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  1. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 12, 2012 9:50pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 19
    Maddi's Point of View
    "Hunter, let's go to the mall after school." I said, making it sound more like a command than a question.
    Hunter didn't seem to be paying attention, and he was making it obvious.
    His gaze was adverted towards the far left section of the classroom, as I followed it.
    My eyes landed on Hayden.
    She was sitting alone in the corner, reading one of our English novels.
    I twisted my glossy lips, digging my manicured nails into my skin.
    Why the hell was he staring at her?
    He was mine.
    "Hunter." I gritted through my teeth.
    Hunter flinched, staring at me with surprise.
    It was like he didn't even know that his own girlfriend was sitting next to him during the whole class.
    "Yes?" he asked, taking one last glance at Hayden.
    I took in a deep breath, trying to calm myself down.
    Hunter's been acting up since the night of the party, but I tried my best to ignore it.
    "We're going to the mall after school today" I repeated.
    Hunter turned to me with a frown."
    "I don't remember agreeing to that." he rubbed the back of his neck.
    His hair messily fell in front of his eyes, as I pursed my lips.
    "Well, we are. It'll be a fun date." I smiled sweetly, clinging on his toned arms.
    Hunter sighed, as I kept catching him sneaking glances at Hayden.
    I wanted to climb on top of the desk and scream at him for staring at him.
    Hayden was a loser with a psycho past.
    She didn't deserve Hunter.
    So, why was Hunter so interested in her?
    "I-I don't think I can make it." he muttered, still staring at her.
    I pouted, crossing my arms with frustration.
    "Fine. I'll just go with Derek." I snarled.
    Hunter waved his hand, not even paying attention.
    "Fine, that's good." he mumbled.
    Suddenly, the sound of a chair scrapping across the floor filled the room.
    Hayden stood up, as she began to head out the door.
    Before I knew it, Hunter jogged out of the classroom, following her.
    Hayden's Point of View
    Class was boring.
    The teacher was dead asleep on the desk, and I couldn't put up with Maddi and Hunter constantly flirting.
    I got up and left class without permission, wandering around the halls.
    I was going to head to my locker to get my books to prepare for my next class, but I was stopped by a shuffling of footsteps behind me.
    I reluctantly turned around, as Hunter stared at me, just a few feet away.
    I bit my lower lip, fiddling with my fingers nervously.
    I began to turn around to continue to my locker, but he stopped me.
    "Wait, Hayden." he caught up with me. "We need to talk."
    Don't push him away. I told myself.
    I cleared my throat, as he approached me. "About what?"
    He took in a deep breath, licking his lips.
    A part of me melted when he did that.
    "We need to talk about what happened the other night." he said.
    I gulped, thinking back to the kiss.
    It was my first kiss, and he said it was a mistake.
    "I didn't mean it like that when I said it was a... mistake." he hesitated.
    I could feel my lips quiver, as I shook my head.
    I forced a small smile on my face, gulping.
    "No, no, it's fine. It- it meant absolutely nothing." I lied. "I'm sorry about everything okay? From insulting you to the whole kiss thing. Let's just forget that it ever happened."
    Hunter's face was pained, which broke my heart.
    "W-we should just move on from our lives. It's better for the both of us." my voice cracked, as tears threatened to spill out.
    Hunter remained quiet, which killed me.
    "I-I'm going to the bathroom now." I abruptly annoucned, pushing past him.
    Maddi's a pain in the _____ :)

  2. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 12, 2012 6:03pm EST
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  3. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 9, 2012 7:49pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 17
    "Did you mean it?" he repeated, a mix of emotions in his eyes.
    Of course I didn't mean any of those insults I spat at him.
    But, I couldn't bring myself forward to admit it.
    Why was I so scared?
    Because you're falling in love with him.
    I couldn't trust anyone, especially a male.
    All men reminded me of my father.
    I was indelusional, and I feared that if I became too attached to Hunter, he would hurt me.
    His toned body was pressed against mine, as his warm hands began to rub circles around my cheekbones gently.
    My cheeks became warm, as his thumb touched my skin.
    He brushed away a long strand of hair that covered my face, never removing his gaze from mine.
    What was he doing?
    "If you don't answer, I'm going to have to force it out of you." he warned.
    His voice sounded so soothing and calm, but at the same time, so threatening.
    My eyes widened, as he inched his head closer to mine, until our foreheads came to contact.
    My heart began to pump loudly at the fact that our lips were practically an inch apart.
    "Last chance." he whispered, his cool spearminted breath brushing on my face.
    I held in my breath, as my eyelids fluttered down.
    A second later, I felt Hunter's soft lips agaisnt mine.
    He held my waist firmly, gently pushing me against the wall.
    The kiss was slow and simple, yet so passionate.
    A felt my lips curve into a small smile agaisnt his lips.
    This was exactly how I pictured my first kiss to be.
    We finally pulled away, as my cheeks turned red.
    I dared myself to stare back at Hunter, whose face went pale.
    The small smile I had on my face had dropped.
    Why were his eyes so blank?
    Why did he look so regretful.
    I suddenly peeled his hands away from my waist, as I stared at him with confusion.
    "I-I'm sorry." he hesitated, backing away from me. "That was a mistake."
    The words stabbed me like knifes, as my eyes welled up.
    I sucked in my breath, holding the tears back in.
    A mistake?
    How come my first kiss with him meant everything to me, but nothing to him?
    Suddenly, he shook his head, his black hair falling in his eyes.
    "I-I didn't mean it like that, though!" he defended.
    I gulped, shutting my eyes tightly.
    "I think you should go now." I whispered, voice trembling.
    A frown replaced Hunter's perfect features.
    Even that suited him well.
    "Hayden, let me-"
    My fists clenched with anger.
    Why does everything good that comes to my life disappears?
    "Just go!" I snapped, tears finally streaming down my cheeks.
    Hunter closed his rosy lips, turning around.
    I heard the front door opening and closing.
    The sound of Hunter's car driving away was also audible.
    Hunter's Point of View
    My hands wrapped around the steering wheel with anger.
    The music was blaring from my speakers, as my jaw clenched with frustration.
    I drove to Joey's house, where he was hosting another infamous party.
    It was time to forget all it all.

