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RaeAnne, 14, One Direction, Twitter @raeannehinkens,Lauging, Life, Music, Harry Potter, Big Time Rush, Witty, Eating, Love, Guys, iPods, Computers, Friends, Family, Animals, Playing Music, Singing, Texting, Skype,  Tumblr xraex6.tumblr.com, facebook, Reading, Straight;) Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, MW3

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst <3
One Direction
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  1. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    June 20, 2012 10:37am EDT
    One Direction
    are closing the
    >>>2012 London Olympics.<<<
    Who else is proud of them?

  2. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    June 11, 2012 1:47pm EDT
    click to see this quote

  3. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    June 11, 2012 1:27pm EDT
    teacher: one.
    you: You've got that one thing!
    teacher: No, one.
    you: One Direction!
    teacher: Tell me.
    you: So tell me a lie!
    teacher: You don't know?
    you: You don't know you're beautiful!
    teacher: Get out!
    you: Get out, get out, get out of my head!
    teacher: -___-

  4. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    May 5, 2012 12:27pm EDT
    "Life is funny, things change, people change, but you will always be you,
    so stay true to yourself,
    & never sacrifice who you are for anyone.
    - Zayn Malik ♥
    format credit to OneDirection

  5. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    May 5, 2012 12:23pm EDT
    "Being naked
    - Harry Styles ♥
    format credit to OneDirection

  6. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    May 4, 2012 5:58pm EDT
    "This is for the girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that remind them of their current situation. Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls who pray things will work out just once and they'll be satisfied. The girls who scream and cry everynight to their pillow because everyone else fails to listen. The girls whohave so many secrets but won't tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls that never win. The girls who stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping he'll notice her one day. The girls who take life as it comes, to the girls who are hoping it will get better somewhere down the road. For girls who love with all their heart although it always gets broken. To girls who think its over.
    To real girls, to all girls:
    you're beautiful."
    - Zayn Malik♥
    format credit to OneDirection

  7. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    May 3, 2012 5:05pm EDT
    "If you punch Niall when he's drunk then he takes it as you making sexual advances on him."
    sorry, i had to fix the old one.

  8. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    April 23, 2012 6:52pm EDT
    Psychological Fact: When a person appears in your dreams, it's because that person misses you. OMG! One Direction knows who I am!!! ♥ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  9. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2012 12:34pm EDT
    I made you a waffle.
    But then I was like, "I'm mad."
    (>^.^)> ==# <(*.*)>
    So then I threw it at you,
    <(^.^)> <(#.*)>
    and it hit you in the face.

  10. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2012 12:28pm EST
    "You'll stay with me?"
    ♥"Until the very end."♥ J.K. ROWLING

  11. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 24, 2012 9:37pm EST
    Baby, you light up
    m y w o r l d l i k e n o b o d y e l s e. ♥

  12. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 24, 2012 4:59pm EST
    I'm not unsocial.I just don't like talkingto you.

  13. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 21, 2012 5:18pm EST
    I moustache you a question-- wait, nevermind.I'll shave it for later. ;)

  14. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 16, 2012 5:28pm EST
    is just a reason
    stuffed with a
    L I E.
    format made by neversaynever16

  15. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 15, 2012 5:47pm EST
    This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me. ♥ ~Katy Perry~
    Format: twilightgirl995

  16. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 15, 2012 5:23pm EST
    I just wanna throw my phone away, and find out who is really there for me.
    Format: twilightgirl995

