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Status: ;; sometimes the only person who will have faith in you is yourself.

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  1. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    October 19, 2016 11:31am UTC
    My college class has a twitter page.
    Please, follow.
    Help me get a better grade.

  2. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 6:17pm UTC
    I have something to say.
    Love is love.
    It doesn't matter if it's;
    girl & girl.
    boy & boy.
    girl & boy.
    If you're happy then who cares?
    Stop judging people for liking someone of the same gender.
    It's complete BS.

  3. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2012 6:48pm UTC
    Ooooh ooooh sometimes..
    betchu just sang "I get a good feeling" in your head. (:

  4. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2012 7:25pm UTC
    taking chances
    chapter 8:
    "so did you like the movie?" i said looking over my shoulder at Luke. I was wrapped up in his arms and he had fell asleep. Obviously he didn't like the movie. I gave his arm a slight pinch and he didn't even move a little. I looked at the coffee table and Lukes cellphone had said "1 next text message." I sat up and he still hadn't move. I grabbed the phone and hit view now. Why was I reading his texts? I just wanted to know who it was from. "hey are we still hanging out tonight at 11?" it said it was from Jessica. Who was Jessica? why were they going to hangout? should I be worried? Luke moved a little and I set the phone back on the coffee table. "Oh the movies over?" Luke asked as he leaned on his left elbow. "Yeah, just ended." I replied. "Oh cool cool." He leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him quick then stood up. "Something wrong?" He asked with a grin. "No, nothing wrong. I'm just thristy." "Oh, alright." he said. "Do you want a drink?" I asked. "Sure, water?" "Yeah, be right back." I started for the kitchen, when I got there I turned toward the living room. I saw Luke, he had picked up his phone and was texting. Was he texting "Jessica" back? I grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge. I went back into the living room. It was only 7 o'clock. I set the drinks down on the coffee table. "Be right back babe." Luke got up and started for the bathroom. He left his phone on the arm of the couch. I waited until I heard the lock on the bathroom door click. I grabbed the phone and read the messages. Luked replied back to Jessica. "For sure. ;)" A winky face.. Winky faces are flirty.. Ut oh.. I don't like this, I don't like this one bit... She texted back. I read it "Alright see you soon cutie" CUTIE!? This girl is calling MY boyfriend cutie. Luke opened up the bathroom door. I set the phone on the arm of the couch again quick. He sat back down. Gave me a long kiss. "So, what do you want to do?" I pulled away and asked. "This." He replied with a smile and leaned into kiss me. I pulled away again and stood up. "I think you should go." I said fast. "What?" Luke asked sounding shocked. "I'm reallly tired and I don't feel well." I said. We both just stared at eachother. I lied.. I lied to him. I never once lied to Luke. But you know what. I couldn't just say that I had read his celllphone.. I'd look like a nosey girlfriend which I didn't want.. What do I do? "Alright" He said standing up. He gave me a hug and a quick kiss and I walked him to the door. "Bye." I said closing the door not waiting for him to say another word.

  5. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2012 3:30pm UTC
    Like if you've read
    The Hunger Games.

  6. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2012 9:24pm UTC

  7. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2012 7:26pm UTC
    I just want him to like me;
    the way that I like him..

  8. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2012 7:20pm UTC
    Fave if you miss someone..

  9. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2012 3:00pm UTC
    I see a lot of quotes about 'him'.
    What about 'her'?
    for the boys, lesbians, or bi-sexual people..

  10. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    June 14, 2012 12:12pm UTC
    I have screwed up 72% of my teenage life...
    [x] Gotten caught chewing gum
    [ ] Gotten caught cheating on a test
    Total so far: 1
    [x ] Arrived late to class more than 5 times
    [x ] Didn't do homework over 5 times
    [ ] Turned at least 2 projects in late
    [X ] Missed school just because you felt like it
    [x ] Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class
    Total so far: 5
    [x ] Got your mom, dad, etc to get you out of school
    [x ] Text people during class
    [x ] Passed notes
    [ x] Threw stuff across the room
    [x ] Laughed at the teacher
    Total so far:10
    [ x] Took pictures during school hours
    [ X] Called someone during school hours
    [x] Listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours
    Total so far: 13
    [x ] Threw something at the teacher
    [ X] Went outside the classroom without permission
    [ x] Broke the dress code
    [ ] Failed a class
    [x] Ate food during class
    Total so far: 17
    [ ] Been called the worst student
    [ ] Punished on a school trip because you behaved badly
    [x ] Didn't take your stuff to school
    [x ] Given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking
    Total so far: 19
    [ ] Faked your parents signature
    [x ] Slept in class
    [ x] Cursed at a teacher behind their back
    [x ] Copied homework
    [ x] Got in trouble with the principal/vice principal/dean
    [ x] Thrown food in the lunch room
    Total so far: 24
    Multiply by 3 for a total of 72