  4. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 7, 2012 8:36pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 16
    I rolled up my sleeves that night, taking in a deep breath.
    My eyes finally took enough courage to stare down, as my nimble fingers traced my outdated and nearly faded scars.
    There were exactly three of them, all lined up against my wrist.
    They were long, and had a pinch of color in them.
    I let out my breath, so tempted to rejoin my old habits once again.
    My hands trembled, as I stopped myself from digging the sharp razor into my skin.
    I couldn't do it, again.
    I promised not only myself, but Cameron.
    I vowed to never cut myself again, it would only make my condition worse.
    The clean, unused razor dropped to the tiled floor, making a clinging sound.
    I drenched my face with cold water, as it soaked my bangs slightly.
    I needed to snap out of it, I had to stop thinking so suicidal thoughts.
    If I killed myself, I'm sure Cameron wouldn't approve of it.
    If he was still alive, he would scold at me for risking something so rare on the line, my life.
    I took a warm shower, washing away all my thoughts, as salty tears streamed down my face.
    They blended in with the water shooting out of the shower.
    After I got out of the shower, my wet hair was clinging onto my face, as I tossed on some comfortable clothing.
    The doorbell suddenly rang, as I sprinted downstairs to get it, knowing Ruth wasn't going to be home tonight.
    With one swift movement, I twisted the doorknob, letting the door swing open.
    Standing with snow covering his hood, and rosy red cheeks, Hunter gave me an emotionless stare.
    My breath got caught in my throat.
    Hunter was standing in my doorway at night.
    "Can I come in?" Hunter finally asked.
    I felt myself nod, forgetting whatever Maddi had told me.
    I closed the door behind, as Hunter came inside, taking his hood off.
    His shiny black hair was revealed, as he avoided my gaze.
    I frowned, feeling my heart drop.
    This was the first time he wasn't being friendly towards me.
    It made me feel kind of empty.
    "Do you want something to drink?" I whispered.
    He ignored my question, finally looking at me with intense eyes.
    I gulped, staring away from him blazing blue eyes.
    "I'll get you some coffee." I muttered, brushing by him.
    Before I got to take more than two steps, a strong hand made its way on my wrists.
    Hunter gripped my arm, as he jerked me forwards.
    I landed forcefully, yet gently, right on his chest.
    My free hand was pressed agaisnt his built chest, as a blush crept up my neck.
    Why was Hunter acting so strange?
    "I, uh, I-I-"
    I couldn't speak in a correct manner.
    Everything that I tried to say came out as a bunch of stutters.
    Why was I getting so nervous?
    "Look at me." he finally said.
    I held in my breath, as I ignored his command.
    I could feel his body tensing, as he took one hand, placing it on my chin.
    He traced his thumb on my jawline, tilting my head.
    My eyes met his, as his hand fell to his side.
    "You didn't mean it, did you?" he whispered.
    His warm breath trickeled down my neck, creating small goosebumps.
    "M-mean what?" I choked out.
    His arms suddenly wrapped around my waist, pulling my in.
    He placed his chin on top of my head, as my breathing became slow, while my heart began to race.
    "What you said to me, never wanting to be my friend." he mumbled.

  5. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 6, 2012 6:52pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 15
    It has been a week since I've spoken to Hunter.
    Everytime we brushed by each other in the hallways, we both acted like we never met each other.
    I could feel my heart shattering at the fact that all our memories were gone and wasted.
    I took a deep breath, trailing my fingers on the portrait of Cameron.
    "Cam, what would you do if you were in my position?" I whispered.
    Of course, the still-life picture didn't reply to me, as I stared at Cam's cheeky grin in the photo.
    I sighed, as I shoved the picture on my bottom drawer, under my stacks of jeans.
    I swung my book bag around my shoulder, as I jogged down the stairs.
    Ruth was already up, sipping on a cup of coffee, as she read this morning's paper.
    She briefly glanced at me, before returning her eyes to the newspaper.
    "Hayden, are you heading to school now?" she asked.
    I nodded, as I shoved my feet in some old sneakers.
    "Why hasn't that boy come to pick you up this past week?" Ruth asked.
    My throat tightened up, as I tied my shoelaces.
    "H-He's busy." I lied.
    Ruth nodded understandingly. "Well, have fun at school."
    I groaned, as I headed out the door.
    Fun wasn't exactly the best word to describe school, as of now.
    Now that Hunter has been erased from my life, I've went back to where I started, as a loner.
    Maddi and a few jocks have went back to teasing me.
    I guess with Hunter as my friend, he was protecting me from them.
    I hurried in the school, as my cheeks were peachy pink from the cold wind outside.
    It was mid- December, and I could almost predict the snow about to come falling down.
    My head turned towards the east wing of the first flood, as my eyes widened.
    I could feel by heart sinking, as two people walked down the hall.
    Their arms were touching as they walked, with their hands tangled together.
    I stopped breathing, as Maddi gave Hunter a peck.
    My face grew pale when he didn't pull back.
    My knuckles clenched, as I watched the couple flirt endlessly.
    Why, Hunter?
    You even told me Maddi wasn't your type.
    You even laughed when I asked if you had a thing with her.
    I bit my lower lip, as my eyes immediately met Hunter's.
    A bunch of emotions were running through his glossy blue eyes.
    I tried to hide my feelings, as I removed my broken eyes from his.
    I began to walk towards the other end of the hallway, ignoring the fact that they were together now.
    My eyes became moist, as I dashed in the bathroom.
    I ran over to the sink, splashing cold water on my tear stained face.
    You deserve all of this, you rotten child! My father said.
    His eyes were infuriated, bloodshot and drunken red, staring back at me from the mirror's reflection.
    I closed my eyes tightly, trying to get rid of the image.
    "Please, go away." I whispered, beggingly.
    To my surprise, the image vanished, as I panted.
    Maybe it is all my fault.
    I was the one who pushed Hunter away for my own selfish reasons.
    I stepped out of the bathroom, just as I knocked heads with Maddi.
    She rubbed her nose, giving me an intense glare.
    "Brat! Just because I'm with Hunter now, doesn't mean you can break my nose! It costs more than you do!" she screeched, pushing my shoulder.
    Tomorrow's my one year anniversary on Witty! :)
    Love everyone who has supported me for a year! ♥ Thanks!