  17. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 15, 2012 4:30pm EST
    A Shot in the Dark
    Chapter 4
    Karmin ran in shock upstairs and passed Jason out the door. “Where are you going?” he yelled, but it was too late for her to respond. She ran across her lawn to her neighbors, theMunster’s, and rang their doorbell. Macy answered; she was a woman about the age of 50. She had shoulder-length, brunette hair, with some gray streaks running through it, but that was to be expected when you’re starting to get old. She was wearing a jade jumper that matched her eyes. Her glasses were askew on the bridge of her nose like she was busy or hurrying to do something. “Macy, can you drive Jason and me to the hospital?” she huffed. “Someone kidnapped him from his bedroom earlier and tried to kill him. He’s back at the house now.”
    “Well,” Macy said sounding appalled. “Why would anyone try to harm your brother?”
    “I don’t know, but he’s hurt really bad, and there’s a bullet in his side.” Karmin was getting annoyed and wishing Macy would say yes already. “Where are your parents?” Macy wanted to know, because she was hesitant to drive them.
    “…They-, they got killed in a car accident, and died on impact.”
    “Oh my gosh, how awful!”
    “…So, can you drive us?” Karmin got the nerve to ask again.
    “Well, Jack might be able too… he’s out around back.” Macy started to back up.
    “Um, OK, he’ll drive us though, right?” Karmin couldn’t help but notice that Macy acted as if she were hiding a deep, dark secret.
    “Of course, he’d do anything to help you guys out. Especially after, you know….”
    “Thanks,” Karmin called, and she sprinted around to the back of the house.
    This is my short story I had to write for Language Arts. Feedback is welcome.It gets better, I promise :D ♥

  18. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 13, 2012 8:47pm EST
    Valentine's Day ♥ ma king gi rls thi nk they' l l be f or ever a l one si nce : 498 AD . format © RawriEatKidsx3

  19. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 12, 2012 5:52pm EST
    A Shot in the Dark
    Chapter 3“JASON!” she screamed as if it were bloody murder. (Technically, it almost was.) “I thought you were dead!” Karmin knelt down next to her wounded brother. There was a small pool of red liquid oozing from the lower right side of his abdomen. “Jason, what happened?! You were in your room playing Call of Duty and when I came back upstairs, muddy footprints were all over and you were gone!”
    “Ehnnn...” Jason groaned as he shifted his weight, “I was playing COD, when someone broke through the window, attacked me, put duct tape over my mouth, and then dragged me back outside through the window into the woods. I would describe him to you, but that would be kind of hard, considering he didn’t speak and his face was covered with a dark ski mask.”
    “Did he have your face covered up?” Karmin wondered.
    “No, it was just too dark out to see anything,” Jason replied.
    “Oh, I see,” Karmin said, wondering who would try to kill her brother.
    “Yeah, I can hardly walk.” Karmin saw he had ripped some of his shirt to stop the bleeding, but what he really needed was a tourniquet. “We have to get you to the hospital. Put your arms around my shoulders and I’ll help you up.” Jason did as he was told but showed signs he was in major pain. As she pulled him up and they started walking, she saw the actual wound better. She couldn’t see how deep it was, but it was gruesome. The sanguine, sticky, mess was soaked into his shirt and it was almost down to his knees. “Do you have your cell phone?” Jason asked her.
    “No, I forgot it at home, but we really could use it right now, couldn’t we?” she said sarcastically. Jason scowled and said, “Should we yell for help, and see if mom and dad can hear us?”
    “Yell? More like scream at the top of our lungs.” Karmin said. They looked at each other and then looked in the direction that they thought lead to the house. “HELP!! HELP!!! MOM!!! DAD!!! ANYONE?!?!?!” their voices trembled as they screamed. Karmin stopped and listened for a call back, but there was nothing. After walking for about half an hour, they came to the house. No one was home yet. “They should be home by now,” Karmin thought. She brought Jason inside and laid him on the couch, then went into the bathroom to get him some Tylenol for the excruciating pain he must be in. “Here’s some water,” she told him, “to help swallow the pills.”
    “Thanks,” he muttered. Karmin went downstairs to get her phone and called her mom’s cell. It rang 8 times before someone answered, but it wasn’t her mom, or dad. “Hi, is Heather there? This is Karmin, her daughter.”
    “No, this is the Lake County Memorial Hospital.” There was a pause. “Karmin, your parents are dead. They died on impact in a car accident.” There was a click, and the call was over.
    This is my short story I had to write for Language Arts. Feedback is welcome.It gets better, I promise :D ♥

  20. raeanne6 raeanne6
    posted a quote
    February 12, 2012 4:33pm EST
    10 year olds now think they're coolplaying CoD: MW3 on their xbox 360's, i thought i wascool when i played new super mario on my gameboy.

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