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the_story_left_untold · 6 years ago
i miss you so so much :(
i always come onto your page whenever i'm sad and need to see something relatable.
i remember when we first started talking..
i just miss you kylie :(

julia* · 6 years ago
you will probably not come on here again, but i wanted to say hi in case you do
i just wanna say that i'm sorry if i was never there when you needed me
and i miss you a lot a lot a lot

queen* · 6 years ago
so kylie, i just wanted to say hi again and i know you don't come on but by some crazy chance ou read this
i really wish you came back or maybe even find someway to contact us
i miss how funny you are and i always felt like you were someone who truly cared for me and everyone else
im sorry
im sorry if i was never there for you but man i miss you


julia* · 6 years ago
i miss you

tropeeano0x · 6 years ago
kylie i hope you're ok i miss & love you
~ stay gold

the_story_left_untold · 7 years ago
I MISS YOU SO MUCH ASDFJKL my other name was jesusismylovexox and i was looking for you for like hours cos i missed you :c

xxcorinne95xx · 7 years ago
HI kylie I miss you.

thesweetestmoments · 7 years ago
Hi love(:
In case you haven't noticed, I'M BAAAACK!
And with a new story(:
But I started writing again about a month ago and it felt weird not to be posting it and I really really missed you guys.
Now, I understand if you've moved on with your life and grew up and have decided I'm not worth your time, I'D FEEL THE SAME WAY.
Buuuuuut, if by some odd chance, you still have a minute for lil old me, I would so appreciate it you were all like, 'HEY. I'LL READ YOUR STORY FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE."
Either way, I love you all forever.
Aighty, I'll leave you alone now.
But yahh, give me your opinion pwease(:

queen* · 7 years ago
kywie? :(

BringMeTheEric · 7 years ago

BringMeTheEric · 7 years ago
Why did you quit.. :(

OperationBeautiful · 7 years ago
Let people dress the way they want and wear their hair how they please. No one should have to change who they are for what others think. You are beautiful no matter. Stay strong and keep on smiling. :)

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