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  1. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 30, 2011 10:01pm UTC
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  2. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    June 12, 2011 4:58pm UTC
    Leave Your Mark
    [[You Won't Make a Dent]]
    A gentle caress,
    encouraging lies.
    pulling you up,
    until you fly.
    A land of perfect,
    all want to achieve,
    but flashes of lightning,
    a storm on its leave.
    Taking not leaving,
    forget others best,
    talents a virtue,
    not many possess.
    The art many knew,
    creations passed by,
    cast down from the land,
    where you felt you could fly.
    Thrown away and forgotten,
    your time is through,
    they pull others up,
    no longer with you.
    If you're searching,
    to leave your mark,
    it may happen,
    no matter your spark.
    Because once the wings of a
    bird height once lent,
    not many leave marks.
    You won't make a dent.

  3. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2010 1:25pm UTC
    Sapphire and Ruby
    Dance Partners
    "Grab your dance partners and begin your warm ups," Ms. Day commanded. The class began shuffling around the room to the people they normally paired up with. It was an equal amount of kids, so everyone one had a partner of the opposite gender. Fabulous. Sapphire was about to go up to Ms. Day to announce she didn't have one (of any gender) when the door opened, and in walked the boy from the hall.
    Sapphire's breath caught in your throat, refusing to be released. She felt like her heart was up in her throat, and she couldn't convince it to go back in place. The boy went up to Ms. Day, whispered something to her and smiled sheepishly. She nodded in response to whatever he said and turned to Sapphire, "Miss Star, come here please."
    Takintg a deep, calming breathe, Sapphire walked over to the teacher with her head held high, trying to show (perhaps unsuccessfully) that she wasn't afraid to meet this boys startling gaze. "Miss Star, meet Alexander. He's usually the student aid for the class, but seeing as we don't have any one else for you to pair up with, he'll be your partner. That alright with you?"
    Sapphire blinked and gulped again. She couldn't think of a nice way to say no, so she just mutedly nodded her head, darting a side way look at him. And blushed. He was looking at her as well. He led her over to the corner of the mirrored room, taking her hand in one of his and placing the other on her waist. Her left hand went on his forearm and her right in his.
    And then they began to dance. She wasn't sure who was leading who, just that they went perfectly together. It flowed smoothing, never tripping over each others feet like most people, or loosing focus and messing up. They twirled around the room with rhythm of the song, Without You by Hinder. He picked her up and lifted her over his head, her back arching, with her legs bent together in the shape of a four.
    She was vaguely aware of the rest of the class coming to a halt to watch, but she filed them into the back of her mind as 'unimportant'. Her feet touched the ground once more and they were off again, going through the same routine they'd just done.
    Finally, they came to a stop at the end of the song, breathing hard, but not yet panting. She smiled up at him, her ocean blue-grey eyes sparkling up as his emerald green shine down. She could feel warm heat flowing to her cheeks, but she didn't look away. She simply didn't want to. She finally calmed her heart down enough, and the sound in the room suddenly hit her ears. The class was clapping with Ms. Day trying to talk over them.
    "Enough!" she chuckled. "That was an excellent performence, Sapphire, Alexander. For homework, I want you all to practice your dancing. You'll be graded on it tomorrow." As if on cue, the bell rang and everyone filed out of the room, talking excitedly about one thing or another.
    Sapphire left the room in a flurry, meeting up at Ruby at the front of the school. She was grinning from ear to ear. "Sapphire! i just heard! Did you seriously dance with THE Alexander Faye?" she squeals. Sapphire blinked, at a lose for words at her friends unexpected excitement.
    "Uhm, yes?" her voice was a question.
    "Wow, I mean, just- Wow." she said, rather breathlessly. Sapphire sighed. She was going to be talk of the school now. More then she already was. Fabulous.