  6. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 5, 2012 8:44pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 14
    After morning classes that day, it was finally lunch hours.
    I was caught up into a crowd of students, who were rushing towards their lockers to drop their stuff off.
    I tried to weave my way by them, so I could get to the library early.
    I felt someone pushing my shoulder, as tripped over someone's legs.
    I felt myself shooting forwards.
    I closed my eyes tightly, preparing myself for the impact of falling.
    But, instead, my face fell into someone's built chest.
    My eyes opened, as I peered upwards.
    A blush crepted upon my face, as Hunter smiled down smugly on me.
    My body was pressed agaisnt his, as he held my waist from falling.
    His warm fingers were burning against my skin, even though I was wearing a shirt.
    "I saved you." he stated the obvious.
    I was so mesmerized by his blue eyes.
    I narrowed my eyes away, knowing I had to avoid him at all causes.
    I squirmed out of his grip, as I brushed by him.
    I took in a deep breath, as my stomach twisted in a ball of guilt.
    I knew I shouldn't be like this to Hunter, after all he had done for me.
    But, Maddi...
    "Hayden, hold on!" Hunter called, pressing his hand on my shoulder.
    Her turned me around, as I stared right at him.
    "Would you want to get something to eat after school?" he asked me, hope glistening in his eyes.
    The word 'yes' almost slipped out of my mouth.
    It would've, if it weren't for a pair of evil eyes staring at me behind Hunter's shoulder.
    My eyes widened with fear, as my palms became sweaty.
    I gulped, as Maddi gave me a warning look.
    I closed my eyes briefly, as I stared back at Hunter.
    "I-I can't." I stammered.
    His mouth slightly pouted.
    "What about tomorrow, yeah?" he asked.
    I sighed, as Maddi smirked at me.
    "I can't, either, Hunter." I said, almost sounding hurt.
    He frowned, using his thumb, rubbing circles on my temples.
    "Is there something wrong, Hayden?" he asked worriedly.
    Yes, there is.
    "No, Hunter." I paused, looking at Maddi, who was glaring at me threateningly.
    "Listen, Hunter." I sighed, pushing his hands away from me. "I-I can't hang around you anymore."
    My throat tightened up.
    "Why not?" he asked, frowning.
    "Be- because I don't like you." I said, voice cracking.
    Maddi, who stalked us from behind Hunter's shoulder, smiled with satisfaction.
    Hunter looked startled, staring at me with shock.
    "Not even as friends." I lied. "I don't like you, at all. You're just one dumb jock."
    I could feel my eyes welling up with tears, as I broke free from Hunter's grip.
    I began to run down the hall, hiding in the corner.
    Tears streamed down my face, as I pressed my head against the wall.
    I was being so selfish, hiding my own past and risking Hunter and my friendship.
    I'm so sorry, Hunter.
    I'm so sorry, Cameron.

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    February 3, 2012 7:42pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 13
    Hayden's Point of View
    "Hayden, I was expecting you here." a voice suddenly said.
    I removed my attention from the sink, as I stared at the mirror's reflection in front of me.
    Maddi stood there, with her arms crossed.
    I gulped, as I turend around, staring at her with fear.
    She stepped closer to me, as a smirk appeared across her glossy lips.
    "How are you?" Maddi asked, with her cat like eyes burning with a gleam of evilness.
    I ignored her question, trying to find a way to get out of her trap.
    "I have to go back to class." I muttered, trying to weave by her.
    Her hand quickly gripped around my arm.
    She held it tightly, as her long nails dug into my skin.
    I winced in pain, as my heart raced from her cold touch.
    "Not so fast, Hayden." she glared.
    I tried to wiggle my arm out of her grip, but all she did was hold on tighter.
    Flashbacks of my father leaving bruises on my arms immediately came across my mind.
    I closed my eyes tightly, struggling to be freed.
    "What's wrong, Hayden? Are you uncomfortable when someone touches you?" Maddi asked.
    The tone in her voice made it sound like she knew something secretive about me.
    "Let go." I gritted through my teeth.
    Maddi narrowed her icy blue eyes at me.
    "Not until you promise to never look or speak to Hunter, ever again." she snapped.
    I sucked in a deep breath, staring at her with disgust.
    Hunter was my only friend, and I wasn't letting him go.
    "No." I said without hesitation.
    Maddi raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows, giving me a cold glare.
    "You're making this harder for yourself, Hayden." she said, dangerously low.
    She let go of my hand, as her manicured fingers pulled sheets of paper out of her designer purse.
    She waved them in my face, as I clutched onto them.
    My eyes scanned the words, as my heart sank to the very bottom of my gut.
    My breath shortened, as I stared at Maddi with shock.
    Maddi simply smirked, snatching the papers away from my hands.
    "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" she asked innocently.
    She read the article out loud, with each word burning my soul.
    "Jeremy Morris, father of two young children, is a convicted murderer of his own son?" she read.
    I glared at her with a burning passion of hatred.
    "Well, Hayden. Isn't your last name Morris, as well?" Maddi asked amusedly.
    "What do you want from me?" I asked, lowering my eyes.
    Maddi crossed her arms, and smiled evilly.
    "Like I said before, I want you to leave Hunter alone." she simple shrugged.
    I clenched my jaw, feeling water filling my eyes.
    "And if I don't?" I dared to question.
    She stepped closer to me, until our eyes were leveled.
    "Then these papers will be copied, and sent to every student and teacher in this school." Maddi answered.
    A single tear rolled down my cheek.
    Maddi laughed at my devastation.
    "Well, do we have ourselves a deal?" she asked.
    I held in my breath, as my lips quivered.
    I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth right now.
    Hunter will hate me, and this will scar me for life.
    "Deal." I whispered.
    She let out a snicker, pushing past me.
    She headed for the door, turning her back on me.
    Before she left, she gave me a wink.
    "Remember, Hayden. If you break this deal, your life will be ruined. You'll be known as the laughing stock and the school's psycho." she reminded me.

  8. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    February 2, 2012 7:41pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 12
    Hunter's Point of View
    When I woke up the next morning, there was a light breeze tossing my hair out of my eyes.
    I let out a tired groan, rolling to my side.
    A small smile spread across my lips, when I saw Hayden right beside me.
    Her usual thick, combed hair was reaching out in all different directions.
    But, she still looked so beautiful.
    I sucked in a deep breath, as I pulled out a cigarette from my pocket.
    I lit the tip, as I inhaled the cigarette, releasing a puff of smoke.
    I could see Hayden, who was still lying down, flinching.
    I frowned, as her closed eyes squeezed tightly.
    She muttered, "P-please. Please don't."
    I examined her intently, caressing her pale cheek.
    Was she having a nightmare?
    Should I wake her up?
    She mumbled something under her breath that I couldn't catch, as her forehead started to heat up.
    Her body began to move, as her legs kicked rapidly.
    "N-no! Please stop!" she suddenly screamed.
    She sat up straight, as her eyes flew open.
    I stared at her with shock, as I stepped on the cigarette, letting the fire go out.
    I tossed the burnt sigarette down the cliff, turning back to Hayden.
    Her hand was pressed against her chest, as she breathed quickly.
    I stared at her with concern. "Hayden? Are you alright?"
    She seemed a bit startled to see me, but she nodded hesitantly.
    "I-I'm fine. I just had a bad dream." she whispered.
    I couldn't help but sympathsize how scared she looked.
    There was so much painful emotions in her eyes.
    There was hatred, sorrow, desperation, and fear.
    Hayden made me so curious about her.
    She was so mysterious, like she had something to hide.
    "Could you bring me home now, please?" she asked, practically begging.
    I bit my lower lip, nodding.
    We paced down the trail of the mountain, hurrying to the car, which was right where I had left it the night before.
    I began to drive out of the reservation, as Hayden tapped her fingers along the dashboard.
    "So, what was your dream about?" I asked casually.
    Hayden avoided eye contact, yet again.
    How come she never looked at me when we spoke?
    I gribbed the steering wheel, becoming irritated with the bad habit of her's.
    "J-just the usual... monster thing." she stuttered.
    I let out a deep breath.
    Here she goes, again.
    Has anyone ever taught this girl how to lie?
    "Well, I hope it didn't scare you too much." I went along with it.
    There was no point in pressuring her to tell me.
    It was only going to make her feel uncomfortable around me.
    Maddi's Point of View
    I puckered my lips, which were coated with a thick sheet of lip gloss.
    I tapped my fingers against my laptop's keyboard, punching in the search bar, Hayden Morris.
    I scrolled down the list of results, clicking on the link that led to an old article.
    I lifted my perfectly waxed eyebrows, as my eyes scanned down the page.
    Jeremy Morris, was apparently the psychopathic father of Hayden.
    He was an abusive father, who beat his two own children.
    One night, the police found Jeremy and his son, Cameron, dead in their own pool of blood.
    The only witness and survivor in the house was the youngest, Hayden.
    Jeremy was found dead with a gun in his hand, guilty of murdering his only son.
    I leaned back in my chair, a smirk placing on my lips.
    I clicked the print button, as papers began to fly out of the printer.
    Oh, Hayden.
    You're going to regret ever stealing Hunter from me.

