisting of a little bit of some light eyeliner with a bit of mascara and gold eye-shadow for her dark amber eyes. Sometimes she throws in a little light pink blush like today. Finally, when she is satisfied with her appearance Ella grabs her music portfolio and her purse and parades out the door. It is a beautiful sunny day in her little town in Maine. It is a little breezy, but other than that, the weather is simply magnificent. As Ella walks to school she thinks about her song she had been working on for a couple weeks now. It is a soft melody, sort of like a lullaby. It is sweet and it flows. She still can’t really think of the right words for it. All Ella has so far for lyrics is:
    And as we lay here under the stars
    We both are looking but never seeing
    That we are many worlds apart
    Neither of us really believing.
    Trying to make something of the separation
    Always turning in the wrong directions
    And somehow, in some way, the desperation,
    The desperation keeps us running

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    December 21, 2010 1:59pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter One (part three)
    As Fletcher backs out of Ella’s driveway, he thinks about her. He thinks about what would happen if they took their relationship to the next level. What about their friendship, and their friends? Fletch always thought that Ella was absolutely beautiful. When they were little kids, they used to pretend they were married. They would hold hands at recess and share ring-pops. He smiled at the millions of memories they shared. Ella was always there for him when he was grieving the loss of his mom. She is the only girl that has seen him cry. In fact, she is the only person in the world that has seen him cry. Fletch is strong, he was there for Ella when her dad left them. They have a very close relationship. Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. Just one question floated in his head, does she like him back?
    Well, Carson and Kay did it. They took their relationship to the next level. Of course Carson just moved here about two years ago, and their relationship wasn’t as close as Fletcher’s and Ella’s. Fletcher knew he could make it work. Fletcher knew he had to do something about his feelings, before another guy got to Ella. After all, Ella is one of the most beautiful girls in their school and he wouldn’t want her heart to be put in the wrong hands.
    Fletcher got home to their tiny apartment and took a shower waiting for his dad. Jim usually works until around seven, but with this new project he is working on sometimes they work a little bit late. Fletch decided to start dinner and then kick back and watch the marathon of SVU. He wondered if Ella was working on her music, or watching the marathon.
    Soon enough Jim came parading through the door, happier than usual. “Hey kid.” Jim greeted Fletcher. Fletcher thought of two options, ask his dad why he is so happy, or just try and ignore it. He went with the first one, knowing his dad, Jim would be telling Fletch about his day anyway.
    “Hey, Dad I made salad, steak, and baked potatoes for supper. Yours is in the microwave. It got cold waiting for you.” Fletch said with a smile forming on his lips. “So why are you all of a sudden mister sunshine?” Fletch asked, not really wanting to know.
    Jim went over to the microwave and put his dinner on for a minute. Then he turned back to Fletch with a corny smile plastered on his face. “Well for starters, we are working on this mansion for the executive producer of a new movie being filmed in Northern Maine. That means papa’s bringing home the dough.” Jim said acting like a gangster. Fletch just shook his head and let out a throaty laugh. “And second of all, I think I met someone.” Jim said. Fletch’s expression went from totally creeped out, to happy, to surprised. He knows that his father deserves to have someone in his life, and let’s face the facts, he isn’t exactly young anymore.
    Maybe this is a good thing for him. He needs someone in his life, he has been lonely for too long. Jim gets his dinner out of the microwave and begins to tell Fletcher about this new woman he has found. Fletcher’s eyes widen with shock and confusion.
    Hey guys, I'm so sorry these are split into parts like this. Stupid witty won't let me put it all into one. But bare with me, I'm trying! Thanks for reading. Follow me, comment me, anything I just want feedback. :)