  4. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2010 6:02pm UTC
    Sapphire and Ruby
    Down To The Waterfall
    Sapphire woke up early on a Saturday morning, wondering what fantastic adventures Ruby had in store for them. She jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs and into the kitchen, popping in a few slices of bread into the toaster and pouring herself a glass of orange juice. The toaster popped up, signaling that her bread was done. Walking over to the toaster with the butter dish in one hand and a plate in the other, she put the crispy bread on the plate, buttered it, and took a bite.
    She raced back upstairs and got dressed in her usual colors, black, black, and more black. The phone rang while she was in the shower. She got out and wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel and walked over to the phone. "Hello?" Even in her most tired voice, she sounded like a musical.
    "Hey! Are you ready to go yet?" Ruby asked, sounding as if she was a hundred miles away when she was just across the street. Sapphire brushed her hair as fast as she could, putting her black and blue bow in her hair. "Yep, I’m all good." She ran down the flight of stairs, past her mother and out the door.
    The girls met each other half way in the street, hugging each other as they laughed and danced together. Still hugging each other, Ruby looked at her best friend and smiled, "C’mon! I have something magical to show you!" And with that, they ran down the street holding hands, towards the forest.
    The girls came to a stop in the middle of the forest, Sapphire looking around at the wonders of the magnificent view she now had. A pond lay in the center of the forest, glistening water shinning from the sun’s warm rays of light. She took a step towards the pond and looked down, Japanese moon fish swimming in circles around inside. She let out a giggle at what she saw, a new safe glow surrounding her skin.
    Birds chirped around her, tigers and lions and panthers slowly showing themselves to Ruby and Sapphire. Sapphire slowly stood up, not taking her eyes off the wild animals for fear that’d they’d either disappear, or attack her at her companion at any moment. She turned her head and looked at Ruby for guidance. Her friend gave her a small smile and gestured for Sapphire to go towards one of them.
    She let out a soft gulp, taking a step towards the closest tiger, her eyes turning a deeper blue as she extends her hand and lightly touches the tigers head. The tiger tilted its head into the flat of her palm, letting out a calm gentle purr. Sapphire giggles an kneels own onto her knee’s in front of the tiger, laying her cheek on top of its head and petting it softly.
    "He’s so sweet." She looks at Ruby, her friend lying against a blue, black panther, lion cubs playing around her as she nods and smiles. A lion cub jumps on to each of their shoulders, licking them both on the cheek. "I wish we could take them home with us. They’re just so cute!" They stand up and kiss the wild animals on the head, hugging and petting each and every one of them.
    "Can we come back tomorrow?" She looked questioningly at Ruby, her eyes big and pleading. Her friend giggles and nods, "Sure, we can come back. We’ll even bring something to eat for them!" And with that, they raced each other home, laughing and having a grand old time as they do.

  5. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2010 10:51pm UTC
    Sapphire and Ruby
    Ruby Rose
    (lemme know what you think. continue?)
    Ruby Rose was running to her locker, afraid that she’d miss the bell if she didn’t hurry. She wasn’t paying attention to the people around her and had accidently pushed a girl with long strawberry blonde hair and sparkling blue ocean water eyes on the ground. She silently cursed to herself and kneeled over to help the girl up. "Jeez! I’m so sorry! I didn’t even see you there. Are you ok?" Ruby looked at the girl closely. She was wearing a black shirt that must have been difficult to breath in, a pair of black skinny jeans, black shoes that a skater kid might have worn, and a small, thin black jacket with blue sapphires along the rims of the pockets.
    She looked the beautiful, bizarre girl up and down. She was very thin, but she was able to tell the girl worked out a lot by the build of her body. Her hair went down to the small of her back, and her cheeks were a rosy pink. Aw, she’s blushing! I must have scared her quite a bit… Ruby extended her hand and introduced herself. "Hey, I’m Ruby Rose. You must be the new girl every ones been talking about." She smiled warmly at her, glad she had caught herself from saying what she was about to.
    The girl took her hand and gave it a gentle shake. "Yeah, that’s me… I’m Sapphire Star." She returned her smile, her eyes giving off a vibrant ray of emotion. Sapphire kneeled over and picked up her back pack, sighing as she dusted it off. Ruby smiles appologeticly. "Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going." Instead of Sapphire yelling at her for her mistake, she just shrugged. "Hey, no biggy. I’m kind of use to being pushed around. What with my having six older brothers and all."
    Ruby let out a chuckle. "I guess you would be then. So where are you going now?" Sapphire handed over her classes and Ruby smiled. "You have the rest of the day with me so it seems. "Come on, I’ll show you around."
    Ruby and Sapphire had hit it off wonderfully. It appeared that they actually had a lot on common. Thy both liked the same kind of music [rock and hip hop], they both loved taking pictures [of themselves an animals], they both loved dancing [cultural and ballroom], and they both had a very huge secret, one they never thought they’d have to share with anyone.
    It had been two weeks since the first day of school for Sapphire. Since then, the girls had spent all their time together. Whither they went to the mall, the movies, swimming, or if they had just gone to one of their houses, they were always together. Ruby had never known what it felt like to have a close friend, one that she could trust with her secret. It feels good to actually tell someone, she thought one night as she had lied wide awake in bed. She could feel Sapphire felt the same way. It’s the start of a grand new friendship! Was her last thought before she fell asleep that night, cuddling her pillow and dreaming of the adventures they were to soon discover.
    Little did they know their biggest adventure wouldn’t just be thrilling, it could also be deadly.

