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fiesty1 · 9 years ago
he is flirting
but if he doesn't say that to a lot of other girls and he isn't a complete flirt, well he might just have a crush on u;)

polevault21 · 9 years ago


IHeartCupCakes · 9 years ago

Julial113 · 9 years ago
Heres mie so far:

1. Go to the beach
2. Go to drive in movie
3. Pull an all-nighter
4. Read at least 10 books
5. Pool hopping
6. Complete “Wreck This Journal”
7. Finger paint
8. Smores
9. Hold Hands
10. Fill an entire coloring book
11. Go to the movies
12. Water balloon fight
13. Draw with sidewalk chalk
14. Have a YOLO day
15. Get a tan
16. Photo bomb
17. Take at least 500 pictures
18. Successfully complete cinnamon challenge
19. Watch at least 15 Disney movies
20. Watch fireworks
21. Fake sharpie tattoo
22. Paint finger and toe nails each a different color
23. Do 100 sit-ups
24. Sleep in a tent
25. Say ‘yes’ to every yes/no question for a day
26. Go a whole week without wearing shoes
27. Get over Luke
28. Hold my breathe under water for a minute
29. Get a tan tattoo

31. Take a picture doing everything on this list


italiangirl3 · 9 years ago
Hi I know you're probs tired if seeing this, but I really want to win these meet and greets, can you just click this for me?? It'll only take 5 seconds! I'll do anything! xx

alexandradeleward · 9 years ago
i think you should tell him how you feel, truth is always right and if he doesnt just shake it off, move on, and remain friends with him <3 hope that helped

softballxoxo · 9 years ago
pinterest is great at helping but do stuff like catch fireflies in a jar...play tag in a store...dye a strip of ur hair with kool aid

pinkgrey · 9 years ago
Try to hold your breath underwater for 1 minute

I* · 9 years ago

polevault21 · 9 years ago
Hey guys! I apologize for this but I lost track of who I commented and who I didn't yet!! If you could comment here if I didn't get to you yet and I will as soon as I get home tomorrow!! Thanks!!


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