  17. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
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    December 21, 2010 1:51pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You
    Chapter One (part two)
    During the school year when Ella comes home, she usually does her homework, then goes for an hour long run, and then works on her music for the rest of the night. She didn’t have any homework tonight so she shrugged on some shorts, a sports bra, and a tank-top. As she laced her sneakers up, the doorbell rang. “Who could that be?” Ella asked herself.
    Ella reached up on her tippy-toes and looked through the peep hole. Fletcher. She opens the door, “Hey Fletch. Come in.” Ella stepped aside to let Fletcher come in.
    For the first time, Ella noticed how simply gorgeous Fletcher is. He is tall, with that gorgeous dark brown hair, and those eyes. Those eyes are the two eyes Ella wouldn’t mind gazing in for awhile. His muscles, they’re not huge, but defined. ‘Snap out of it Ella, he’s your best friend’, Ella thought to herself. Fletcher takes a seat on the Thompsons’ black leather couch.
    “Hey. So I was thinking….. On Friday night there is an outdoor movie playing at the park. We could all go to that and then walk back here afterwards. It’s just an idea though.” Fletcher smiled. Ella sat on the arm of the black, leather chair beside the couch. She just remembered that she probably looks like a mess because she is about to go running. She thought she saw Fletcher steal a glance at her, a certain kind of glance.
    “Oh cool. What movie is it?” Ella asked smiling. She wondered if it was a romantic movie. What were these new feelings she is having?
    Fletcher thinks for a minute. “Well, have you heard of that new one? Oh I can’t think of the name. Oh that’s going to bug me.” He says with a laugh. “It’s about the guy who moves to New York and then reunites with his old high school flame. I can’t think of the name” Fletcher says rubbing his forehead as if that would help him remember the name of the movie.
    “Meeting You Again!” Ella shouts. She recognized Fletcher’s description from the preview she saw last night while she was watching a Law & Order SVU rerun.
    Fletcher laughed and nodded his head a ‘yes’ “Yeah! Oh that would have bothered me until I figured it out. So anyhoo, do you want to do that? We could grab a bite to eat at the diner across the street then go to the movie?” Fletcher suggested. He noticed how Ella seemed to be lost in her thoughts. He always thought she was beautiful, the constant sparkle in her dark amber eyes, and the way her hair fell perfectly over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. Her warm smile and that one dimple have always made him smile immediately. ‘Fletch, dude. What are you thinking? This girl has been your best friend forever. Why are you thinking about her like that? Snap out of it, dude.’ Fletcher shook his head to get those thoughts out, and then just looked at Ella as she was about to respond.
    “Yes. I remember seeing a preview last night when I was watching SVU. It looks really good. But Fletch, romantic-comedy isn’t your thing. Don’t go changing on me now.” Ella joked. Fletcher laughed along with her and started to get up to leave.
    “I’m not changing anytime soon. I promise. Here, I’ll pinky promise you.” He outstretched pinky as Ella wrapped hers around it. They stood there in the pose for a little too long, gazing into each other’s eyes. It became awkward so Fletcher pulled away. “Alright, I’d better go. I’ll let you go back to what you were doing. Going for a run?” He said and smiled sweetly.
    “Gee, how’d you guess?” Ella asked teasingly. “Alright. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow in homeroom. Bye Fletch.” Ella said as she walked him out to his car, which is a blue Saab.
    “Bye Ella, see you tomorrow. Have fun on your run.” Fletcher said and then hopped in his car and backed out of the driveway.
    Ella dug her iPod out of her pocket and put it on ‘shuffle’ on her playlist titled ‘Running’. As Ella ran her usual route, through the woods and circle around the lake and back, she thought about Fletcher. She decided she really needed to figure out the feelings she has for him. Are they really counted as feelings at all? Every girl she has ever known in her life thought Fletcher was cute at one point or another. The thing is, if they liked each other and made a relationship out of it, then what would happen to their friendship?
    As the fast song blasted into Ella’s ears she thought about her father. She understood why he left, but she misses him. He hasn’t called in awhile and she misses joking with him, and being his little girl. Then she thinks about her mother, and the soon to be baby brother or sister she will have.
    About forty-five minutes later Ella arrives back at home. She gets undressed and hops in the shower.