  6. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2010 10:36pm UTC
    Sapphire and Ruby
    The New Girl
    It was a rainy day in New York City, New York on Sapphire Star’s first day of school. The rain poured down on her as she walked to her new school, drenching her strawberry blonde hair, her black shirt that as skin tight, and her jacket that made the rain water slip right off it. She loved the feel of the rain wash over her bare skin, through her hair, onto her scalp. It reminded her of Winlock, Washington. She walked onto school campus, over taken by excitement when she saw the vibrant mansion stand before her.
    She walked to the front doors, looking around at everyone she passed. She could hear everyone whispering and talking excitedly around her, pointing and looking at her as if she was the new fun toy they got to play with. She looked at her new classes, wondering where the classrooms were at. As she scanned over her schedual, she whispered, "Biology, room seven eighty-three. I wonder where that is.." She trailed off. Sapphire looked up from the sheet of paper she held in her hands and walked down to the main office.
    "Uh excuse me?" She said to the lady behind the desk. "I’m Sapphire Star. Today’s my first day… But I don’t know where the class rooms are. Can you help me?" The lady behind the desk looked up from her computer and smiled at her, her lips a rose red from year old lipstick. "Yes, of course, child. I’m Mrs. Cutsworth. Let me see your schedual and I’ll send you on your way." Mrs. Cutsworth stuck out her hand as Sapphire handed her the piece of paper. The old woman looked at the paper and pulled out a yellow highlighter and another sheet of paper, highlighting something on it.
    Mrs. Cutsworth handed both sheets of paper back to Sapphire and showed her how to get to her classes. On the other sheet that was given to her was a school map. The things highlighted were the classes she was suppose to be in and an X was over the main office. Looking through the paper, she headed to her Biology class. Just as she walks into the class room, she bumps into the teacher, causing him to drop the pile of papers he was holding.
    Flustered, she quikly drops down and helps him pick everything up, all the while repeating, "I’m so sorry!" She stood up and handed the pile of papers to the teacher, blushing mildly at her stupidity. She down casted her gaze, looking at the floor and investigating her shoes. The teacher coughed and she looked up slightly. "You must be the new student. Sapphire Star. I’m Mr. Bates. There’s an open seat in the back right corner." As he points to the spot where he has assigned her, she looks at the spot, then at the rest of the class. She mumbles a "Thank you," and stumbles to her seat, blushing madly.
    She pulls out her notebook and begins scribbling everything down for the next hour, gazing out at the window beside her and sighing. She was the last one up and out of class when the bell rang. She walked aimlessly to her next class, gazing around at everyone. There were people still laughing and pointing at her. It mad her depressed to be the only one there without someone to talk to… At least until she ran into Ruby Rose.

  7. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 17, 2010 4:56pm UTC
    Why I love You.
    I love the way you look at me,
    Your eyes so bright and blue.
    I love the way you kiss me,
    Your lips so soft and smooth.
    I love the way you make me so happy,
    And the ways you show you care.
    I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
    And the way you're always there.
    I love the way you touch me,
    Always sending chills down my spine.
    I love that you are with me,
    And glad that you are mine.

  8. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2010 7:12pm UTC
    Like Fire
    Burning pain, burning desire.
    A caged bird, burning like fire.
    Watching the moon, shine down cold.
    I wait in pain, until my wings unfold.
    No longer naive, you opened my eyes.
    I cry in pain, in memory of your lies.
    To be happy once again, is my burning desire.
    With the scars you left, burn like fire.

  9. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2010 3:56pm UTC
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  10. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 9:33pm UTC
    You and me, hand in hand
    walking on the beach
    Looking at the stretch of sand
    and the life we cannot reach.
    You and me, stop to touch
    and let our arms entwine
    To feel passion’s burning touch
    and your heartbeat next to mine.
    You and me, slowly kiss
    and caress the soft skin
    Caught in a world of bliss
    that we entered in.
    You and me lie in the sand
    under the starlit sky
    Feel the touch of each other’s hand
    as the night passes by.
    You and me close together
    as we look into our eyes
    Passion burns for each other
    the flame will never die.
    You and me stop to smile
    and look into our hearts
    Young love burns all the while
    for we will never part.
    You and me wake to find
    in each other’s arms
    Life and love intertwined
    isn’t always calm.
    You and me, such young love
    find we disagree
    All the things I dreamed of
    were not yet meant to be.
    You and me, too confused
    to see eye to eye
    Love or hurt, cannot choose
    for us is this goodbye?
    Now you and me sit apart
    on the sand by the sea
    Passion’s flame in our hearts
    still burns for you and me.

  11. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 12:42pm UTC
    Eat or be eaten
    Iris's Perspective
    I watched the people I loved sob, circling my bed and holding each others hands.
    I wanted to stay and tell them I was fine, but I started to disappear.
    I appeared in an open green meadow, in the middle of a forest, a glistening pond in the center of the meadow.
    The sun flared down on me, soaking my bare arms, legs and stomach.
    "Iris," came a soft voice from behind me. I turn around, on guard, to find two women, each no older then my mother and aunt Alaya. I knew who they were.
    "Grandmother Castalina and Celest."
    They each smiled and nodded. Grandmother Castalina looked the spitting image of my mom; Aunt Celest the exact replica of Aunt Alaya. And strangly enough, I looked like them both.
    Castalina held out a hand, beckoning for me to take it. I grab her hand and she pulls me into a hug. She felt warm and firm, her dark brown hair blowing around us, like a fallen immortal.
    Celest hugs me next, her skin soft, but just as warm as her sisters. Her golden blonde hair like a firery halo.
    We pull back, grinning. It was hard to imagine her doing all those horrible things my mother had said she'd done.
    "Unfortunetly, my dearest Iris, I did everything she told you." Celest said, reading my mind. "And I regret it all, expecially what I did to my daughter. But it's now up to you to set right."
    Castalina nods gravely, as if wishing there was some other way.
    "But how?"
    Celest looks sad. "It's to late to cleanse her soul, she's spilt to much blood. But she can be reborn anew."
    "I have to kill her?"
    "Yes. And before your mother does." Grandmother says. "She's already killed two of her kin, if she kills another, her soul will shatter."
    I nod. "I can do it. I promise."
    "Thank you dearest Iris. But please, tell her I love her."
    "I will."
    They each hug and kiss my forehead and cheek, before waving their hands and I disappear again.
    My eyes open, looking around the hospital room. I was alone, my monitor off, all the tubes and wires out of my body. I get out of bed and change into my shirt and jeans, though they're still covered in blood.
    I rush out of the room, ignoring all of the shocked expressions the docters and nurses wear as I pass them.
    The second I feel fresh air on my face, I transform, my body long and sleek, my fur shining in the moon light. My front paws hit the ground with a light thud.
    Screams echo the streets as I run at full speed, trying to get home as fast as I could. People push themselves against walls of buildings, trying to stay clear of the wild tiger.
    Finally, I enter the gates of my front yard, calling out for my family.
    But the house is cold, silent, still. They weren't home. I hurridly change into a pair of tight black pants and a V-neck top, my mothers garters over my pants.
    I hide knives in my boots and in the garters, putting one in the waist band of my pants and head out.
    As my mother used to say, it was time to play.