  11. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    April 23, 2012 3:05pm UTC
    Thirty-two secrets.
    Be honest no matter what.
    One -
    Where was your profile pic taken? Bathroom.
    Two -
    Are you being honest? I am.
    Have you ever lost a close friend? Unfortunately..
    Four -
    What is your current mood? Idek..
    Whats your brother’s name? Personal.
    Six -
    Where do you wish you were right now? The person I like.
    Seven -
    Have a crazy side? Sure do.
    Eight -
    Ever had a near death experience? Couple.. :p
    Nine -
    Something you do a lot? Text & listen to music..
    Ten -
    Angry at anyone? Not really atm.
    Eleven -
    What's the last thing you said to your mom? I love you, goodnight.
    Twelve -
    When was the last time you cried? A little today..
    Is there anyone you would do anything for? Absolutely.
    What do you think about when you are falling asleep? Everythingg..seriously.
    Do you still have pictures of an ex boyfriend/girlfriend? ..No.
    What was the last thing in your mouth? Cupcake.. ew..
    Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My cousin.
    What is your favorite song? Changed by you- Between the trees.
    What are you doing right now? Thinking, waiting for a text, & taking this survey thing..
    Twenty -
    Where did you get the top you are wearing? I borrowed it from my cousin.
    Do you enjoy drama? Uhm. no.
    Twenty two-
    Describe your life in three words? Right now; really really dumb.
    Twenty three-
    Who are you thinking of right now? Someone..
    Twenty four-
    What should you be doing right now? Nothing really.. Maybe my homework..
    Twenty five-
    What are you listening to? We can try- Between the trees.
    Does it annoy you when PEOPlEzz TAlk likE THiS? Yeeeeep!
    Twenty seven-
    Who was the last person who yelled at you? I don't remember.
    Twenty eight-
    Why were you last sad? Because..
    Twenty nine-
    Do you use smiley faces on the computer? Usually. :)
    Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? Plenty of times.
    Thirty one-
    Are you happy with life right now? Getting there I guess..
    Thirty two-
    Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? No.

  12. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2012 7:53pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  13. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2012 7:39pm UTC
    {If you are reading this}
    God is testing you so repost this and
    he will fix two BIG things tonight in your life
    ♥if you believe in him repost ♥

  14. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    April 19, 2012 7:14pm UTC
    heartbreak is the worst.
    for anyone out there who hasn't gone through it..
    prepare yourself..

  15. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    March 5, 2012 3:11pm UTC
    Your heart is trying to tell you something, but your head is yelling to loudly for you to be able to hear it.

  16. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2012 12:18pm UTC
    make a bucketlist.
    & do everything on it.
    even if don't want to...have someone else make your bucketlist for you, gotta have something to look forward to everyday for the rest of your life.

  17. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    February 27, 2012 3:09pm UTC
    Something I tell myself all the time.
    Still haven't listened to myself..

  18. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2012 3:03pm UTC
    Why do us girls expect so much from guys?
    Get over yourself.
    Stop acting like you're on your period everyday.

  19. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2012 10:51pm UTC
    Honesty Quiz
    Honestly, are you in love right now? I don't know..
    what color is your underwear? Personall..
    what's on your mind right now? Nothing really.
    what are you doing right now? This & watching Jshoreee<3
    what did you do today? Nothing.
    do you think you are attractive? Noooopee.
    have you done something bad today? Nahh.
    do you watch Disney channel? Yeah, sometimes.
    are you jealous of someone right now? For sure.
    what makes you happy most of the time? Writing and talking to people I can trust.. & MUSIC♥
    do you bite your nails? Not usually.
    what is your mood right now? Blank.
    who do you want to see at this very moment? Couple peoplee..
    do you have a deep dark secret? Sort of, not really.
    do you hate someone right now? Yup!
    who/what do you want to hug right now? Noboddyy.
    do your wrists hurt? No?
    are you in denial? Uhm, no.
    who is the last person you texted? Shyanne.
    is it easier to talk on Witty than in person? No.
    does anyone like you? I don't know.
    is it going anywhere with them? Nopeee.
    did you answer all these questions honestly? I think so.

  20. madipaigex3 madipaigex3
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2012 11:34am UTC
    "I wouldn't jump infront of a bullet for anyone. Because, if I have time to jump infront of the bullet, they have time to move out of the way." -Words of Wisdom.


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