  9. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 31, 2012 10:20pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 11
    "Was that picture really your little brother?" Hunter asked.
    I let out a huff, pressing my chin against my knees.
    "So, people are actually talking about it, huh?" I mumbled, as the sky turned pink.
    Hunter rubbed the back of his neck, giving me a sympathetic smile.
    "Y-yeah." he admitted.
    I let out a sigh, playing with the ends of my brunette hair.
    "It's actually my older brother." I whispered. "It's just an outdated photo of him."
    Hunter gave me a small smile, staring at the sunset.
    "Do you have the picture with you right now?"
    I hesitantly nodded, reaching in my bag to get it out for him.
    I handed him the frame, where half the glass was gone, and the other half was cracked.
    I was in such relief when I noticed that the picture hadn't been scratched.
    Hunter took it from my hands.
    He studied it intently, before turning back to me.
    "He has the same eyes as you." he breathed. "Hazel."
    "Yeah, we inherited it from our mother..." I trailed off.
    I never properly met my birth mother.
    Dad used to tell me haunting stories where she left us once we were born.
    But, since my father had green eyes, I was guessing Cameron's and my eyes were inherited from our mother.
    "So, he's your older brother? Is he in college yet?" Hunter asked, handing me back the picture.
    My throat tightened up, as my palms became sweaty.
    "Yeah, he is." I lied through my teeth.
    I felt bad, lying to Hunter so many times when he was so nice to me.
    "Really? Which one?" Hunter pressed.
    I clicked my tongue, frowning in concentration.
    "Y-you know. The one that's a few states from here..." I wandered off.
    Hunter chuckled, flicking my nose with his index finger.
    I flinched, staring at him irritatedly.
    "A few states from here? What a detailed description." Hunter sarcastically smirked.
    I laughed nervously, glad that we were going off the topic.
    A silence filled the atmosphere.
    We both enjoyed the view of the blazing orange sun setting down for the moment.
    Hunter was sitting so close to me.
    I could hear his slow breathing, as his warm skin radiated agaisnt mine.
    I tried to ignore the burning sensation I got just as our skin brushed.
    I sucked in a deep breath, releasing it all out.
    Why was I acting like this?
    We came from two different worlds.
    We weren't supposed to become close to each other.
    The sky was dark now, as the stars started to appear.
    I looked over my shoulder, as I saw Hunter's eyes closed.
    A light snore came from his nose.
    I watched as his ivory skin glowed in the moonlight.
    The wind gently blew his dark hair in his face.
    Without my permisson, my hand reached out forward.
    My fingers were trembling, as they brushed his hair away from his eyes swiftly.
    I laid my bad down as a pillow, as I positioned myself a good feet away from his body.
    It was pretty chilly on the cliff, but nothing I couldn't handle.
    I sniffled, as I closed my eyes gently.

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    January 31, 2012 9:27pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 10
    "Are you seriously still upset about that stupid picture?" Ashley asked me later that day.
    I avoided eye contact with the snobby socialite, as I continued to read the novel in my hand.
    "Just take another picture of him, it's no big deal." she rolled her eyes.
    I continued to ignore her, as I clenched my grip around my book tightly.
    I was biting down on my tongue, trying to avoid tears from spilling out.
    If only she knew...
    "You really aren't going to say anything? You're such a drama queen." Ashley snickered.
    She flipped her brown extensions over her shoulder.
    She walked by my desk, knocking my book away fom my hands.
    She gave me a cold smirk, as the book fell on the floor.
    I let out a devasted sigh, as I bent over to retireve my book.
    "Here." Hunter said, holding me the book before I got to touch it.
    A ball bobbled up and down my throat, as I hesitantly took the book from his hands.
    "Thanks." I muttered under my breath.
    I wondered if Hunter knew about the incident from this morning.
    I dropped my shoulders, sinking back in my seat.
    Hunter probably heard everyone talking about it.
    He probably thought I was pathetic, being so protective over a photo.
    I clenched my fists, shutting my eyes tightly.
    It was the only picture I had of Cameron.
    Hunter pulled up a chair to my desk, as he leaned over it.
    I could feel people staring at the two of us.
    I shifted uncomfortablly in my seat, trying my best to avoid his stare.
    "So, do you want to go somewhere after school with me?" he asked.
    I raised my eyebrows.
    He was so straight forward.
    "I-I mean as friends." he quickly added.
    My heart dropped to my gut, as I licked my lips nervously.
    Of course, just as friends.
    No one would ever like me more than that.
    "But, didn't you hear what-"
    "I don't care what happened earlier today. That doesn't change my prospective of you." he smiled shyly.
    I bit back a smile, sucking in deep breath of air.
    "Then, in that case, sure." I nodded.
    The bell rang, signalling for the last period, as we both stood up.
    "Great, I'll wait for you by my car." he paused. "Try not to be late this time." he joked.
    "Where are you taking me?" I asked.
    I stared out the window, unfamiliar with my surroundings.
    We had to be in a different town, at least.
    "Just wait and you'll see." Hunter assured.
    We continued to drive in silence for what seemed like an hour.
    I wasn't brave enough to speak, and Hunter looked like he had something on his mind.
    We finally pulled up to a deserted area, with dusty grounds.
    "Are you okay with walking a little bit?" Hunter asked.
    I nodded, as I followed his way up towards a cliff.
    The cliff wasn't too steep, but it did take a while for us to reach the top.
    As we got on the top, the sun was just setting.
    My knees became wobbly, due to the fact that I was never used to heights.
    But, I had to admit that the view was gorgeous.
    Below us was what looked like a mass variety of trees, and above was a clear view of the sunset.
    "I like to come here, to escape society." Hunter whispered.
    We sat on the groud, both mesmerized by the beauty.
    "Hayden, there's something I need to ask you about what happened earlier today..." he started.