  12. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 12:21pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    Jake's Perspective
    "Ego amo te, mi deliceo." she whispered to me. I wanted to shout, to tell her she'd be ok, but the words wouldn't come. All I could do was whisper and tell her how much I loved her.
    "I love you, Kitten." I murmur. She smiled up at me, her lips and skin pale.
    The hand I held falls, her heart stops beating, and she draws her last breath.
    We stand there for hours, sobbing as her mother, father and sisters circle around her bed.
    A nurse come in minutes after she passed, asking us to step away from her so that she could turn off the monitor. Adabel turns and hisses, making the sound of a furosous and angry cat. the nurse drops the clipboard she was holding and backs out of the room in fear.
    Nick, Ben, Brett, Selena, Temperance and Venus surround the bed with her family, clasping eachothers hands with their heads bowed. I stand beside the Panther, holding her hand tightly, bowing my head and letting the tears fall.
    We stood like that for two hours, before Adabel, Ivy and Lily lift their heads, their eyes hollow and dead, looking like true predators.
    And then, after exchanging a look with her remaining daughters, the Panther says, in a truely dangerous whisper:
    "This kitten has claws."

  13. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 12:11pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    Adabel's Perspective
    I pace around the waiting room, my hands clasped behind my back, glaring at the floor.
    I was in no mood for talking. All I wanted to do was sink my teeth into the person responsible for hurting my daughter.
    Will and Iris's friends Jake and Nick tried to get me to sit down or go get something to eat and drink, and each time I would growl and give them a look so fierce, you'd think they should have dropped dead.
    We sat in the waiting room for six hours while they performed the surgery. The docter had warned us that there was a chance that she wouldn't make it, for she had lost more the half her life's blood, yet we refused to believe it.
    I thought of a hundred different ways to kill Cherry if Iris ended up loosing her life. And each time I thought of a new way, I felt an ache in my chest, as if it were actually being ripped apart.
    Will sat beside me, held me while I cried in frustration. It had been years since I had cried, but at the thought of loosing my baby girl, the youngest of my cubs... It was unbarable. I didn't know what I'd do.
    Finally, around 10:18, the doors opened and the docter walked out.
    I jumped to my feet and went to her, waking in her grave expression. My breathing shallowed and I felt what little color I had in my face leave.
    "We did all we could. She's alive. But barely. And for how long, I don't know. You're welcome to go in and see her, but please, be quiet, she needs what strength she has left."
    I lead the way to her room, and even though I knew what to expect, I gasped loudly at what I saw.
    Bandages wrapped around her head, chest, arms and legs. IV's in her hands. Heart monitors and other machines hooked to her.
    My baby looked broken.
    My child, my youngest out of them all. My daughter, who has never cried, never showed any weakness, never gave up on anything.
    And now she looked broken.
    I take the chair beside her bed and held her hand, my thumb rubbing the palms, tears sliding down my cheeks.
    Her eyes slid open, but just a fraction. The usual sparkle in the corner of her grey eyes wasn't there.
    "Mommy," she whispered, though it was clear she tried to say it clearly. I leaned over and kissed her forehead.
    Jake walked in and stood on the other side of the bed, holding her other hand.
    "Ego amo te, mi deliceo." she whispered her oath. He kisses her softly, whispering back, "I love you, Kitten."
    The wrist he held falls, the beeping on the monitor coming to a stop. She closed her eyes for the very last time, her lips forming a frozen smile.