  18. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
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    November 21, 2010 8:19pm UTC
    I Never Knew, But It Has Always Been You.....
    Chapter One (part one)
    Crunch, crunch, crunch the leaves go as Ella’s feet step on the leaves on her way to school. It’s the first day of sophomore year, finally not a freshman anymore. Ella’s usual path to school consists of walking to the end of her street, cutting through the woods, and through the backyard of the school. It only takes her about fifteen minutes. She is usually early, so she spends her time sitting under the massive willow tree in the high school’s front yard writing lyrics to her latest tune.
    She reaches the tree and stretches out her long legs as she thinks about the notes that her fingers press as she hits the keys of her grand piano. Ella reaches back and tucks her thick, curly, blonde hair behind her ear as she begins to write lyrics to her song titled “Invisible”.
    After a couple minutes of brainstorming and writing she hears footsteps coming her way and glances up to see Kay and Jeanette. The two girls glide towards her and sink down next to Ella. Kay, Jeanette, and Ella, the three of them are best friends since pre-kindergarten. All three of them are gorgeous and well-known in their tiny high school, and unique in their own different ways. There is Ella, the artistic, musical, class president, with a girl-next-door personality. Then there is Kay, the caring, quiet when she is in public, and captain of the girls’ basketball team. Lastly there is Jeanette, the down-to-earth head cheerleader, and beautiful dancer.
    “Are you ready for the first day of not being a freshman?” Ella asks with a twinkle in her dark amber eyes.
    “Oh my goodness, yes. We finally aren’t the lowest on the totem pole.” Kay jokes. The three girls laugh greatly.
    The girls chat for a little while longer and then the first bell rang. They went to their separate assigned homerooms. Ella’s homeroom teacher is a young man named Mr. Turner. He is quite good-looking according to Ella. As he went through the usual rules and expectations, attendance, and morning announcements Ella glanced over at Fletcher Simmons. Their last names are close together in the alphabet, they have been in the same classes and homeroom since kindergarten. Ella and Fletcher have been close friends; they have been through a lot together.
    As predicted by Ella, Mr. Turner called for assigned seating so he could get to know the names of his students. After all, it is his first year teaching in their small town. Also as predicted, Ella and Fletcher sat right next to each other, again with the alphabetical last name thing. As the minute hand crept from minute to minute Fletcher and Ella discussed their schedule similarities. “Hey look! We have five out of seven classes together, not including lunch. Well, obviously we have homeroom first together. First period Algebra 2, second period Spanish 3, fourth period chemistry. Oh cool. That means for fifth period we have Health, Gym, and Study Hall together. Then lunch, then sixth period we both have English. We don’t have third period and seventh period together. Well that’s okay.” Fletcher explains. He looks at Ella with his vibrant green eyes and an outstretched smile revealing his straight white teeth.
    Ella smiles back and responds, “Yeah, I have History third period and you have it seventh. I have theatre last and you have Art third period and History last. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get sick of you soon enough”, Ella jokes. Fletcher lets out a laugh and shakes his shaggy, chocolate brown hair.
    Soon enough the fifteen minutes pass and they both head to first period Algebra 2 with Mrs. Shepherd. The teacher explains the rules in a boring monotone voice and gives handouts of expectations in her class and a list of what the students will be covering this year.
    Lunch was slowly arriving and throughout the day the friends discovered what classes they had together. Every class they each had a friend in. Ella, Jeanette, Kay, Fletcher, Carson, and Todd all entered the cafeteria and picked out their usual table near the left side of the lunch room. They all sat down and began sharing stories of their first day of school. They discussed which teachers the liked and disliked and their favorite classes and not favorite classes. “So guys, my mom said you could come to my house Friday night, for awhile. We can go swimming and stuff. It’s supposed to be the last hot day until next year.” Ella offered.
    In response she got “okay’s” and “sure’s” from all of her friends. So it was set, Friday night is going to be great. The rest of the day went by fast and soon enough Ella arrived home.
    Her mother was at work and wouldn’t be home until around seven. Ella’s mom is a house decorator. Mostly interior stuff, like designing the kitchen and stuff like that. There is an old mansion in the outskirts of their tiny town that is being remodeled and Heather was asked to design it. They work long hours sometimes because the producer wants it done by a certain day so he can move in. Heather is such a great mom to Ella. Even though Heather and Ella’s father just split up towards the beginning of summer, she is at peace with him and herself. She is very smart and intellectual, and lives a simple life. She is almost two months pregnant with her second child. Heather has that natural motherly sense about her, caring and absolutely loving. She is a very independent woman, but would love a man in her life, but she doesn’t need one. She fell out of love with her ex-husband, and now she is looking for a boyfriend. She is only thirty-four; she married her high school sweetheart, Keith, and had Ella when she was seventeen. Sometimes young love, doesn’t always last.

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    November 21, 2010 8:11pm UTC
    Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to post my story on here as well as mibba.com. So I wanted to post a summary first just so I don't jump right into the story. I hope you enjoy! :)
    Ella’s father left the family right after he learned that Ella’s mom (Heather Thompson) became pregnant with their second child. They weren’t getting along great anyways and were planning to split up; it was the best thing for Ella and this new baby. Fletcher’s mother died when he was just four years old, and has ever since been raised by his devoted father (Jim). Jim had a hard time with the death of his wife, but soon got right back on track. He knew he had a responsibility; raising Fletcher. Fletcher has been in school with the same people ever since kindergarten. Fletcher is friends with everyone, but his main group consists of Ella, Kay, Jeanette, Carson, and Todd. They all hang out, all the time. The friends enjoy going down to their usual hang out spot, the local park and listening to music or just simply talking.
    Jim and Heather get stuck working together on a mansion being built for an executive producer. They learn new things about each other, and discover that it’s okay to love again after what they have both been through. What will this mean for Ella and Fletcher? They have always been friends, but now they will be closer than ever living in the same house. New secrets will be shared, new feelings will be expressed, and new loves will form.

  20. smilexobrightx17 smilexobrightx17
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    November 21, 2010 7:53pm UTC
    Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to post my story on here as well as mibba.com. So I wanted to post a summary first just so I don't jump right into the story. I hope you enjoy! :)
    Ella’s father left the family right after he learned that Ella’s mom (Heather Thompson) became pregnant with their second child. They weren’t getting along great anyways and were planning to split up; it was the best thing for Ella and this new baby. Fletcher’s mother died when he was just four years old, and has ever since been raised by his devoted father (Jim). Jim had a hard time with the death of his wife, but soon got right back on track. He knew he had a responsibility; raising Fletcher. Fletcher has been in school with the same people ever since kindergarten. Fletcher is friends with everyone, but his main group consists of Ella, Kay, Jeanette, Carson, and Todd. They all hang out, all the time. The friends enjoy going down to their usual hang out spot, the local park and listening to music or just simply talking.
    Jim and Heather get stuck working together on a mansion being built for an executive producer. They learn new things about each other, and discover that it’s okay to love again after what they have both been through. What will this mean for Ella and Fletcher? They have always been friends, but now they will be closer than ever living in the same house. New secrets will be shared, new feelings will be expressed, and new loves will form.


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