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    January 30, 2012 8:59pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 9
    Hayden's Point of View
    I ran my fingers down the portrait of Cameron, as I smiled.
    I studied how bright his eyes shone in that picture, with his front tooth missing.
    "Cameron, I found a friend now." I whispered, staring at the picture.
    The picture of Cameron as a child stared back at me without any movement.
    "His name is Hunter. He's different, Cam. He treats me like a normal person." I gulped.
    Water filled at my eyes at the thought of me talking to a still picture.
    I wish Cameron was here, for real.
    I wish Cameron was here to listen to what I had to say, and be the protective brother I've always wanted.
    "I wish you could meet him, Cam." I finished, taking in a deep breath.
    I stared back at the picture for a few more minutes, just mesmerized by Cameron's angelic innocence.
    "Hayden! Your friend is here to drive you to school!" Ruth called down from the kitchen.
    My heart lept, as I wiped my tears away from my cheeks.
    I stuffed Cameron's picture in my bag, as I scurried downstairs.
    Ruth frowned as she saw my tear stained face, but she decided it was best to not question me.
    "Have a good day at school." she smiled weakly, patting my back.
    I gave her a nod in return, as I stepped outside the house.
    The cold winter air blew my hair in all different directions, as I paced towards Hunter's car.
    I could see him in the driver's seat, nodding his head to the light sound of music.
    I stepped towards the passenger door, climbing inside.
    I avoided eye contact with Hunter.
    I didn't want him to see my red, swollen eyes.
    I would have to wait a while until they returned back to normal.
    "Good morning, Hayden." he said.
    "Good morning." I quickly said, as he started to drive.
    "Is everything okay? You seem a bit jittery." he asked.
    I took in a deep breath, slowing down my pace. "I-I'm fine."
    From the corner of my eye, I could see Hunter frown.
    I just didn't want him to see me so weak.
    I dropped my head down during the entire ride, with my lips moving every now and then to the music that was softly coming out his speakers.
    "Hayden? We're here." he gently announced, tugging my arm lightly.
    My eyes snapped up towards the window, as I stared back at the school's building.
    "O-oh. Thanks for the ride." I muttered, quickly getting out of his car.
    As I closed the door shut, I quickly sprinted into the building.
    I walked as fast as I could without running towards the locker, trying to ditch Hunter.
    Suddenly, I felt a hand pull my arm, hard.
    I flinched, as I let out a wince of pain.
    My bag fell upon the floor, as everything scattered around the floor.
    Everything, including my precious picture of Cameron.
    I swallowed down hard, as I bent over to retrieve the picture, first.
    I silently thanked God that the fram wasn't broken or cracked.
    Before I got to touch it, a perfectly manicured hand snatched it out of my sight.
    I stared up at Maddi, who was holding the frame in her hand.
    "Well, well, Hayden. What do we have here?" she asked, holding up the picture.
    I stood up, as I dropped my eyes to the floor.
    "Can I have it back?" I asked pleadingly.
    Maddi snickered, ignoring my completely.
    "Who is this? Your little brother?" she asked.
    She was triggering something inside of me, as I flinched.
    "Just give me it back." I gritted through my teeth.
    Maddi crossed her arms stubbornly. "Does it mean that much to you?"
    I gulped, nodding meakly.
    Maddi smirked evilly, twirling the frame with her finger.
    "Well, since it means so much to you, I guess..."
    Before she got to finish, the frame came crashing down on the floor, as the glass shattered all around.
    "Oops." she sarcastically cried. "Sorry."
    I deleted the last one and put up this one, because i wrote chapter 8 instead of 9.
    so i corrected it (:

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    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 8
    "Do you want me to pick you up for school tomorrow?" he offered, sparkles glistening in his blue eyes.
    I sucked on my lower lip, staring down at my feet.
    "People will see us." I sighed, despite the fact that I had such a fun time with Hunter today.
    Hunter took his index finger, tilting my chin up.
    My eyes met his, as a blush crept its way onto my face.
    "So? Let them stare." he smiled.
    I bit down on my tongue to avoid a grin spreading across my face.
    I didn't reply, as Hunter's hand slowly caressed my face.
    I was unable to move, as his warm hand burned agaisnt my skin.
    "I'll see you tomorrow morning." he finally said, dropping his hand.
    I nodded slowly, as I narrowed my eyes at him boldly.
    "Thanks." I muttered, as I crawled out his car.
    He waited until I opened my front door, beforing driving off.
    As I stepped inside, Ruth was already on the couch, watching some old soap operas.
    Her eyes flickered towards me for a split second, before returning to the screen.
    "Hayden, why are you smiling?" she asked, almost amused.
    I face flustered, as I noticed myself grinning without even realizing.
    "I-I'm not." I stuttered.
    Ruth chuckled lightly.
    "Well, do you want to explain why you're home this late? You're always home right after school."
    I swallowed, pushing my hair behind my ears shyly.
    "I-I was out with a friend." I admitted.
    Ruth stared at me curiously.
    "A friend?" she asked suspicously.
    I nodded. "A friend."
    I saw Ruth biting down a smile, as she stared at the television.
    "Is it that boy who kindly drove you to school this morning?" she wondered.
    I felt my face heating up.
    "I-I'm going to take a shower." I said, avoiding the conversation.
    I dashed up the stairs, as I heard Ruth calling my name.
    I ignored her, as I quickly ran into the bathroom.
    I locked the door shut, sliding down on the tiled floor.
    A friend.
    Hunter was my friend.
    Hunter's Point of View
    "Hey man, you're late!" Joey exclaimed, as I walked into his house after I dropped Hayden off.
    There were a group of our close guy friends, just lounging around his basement.
    A few were playing xBox, while some were playing pool and chugging on beer.
    Kyle's head turned towards my way, with a drunken grin on his face.
    "Where were you? With Maddi?" he slurred.
    I let out a scoff, as I slumped down on the couch, popping open a can of soda.
    "Maddi? Hell no."
    Joey smirked from the other corner of the room.
    He was playing foosball with Ryan, as he picked his head up.
    "Let me guess, you were with that freaky girl that never talks."
    I felt my blood boil, as I held in my breath.
    "I don't know who you're talking about." I challenged.
    "Oh come on, Hunter. That loser, Hayden." Ryan chuckled.
    I watched with anger, as Joey slapped Ryan a high five.
    "She's not a loser or a freak." I muttered.
    I pressed the cold can to my lips.
    "Don't tell me you're defending her." Joey said.
    "What if I am?" I spat, throwing my empty can on the floor.
    Ryan nudged Joey's elbow.
    "You realize you can't be with her, right? It'll ruin our rep, dude." he raised an eyebrow.
    I sank in my seat, lighting a cigarette nervously.
    "I know." I admitted.
    Sorry for not uploading for so long!
    I'm posting another one up tonight, and two for tomorrow as well!
    Thanks for being patient! :)