  14. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 11:53am UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    I got to school the next day feeling drowsy from lack of sleep.
    It was only eleven thirty when I left Kota alone, but I hadn't gotten to bed until 2:06. I'd been up thinking about him, Cherry and the people that were found dead.
    His words played and replayed in my mind. "She's planning on wiping out a family of 'shifter jungle cats." Then his voice that was filled with realizational horror as he stuttered, "You! You're who she's after!"
    Those same words echoed through my thoughts the rest of the day. I just couldn't figure out why he sounded so scared. What had she told him?
    I drive around after school, not yet ready to go home.
    I stopped at a stoplight to check my phone before it changed. I had three missed calls. One from Jake and the other two form Venus.
    I dialed Jake's number as the light turned green. He answered after the first ring. "Hello? Iris? Are you there?"
    But I wasn't listening. My attention was on the car zooming right for me at seventy mph, not slowing down or swerving out of the way.
    The last thing I hear before the car hits me was Jake calling my name and my own whispered scream.
    I come to as the ambulance pulls up, sirens blasting all around me. One of the medics had just pried my unmoving body from my now blazing car.
    My head lulled to the side, my eyes half opened and glazed. Blood spilled over my right eye from my forehead, which I now realized was pounding with pain.
    I could hear an officer trying to restrain and pull someone back. Actually, from the sound of it, it was a lot of someones.
    "That's my baby!" my mother said, pushing the officer away. Next moment, she's holding my hand and leaning over my gurnee, pushing my hair off my face with her other hand.
    Lily and Ivy's face show up next to hers a moment later, each looking shaken up with tears stained cheeks.
    "Lermo ton qwiktos, Iris." Ivy whispered in my ear. She'll pay for this, Iris. I try to nod, but end up groaning in pain. My free hand moves to my hip and I hear my mother gasp in horrid shock and shout for one of the medics.
    A man of thirty-seven runs up, asking what's wrong. She points at my hip and starts to make really confusing hand gestures and demands.
    I sit up and look at what has her so riled up. In my hip, hidden under my pants and shirt, is a large piece of glass.
    Then I black out.

  15. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2010 2:07pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    "She's planning an ambush?" Selena asks after I explained what I had just found out to everyone.
    I shrug. "That's what it sounds like. Over thirty innocent men and women turned, who'll most likely loose their lives. And the sick part is, she won't even care."
    Selena paced around the room with her hands clasped behind her back. Temperance sat on Ben's lap, watching her go back and forth.
    It wasn't fair to all the people out there, who would have to constantly fear for their lives because they'd either be killed, changed or both.
    I hit the wall beside me in frustration, falling to the ground and holding my head between my knees.
    Jake comes over and sits behind me, so that I'm sitting between his legs and leaning against his body.
    Everyone is silent, the only sounds are the rain splattering against the house and everyone breathing in and out. I could hear Jake's heart beating fast and Ben rubbing Tempie's back. Nick walks in and turns the TV on without a word.
    "Four bodies found dead on Water Avenue, their chests and stomachs ripped open, heart, kidneys, stomachs and liver taken out of each in turn."
    Pictures of each victim flashes across the screen. Venus gasps at the face of Princple Sarah came across the screen. A second later, Monica Taylors with the evening news appears once more. "If anyone has any information on any of these crimes, we ask that you step forward immediatly to help put the families of these poor people at peace."
    Nick turns the TV off and looks at us. "What do we do?" I sigh.
    "No idea."
    Everyone was long asleep when I crawled out of bed and snuck down stairs and to the training room, carrying a bowl of fruit and a jug of water.
    I quietly walk into the room and freeze. Big yellow eyes stare at me in the dark, a glint of white fangs sparkling in the ray of light.
    I turn on the switch that controls the over head lamps and stop about a foot away from the cage. I put the food and water down and slowly push it to where he can get it and step even further away.
    He waits to see if it's a trick before hungrily grabbing what I have to offer and gulping it down.
    I sit cross legged with my arm propped up on a long blade, almost a sword, and watch him carefully.
    "What's your name?" I say, barely a whisper.
    "Kota Winterbird." he responds through a mouthful of grapes.
    I nod and look away, focusing on the steady rhythym of his heart beat and the growling of his stomach. The wind rustles leaves outside the window, like a child playing tag.
    Fifteen minutes later, he pushes the bowl and empty jug towards me and leans back on his arms, yawning.
    "What is your name, girl who turns into a tiger?"
    I softly laugh, my eyes closed. "Iris Blackwell."
    "And what do you plan on doing to me, Iris Blackwell?"
    My eyes open and find him in the dark. He was looking at me as intently as I was at him. "What would you like us to do with you, Kota Winterbird?"
    "I wish to be set free."
    "I'm afraid that's not possible. You can't be trust."
    "If I were to to gain your trust, would you then?"
    I shrug. "Depends on how you plan to gain it."
    "I will think of how I can, for I wish to go home."
    "Home to Cherry?"
    "Home to my sisters and mother."
    I crawl towards the cafe, forgetting about how dangerous it was to get close to him. I wrap my hands around the bars of the cage and look at the man inside. He looked so sad, so lonely, it broke my heart.
    "Gain my trust, and I'll let you go." i whisper, almost pleading.
    I get up and leave after a moment, a tear sliding down my cheek as I rush out of there like a scared little girl.

