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Amenah · 1 decade ago
Thank you so much for the follow, and for the comment you left on my quote. ^-^♡

AwesomeUsername · 1 decade ago
Yes! I LOVE Starkid! What's your favourite musical?

moonstone7777 · 1 decade ago
Cute bacround srry about the wait midterm week at my school

softballxwin27 · 1 decade ago
Hey gorgeous! I love those little cupcakes in your background hahah,, follow me?? :)

idocartwheels · 1 decade ago
hey there beautiful!! ur gorgeous and dont let anyone tell u otherwise!!<3 follow back?

sugarfreak · 1 decade ago
Hello lovely! <3
Guess what?!
*nobody answers and everybody looks around awkwardly*
Ok. :c
I was going to tell you I put a new chapter up but you probably already realised that when you like, saw my username.
Things aren't awkward unless you make them [[I worked out]] and I make everything awkward. Even if its not awkward, I'll be like 'Awkward' and then it'll turn awkward.
I won't be uploading until Thursday, I wrote it in the authors note at the bottom of chapter but most of you probably don't even read that, or this. Imagine if I was just typing to myself & like nobody read it...
I pretended to be one of my friends today, does any one else do that? We had a substitute for Maths though I think she already knew who we were ^.^ But for Science, even though the teacher was our normal teacher she played along with it.
...I want a BOYFRIEND.
I feel like I'm forever alone... what if all of Witty gets boyfriends/girlfriends and I'm the only single one with my 69 cats?!
I'm going to name my cats now, Mallory, Jade, Flower, Gromitt, White, Gray, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Lilac, Brown. 12 DOWN, 50 SOMETHING LEFT!

queezle* · 1 decade ago
No, it's just something that's been floating around my head :)

sugarfreak · 1 decade ago
Hey lovelys! Thank you all for all the support and feedback for I Met Him On Omegle. Chapter 1 is up and I hope you enjoy it, sorry it's starting off so slow.
Now, heaps of you have been asking how American accents are sexy. I'm Australian and find American accents really sexy, like I wish I could have an American accent. British accents are awesome but American are the best.
Uh... what to say, what to say...
I cleaned my room today...
Yeah and I spent like all Saturday watching Jacksgap. If you haven't seen any of the videos you should go see them because Jack is yummy.
My uploads are going to be crappy because it's school holidays. Who likes Spring? I do c;
Anyways, byee!

ggcc1121 · 1 decade ago
You know Death Note omg let me love you like Misa loves Light...
okay i'm sorry please don't run from me..... :D Anyway. I love Death Note. *Flails and fangirls.*

Mafinha · 1 decade ago
Yes, and I read all of the books. It's an amazing anime show ^^

Kailey♥* · 1 decade ago
oh haha ;p i love drawing anime but i don't like watching it. i don't get people's obsessions with anime shows, no offense. but i love drawing it. x

Kailey♥* · 1 decade ago
in reply to your comment on my quote - what's Death Note?

carebear123 · 1 decade ago
haha i shall follow u too!

kelseyylovesyou · 1 decade ago
hahaha awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

carebear123 · 1 decade ago
dont worry you'll get one!

niamh * · 1 decade ago
Profile rate: 8:D

neversaynever16 · 1 decade ago
haha :P practice :)

lilmisslittle · 1 decade ago
Oh haha well thanks (: I like your background :D

JamesWitty · 1 decade ago
Thank you:)

_to_the_kids_who · 1 decade ago
The story about the little kid in Walmart is true, but he was so freaking smart.


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