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    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 7
    I gazed at the cup of hot chocolate that stood in front of me.
    I stuck the thin straw right through the whipped cream, taking in a lukewarm sip of the liquid.
    A small smile appeared on my face, remembering the time Cameron tried to make me hot chocolate.
    He ended up spilling it on the counter, as the brown liquid dripped on the floor.
    If my dad had seen it, he would've killed Cameron and I.
    But, luckily, he wasn't home at the time, and we had cleaned it up before he got home from the pub.
    After Cameron and I cleaned up the mess, he handed me a cup.
    I remember staring into the red mug, as chunks of unmelted cocoa powder floated on the top.
    Cameron and I laughed the whole night about our ironic situation.
    I had to admit, those were one of the rare days I was happy.
    "What are you smiling about?" a voice spoke, interrupting my flashback.
    I flinched slightly, staring up at Hunter.
    He pressed his coffee to his rosy lips, taking in a good sip.
    "Nothing." I lied, licking the whipped cream off my straw.
    "Were you day dreaming about your boyfriend?" he teased, raising an eyebrow.
    I blushed, sulking in my seat.
    "I don't have one." I said shyly.
    Hunter's lips pulled into a sly grin, as he leaned closer towards the table.
    "Have you ever had one?" he asked, almost whispering.
    His warm, mocha coffee smelling breath trickled down my neck.
    My face turned into a bright crimson color, as I twirled my drink.
    "N-no." I stuttered, embarrassed.
    Hunter pulled back, leaning agaisnt his seat.
    He looked genuniely shocked, as his eyes widened slightly.
    "You're kidding, right?" he asked seriously.
    I shook my head, letting my messy strands fall loose in my face.
    "I don't believe you." he concluded.
    I stared up at him with a frown.
    I wasn't lying!
    Hunter's probably the closest I've ever been to a guy.
    "I'm not joking." I said, staring at him intently.
    Hunter looked taken aback, as he frowned.
    "Have you ever went on a date?" he asked.
    Was he trying to embarrass me more than I already was?
    "No." I truthfully admitted.
    "Well, you've had your first kiss, right?" he paused.
    When I didn't reply, he gasped slightly.
    "Come on! Not even a peck?"
    "No." I gritted through my teeth, turning scarlet red.
    Hunter slapped his and agaisnt the table.
    "Is the male population blind to not ask you out?" he muttered under his breath.
    I felt my heart picking up its pace, as I bit my lip.
    "Guys just don't like quiet girls, like me." I shrugged.
    Hunter gave me a gentle smile, staring at me with a strange sparkle in his eyes.
    "I do." he whispered.
    His eyes grew into a bright ocean color.
    How did he look so effortlessly beautiful?
    "I thought you liked girls like Maddi." I muttered.
    Hunter's face grew pale, as he stared at me blankly.
    "Y-you aren't serious, right?" he asked.
    I gave him a look to signify that I was completely, and utterly, serious.
    Suddenly, Hunter's eyes grew wide, as a loud laugh escaped his lips.
    He clamped a hand over his mouth, sinking down in his seat from a misfit of laughter.
    His eyes welled up with uncontrollable tears.
    I sat up from my seat, staring at him with panicked eyes.
    "H-Hunter? Are you okay?" I asked worriedly.
    Hunter regained his posture, his face still red from laughter.
    "I-I'm fine." he coughed, wiping a tear from his right cheek. "But, really, Hayden? Maddi? No, no. Big, no."

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    Am I the only person

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    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 2
    "Hey, do you need a ride home?"
    I was midway down the school corridors, nearly reaching the exit of the building.
    I turned around frantically, spotting the same jock who pitied me earlier today.
    Why wouldn't he leave me alone?
    I shook my head, spinning back around, walking a tad bit faster this time.
    I heard footsteps catching up to me, as the brunette jock suddenly appeared over my shoulder.
    "Are you sure? It's raining hard outside." he gave me a gentle smile. "I would hate for you to have to get soaked in the rain."
    I clenched my jaw with uncertainty, as I stared at the jock with disbelief.
    As we reached the double doors of the exit, he turned to me, once again.
    "Well, come on. I won't hurt you." he assured.
    A shiver sent down my spine at his choice of words.
    If only this stranger knew how much those words just meant to me.
    After not replying, he took a hold of my hand.
    I immediately flinched, pulling my hand away quickly.
    He frowned with concern filling his perfect features.
    "Just follow me." he whispered, holding the door for me.
    I was a bit hesitant, but I stepped outside.
    He led the way towards the school parking lot, which was pretty much empty by now.
    He approached an expensive looking BMW, clicking the unlock button on his keys.
    The car made a beeping noise, as he gestured for me to sit in the passenger seat.
    I gnawed on my lower lip, entering the car.
    The car looked so nice on the inside, with fine, black leather seating.
    I almost didn't want to touch it, since I was afraid of ruining it.
    He started to turn on the engine, pulling out of the parking lot.
    The sweet sound of Coldplay quietly blared out of his speakers, as he bobbed his head to the rhythm.
    "I don't think we properly introduced ourselves to each other yet. I'm Hunter." he spoke.
    I stared up at him, as he looked at me through the corner of his eye.
    Was he expecting me to say something back to him?
    I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, staring out at the window.
    The rain wasn't getting any better, in fact, it was pouring down.
    "If you don't feel comfortable, I understand." he said. "I know your name already, Hayden, right?"
    I gulped, turning my head to face him.
    I nodded at him briefly.
    His lips twitched upwards into a sly smile.
    "Hayden is an interesting name, you know. It think it suits you."
    I stared down at my feet.
    I hated my name.
    One of the reasons why my father hated me so much was because he didn't want a daughter, he wanted another son.
    And his second son was suppose to be named Hayden, but he got stuck with me.
    I remember the angry look on his face when I use to cry.
    "This is the reason why I wanted another son! Not some immature girl who cries over everything! You're a mistake!" he cursed.
    I was a mistake.
    "Hey, Hayden? Are you okay?" Hunter asked.
    I snapped out of my thoughts, staring at him.
    The car had stopped, and Hunter was staring at me curiously.
    "We're at your house." he said.
    I stared out the window, recognizing the egg white house that we were parked in front of.
    I reached for the handle, opening the car door.
    Before I closed it, I turned back to Hunter.
    I nodded at him as a signal to thank him.

