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judgey · 1 decade ago
r u talking about savanah

Sonny84 · 1 decade ago
ikr its not like only one person likes Zayn.. There are 5 guys and 65465409 fans, what do people expect??

jumper12 · 1 decade ago
i really feel for her. sports are my life too, im missing track right now because of surgey and i know how hard it is <3

Deathbycookiemonsta · 1 decade ago
witty will speak every one on her cares

sararox2036 · 1 decade ago

caramelcoco11 · 1 decade ago
hunger games YES.
one direction..ehhh not so much..

sfishface1313 · 1 decade ago
love that song ♥

CuteArt · 1 decade ago
hahaha i was 1 off :P

iamv98 · 1 decade ago
go for the second one. if you had really liked the first one you wouldnt have started to like the second one (:

music_is_life333 · 1 decade ago
I just recently had this sort of problem haha. If i were you, i would try to go to the one i like more. Here's a piece of advice, when you have a diffecult situation, take out the diffecult vatiable and then see what your answer would be.

For example. You said that your second choice is a lot less realistic. Well what if he was as easy to get as your first guy that you know likes you? Who would you pick then?

I'm sorry if this was confusing haha what i was trying to say is go with what makes you happiest. Don't "settle" for anything. And nothing is impossible

ThingIneedToSay · 1 decade ago
your not pretty.....YOUR _ _ _ _ BEAUTIFUL <3

MamaMustache · 1 decade ago
believe me sister, never believed em', still trying to, but i dont think i will, keep believing

just_want_to_live · 1 decade ago
Hey, I'm new to witty. Follow for a follow?
-check out my quotes. Stay beautiful. ♥

fool's gold* · 1 decade ago
I have no idea who Darren Criss is, therefore my vote goes to Daniel Radcliffe! ;D

MissAmazing7285 · 1 decade ago
I care!!!!!! even though I don't really know you and you don't know me I promise I care. I know where you are coming from TRUST ME and nobody cared about me....just know that I care :) if u need to talk I'm always here and my witty door is always open :)

bandteesandbrokenhearts · 1 decade ago
Eh, not on this account... on all of my others though. :c

B* · 1 decade ago
i here for u comment on my profile if u wanna talk(:



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