  16. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2010 1:40pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    It had started raining shortly after we had gotten home, so it was pouring when I went outside to the training room, where we were keeping the black wolf caged.
    Shadowfax, Tigretta and Hellwise were watching the wolf intently, whose cage was backed up into the very far corner of the room.
    The wolf was growling back at the guardians, who were kissing in return. All three appeared to only be months old, though the wolf looked years.
    I walk up and kneel down, looking the dog in the eye as I shake my head.
    "I know you can appear human, so do it. I want to see your face."
    All he does is snap his jaws inches from my face, trying to get through, though the bars of the cage prevent that.
    I smile and hold one of my mothers chinckas to his throat. Because he was in his adult form, he didn't have enough room to back away from the never dulling blade.
    "It wouldn't cause me no harm to do this, but both you and Cherry would be hurt immensely, seeing as she turned you in the first place. Am I right?" I press it harder against his throat, enough to make a small trickle of blood fall down his furry neck. He yelps in pain.
    "So are you going to change? Ah, that's better." He had turned into what he looks like human, and I must say, he was something to look at.
    He had long black hair, tied back in a rubber band, a long braid, blonde, mixed in. His eyes shone a light brown, with laugh lines on the sides. His skin was a golden brown, white teeth behind full, lusous lips. He wore no shirt, only a pair of dark blue pants with hole sin the knees.
    My eyes trail yo his chest, where a bite mark lay over his left nipple, looking pale against his muscular body. That must've been where Cherry bit him.
    His hand was pressed against his neck where I had cut him, applying pressure to the wound. His gaze stayed on me, glaring as I got up and began to pace the room.
    I'm silent for several minutes, thinking over what I want to ask him. I soon settle with, "Why'd you attack those innocent people?"
    He's silent for a minute, thinking over my question. "Because it is what Cherry and Mr. Kingsley commanded us to do."
    I raise both eyebrows. He sounded like a native. Could he be Indian? "And who is Mr. Kingsley? And why did he command it?"
    "I do not know who he is, I've never been in his presence. I have only seen a picture of him and he looks very fierce. And he commanded us to take the hearts, kidneys and stomachs from our victims for him and Cherry to eat."
    I blanched. I swear, I could feel last nights burgers starting to come up through my throat. When i was sure I wasn't going to be sick, I asked, "Why'd she turn you?"
    He looks away. "She said she needed help and the only way I could help her was by becoming like her."
    "Why'd you agree? Did you think it'd be cool to transform into a giant wolf? Did you want to impress your friends? Or maybe a girl? Was there a girl who loves wolves you wanted and thought 'hey! I can turn into a wolf! Let's get together!'"
    "I did it because I loved her!" he blurted. I look at him blankly. "I didn't know she was was bad and just wanted to hurt people when she asked. i just knew she was distressed and needed help. I asked what I could do to help and she showed me. Next thing I knew, I was this over sized dog. She then explained to me what needed to be done. At first, I tried to ignore the commands, but after a while started to feel pain throughout my body. I realized I only felt the pain if I didn't do as I was told."
    I watch him as he curls into a ball and cries, his right hand rubbing against his chest over the bite mark.
    "How many?"
    "Thirty. She plans to wipe out a family of shifter jungle cats." He looks at the guardians, then at me, as if just now putting two and two together and getting four. "You! You're who she's after!"
    Instead of answering, I turn around and walk for the door. Shadowfax goes to the spot I had just stood infront of the cage, with Hellwise and Tigretta on either side.
    I could hear hia shouts of, "Wait! Come back!" as I leave the room and head back to the house, where I was sure everyone would still be in the kitchen.

  17. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2010 3:21pm UTC
    Memories and sadness, that's all that house brings.
    She's dead, she's gone, she's never here.
    Oh, how I wish she was still there.
    Memories and sadness, that's all that house brings.
    The walls bleed red with memories of death.
    The floor grows cold,
    the memories rage on.
    How I wish she wasn't gone.
    Within my heart she lies.
    Love and happiness soar the skies.
    Memories and sadness, that's all I have left.
    In my heart and soul, she'll always be kept.
    Say good bye and start anew.
    My love for her is never through.
    The walls bleed red, the floor grows cold.
    Say good bye and start anew.