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    January 16, 2012 9:33pm EST
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 1
    “How was your sleep, darling?" my adoptive mother asked, settling a plate of pancakes in front of me.
    I poked at the pancakes with my fork, watching as they deflated.
    "Fine." I moodily grumbled.
    My adoptive mother frowned, as she twisted her lips, turning to the sink to wash the dishes.
    I gulped, feeling guilty.
    I knew I shouldn't be so cold towards her, since she did get me out of the orphanage a year ago, but it was just a bad habit of mine.
    She tried to enter her way into my life, but it was hard for me to accept and trust her.
    I ate the pancakes silently, as the sweet liquid of the syrup drenched down my throat.
    As soon as it was time to start heading to school, I rinsed off the dishes.
    I started walking to school, as my old beaten up Converse shuffled on the cement.
    I dreaded going to school, since I was, sterotypically, the school's outcast.
    I was declared the schools outcast, just because I was so shy and quiet all the time.
    "Loser coming through." the brunette witch snickered, as I walked by her.
    I cringed, as I tried my best to ignore the giggles that filled the atmosphere.
    I quietly staggered to my lockers, as I dialed my combinations lock.
    I grabbed my books, as I placed them firmly in my hands.
    I began to speed off to class, to avoid anymore confrontation from anyone who had a higher status than me at this school.
    Just as I was about to head to class, a tall, masculine jock bumped his shoulder agaisnt mine.
    My textbooks went flying, as they piled on the floor one by one.
    "Oops, sorry." the jock sarcastically smirked.
    I grunted silently, bending over to pick up the books.
    As I looked back up, I noticed that one of the jocks had turned back to me.
    His eyes stared at me with pity, as I narrowed my eyes away in disgust.
    Being bullied was a daily routine for me, and I didn't need sudden sympathy.
    Especially from one of them.
    I entered class, as I dazed out the window, not paying any attention to what the teacher was saying.
    I had already read ahead in the lesson, so listening was just going to be a waste for me.
    My eyes became heavy, as my breathing grew slow.
    My eyes suddenly shut, as I went off into a nap.
    Immediately after closing my eyes, my father's bloodshot eyes appeared in my dark vision.
    A shriek escaped my lips, as my eyes snapped open.
    The classroom became silent, as everyone's eyes stared at me.
    I face flustered as I stared down at my desk.
    "What a freak." a rude boy snapped from the back of the class.
    I sniffled, feeling my heart calm down slowly.
    "Is there something wrong, Miss Monroe?" my teacher asked, raising an eyebrow.
    I breathed in and out slowly. "May I go to the bathroom?"
    My teacher briefly rolled his eyes. "Take the pass."
    I scurried out of my seat, as I grabbed the pass, shooting out of the door.
    I went in the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face.
    The picture of my fathers angry eyes kept staring back at my reflection through the mirror.
    I grasped the counter of the sink.
    "Everything will be okay." I whispered to myself.
    I stepped out of the bathroom, as I began heading back to class.
    Just as I was about to make a turn at the corner, my head bumped into someone.
    "Crap! Watch where you're going!" the jock that pitied me retorted.
    I stared up at him with fearful eyes, brushing by him swiftly.
    "Are you okay?" he suddenly asked.
    I stopped in my tracks, not bothering to turn around.
    When he figured that I wouldn't reply, he asked again. "I asked, are you okay?"
    I turned back to him, almost scared.
    I nodded.

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    sitting in a movie theatre and saying
    "I wanna see that" after every trailer
    Format by Sandrasaurus

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    January 13, 2012 11:16pm EST
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 34
    Colby's Point of View
    The rain droplets were falling agaisnt my roof, hard.
    Everytime a raindrop fell upon the roof of my house, a thud would echo through my house.
    I cuddled up in my warm blankets, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.
    My eyes were glued to the television screen, which were showing some reruns of an old show I used to love.
    There was a soft knocking coming from my front door, but I figured it was just the rain.
    After a minute of ignoring the knocking, it suddenly grew loud.
    I groaned in irritation, throwing my plushy covers off of me.
    I slipped on my fluffy bunny slippers, paddling my way towards the front door.
    I swung it open, but I frowned when no one was there.
    I turned around to close the door, but did a double take when I saw a dampened note on the doorsteps.
    I bit my lower lip eagerly, picking up the note that was becoming soaked from the rain.
    I quickly hurried inside to avoid a cold, ripping open the edges of the letter carefully.
    The letter inside the envelope was a bit wet, but the scrawny handwriting was legible.
    Come to the beach.
    I gulped, knowing who exactly it might be, even though no one had signed the note.
    I didn't hesitate to shove my feet into a pair of sneakers.
    I sprinted out the door, even though I was still wearing my plaid pajama bottoms and an oversized hoodie.
    The rain was pouring down harder, as I ran faster to the beach.
    Through my blurred vision, I could see a figure trailing through the beach.
    A small smile appeared on my face, as I began to jog towards the sand.
    Come on, he had to remember me.
    Even though the figure was halfway down the beach, and I was only at the front, I could instantly see his beautiful brown hair.
    A small smile appeared on my quivering lips.
    "Harry!" I shouted.
    The figure turned around, and stopped in his tracks.
    Even though Harry was so far away, I could see his grin.
    I began to ran further down the beach, right towards him.
    I slowed down, and stopped directly in front of him.
    I left some space between us, since things were still complicated between us.
    Harry's rosy pink lips curved into a smile.
    His warm hand reached towards my face, rubbing the temples of my cheeks.
    His fingers left burns on my face, as I stared up at this seafoam green eyes.
    Oh, I missed those eyes so much.
    "You've changed so much during the past year." Harry whispered. "You're so much more beautiful."
    I let out a sigh of relief.
    I had chopped my brown hair just past my shoulders, but that was about it.
    "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you the first time I saw you. I was looking for you, though." he muttered, almost sounding ashamed.
    I shook my head. "Don't apologize."
    Harry moved a tiny bit closer to me, trailing his fingers down to the ends of my hair.
    The rain was dampening my hair, as my clothes stuck onto my skin.
    I swallowed, because the coldness I was feeling didn't affect me right now.
    Only Harry did.
    It was only Harry who ever could've affected me.
    Harry leaned close towards me, as his lips brushed against the top of my head.
    He left his chin on my head, pulling me closer for a tight embrace.
    Tears began to flow out of my eyes.
    I felt so safe in his arms, so warm.
    "I never got to tell you how much I love you." he breathed.
    "I love you, so much, Harry. It hurts." I chuckled quietly.
    Harry's lips smiled, as he gave me a long, yet simple kiss.
    "I will never leave you, ever again, Colby. I love you too much."
    The End.
    Hope you enjoyed that. No sequel, sorry! I don't have much to write about Colby and Harry anymore. And, I'm not good at the whole 'family' and 'marriage' thing, so I won't go into that.
    I'm starting a new story soon, so hope you liked this one!
    I love you, all! :)

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    January 12, 2012 9:36pm EST
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 33
    Harry's Point of View:
    As soon as I parked my car at the beach's parking lot, I was immediately surrounded by all of my old friends.
    A grin swept across my face, as they all greeted me with hugs.
    My eyes scanned over through the crowd, trying to find the girl who was the reason why I came back for.
    I sighed in defeat, not spotting Colby's dark brown locks through the group of people.
    Did she even know I was coming back today?
    "Harry! Come join the party!" Gerald called, handing me a beer.
    I chuckled, as I immediately chugged the can of fresh beer.
    Everyone began to clear up the parking lot, heading their way over to the bonfire in the center of the beach.
    As I weaved my way through the crowd of people, I couldn't help but notice a shiny, silver necklace laying on the floor.
    I stopped in my tracks, bending over to pick it up.
    The silver chain sparkled in my hand, along with the small heart that dangled in the center.
    I turned around, as I spot a girl sprinting away from the beach.
    I bit my lip, as I began chasing after her.
    I held onto the necklace tightly, as I finally caught up with her after a block down.
    "Excuse me, miss." I breathed.
    The girl's chocolate brown eyes sparkled, as a bit of hope lit up in her eyes.
    "Yes?" she asked, her voice breaking.
    I frowned, wanting to ask what was wrong, but instead, I handed the girl her necklace.
    "You dropped your necklace." I said, as our hands brushed.
    A familiar spark of electricty stung through my hand, as she quickly snatched her hand away.
    I watched as her shoulder lenght, brown hair blew in her face, making her look like a goddess.
    "T-thanks." she uttered, loosing the spark of hope in her eyes.
    I had invited her to come along to the party with me, but she kindly rejected my offer.
    I shrugged, before Colby's face appeared into my mind, again.
    I bit my lip anxiously, eager to see her.
    "Um, would you happen to know a Colby around here?" I asked.
    The girl sucked in a deep breath, as I saw moisture forming in her eyes.
    My eyes widened in panic, as I saw her devasted state.
    Had I said something wrong to her?
    "No, I don't know anyone named Colby." her soft voice spoke.
    I lost hope, as I nodded understandingly.
    "Thanks, anyway, I'll see you sometime." I muttered.
    I turned around and began to walk back towards the bonfire.
    But, before I turned around the corner, I spun back around to stare at the girl.
    She was still walking, extremely slowly.
    Her head was down, as her white dress blew behind her gently.
    How come she looked so... familiar?
    I shook away my thoughts, as I spotted Gerald sipping some alcohol from a red party cup.
    He wondered where I had went, and I explained to him how I had returned a necklace to that girl with the white dress.
    As soon as I finished explaining, Gerald's eyes went scanning around the beach.
    His eyes grew frightened by the second.
    Soon, Gerald let out a groan, slapping his forehead.
    I frowned, giving him a weak smile.
    "Man, what's wrong?" I asked.
    Gerald shook his head, muttering, "Darn, Colby."
    My eyes shot towards him, as I rubbed the back of my neck casually.
    "W-what about... Colby?" I asked.
    Gerald gave me a glare, before shutting his eyes tightly.
    "That girl you just gave the necklace to, that's Colby." he firmly stated.
    My eyes bulged out, as I became lost of words.
    How could that have been Colby?
    How come she didn't say anything to me?
    She looked so different since the last time I saw her.
    I slapped myself mentally. She probably thinks I'm an idiot now!
    But... did she remember me?

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    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 32
    I couldn't help but hold in my breath as I looked in his gorgeous sea green eyes.
    A knot began to tighten in my throat, as I realized how much I missed Harry.
    I waited and waited for his gaze to connect to mine, but I was devasted when they never did.
    I sucked in a deep breath, gnawing on my lower lip.
    Why wasn't he acknowledging my existence?
    Had he forgotton about me, and moved on to some beautiful tanned model in Florida?
    "Harry! Come join the party!" Gerald grinned, handing him a can of beer.
    I watched emotionlessly, as Harry popped open the can, chugging down the beer.
    I stood alone like an absolute idiot, as Harry brushed by me, without even taking a short glance at me.
    I frowned, as I turned around, just to see him walking away further towards the bonfire.
    My eyes began to prickle with tears, as I clenched my fists tightly.
    Harry had forgotten about me.
    To avoid creating a scene, and killing the mood of the party, I spun on my heel.
    My sandals slid against the sand, as I began to sprint away from the beach.
    The further I ran, the smaller the blazing fire appeared to me.
    My vision was blurry, as I dug my nails into my skin.
    How pathetic was I to hold on to Harry, while he forgot about me?
    I didn't even run further than a block, when I heard footsteps catching up with me.
    I turned around, as my hair whipped in my face.
    I watched, as Harry jogged towards me.
    I gulped, as my heart began to beat faster.
    "Excuse me, miss." he panted.
    I blinked back a tear, as I croaked out, "Yes?"
    Harry reached in his pocket, as I held in my breath.
    He took out a necklace, the one that I was wearing tonight.
    "You dropped your necklace." he smiled gently, dropping the silver necklace in my palm.
    My heart dropped to the bottom of my gut, as I clutched onto the necklace tightly.
    "T-thanks." I stuttered out, staring at Harry with disbelief.
    Harry gave me another award winning smile, as he ran a hand through his mop of brown hair.
    "I should go back to the party now. Do you want to come?" he asked.
    I swallowed. Harry really didn't recognize me there before.
    I took in a deep breath, almost too mesmerized by his matured looks to speak.
    His muscles were a bit toner, as his face became much more manly and muscular.
    I shook my head, as I backed up from Harry. "No thanks."
    I watched as a worried frown appeared on Harry's face.
    Harry licked his lips, before biting down on one.
    "Um, would you happen to know someone named Colby around here?" his husky voice spoke.
    I felt my eyes slightly widening.
    I was glad that he was taking the time to look for me, but I was disappointed that he hadn't recognize me, after everything we had been through.
    The moment I saw Harry, I recognized him right away.
    But, I guess he never liked me enough to do the same for me.
    I sighed, as I shook my head.
    "No, I don't know anyone named Colby." I quivered.
    Harry shrugged, before giving me a small smile.
    "Thanks, anyway. I'll see you sometime."
    I nodded, as I watched him turn around and walk back towards the party.
    Gerald's Point of View:
    I took a sip of beer from my red cup, as Harry jogged back up on the beach.
    "Hey man, where were you?" I asked.
    Harry grabbed a cup off the table, taking a sip himself.
    "I was just returning some necklace a girl dropped."
    I wiggled my eyebrows jokingly. "Really? Who, was she hot?"
    Harry punched my shoulder playfully. "I guess she was. I didn't catch her name, though."
    I frowned. "What was she wearing?"
    Harry shrugged. "Some white dress?"
    My eyes began to widen, as my eyes roamed around the party.
    Colby was wearing a white dress... and as of now, Colby was no where in sight.
    I groaned, narrowing my eyes at an oblivious Harry.
    I slapped my forehead.
    Harry, you're so stupid.

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