  18. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2010 7:31pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    The front door bangs open when we get home. I carry the pup out back and put him in a small dog house, the ropes even tighter.
    My mother and Lily come running out of the training room. My mom takes one look at me and goes to the wolf. Lily heals our wounds and makes us a snack.
    I turn on the tv we have on the kitchen counter, to find it already on the eight o'clock news.
    Meronica Sherman, the news lady, gestures to the spot we found the wolf and two people. "... The caller gave no name, just an address and a discription of the man and woman found. We're still unaware if the caller was, in fact, the attacker or just some innocent passing bystander who happened to come across these people. Both were alive, but just barely, with wide, deep cut marks on their chests and stomach. They are now on their way to intensive care at SunRise Hospital. Stay tuned for more later."
    I turn the volume down and look at Lily and Selena, then to Venus and Temperance. Though they were there when the drime was being done, the girls were very shaken.
    I push my chair back, standing up, and walk into the hall, running into Ben.
    "Whoa! Sorry, didn't see you there." he says, trying to steady me.
    I shake my head. "My bad. I wasn't paying attention."
    He grinned, showing perfect white teeth beneath a tan smile. "It shows. What's on your mind?"
    I shrugg. "Pretty much everything that's been going on."
    "Yeah, I know what you mean."
    I smile sadly, apologize and start ti walk away.
    "Wait!," he says, grabing hold of my wrist to softly pull me back. I quizically turn back to him. "I was wondering... Does Temperance ever talk about me?"
    I raise an eyebrow and smirk. "Why do you ask?"
    He blushes. "Well, it's just, I can't get her out of my head. The sound of her laugh, the feel of her body against mine, how she's not afraid to tell you how she feels. I want to ask her out, but I'm scared she'll just turn me down..."
    I blink, taking in what he just said. "Okay... Why come to me? I mean, why not ask Selena or Venus?"
    He shruggs. "Because you seem to know them all better then they do eachother. I mean, look at the eight of us. Without you, none of us would be here, at this very placem together. You're what connects us all together so we can make a perfect team. Without you, there would be no us."
    The silence that followed that is a long one. Do I really bring them together? I mean, I don't see how. All I've done was save their lives one time and teach them to fight and defend themselves.
    I cough uncomfortably and look at him serously. "Ask."
    "Ask her." I repeat. "Ask her on a date. Take her to the movies- see a romantic comedym but not those cheesy types, take her to see one with meaning. Then take her out for dinner, but nothing fancy. She doesn't like o dress up if she doesn't need to. Take her to Burger King and get her a number four Whooper Jr. with no pickles, tamato, onions or mustard.
    "After it's all done, take her home. Walk her to her door and kiss her good night. And I do mean kiss her, don't do some gross, slobbery make out session, just make it sweet. Then hand her a single white rose- not red, white shows forever."
    He stands there speechless at my instructions. I raise an eyebrow again. "Got all of that?"
    He nods, but doesn't move a muscle.
    "Well, what're you waiting for? An open invitation? Go!" I make a motion to the kitchen and with a jerk of his body, he goes through the kitchen door.
    I peak through the door, for it was open just a crack, in time to see him walk over to where Tempie sat at the counter island on a stool, eating toast. She looks at him, startled, as he gets down on one knee, holding one of her hands in his own.
    "Tamperance Zakurii, I have liked you since the third grade, when you poured your strawberry milk all over me. I'm crazy about you. I love your chocolate brown eyes, the freckle you have on your right cheek. I love how you bite your lower lip when nervous, how you twirl your hair when happy, how you'll speak your mind, whither you're talking to your parents, friends, a teacher or the princple. I like all that and more. Will you go out with me, tomorrow night?"
    "Tomorrow's Thursday."
    "Will you go out with me the night after tomorrow?"
    "Yeah, then."
    She stares him over for a good minute and a half, making him break into a cold sweat.
    She finally smiles and nods. "It's about time you asked me." I hear him let out a breath I don't think he knew he was holding and stand up, smiling down at her.`

  19. neonmint neonmint
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2010 2:44pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    Everyone's already waiting for me at my locker, passing around a new paper clipping.
    "Morning," I greet them all cheerfully. They all say it back, staring at my bag.
    "Uhm, honey, there's something moving in your bag." Selena says, pointing at it.
    "I know. It's Tigretta. She's playing with her new toy."
    "You braught your cat to school?" Tempie asks with an eyebrow raised.
    I shrugg. "She's my new guardian, so I figure she goes everywhere with me."
    "Guardian?" Jake asks.
    "Mhmm. Just like Shadowfax is my moms."
    "Oh, I want to see!" Venus and Selena squeals. I put my hand in my bag and she climbs up my arm, to my shoulder. She starts to sniff the air around us and, when satisified no one was here to attack me, started to lick her fangs clean of the stuffing form the toy.
    "She's absolutely adorable!" says Selena as she softly pets her back. Venus just nods, scratching under her chin.
    "She lookslike you." comments Nick. "Well, when you are a giant cat, that is."
    My attention is no longer on them, but on the news articl in Bens hand. "What's that?"
    "Oh, uhm, seven bodies were found about four miles from here. They were each robbed of their hearts, liver and other small oragans with a bunch of bite marks. The police are saying it was cyoties or something, but cyoties don'e act like that."
    No, they don't." I state blankly. "But giant, man eating wolves do."
    They blink in aknowledgement. "You don't think-"
    "Yes, Tempie, I do."
    "What? You think Cherry did this?"
    "Think about it, Nick. She's alerting everyone of her presence. And she's eating the major human oragans to get stronger.
    Tigretta growls in agreement, her fur standing on end. "We still have two weeks till the next full moon. We'll just have to keep a close watch on her movements until then."
    After school, the guys went to my house while us girls went to get food and movies. After training, we all hang out in either the living room to watch movies or my room to listen to music.
    We pick out Twilight, New Moon and Transformers: Ruse of the Fallen. Even though we shouldn't, we were in love with the werewolves, the guys just pictured Megan Fox and Kristen Stewart naked.
    We got popcorn and different types of chips, checked out and headed home.
    We were half way there when Tigrette jumped out of my bag and looked out the right window, growling uncontrolably.
    I pull over and she leaps out of the window. I take off after her, trying to get her to come back. No luck. She goes around the corner and out of sight.
    I turn after her, to come face to face with the black wolf and Tigretta, who was now the size of an adult tiger.
    Under the wolf was a man and woman, both alive, but just barely. Blood ran out of their stomachs where the wolf had tried to rip into them.
    Tigretta jumped at the wolf and pushed him away from his victums. I shout at Temperance to call nine-one-one, changing into my form and joining the fight.
    I wince as he bites into Tigretta's neck, my tail wrapping around his and yanking him off. I throw him away and help her up.
    Selena comes from behind and pushed a knife into his hind leg muscle. He kicks her away with his other leg, snapping his jaws as he trns around to attack her.
    I throw myself at him and pin him down as Venus gets rope to tie him up as a puppy.
    "Try anything and I end you," I snarl into his ear. He growls back, but doesn't move.
    I pick up Tigretta and lay her on my lap, as I get behind the wheel. Venus sits beside me with Selena and Temperance on either side of the wolf pup.
    I race home, ignoring every trafic law ever written.

  20. neonmint neonmint
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    August 1, 2010 1:26pm UTC
    Eat or Be Eaten
    I awake, screaming, clutching my chest with the faint feeling of the knife still there.
    I gasp for air, my chest rising and falling with raspy breaths of air. I scramble out of bed and run to the mirror on my dresser, looking myself over.
    Same dark hair, same grey eyes, same tan skin with a few chosen scars. Yes, I still look like myself, I thought with a sigh of relief. Only...
    My gaze lowers to where the knife had pierced my heart in the dream, my eyes widening to the size of saucer plates.
    A small cut rests over my heart, a trickle of blood leaking out, onto my white tank top.
    I take a wash cloth from the bathroom and put warm water on it before I start to dab at the cut.
    It didn't hurt as much as it had in the dream, but i still winced from the slight sting.
    My mind tried to stay on the dream, and no matter how hard I tried to forget, it did.
    I knew without a doubt it was Cherry who killed me, but I couldn't figure out who I was supposed to be.
    I pondered over it while I bandaged myself up. What had she mean by "You should have chosen me over her?" I don't know. I was only certain she killed whoever it was and was going after the other girl next.
    After rinsing the wash cloth, I head back to bed. And stop dead in my tracks.
    There, laying in the center of my bed, was a small black and silver stripped kitten. At first I thought it was Shadowfax, until I saw the bright silver mixed in. How odd, she looked exactly as I do when I shifted.
    She was just laying there, her long tail swishing back and forth over the covers of my bed, her big purple eyes watching me as she purred.
    I take a small step toward her with my arm extended. "Here kii kii." I softly call. Her head tilts and she stands.
    She jumps and lands in my arms, her tiny head running against my neck. I sit down and pet her while she continues to purr.
    I laugh at feeling the tiny vibration of her body against me and lay down, petting under her chin.
    I drift to sleep with her curled up on my chest and thinking about the dream.
    I awake again several hours later to the sound of Ivy screaming.
    I race out of bed and down the hall to her room, where Ivy stands with a chair pointed at a large black and gold cheetah, which was swiping its claws angrly at her.
    I stand beside her, blinking. My mother, father, Lily and Shadowfax walk in and freeze. I hear my mother gaso in astonishment.
    Shadowfax, accompanied by the kitten from last night, pushes eeveryone and go to the cheetah. Shadowfax growls warningly at him and then turns to my mother, who nods.
    Shadows eyes go yellow when he turns back to the kitten and over grown cat. The cat turns into a kitten and sits on Ivy's bed, licking his fangs.
    We all turn to my mother for an explaination.
    "It appears Shadow's cousins have come to live with us. In fact, they're your new guardians." she confirmed, looking from me to Ivy.
    "If he's my guardian, why'd he attack me?" Ivy hisses.
    My mother laughs. "He's a playful little thing, that's all. You startled him when you screamed."
    My new "guardian" walk over to me and nudges my leg. I bend down and pick her up, scratching behind her ears.
    "They each look like the animal you turn into. After spending time together, you'll be able to access eachothers thoughts. It's a bond no one can break. But be careful. If something happened to you, it'll also happen to your guardian. And vis versa."
    I nod, laughing as she wraps her tails around my wrist as I hold her in my arms. "What's their names?"
    "You have to give them one, sweetling." I nod again as I think of one, and smile. "Tigretta." She meows her approval.
    "Well I'm naming mine Hellwise. He looks like a demon from hell ands acts like one too." she said as she pets Hellwise hesitantly.
    He roars happyily, playfully biting at her hand.
    We leave them alone and go get ready for schools.
    I get dressed and go downstairs with Tigretta in my shoulder bag, her small head poking out. I give her a peice of fish from Shadowfaxes bowl. She hurriedly eats it, almost grinning as me in affection.
    I grand an apple, my wallet and car keys, and head to school.


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